David a kekich

Interview with David A. Kekich

by Jonathan Despres. Go to the Interviews.

Tell us about yourself. What is your background, and what current projects are you involved in?

Mr. Kekich founded the country's largest life insurance master general agency, which raised $3.1 billion of premium income for First Executive Corp., co-founded the country's biggest private stock loan company and arranged venture capital funding for private companies for 11 years. He is a recognized expert on private investing and authored the venture capital handbook "How The Rich Get Richer With Quiet Private Investments". Mr. Kekich founded both public and private companies, was engaged as a consultant and served as director to numerous private and public corporations. He also sold and developed real estate. In 1999, Mr. Kekich founded the "Maximum Life Foundation", a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to curing aging related diseases. In 2000, he founded TransVio Technology Ventures, a venture capital group for life sciences industries. He serves as a Board Member of the American Aging Association

What are your goals for the next decade?

To raise $1B for life extension research companies (see attached). To fund companies that successfully reverse aging in mammals and commercialize some of the technologies for human development and use. To fund companies that improve the human condition (including cosmetically) within 3-5 years and to roll some of the profits into aggressive life extension research.

When do you think will we achieve real life extension?

In about 30 years

Do you believe in Cryonics and when will it suceed ?

I think cryonics will lead to real suspended animation within 20-30 years and that patients suspended today have an outside chance of successful reanimation. As the technology improves, patients’ chances will improve to the point that all or nearly all suspendees will reanimate successfully if they are suspended under optimal conditions.

Which path should we take for immortalism, nanomedicine or biogerontology or something else?

Both, plus uploading. Maximum Life Foundation might be working on uploading technologies within 5 years.

What first attracted you to the idea of physical immortality?

From as long as I remember, I was appalled by the concept of death. In the late ‘70’s, I started to learn how death might be overcome, first through cryonics and then through science and technology.

What a company can do to become sucessful in the life extension business?

Develop a credible argument as to how a commercially profitable product or service could be developed and sold by the company within about 5 years.

How handy an indefinite lifespan would be?

This would have to be addressed by each individual on a personal level. On a societal level, it means preserving and utilizing the world’s greatest resource in perpetuity… the sum total of all wisdom, experience, skills, talents and education in the world. This resource could be used to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

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