Incineration plants have existed for decades and involve the destruction of wastes by burning. Yet, as we should all know, these wastes do not simply disappear into thin air; instead, they are converted to tiny particles such as soot and carbon monoxide, sulfur, nitric oxide, and whatever else might be in the incinerated material. These can oftentimes be dangerous; therefore, at times, incineration is not better alternative than landfilling is in waste disposal. However, there are also various materials that can be safely decomposed without creating too much waste. For such, it would be economical and pragmatic to incinerate. There are also filters that can be placed on smokestacks to prevent the escape of such airborne particles (of course we must then ask how we are to dispose of the trapped particles). Nevertheless, the amount of carbon dioxide produced constitutes a significant chunk of greenhouse gases which in turn leads to global warming.

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