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Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)
Other cities Jogjakarta, Bali, Banda Aceh and Pekanbaru
Demonym Indonesian
Currency Rupiah (Rp) (IDR)

Indonesia is a sovereign nation state located in Southeast Asia and Oceania.




Indonesian Malay, Malaysian Malay, Brunei Malay, Papuans, Timorese, Dayak, other Melanesians, other Austronesians.



Iran bombing

The 2024 explosion of a poorly stored oil tanker at the SpaceX facility.

  • It hosted the 2015 Climate Change Summit. The GEO headquarters is in Jakarta. SpaceX of Hawthorne, California, has a facility here. The CO2 footprint was heavy cut in 2015.5-2016.5.
  • The SpaceX space center in Borneo was completed in 2024, but temporarily abandon on grounds of fiscal impracticality. A drive for more solar power was made that year. 
  • Indonesia quarantined those traveling to and from swine flue zones. Research is made to find a vaccine in case it spread to Indonesia and how on how to contain any mass outbreak if it did occur locally or on mass across Indonesia after WW3 in 2025.
  • The Global Environmental Organization raised concerns over modern farming styles and global warming in 2026.

2034- to date

  • Indonesia begins to investigate the 2035 cyber-attack. They unofficially blame the opposition to the former Borneo Space-X project.
  • Indonesia reactivated the Space-x program in 2038.
  • A memorial was built to the world dead of WW3 in Jakarta in 2037. Work on lasers, masers and Astrophysical masers starts The last few swine flue cases were treated in Yogijakarta.
  • The meteor cluster FX2012O is jointly destroyed by Brazil, Indonesia and Venezuela in 2040.
  • Cold fusion power was introduced in 2043.
  • Indonesia, China and New Zealand jointly landed a 5 person team on the moon in 2048 and put the Mars probe called "Mata dan telinga" (English:Eyes and ears) on the planet in 2050.
  • "The Mars Mining Corp." was created and dedicated to space colonization, space mining and space manufacturing in 2049.
  • Lunar colonialism begins in 2058. We begin the construction of 4 shuttles with up to a total of 120 people on at a site near Banda Ahea. We already begin designing geothermal generators, solar panels, hydroponics units, 15 builder droids, hydrogen fuel cells and housing units. We send a satellite to look at the moon's surface for a safe place.