Timeline: Scenario: Desire Drive
Currency Japanese Yen

Japan is a nation in Asia and a Superpower. Japan also leads the world in technology and scientific research, and has the World's second largest economy, behind China.

In 2042, the Third Russian-Japanese War took place due to rising tensions. With the help of Reimu, Miko, Youmu and some other Gensokyo residents, the war became fully in Japan's favour, and in 2043, Russia had been defeated. As a result, all of Sakhalin Oblast, which includes the disputed Chishima Islands, were ceded to Japan.

In 2080, Japan was turned into a Republic by a referendum.

In 2104, Japan participated in the Third World War on the side of the Allies. Upon Russia's defeat, Japan gained most of the Far Eastern Federal District except Tuva and Outer Manchuria (which was given to China) and most of the Siberian Federal District (with a small part of it going to the EFR.

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