Japan is an archipelago of islands, east of the Chinese Republic and north of the Taiwanese Federates. The capital is currently Yokohama

Early 2020's

After the Japanese economy got back to its former self, more and more large companies invested in beginning businesses in the upcoming areas, such as Shinjuku, a district south of Tokyo. This led to more technological advances in Japan and by 2022, Japan had already begun selling the world's first house robot. Eventually Japan started buying large expanses of sea land off of the fast-declining, Aleutian Islands, which, the year before, had became independent. Japanese oil companies began opening up and down the country and Japan got to the 6th richest country in the World.

Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo 2020 games were internationally declared as 'the best games of all time'. The games featured Karate as a new sport. In downtown Tokyo (Roppongi, Odaiba, Shinbashi) festivals were held to commemorate it and many people got time of work, which is incredibly rare in Japan.

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