Great War

Invasion of Denmark

September 14th, 2046


September 19th, 2046




Nazi victory


Duchy of Denmark


Unidentified German general

Danish royal family








The Invasion of Denmark was an attack on the Duchy of Denmark by Nazi Germany in September 2046. It was part of the Great War, though the War did not officially begin until September 21, after Denmark surrendered (on September 19). It resulted in the subjugation of Denmark by Nazi forces(3)


After the Nazi Party rose to power in Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg in 2046, they began greatly expanding their military. They wished to recreate the German Empire, and looked for a first easy target to strike. They picked Denmark, as it was directly north of them and could later be used as a staging ground by enemies.

The assaultEdit

The 13th, 16th, and 18th German Infantry Divisions of the Nazi Army deployed on September 14 to Denmark. They defeated much of the Royal Danish Army and Air Force quickly, destroying bases and cities in advance with the Nazi Air Force. The capital of Copenhagen fell to the Nazi Navy on September 19, forcing the Danish royal family to surrender.


The Danish royal family was executed by the Waffen SS. Denmark, under Nazi control, was made part of the Nazi union of Austria, Germany, and Luxembourg. Many Danish males were drafted into the Nazi military. The invasion opened the world's eyes to the Nazi rise.

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