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Invasion of Ukraine
Part of World War Three
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The map shows the Russian (red) and Belarusian (blue) invasion of Ukraine. Stars denote important captures.
Date April 2, 2030 - April 30, 2030 (28 days)
Location Ukraine
Result Decisive victory of Eurasian Pact Beginning of World War Three
Ukrainian territory divided and occupied by Russia and Belarus
Flag of Russia Russia

Flag of Belarus Belarus

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

1,922,000 Russians
12,920 battle tanks
826 combat aircraft
282,000 Belarusians
320 battle tanks
81 combat aircraft

Grand Total: 2,114,000


1,214,000 Ukrainians
3,700 battle tanks
188 combat aircraft

Total: 1,214,000

Casualties and losses

18,320 killed
7200 missing
22,640 wounded

9510 killed
930 missing
12,640 wounded

Total Casualties and losses: 71,240


112,320 killed
921,300 captured
222,700 wounded

Total Casualties and losses: 1,256,320

The Invasion of Ukraine was a military campaign led by Russia and Belarus against Ukraine. The Invasion of Ukraine has been historically seen as one of the most important events in human history, due to it being given responsibility for starting World War Three, the deadliest conflict in history, and showing the international community how 21st century warfare will be fought. The invasion began on April 2, 2030, and officially ended on April 30. Lasting less than a month, the invasion produced an overwhelming victory for the Eurasian Pact. The Invasion of Ukraine was fought alongside the Invasion of Finland, both perpetrated by the same belligerents.