Japan is not only one of the most advanced, rich and urban countries in the world, but it is also the lead constructor of Trans Pacifica Project.

Japanese Society

Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid

The shimizu Pyramid

Japan is a heavily urbanised country, rural areas are increasinly rare in japan and even the base of Mt.Fuji has the bustling town Of Fuji Peak. One of Japan's biggest industries is Human Augmentation. Japan is known as being a heavily Liberal-Reclusive country(an Ideology that arose in the 2030s where many people do not leave their houses until nighttime or rarely if at all. It also heavily founds itself on technological and social Liberalism).

Japan's nightlife is a heavy feature in the popular reputation of the country. The human augmentation and drug caffees make up a total of 31% of Tokyo's land space.

While much of the city's population resides in coastal city-pyramids like the Shimizu Pyramid house most middle and upper class citizens while many of the poorer classes live near city centres. Over 4 of these pyramids are in Tokyo Harbor. Each pyramid houses 50,000-100,000 citizens and function self sustainingly, they are tsunami and earthquake proof and also protect the Japanese coast from large tsunami damage. They protect the mainland, house the spilling Japanese population and can function as a independent country if needed, The Shimizu Company has come about to rvelutionize Japan and the housing solution leads to the construction of 12 of these a year all along the coast.

Problems facing Japan

Unemployment on the mainland has risen drasticly due to unforeseen AI technology that has replaced all unskilled jobs with androids that look, act, think, breathe and feel like humans. The Government's youth schemes are helping to reduce this by 20% a year as of 2067.

Youth violence is a major problem in Tokyo, where human augmentation clubs has lead to conflicts in newly formed "squads" and "cliques" of augmented teens like the Bowas and the Ni-Chi's

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