Indian War
Part of World War 3
Date Throughout 2021 and 2022
Location Greater Israel and Greater India
Result Israel is pushed back to the border of Iraq and loses Saudi Arabia.
Israel loses Saudi Arabia and Iran

Flag of Israel Israel


Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of India India

Flag of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin

Flag of India Pranab Mukherjee

Flag of Israel 850,000
Flag of Russia 210,000

Flag of India 1,300,000

Casualties and losses
Flag of Israel 706,000
Flag of Russia 3,200

Flag of India 32,067

Overview Edit

The Indian War was a conflict between nations of Israel and India. The Indian Army launched a major military invasion of Israel, with support from the Russian Federation. The Israel Defense Force fought the Indians for 3 years before the war ended in 2023.

Timeline Edit

October 2021 Edit

  • Oct. 3: India launches an enormous invasion of Iraq from the south and east. Jerusalem is bombed.
  • Oct. 4: Israel sends forces to the Indian borders and invades former Saudi Arabia through the Red Sea.
  • Oct. 5: Israel forms a temprary alliance with Jordan. India declares war on Jordan.
  • Oct. 6: Israel absorbs Lebanon after a 10 hour invasion. Indian forces and Israeli forces are locked in a battle for control of Baghdad for months.
  • Oct. 7: Israeli forces in Saudi Arabia occupy the western half of the sparsely defended territory. New Delhi is bombed.
  • Oct. 9: Arabs are outraged at Mecca being occupied by Jews and begin to terrorize Israeli troops.
  • Oct. 11: Israeli forces meet Indian defense lines along the Persian Gulf.
  • Oct. 13: Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan request to be absorbed into Russia.
  • Oct. 14: Israeli and Indian forces continue to face off along the Persian Gulf.

May 2022 Edit

  • May 8: After months and months of rigorous fighting, the Indians break Israel's defenses and occupy Iraq.
  • May 10: Indian forces attack Israeli-occupied Saudi Arabia and push through the lines at the Gulf. Israel is now in full retreat.
  • May 12: The Indians enter Syria and Jordan. The Israelis exit Saudi Arabia.
  • May 14: Indian forces occupy an subdue the Jordanians. Israel is on the verge of total collapse.
  • May 17: The Indians invade Egypt territory and advance into Cairo very quickly, with the Israelis preoccupied with fighting in the north.
  • May 18: The Israelis lose Egypt and are forced to set up extreme defenses around their original borders and those of Lebanon and Syria. The war remains this way for a few months. Netanyahu aims nuclear missiles at Karachi and Tehran, the two biggest military cities of India.

November 2022 Edit

  • Nov. 2: Israel pushes its borders back to Baghdad and reclaims Egypt. The Indians now annex east Iraq.
  • Nov. 4: The Israelis liberate Jordan and once again invade Saudi Arabia. At this point Israel's military has been heightened to enormous length.
  • Nov. 11: Israel reclaims Iraq and occupies all of Saudi Arabia once again. The Indians are on the defensive now.
  • Nov. 13: With quickness and efficiency, Israel invades India and reaches Tehran.
  • Nov. 15: Russia, sensing an incoming defeat of India, invades northern Israel.
  • Nov. 18: The Russians reach Jerusalem in the north and and India reclaims Iran.
  • Nov. 23: Israel surrenders to India and Russia. Russia leaves Israeli territory with its main point of invasion for the Balkans totally demolished.
  • Nov. 24: In the Treaty of Delhi, India demand the territory of Saudi Arabia and Iran. Israel, with its military almost completely devastated, agrees.