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Invasion of Mexico
Date: 2025 - 2032
Location: Mexico, Central America, Caribbean
Status: Over
Result: Fell of Jalisco Cartel regime, Occupation of Mexico by Allied, Annexation of Cuba by Italy

Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of France France
Flag of Hezbollah Hezbollah
Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Belize Belize
Flag of El Salvador El Salvador

Flag of the People's Republic of China China

Supported by:
Flag of Brazil Brazil
Flag of the United States United States
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Jamaica Jamaica
many more...

Flag of Mexico Mexico
Flag of Cuba Cuba


Flag of Italy Dayanara Francesco-Montoya
Flag of France ...
Flag of Spain Juan Espadas
Flag of Spain Sergio Sanchéz
Flag of Hezbollah ...

Flag of Mexico ... †

Casualties and losses