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An independence referendum is a type of referendum in which the citizens of a territory decide whether the territory should become an independent country. The independence referendum is considered successful if the citizens vote in favour of independence or unsuccessful if they do not. A successful independence referendum may or may not result in independence, depending on whether relevant political factors outside of the territory recognise the results. These are the countries, states and areas which have tried to become/have became an internationally-recognised nation.


Country Date Former State Majority Vote Official? Independence?
Dubai Emirates 2100 United Arab Emirates Yes Yes Yes
Wales 2102 United Kingdom No Yes No
Crimea 2102 Russia Yes Yes No
Kashmir 2105 Pakistan/India No No No
Socotra 2106 Oman Yes No Yes
Texas 2107 United States of America Yes Yes Yes

Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana

(United Southern States)

2110 United States of America Yes Yes Yes
Iraq Sovereign Alliance 2110 United States of America Yes Yes No
Kanto  2111 Japan Yes No No
Iraq Sovereign Alliance 2113 United States of America Yes Yes No
Imenns Territory 2114 Cyprus Yes Yes Yes
Kanto 2115 Japan No No No
Wales 2120 United Kingdom No Yes No
Tristan De Cunha 2122 United Kingdom No No No
Isles of Scilly 2127 Channel Islands Yes Yes Yes
Iraq Sovereign Alliance 2133 United States of America Yes Yes No
West Papua 2134 Indonesia No No Yes
Bali 2134 Indonesia No Yes Yes
Sulawesi 2135 Indonesia No Yes No
Johor Baru (Federates of the Southernmost Strait) 2137 Malaysia Yes Yes Yes
Eritaa  2140 Honiyende Country  Yes Yes No
Eritaa 2140 Honiyende Country Yes Yes No
Veneto Al A Kesheem 2140 Egypt/Malta/Algeria Yes Yes
Veneto Ev En Detro 2141 Tunisia/Malta/Italy Yes Yes

Joined and became Veneto Evadetro.


Iraq Sovereign Alliance 2143 United States of America Yes Yes No
Afghanistan Sovereign Alliance 2145 European Union Yes Yes No
Kanto 2146 Japan No No No
Eritea ----- Honiyende Country and France  Yes Yes Yes