Invasion of North America (NAI)
Date 2029—2030
Location North America
Result Treaty of Flagstaff
Most of eastern coast and Midwest of North America under British and French control.
UK FlagBritish Empire

French Empire flagFrench Empire

ConfederateUnited Republic of America

CanadaDemocratic Republic of Canada

UK FlagHoratio Wellington

UK FlagThomas Nelson
French Empire flagAlain Clemente

ConfederateMark Dempsey

ConfederatePaul Claxton
CanadaSteve Harper

UK Flag673,294

French Empire flag458,692



Casualties and losses
500,000+ KIA

75,000+ MIA

900,000+ KIA

350,000+ MIA

The Invasion of North America was a conflict that erupted in 2029, when the new British and French Empires attempted to invade the North American continent. The United States was in chaos, as the global societal collapse that happened in the early 2020s had hit America particularly hard. British and French troops had an easy time capturing the East Coast of the former US and Canada, but were slowed down when the new United Republic of America and Democratic Republic of Canada were formed and mobilized troops. Another difficulty was that many civilians owned guns.

Britain and France pushed farther, and the American and Canadian armies were forced to draft hundreds of thousands of people.

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