Militias wishing to take over the country

Insurgency in the Sangha province

June 2017


January 2018


Sangha province, URC


Rebels defeated


Congolese flagUnited Republic of the Congo (August 2017—January 2018)
Republic of Congo flag Republic of the Congo (June—August 2017)
CameroonRepublic of Cameroon (January 2018)

Republic of Congo flagCongo Liberation Army


Congolese flag Joseph Khamisi
Congolese flag Victor Tendosa
Republic of Congo flag Neo Baako
Cameroon Unknown

Republic of Congo flag Awiota Lumbashi








The Insurgency in the Sangha province was a rebellion initiated by the Congo Liberation Army (CLA) in June 2017 in the northwestern province of Sangha of the then—Republic of the Congo. President Neo Baako deployed the Republic of the Congo Armed Forces, but they were inadequately trained and equipped. The CLA quickly overtook the western half of the province, using the city of Souaké as their headquarters. That caused President Baako to merge the country with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, creating the United Republic of the Congo (URC). Afterwards, the FARUC (military of the URC) quickly pushed back the rebel forces. They were defeated after the fall of Souaké in January 2018, with the help of troops from nearby Cameroon.

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