Italians wanted to help their Nazi allies, and wanted to make a new Roman Empire.


Great War (Europe in Conflict)

Invasion of the Balkans

September 2046


November 2046


Albania and Yugoslavia


Italian-Hungarian victory


Unidentified Italian and Hungarian officers

  • Albanian royal family
  • Yugoslav general staff
  • Greek parliament







The Invasion of the Balkans was one of the first campaigns of the Great War, in 2046, following Nazi Germany's Invasion of Denmark. The Nazis' ally, Italian Empire, wanted to recreate the Roman Empire, and saw the Kingdom of Albania as the first step to do so. Invading them, the Italians dragged the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia into the War on Albania's side. The Italians were losing until another Nazi ally, the Republic of Hungary intervened. Hungarian troops overwhelmed the Yugoslav forces, and helped the Italians subjugate Albania.


The Italian Empire wished to establish the new Roman Empire, as they heard of the Nazi forces of Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg invade Denmark successfully. Jealous and full of pride, the Italians declared war on the Albanian Kingdom.

The invasionEdit

Italian forces took several coastal towns after bombarding the Royal Albanian Navy ships with the Imperial Italian Navy's cruisers in port. The troops landed on the beaches of Albania secured a few towns before the Royal Albanian Army responded. After receiving reinforcements, the Italian Army pushed inland. Italian troops were nearing the capital of Tirana, so the Albanians asked Yugoslavia for help.

The Yugoslavian People's Army responded swiftly, with several infantry and armored divisions. They pushed back the Italians nearly all the way back to the coast. The Hungarians then intervened, after being asked to by Austria. Hungarian troops captured northern Yugoslavia, and forced their way to the capital of Sarajevo. They besieged and took the capital, as Yugoslav forces converged in the south of the country.

The Greeks responded by aiding the last of the Yugoslav forces, while the Italians conquered Albania fully. Greek troops kept the Italians at bay, and fed the Albanian and Yugoslav resistance forces.


The Italians moved on to different campaigns. The Balkans remained the site of an insurgency until the end of the war in 2052. Greece was never invaded afterwards, despite Italian threats.

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