The Impeachment of Stephanie Goode was initiated by the House of Representatives from November 1, 2046 to January 29, 2048, against Stephanie Goode, the 49th President of the United States, on two charges corruption, and betrayal against the United States and it's government. Which originated from Goodes attempt to repeal the first, second, and twenty-second amendments, and revealing that she would transition the U.S. into a totalitarian communist dictatorship; both in 2046.

the Senate and the Supreme Court voted yes to Impeach the President on January 29, 2041, and was removed from office and arrested that same day, Vice President Micheal Phillips became the acting President on February 1, 2048

Background Edit

Referendum Edit

Main article: Abolition of the Presidency Referendum 2048

On March 3, 2048 American citizens demanded a referendum to Abolish the Presidency

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