State of Israel
מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל
1948 – 2053 (First Jewish State)

2061- 2074 (Unified Republic of Israel and Palestine)

2074- (Judaic Republic of Israel)

Flag of Israel Israel CoA


Israel in 2040

Capital Jerusalem
Official language Arabic, Hebrew
State ideology Democracy, Israeli nationalism / Zionism
Government Parliamentary Democracy

The State of Israel was a nation formed out of the British Mandate of Palestine in 1948 originally to act as a temporary homeland for European Jews after the Jewish Holocaust. Upon declaring independence, Israel was a democratic nation, but the native Palestinian population was persecuted by the government, and illegal settlements were established in the Palestinian territories. Israel occupied Palestinian territory until 2040 when Israel made an accommodation with Turkey, giving up the West Bank in exchange for neutrality in a possible World War III. The Gaza strip was flooded, so Israel would be free to annex it.

Israel was destroyed by joint-forces of the Turkish Islamic Republic and Arab Republic of Syria in the Battle of Jerusalem in 2053, in which the new Union of Israel and Palestine, which was essentially a Turkish Vassal State, was declared shortly after.

In 2061, the Turkish Islamic Republic Fell and the Secular Government of Turkey Returned and the Arab Republic of Syria had little interest in Keeping Israeli Territory, The Israeli's signed a Accord with the Syrians to gain independence and declared Independence in February 2061, In the 2074 Palestinian Battle of Ramallah, the west bank spun off from the new state and declared independence.

Israel Changed its name to Judaic Republic of Israel with Support from Syrians in a possible Syrian-Iraq War

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