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Invasion of Kazakhstan (AGW)
Date November 6, 2019 - November 15, 2019
Location Kazakhastan
Result Decisive Russian Victory. Kazakhstan annexed by the Russian Federation. NATO, and China begin sending sanctions.
Flag of RussiaRussia

supported by

  • Flag of CubaCuba
  • Flag of IranIran
  • Flag of IraqIraq
  • Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of KazakhstanKazakhstan

supported by

  • Flag of the Republic of China China
  • Flag of Japan Japan
  • Flag of NATO NATO
800,000 105,000
Casualties and losses
85,000 combatants 47,500 combatants, 55,000 civilians

The invasion of Kazakhstan is one of the major battles of the second Great War.

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  • November 6, 2019: Russia surprise invades Kazakhstan
  • November 7, 2019: The United Nations has a emergency meet this morning about Russia's aggression and condemn for peace.
  • November 8, 2019: UNSC sends an ultimatum due on Nov 14 that Russia must pull out of Kazakhstan.
  • November 9, 2019: Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is captured by Russian forces
  • November 10, 2019: the Government of Kazakhstan surrenders to Russia
  • November 11, 2019: Half of Kazakhstan is gone and Astana falls.
  • November 12, 2019: the Free Kazakhstan Guerrilla front is formed. Insurgency in Kazakhstan has begun. Russian Government increases number of troops.
  • Nov 13,2019: China and Japan send ultimatum to Russia stating they will take immediate action. They have 1 day.
  • Nov 14,2019: both of the ultimatum expires. NATO and China begin hitting Russia with sanctions.
  • Nov 15,2019: All of Kazakhstan has fallen to Russia.


The Free Kazakhstan Guerrilla front is operating. NATO and East Asian countries begin hitting Russia with massive sanctions.

In the aftermath of the Kazakh, Inida declares war on China since they want to figure out the territorial dispute and allied with Russia.

The Pakistani government in response declares war on India and begins moblizaiton of their armed forces.

Many people of Russia, China, Pakistan and India, flee their countries to other nations such as Sweden, in fear of a bad-ass war.

The Russian dictatorship also opened 12 concentration camps the Kazakhs unloyal to Russia.