Intelligent Agents are intelligent bots on internet able to write, chat, speak, answer, search, comment, explore, play, download, email, upload, buy, sell in a virtual world. Those IA will be useful for business people interested to grow their membership in their forums, wikis, online communities, e commerce sites, blogs, in their game networks or to answer problems in general. Nobody on internet will be able to tell if it's a bot or a human. Both will be smart, both will be able to evoluate, progress, improve with time. Both will be part of the web population. IA will probably increase the information available to humans and to computers and thus create a strong enabling technology. IA will increase the virtual populations in a self improving style. So you need smart, self improving people in your virtual world, life, network or business? Just wait the intelligent agents! This lead me toward the conclusion that we might be already living in a simulation, as we are intelligent in a way.

--Jonano 08:28, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

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