الدولة الإسلامية المقدسة
Islamic Sacred State
Sacred State
Islamic Sacred State Flag
Location of the Islamic Sacred State
Population 2,132,597 (2034 Census)
Government Unitary Islamic Absolute Monarchy
Languages Arabic
Capital Mecca
Establishment June 12, 2024
Currency Riyal

The Islamic Sacred State (ISS), known as simply the Sacred State to many, is a nation located in the South-Western Middle East, specifically in what was once Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia was badly affected by the war. The Royal Family set fire to their oil fields, which to this day, nobody outside the ISS knows why. This became probematic, with Arab pilots now having little fuel for their resupply runs to the Kaaba. The Kaaba was packed with a few hundred defenders and the heroic tale of the Muslims who held out for two years, resupplied by Arab Pilots on begged, borrowed and stolen fuel before Turkish and Judean reinforcements arrived and liberated the area.

The Royal Family saw its country in peril, with the Saudi Revolution forcing them to restrict their authority to the land which now encompasses the Islamic Sacred State. The other state that the revolutionaries created became the Republic of Nejd, which is now a beacon of progressive, secular islam that is influencing some North-African countries.

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