In 2084
800px-US 51-star alternate flag svg

Flag Of America (2017-2083)

the world was facing bad problems mainly Britain
UkBritainIrelandSpain - Copy

Fascist British Flag

who became fascist at least America came in during that time new Zealand broke from the British
800px-Flag of New Zealand svg

Flag Of New Zealand (2077-2083)

Ultranationalist russia flag by panzerfire-d4y812u

New Russian Territory (2084-7083)

after a "civil war" once America took over the world
J ipfgjdsipf

Flag Of "The Imperial Republic" Of America (2084-4099)

and Russia became "New Russia" after about 10 years the Russian government created the "National Christian Movement".
National Christian Movement Flag (Offical)

Flag of the National Christian Movement (2084-????)

After America took over the earth they used this party:
Usa with custom emblem by deltahd-d7bsm3m

The Imperial Party Of America (2085-4099)

and last important thing for now is that America changed there coat of arms:
United States Of America

Coat of arms of America (2084-????)

National Christian Movement

Symbol Of The National Christian Movement (2084-????)

The head of the American Imperial Republic was Ryan Johnathan And the head the New Russian Territory was Vladimier Emirin
Communist Party

Communist Party Of New Russia

. Sadly All empires come to a end the American empire ends in 4099 and the New Russian Republic Ends in 7084

National Christian Movement (In America 2089-4099)

Youth Membership Armband

National Christian Movement Youth {Child}

Teen Membership Armband

National Christian Movement {Teen} Armband


MemeberShip Armband

National Christian Movement {Adult} Armband

Administrator Amrband

National Christian Movement {Administrator) Armband

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