Ivory Toldson
Blank person
48th President of the United States
In Office:
January 20th, 2037-2045
Vice President: Jon Lesser
Preceded by: Charles Patrick Edwards
Succeeded by: Avy Srinivasan
Junior Senator from Virginia
In office:
January 19, 2021 - December 11th, 2028
Preceded by: Mark Warner
Succeeded by: James Taylor
Born: July 8th, 1974
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Nationality: American
Political party:


Democratic 2018-2028

Spouse: Chloe Adams

Frankie Toldson

Ivory Toldson Jr

Rianna Toldson

Alma mater: Temple University
Occupation: Author, Educator
Religion: Christian

Ivory Toldson was the 49th President of the United States, serving from 2037 to 2045 upon the expiration of his term by the 22nd Amendment. Toldson face considerably fewer challenges domestically than his predecessor, save for the postwar reconversion of the economy of the United States which Toldson is widely credited for the smooth transition from a wartime economy to a commercial market. He was easily re-elected in the election of 2040, helped by the success of his post-war domestic agenda. After his re-election he continued to define his presidency as an excellent administrator. Toldson's presidency was also eventful in foreign affairs, with the end of the Flood War, the reformation of the United Nations, the McNabb Plan to rebuild Asia, the Toldson Doctrine to help spread Populism, the creation of the International Space Administration (ISA) to clean up space debris, the creation of the Pacific Ocean Treaty Association (POTA), and the Baja Conflict. He decided not to got to war with Venezuala in 2039 after they attempted to bomb New York City, but missed by 72 miles. He gained more popularity for this decision.

Toldson, whose demeanor was very different from that of the dynamic Edwards, was a reserved, unassuming president. He overcame the low expectations of many political observers who compared him unfavorably with his highly regarded predecessor. Despite almost apathetic public opinion during his last term in office, popular and scholarly assessments of his presidency became more positive after his retirement from politics and the publication of his memoirs. Toldson's administrative prowess is often believed to be the reason Edwards chose him to be his Vice President, and today scholars regard that as one of the former President's most practical predictions. Most American historians consider Toldson one of the better US Presidents.

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