Note: This is part of the Implausible Scenario, this is not an accurate plan of the future and I made this just for fun. Enjoy! :P

The Japanese Anime Islamic Dictatorship was created when ISIS decided to use Pokemon Go to win the Japanese over and establish their own government in 2018. It then continued to conquer Korea, China and Siberia before falling apart because Godzilla and Pokemon Worship became the only allowed religion in the JAID in 2054, completely destroying the point of the JAID, which led to the dissolution of the JAID in 2055. A great feat of the Japanese Anime Islamic Dictatorship was bringing people and creatures of the anime and Pokemon world to Earth. There is a live Pikachu in the Animecca(Tokyo) zoo, and Godzilla guards the country.


ISIS wanted to have a foothold in Asia, so they hacked Pokemon Go to put Islamic stuff in there and distributed the hacked Pokemon Go to every single person in Japan. Then the Japanese bowed down to ISIS and a random Japanese was appointed as Sultan of the Japanese Anime Islamic Dictatorship, but he had to change his first name to Mohammed because that's what ISIS told him to do.  

Laws Passed

  • Anime Act(2018): Anime is a compulsory subject in school, and you have to watch anime at least once a year.
  • Imposition of Sharia Law Act(2018): All people under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Anime Islamic dictatorship have to follow Sharia Law.
  • Conversion Act(2018): All Japanese have to convert to Islam or die. This will also be true when they conquer Korea, China and Siberia.
  • Pokemon Act(2021): Discrimination against people from the anime or Pokemon world is now illegal in the JAID.
  • Calling Code Act (2025): Changed the calling code to +ISLAM.
  • Currency Change Act (2029): Changed the currency to Manga Books.
  • Life Improvement Act (2035): Gave everybody in the JAID who demonstrated perfect records on following Sharia Law, as well as playing Pokemon and watching anime at least once a week a million dollars each year.
  • Godzilla Act (2041): Legalizes Godzilla and Pokemon Worship. Godzilla also becomes the protector of the Japanese Anime Islamic Dictatorship.
  • Godzilla and Pokemon Worship Act (2054): Godzilla and Pokemon Worship became the only allowed religion, which lead to the Japanese Anime Islamic Dictatorship's dissolution on the 5th of May 2055, and the installment of the Godzilla-Pokemon Empire.

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