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2014 Flag of Japan 2022
48th Japanese general election
All 465 seats to the House of Representatives of Japan
13 December 2018
First party Second party Third party
Minister Maehara Seiji Shinzo Abe cropped Natsuo Yamaguchi-1
Leader Seiji Maehara Shinzō Abe Natsuo Yamaguchi
Party Democratic Party (Japan) Liberal Democratic Party (Japan) Kōmeitō
Leader since 1 September 2017 26 September 2012 8 September 2009
Leader's seat Kyoto-2nd Yamaguchi-4th not contesting (Coun.)
Last election New 291 seats
48.1% (district)
33.11% (block)
35 seats
1.5% (district)
13.71% (block)
Seats before 97 seats 290 seats 35 seats
Fourth party Fifth party
Kazuo Shii cropped Ichiro Matsui Ishin IMG 5775 20130713
Leader Kazuo Shii Ichirō Matsui
Party Japanese Communist Party Initiatives from Osaka
Leader since 24 November 2000 2 November 2015
Leader's seat Minami-Kantō PR not contesting
(Gov. of Osaka)
Last election 21 seats
13.3% (district)
11.37% (block)
Seats before 21 seats 15 seats
Prime Minister before election
Shinzō Abe
Liberal Democratic Party (Japan)
Prime Minister-designate
Seiji Maehara
Democratic Party (Japan)

A general election was held in Japan on 15th December, 2018. The election saw a victory for the Democratic Party, while the Liberal Democrats lost some seats. The Communist Party saw a slight rise in seats as well.


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