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Invasion of Pakistan
Date November 24th, 2016 — January 3rd, 2017
Location Pakistan

United Nations victory

  • Pakistan ceases to exist.
  • Occupied by the United States, China, and India
  • Unified Pakistani Transitional Government founded
Invasion Force

Flag of USA United States
Flag of UK United Kingdom
Flag of China China
Flag of India India

Aerial support only
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of France France
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of Poland Poland
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Italy Italy

Naval Support
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of South Korea South Korea

Flag of Pakistan Pakistan

ISIS flag Islamic State
ISIS flag Al Nursa Front Flag of Yemen Yemeni Rebels

Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Sudan Sudan
Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of Hamas Hamas
Flag of Hezbollah Hezbollah

Foreign volunteer fighters
Flag of Canada Canadian
Flag of Mexico Mexican
Flag of Cuba Cuban
Flag of China Chinese
Flag of the United Kingdom British
Flag of France French


34,000 Tanks
4,000 Aircraft

1,600,000 Troops

30,000 ISIS fighters
1300 Tanks
700 Aircraft

Casualties and losses
185,000 347,500 combatants, 1,355,000 civilians

The Invasion of Pakistan was a full-scale invasion of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan by the United States of America, United Kingdom, China, and India. The Pakistani government fell to Islamic terrorist. All four countries were afraid of the capabilities of the new government, due to Pakistan possess nuclear warheads.

On November 1st, the leaders of all four nations agreed upon a pact. The next days an aerial bombing campaign had begun. The targets were mostly military bases and government agencies.

On November 20th, India and China began sending troops to their border between Pakistan. The United States and United Kingdom had increased their troop numbers in Afghanistan. On November 24th, troops from all three countries launched a Invasion, meeting heavy resistance.

The war ended in January with the surrender of the current Government of Pakistan. The war ended with the dissolution of the current central government and annexation by all four countries. India had annexed most of Southern Pakistan (Including Punjab, and Kashmir). China had taken parts of the North. The United States and United Kingdom had taken the rest.