The Immortal Ship would be several (a network of) ships able to self replicate and self repair. They would protect intelligence (me or you) and able to travel while billions of years. The intelligence would sleep and travel. The immortal ship would have a strong defense technology.

The person aboard could wake up to check everything around. The person would experience an environment designed to entertain.

The environment would have:

Thousands of years of TV programs and movies stories,

Billions of web pages and books online,


friendly AIs,

Millions of MP3,


Also, all the doors in the craft would be automated, and transparent or not, at will.

There would also have a self destroy mecanism inside the craft to kill virus. intelligent virus.

  • esthetic design would be studied.
  • invisibility technology.
  • as well as a biovault technology.
  • Observation, Radar technology.
  • personal computer.
  • personal assembler.
  • communication technology.
  • astrosociology knowledge.
  • interuption technology.
  • smaller bigger ships.

We believe it is better to be in a spaceship than to be on earth, which is too big, too fragile.

There would also have an answering machine (semantic) and google. The answering machine would help to maintain the survivality of the ship and would help in emergencies situation.

All the crafts would have extremely good telecommunication capabilities between them.

Dream Team Crew Members

We must understand that our spacecraft is a futuristic project and that we need to be cryopreserved before we are able to build it. Our common goal is to stay, be immortal. We share the common goal to live together in our spacecraft for immortality.

Jonathan Despres (Science Fiction Expert)

David Pearce (Hedonistic Expert)

We need an ecologist, military expert, software engineer, mathematician, investor, astronomer, physicist, experts in our team currently.

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