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  • Every turn is one year until 2100 where it will become every ten years, after that in 2200 it will become every 20 years, and so on and so forth.
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Ignorance 2022

Not Available CountriesEdit

For the purpose and game play of the Map Game, some countries will not be available.

  • Flag of the United States United States of America
  • Flag of Russia Russian Federation
  • Flag of China People's Republic of China
  • Britain United Kingdom
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Germany Germany
  • Flag of Italy Italy
  • Flag of Spain Spain
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey
  • Flag of Japan Japan
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil

Any countries not listed here are available to play!




The year is 2018 and World War III is waging on, and by the looks of it, it doesn't seem like it's ending any other time soon. In early 2017, Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine which forced a quick NATO response along with making America make a choice between NATO and Russia. Soon it became clear that the United States wouldn't be getting involved due to their President, Donald Trump's close relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Without the American support, Russia was pushing farther into Europe. By the end of 2017, Russia was invading Northern Norway, had taken most of the Baltic States, pushing father and farther into Ukraine (with Kiev in their sites), and beginning to invade Poland (going through Belarus). Meanwhile, Pakistan launched a major invasion into India to take Kashmir, with nuclear threats on the rise. China decides with the world being busy with Europe, launches an invasion into Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia. North Korea (seeing their best chances) invade South Korea with them gaining ground very quickly. During the war in the Middle East, Russia accidentally launched an airstrike that had killed 20 American troops, which had caused the United States to respond, finally thrusting the United States into the war against Russia. This map game focuses on the effects that this war has on the minor countries in the world that aren't major players in the war.



  • Mod Event: In Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin launches an invasion into the Baltic States, which within the first few days of it, Lithuania had already surrendered and Estonia's and Latvia's capitals were in close sight. Along with invading the Baltic States, he also launches an invasion in Eastern Ukraine to "free the Russian people

    Russian and Belarus invasion of the Baltics

    from the tyrannical Ukraine." In Asia, Pakistan begins a massive invasion into Kashmir, India to claim it as their own land; threats of nuclear warfare begin between the two nations. China begins multiple invasions into Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. North Korea, seeing its best opportunity to invade, launches a massive invasion into South Korea. The United States currently staying neutral during the early beginning of the war.
  • Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea: With the wrongful and despicable act of war against us, we officially declare war against the North Korean Government. President Moon Jae-in is moved to a private location in the southern countryside for protection. North Korean troops soon begin moving across the border, killing anybody in sight (including tourists) and soon taking the northern parts of Gyeonggi Province. Although we had been practicing for this invasion, our soldiers are overwhelmed and begin evacuating the area to regroup in the southern regions of the country. Our navy begins bombings on the beaches along North Korea, along with our air force doing major bombing raids along the northern held region that is held by the North Korean's [Mod Response]. Even though the United States has taken a vow of isolationism, we ask them for help [American/Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: North Korea begins moving their southern naval fleet to attack the shores of your people, while also adding more troops to the front lines. They announce "no tolerance" for this, and explain that if the situation gets worse, they will begin launching nuclear warheads.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: We see the Russian Expansion as a threat and we mobilise our troops. We ask Norway, Denmark and Finland to join us in this time of crisis and this merging will help in the Increase of soldiers [Mod response needed]. We increase our GDP. Our HDI is very high and we keep it way by installing People Friendly roads. We draft many People into the Army. We also ask Britain to help us if Russia invades [Mod Response needed]
    • Mod Response: Finland is the only country that agrees, as everybody else doesn't want to get too involved in the war. Finland doesn't want to fully join, but will join Sweden until the war is over.
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes an announcement that we will increase our health budget to 256 million dollars and that we will not join the war until the US does. (Secret) After a few tests we are starting to develop nuclear warheads (secret end) we do though start to prepare for war in case Russia sends us a warhead. We start to tax our people higher.
  • Flag of PolandPoland: We officially declare war upon Russia, and immediately send half of our 65,000 strong military to the Ukrainian front, keeping half for defensive purposes. We instate a draft, requiring all men between the age of 18 and 45 to join the military. This brings our military force to about 500,000. We request nuclear bombs from the US [Mod Response Needed]. We send 70,000 soldiers, most of them drafted, to take Kalingrad Oblast [Mod Response For Progress].
    • Mod Response: The US says that they will not give any nuclear bombs currently. After taking the southern part of Kalingrad Oblast, Russia sends 90,000 troops to defend Kalingrad Oblast, and are successful in defending. ~50,000 troops of Poland are killed while invading due to no knowledge of the landscape.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We are concerned about the situation concerning Chinese expansion in Southeast Asia. We decide to fight for our freedom and ask Singapore to join us once more to form the Malayan Federation. We ask for an alliance with all Southeast Asian nations except for the Philippines, as they are now in league with China. [Mod Response For All Needed] We send military support into defending nations. We begin conscription of all able-bodied men from 18-30. We upgrade our military and raise taxes. We begin construction of air defenses systems in population centers. We begin a nuclear enrichment program to develop nuclear fission energy. [Secret] And a nuclear weapons program. [End Secret]
    • Mod Response: Laos and Cambodia deny an alliance, but Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia agree to an alliance.
  • Flag of Vietnam2.svg Vietnam: We send 100,000 troops to defend against China's invasions [Mod Response Needed For Results]. We announce that we will join the United States' side for the war, if they wish to fully enter. (Secret) We begin developing nuclear warheads, although it will be a long time before one is fully developed (End Secret).
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: The Serbian Prime Minister announces our country's complete solidarity with our ally Russia. With war breaking out all over Europe, the government begins a general mobilization, drafting 180,000 men into the armed forces. They are armed with both new weapons being made and old JNA arsenals. Due to the fact that most Serbian men have military training, we have an available pool of trained soldiers. We ask Bosnia and Herzegovina for a military alliance. [Mod Response] We give an ultimatum to Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia, to agree to recreate Yugoslavia or face war. They have 48 hours to respond. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Bosnia and Herzegovina agree to your alliance. Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia all deny and say that they will fight to that last man standing; in response to the imminent invasion the three countries form a military union to fight against Serbia.
  • Mod Event: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania all surrender in a matter of months of heavy fighting against the Russians and Belarus. Russia says until the war is over that the three states will remain occupied until further notice. NATO troops begin landing in Ukraine's Western Front and begin interactions with the Russians. Russia also begins an invasion of Finland and Sweden. American troops arrive in Stockholm, Sweden and begin moving towards the northern front to help out the Finnish army. Pakistan quickly takes ground in India, capturing many northern regions that welcome their arrival. China begins pushing farther into Vietnam, and begin surrounding their capital of Hanoi along with sending their navy down the coast to crush the Vietnamese naval fleet. Japan declares war on North Korea to help South Korea, soon troops begin landing in southern South Korea and join up with South Korean troops and head north to fight against the North Korean army. Japan also begins air raids on Hamhung and Wonsan, with about 200,000 troops landing at Mt. Kumgang National Park.


  • Mod Event: In the United States Presidential election primaries, incumbent President Donald Trump so far is leading in the polls in the Republican primaries while Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts is favored to win the nomination of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, in Europe: Russian troops have taken control of half of Kiev, Ukraine with NATO beginning their major push to re-capture the rest of the land. China full captures Hanoi and begins pushing farther into Vietnam. American troops begin pushing Russian troops out of North Eastern Finland and pushing farther into their land. Pakistan temporarily halts their invasion for the time being. More Japanese troops land in North Korea but begins to get overwhelmed by North Korean troops, so they begin moving troops to Southern South Korea instead.
  • Flag of Greece Greece: Although we are in the NATO's side, so far we didn't send any troops to help others. But, we still condemn Russia's invasion. We prepare our ~60,000 troops to the war. We warn Serbia to don't attack Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia, or face a war with NATO. [Players Response Needed]. During the war, although we are not attacked, our economy fell into crisis, so we start to improve and stabilize it. [Secret] We ask NATO to join the nuclear research and get part of nuclear sharing program. [Mod Response Needed] [End Secret].
    • Mod Response: [Secret] NATO says they will be sending some research to you're program to help [Secret].
  • Mexico Mexico:  Following the tensions brought up with the US with the election of Donald Trump as US president in 2016, we decide to join Russia's side against America. Announcing this to them. [Mod Response Needed] To help out, we start formulating a plan to invade the US. The first steps we take are removing drug cartels by having the police enforce laws to make sure they don't get in our way. [Mod Response Needed] We also start to expand our military from 288,000 to 300,000, recruiting 12,000 citizens.
    • Mod Response: Some of the drug cartels are taken down, but many leave to South America to escape the Mexican police force. The United States of America states that they will invade your country, as they have a superior military, and President Trump announces that they will not tolerate these "bad amigos".
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: We thank the US help in driving out the Russian forces out of our country. We say to Finland to join now or be Invaded again by Russia.[Mod response needed]We have 50,000 troops at our disposal and we mobilize them in case of another Russian attack.
    • Mod Response: Finland had already stated that they would con-join into a "super nation", until the end of the war.
  • Flag of India India: As we prepare for war, we gather all of our troops, including ones on standby. Just as Pakistan temporarily stops their invasion of Kashmir, we begin invading Azad Kashmir (Mod Response Needed). (Secret) We are going to trick Them, and out of no where we will strike Sindhi (End Secret). We officially announce ourselves to be on the allies, and invite Nepal, Thailand & Oman to join too (Mod Response Needed). We announce our Support for Tibetan Independence. We send 375,000 troops to fight in the Kashmir, and hope to slow/stop Pakistani expansion (Mod Response Needed). We ask Afghanistan to invade Western Pakistan (Mod Response Needed). We redraw the map of India, and changes include:
  • Pondicherry disestablished.
  • Sindhi is declared a disputed territory.
  • Hyderabad, Mysore & Travancore-Cochin are re-established as states.
  • Sikkim, Mysore, Hyderabad, Travancore-Cochin, Tripura & Gorkhaland become Sovereign Entities within India, enabling them to have diplomatic relations internationally, and have their own monarchy/government, but ultimately being apart of India.
  • Gorhkaland established as a new state.
  • Kutch established as a state.
  • New South Indian States: See Map
    • Mod Response: Pakistan is caught off guard by the invasion and is easily pushed back, but you're troops are being met by suicide bombers almost every hour that in the first month of your invasion has killed almost 200 of your men. The Pakistani President says leave their land or they'll launch nuclear weapons at you're capital. Nepal, Thailand, and Oman all agree to join the alliance. Pakistani troops are pushed back greatly in the region and almost all of the troops there were killed or captured. Afghanistan declines, only because rebels in their country have been capturing many towns and cities and they need to focus their troops and resources on that.
New States India Map 1

The States formed from Karnataka & North Kerala (Goa is still a state!).

  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: In response to the ultimatum's rejection, the government mobilizes one million men into the Serbian Armed Forces. Additional men are ordered to prepare for a potential draft. We ask Bosnia to join into our war to reunify Yugoslavia, and we ask Russia to provide material support. [Mod Response] Our diplomats ask Bulgaria's pro-Russia president to remain neutral or join us, promising to give him Macedonia, a historical part of Bulgaria. [Mod Response] Once the mobilization is complete, we deploy 500,000 troops into Croatia to invade, along with 200,000 into Macedonia. The remaining 300,000 are left as a reserve.
    • Mod Response: Bosnia and Herzegovina agree and join your troops, along with Russia will begin giving you material support. Bulgaria's president agrees to stay neutral during the war, but if the time comes, they will supply troops to help.
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We ask the U.K. for an alliance [Mod response needed] and start to prepare for war as Russia continues to invade and take smaller countries. We ask permission from Spain to send 40,000 troops to Barcelona on a training mission [Mod response needed] We ask USA for an alliance [Mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: Since you are in NATO you are already allies with the United States and the United Kingdom. Spain agrees to let your troops on their training mission in Barcelona.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We send military support to Vietnam, and try to create a plan to halt Chinese invasion. We keep Sinophobia at a minimum, and most of our Chinese population prefer that China stay out of Southeast Asia. We ask Australia for support against China, and the possible formation of the Oceanic Alliance with Australia and Southeast Asian nations. [Mod Response Needed] [Secret] We draw up a contingency plan in case the mainland nations have fallen, for a heavily fortified wall be built in the Isthmus of Kra in an attempt to halt Chinese invasion. Another plan includes landing troops in Hainan or transit via Taiwan, which would be all for the invasion of China, although the latter seems improbable. [End Secret]
    • Mod Response: Australia agrees, but only gives material support. Many other countries do not agree, trying to get American support or staying on there on "for the great or good".
  • Flag of PolandPoland: We enact Operation Polish Offensive, by launching a surprise invasion of Kalingrad Oblast, Lithuania and Belarus with 300,000 troops, we focus on cutting the supply lines from Russia, so their soldiers will starve and die [Mod Response On Progress]. We begin shooting down any Russian or Chinese plane in Polish airspace, and begin air raids on Kalingrad, Minsk and Vilnius to assist our forces on taking these areas. We position our navy for attack, and start building fort defenses on the eastern borders, similar to the Maginot Line. We also start building defenses on our coast to deter any amphibious invasions by Russia. (Secret) In response for the US denial for giving nuclear weapons to us, we begin making our own, it will be ready in three to four years. (End Secret) We draft 250,000 more troops, and immediately put half of the non-drafted working population into arms factories to provide arms for the soldiers. We request aid from Germany [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Since Russia has been focusing on the war in Ukraine and Finland, at first they are taken off guard and pushed back from Kalingrad. But they are able to regroup and easily retake Kalingrad and push you out of Belarus. Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a statement saying that "for the time being we will no longer focus on the Finnish front, rather the Polish one instead." Soon after his speech, a massive invasion of almost 780,000 troops cross the border into you're country and take Białystok, Lublin, and Olsztyn in a matter of months. NATO announces that about a joint force of 575,680 troops (joined with your armed forces) will land in Poland next year to push back the Russians. You're armed forces and production boom, but factories in the east do not last long with the Russian invasion.
  • Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea: With the increase of opposition forces by the North Korean's we ask Malaysia to also help us in our fight against the North Korean's [Malaysian Response needed]. In the mean time, with Japanese troops along with our troops we make a major surprise attack on the North Korean's in the northern regions that they have captured. At the same time doing joint air-strikes with the South Korean and Japanese Air Force on North Korean held cities. We begin setting up many ballistic missiles in Seoul, to protect the capital against possible that North Korea would launch a nuclear missile at us. Still, we begin evacuating the city and moving them to the southern countryside. We find tunnels under our capital that could possibly lead to North Korea, we are shocked by the discovery and send a team of armed explorers to discover where it leads [Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: The tunnel leads to Pyongyang, but once your armed explorers come out of the other side, they are shot and killed quickly.
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We assure South Korea that troops will be sent to assist them, and we ask for assistance in nuclear development as well.


  • Mod Event: In the United States, the election is getting very heated as President Trump has very narrowly won the nomination of the Republican Party once more for his re-election campaign. On the more Liberal side, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has beaten New Jersey Senator Cory Booker in the Democratic primaries and his the official nominee for the Democrats. Recent polls are showing a possible Warren landslide in November. In Europe, so far Russia has been able to push back Polish advances while holding off the rest of NATO in Ukraine. Serbia has teamed up with Bosnia and Herzegovina to invade their surrounding countries. China continues to make its advance into Vietnam, while India is finally making a major offensive into Pakistan to take Kashmir. North Korea continues to stay strong against South Korea and Japan, with threats of nuclear warfare on the horizon. America continues to give little help to NATO or other countries in need of aid.
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: We ask Bosnia and Herzegovina to attack Croatian forces from the south while ours move in from the east, and ask their government how many troops they have available and suggest that they begin mobilization. We also ask Montenegro for an alliance similar to the one we have with Bosnia, and ask them to join into the war on our side. We also inform Bulgaria that if they join into the war we will let them have Macedonia, which has historically been part of Bulgaria. [Mod Response] With success on the diplomatic front, our forces now continue to attack Croatia. Army Group Zelimir, consisting of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Armies (100,000 men each) move into Croatia, aiming for Vukovar and Osijek. M-84 and T-72 tank regiments lead the invasion, with Serbian Air Force MiG and Soko fighters providing support. The 4th Army of 100,000 troops enters Macedonia. We move the 5th and 6th Armies, also 100,000 men each, into Bosnia in preparation for an assault on Dalmatia.
    • Mod Response: Bosnia's President declares its allegiance to the opposition and that they will fight with Serbia to make sure that they can reform Yugoslavia.
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We start to build more tanks and train more troops. We slightly increase our military budget and health budget. The Prime minister announces that training is under going for the war. We organise a winter training mission in Quebec for NATO we would like to know who attends [Mod response needed]
    • ​Mod Response: Almost every single NATO country agrees to the winter training mission, but some will have to remain in Europe so that they can protect and defend the countries.
  • Mod Event: China is fully able to capture all of Vietnam's land and their forces are forced to surrender. Soon after, the Chinese government announces that they will annex Vietnam and begin moving many troops into the country.
  • Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea: With the tunnel's origin discovered we begin planting many bombs under the tunnels so that if North Korean troops try to use them they will be instantly killed and the tunnels reduced to almost nothing. All of our ballistic missile systems have been completed and placed all over the mostly vacant capital of Seoul. We once again urgently ask Malaysia for military aid against the North Korean's military [Malaysian Response needed]. We begin moving hundreds of tanks and hundreds of thousands of Japanese and our troops into North Korean held territory. Much of the northern regions that have not been captured by North Korea, have been evacuated and many refugees fleeing to the southern countryside to protect them from enemy forces. President Moon Jae-in makes a rare and brief appearance on televison to reassure the South Korean people not to worry about the current condition of the war and to make sure that we will win against the North Koreans.
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia:  We sent military support immediately. We ask South Korea to assist in weapons development.
    • South Korean response: We agree to assist in weapons development and send some military strategists to help.
  • Flag of India India: (Secret) We start mass producing WMD's (End Secret). The PM tells Pakistan's President "We have dealt with you long enough, and you were a failed state from the beginning, so now, you will no longer be a state" and two hours later new reports flood in after our troops make a surprise attack on Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi (Mod Response Needed). Now, we begin our real invasion, with 300,000 troops in the Kashmir, we send 600,000 into Sindh and Western Punjab Province, hoping to capture them (Mod Responses Needed). (Secret) We plan to invade all of Pakistan's provinces, and set up referendums, so they can join India, or become independent (End Secret).
    • Mod Response: Since the Prime Minister had announced on live television, Pakistan did have time to plan and did hold strong grown against your incoming forces. The invasion works well, since Pakistani forces had been preparing for the invasion in Lahore & Karachi they had been caught off guard and soon enough many towns and cities in the region are now under control of the Indian army, with many towns uniting under the Indian flag.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We ask for a merger with Singapore and Indonesia, to become a superstate until the war ends. [Mod Response Needed] We upgrade our economy and increase our GDP. We begin testing of warhead prototypes filled with lead rods instead the uranium variant. Construction of tanks increase and Malaysia's first aircraft carrier is constructed. We begin building more naval craft hoping to get an edge in warfare against China.
    • Mod Response: Singapore and Indonesia both welcome your offer but decline only because they want to stay as far away from the war as possible.
  • Flag of PolandPoland: We abandon Operation Polish Offensive, and focus on defending Warsaw. We extend the draft to all men between the ages of 16 and 55, and all women between 20 and 30, giving us approx. One million troops. We continue the arms production. (Secret) We ask Germany and France to help us manufacturing nuclear bombs, these nuclear bombs will only be used in self-defense, in the event that the Russians detonate a nuclear device on any country part of NATO [Secret Mod Response Needed](End Secret) President Andrzej Duda is transported to a secret bunker facility somewhere in Opole Voivodeship, so the Russians will not kill him at Warsaw. We ask for a temporary merger with the Czech Republic for the duration of the war, we will be called the Polish-Czech Commonwealth [Mod Response Needed].
    • ​Mod Response: The Czech Republic agrees to the merger, fearing their own safety, while Germany and France agree to help. 
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: We send soldiers to the aid of Poland in their offensive against Russia. We wish to have a formal Alliance [Poland response needed]. We begin an invasion of our own into Russian soil in Latvia hoping to free the country from Russian Hold. We send 90,000 soldiers for this purpose [Mod response needed]. We work on new and improved tech and we hope to complete it by next year. We ask help from U.K in invading Latvia [Mod response needed].
    • Flag of PolandPolish Diplomacy: We accept the alliance, and we appreciate help from Sweden in defeating Russia. If their armies do not get destroyed during this year, we will re-instate Operation Polish Offensive.
    • Mod Response: The Russian army stationed in Riga is surprised by the Swedish invasion (mostly due to their previous neutrality), and the Swedish army is able to capture the coast and some parts of the city. Russian President Vladimir Putin says that they will be sending reinforcements to recapture Riga.
  • Mexico Mexico: We continue to have the police enforce anti-drug cartel laws and with many of the drug cartels leaving our country for South America, we begin the second part of our plan. We begin the drafting 1% of our able population into the military, increasing our active military personnel to around 788,000 people. We begin to send troops to our border with the US, along the Rio Grande River. We are well aware that the US has the superior military, our president tells Donald Trump, but we will not go down without a fight. [Mod Response Needed] (Secret)   We begin to plan out our invasion of the US, targeting the border states of Texas and New Mexico. We plan to use guerrilla warfare. (End Secret) As we join the war against the US, we formally ask for a small military alliance with Russia. With our president telling Vladimir Putin that we will help them with their invasion of Europe, if they help us with the Americas. [Mod Response Needed]
    • ​Mod Response: President Trump says that they could take down the Mexican military and if they make "any stupid actions will result in our superior invasion". President Vladimir Putin dismisses your offer, thinking of you as a puny nation that could be easily defeated.
  • Mod Event: In the United States Presidential election, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has won 370 electoral votes (out of the 270 needed to win) over President Trump. Trump declares that the election was rigged, and even though after heavy campaigning by the Trump Administration to do otherwise, the electoral collage voted in favor for her. Next year, President-elect Warren and her Vice-president elect Sherrod Brown will be inaugurated. She will be the first woman president in American history.


  • Mod Event: Elizabeth Warren is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States and becomes the first woman president in American history. Soon after her inauguration President Warren announces that the United States will officially be entering the war for the allied forces, along with announcing the 675,283 troops will be deployed to Europe to help fight against the Russians on the Polish and Ukrainian front. She also announces that they will be sending 245,789 troops to South Korea to help the South Korean's fight against the North Korean's. Meanwhile, China launches a major invasion into Laos and Thailand which they are very outnumbered against them. [Breaking] Pakistan launches 90 nuclear armed warheads at India's following cities Chandigarh, Jodhpur, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, and the capital New Delhi. Killing millions of people in the process [Breaking].
  • Flag of South KoreaSouth Korea: We are very shocked about the nuclear missile strike in India and give the country and their people our condolences. We are also very thankful for the American arrival to help us against the North Koreans. We begin doing joint air strikes with the United States Air Force against North Korean strongholds in the northern cities and towns that they have captured [Mod Response]. We also begin maneuvering our troops through the DMZ to surprise the North Korean's, attempting to make it through treacherous terrain while also not trying to interrupt the very active ecosystem. (Secret) We ask the United States for one nuclear warhead for protection against the North Korean government [Mod Response](Secret). We begin upgrading our naval forces so that they can begin armed attacks against the North Korean navy. We hope by the end of the this year we will be able to cross the border and begin the major offensive. We also congratulate the United State's new president Warren. A report taken shows that only 13% people remain in Seoul since the mandatory evacuation. We ask that in the meantime with concerns to our navy, that the Royal Malaysian Navy may begin attacking the North Korean beaches. (Secret) We begin preparations for an operation that we call, "Operation Sonchon" that will result in something similar to Normandy where a huge joint task force of our troops (along with Japanese, Malaysian, and American) will land on one of the beaches in the Northern Region of North Korea and begin invading from the north also. The reason it is named Sonchon is because one of the first towns that our forces would be invading is Sonchon (Secret).
    • Mod Response: The air strikes upon the North Korean strongholds are show early signs of being successful, but once word had gotten around that South Korea and United States are doing joint air strikes, some of the strongholds are able to defend themselves, along with taking out a few of the aircraft's that delivered the air strikes. (Secret) United States will give one nuclear warhead, but for it remain in defensive purposes. If South Korea uses it for offensive purposes, the United States will not be an ally of South Korea anymore, along with them withdrawing all of their troops so far (Secret).
  • Flag of India India: (Secret) To a surprise from the whole nation, in secret, it is revealed both the President and Prime Minister escaped to Gangtok just 30 minutes before the nukes hit Delhi. Also, after making more for the past three years, it is revealed our nukes now number at 175 (End Secret). Now, after Pakistan surprising us, the whole nation is surprised, and we ask for Nepali, Sri Lankan, NATO, American & British help to fight Pakistan (Mod Response Needed). We fire hydrogen bombs from Cochin at Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad (Pakistani City, Not Indian City), Multan, Gujranwala, Peshawar and Quetta (Mod Response Needed). We start our full scale attack on The Northern Provinces and Sindh, hoping to capture them soon (Mod Response Needed). We ask Bangladesh to come into federation with us, as Myanmar, Pakistan and insurgency groups could easily takeover, and we could also deal with the problems in Dhaka and all the poverty (Mod Response Needed). They would be equal like all other states, and will be in a situation similar to Gorkhaland and Sikkim, having their own PM, President, Monarch, etc.
    • Mod Response: The hydrogen bombs detonate in their destinations, leaving Pakistan crippled, having lost almost half the population and major cities destroyed. The invasion of the provinces is successful, as Pakistan did not have time to adjust to the attack. Bangladesh accepts the proposal, but on the condition that its Muslim population will receive equal rights.
  • Indian Response: We accept these conditions, and the treaty of merger shall be signed on February 11.
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: Our invasion of Macedonia, Croatia's eastern provinces and Dalmatia goes on. [Mod Response]
    • ​Mod Response: The invasion in Macedonia is tilting towards a Serbian victory, while Dalmatia and eastern Croatia are taken.
  • Flag of Poland Polish-Czech Commonwealth: Seeing the success of the Swedish invasion, We begin Operation Backstab, where we, alongside the Americans, land on the coasts of Lithuania and Western Latvia, in D-Day style, push into these countries, and attack the Russian forces from behind while our main forces do it from the front, sandwiching them in between our armies. All men from age 18-35 in the newly emerged Czech Republic are to be drafted into the military, giving us a military totaling about two million (including the already drafted Polish forces). We will be using 850,000 of our own troops while the other 1.15 million will hold back the Russians in our territory. [Mod Response For Progress] (Secret) We continue making nuclear bombs with French and German help. It is to be expected to be completed by 2023 at the earliest and 2025 at the latest. (End Secret) We begin air raids on Russian-occupied Poland.
    • Mod Response: In the end, Operation Backstab is successful. However, your country suffers 300,000+ casualties, while Russian forces are slaughtered ruthlessly. Casualties for Russian forces cannot be estimated currently. Russian forces are finally finished in Lithuania and Western Latvia.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We increase support in Thailand and begin implementing Operation Kra immediately. We order the Royal Navy to bombard North Korean coastlines, as well as patrolling the South China Sea. We offer our condolences to India, but do not send troops in fear of instilling racial conflicts between the Muslim and Hindi population. We industrialize undeveloped areas, and increase production of battleships and tanks. We begin production of intelligent sea mines in case China decides to begin a naval offensive along the east coast. We evacuate the Prime Minister and King to an unnamed secure location. [Secret] We send spies into China to find out their plans and their weaknesses [Mod Response on Intel] [End Secret]
    • Mod Response: [Secret] No current weaknesses are found, but they have very large expectations for this war: ji They hope to take all of Southeast Asia within the coming years; Once Russia's military is weakened more, they will be invaded; North Korea and South Korea will be invaded once the winner is decided, along with Japan, due to their weakened military. They plan on invading the United States, although there is no clear date. [End Secret]
  • Bavaria Bavarian Liberation Movement: We are sick and tired of this brutal war. We may have had unsuccessful begging for independence before, but at least under Germany's banner, we were "safe". Now as World War III has broken out, and under the Prussian dictatorship of Germany, we were forced to send our men and boys out into the fields, only to die over a pointless war waged over Ukrainian independence. A country that had been under Russian rule for centuries, with the actual Ukrainian culture all but wiped out due to exterminations. Most of the bodies haven't even been returned for burial, instead being buried in mass graves on the battlefield, walked over during battle, and forgotten. Now we take up arms against our Suppressors. The only end will be with our independence, as most Bavarians have the same feeling. We ask for there to be no bloodshed, and our independence to be granted. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response: Germany says that "no independence shall be given", and explain that this will not be tolerated. They begin searching for the leader of the Bavarian Liberation Movement, but come up empty handed.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: We send an additional 50,000 soldiers as reinforcements and hope to take the full of Latvia. We invade the Russian conquered Latvia with 100,000 soldiers and keep the rest of the 40,000 as Defense [Mod Response needed. We ask the Polish to help us in the battle of Latvia and we'll help in the battle of Lithuania [Mod Response Needed]. We draft every able bodied person into the army and allow the women to work in the other aspects. We Ask some soldiers from Poland. We support the independence of Bavaria.
    • Flag of Poland Polish-Czech Diplomacy: Operation Backstab involves sending some of our soldiers to attack the Russian from behind, while the other soldiers attack the Russians from the front, destroying their chances of advance or retreat. We will be doing this to both our front and the Latvian front.
    • Mod Response: Latvia is successfully invaded in Operation Backstab, although the land remains disputed.
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: After hearing the winter training mission went great we sent 75,000 troops to Ukraine and positioned 20,000 troops in Germany for defence. We deploy our troops using helicopters. Our first attack on Ukraine will be bombing Russian controlled military bases and then sending 175 helicopters to land our first wave of troops. They carry 37 troops each and we would like to know how many make it through[Mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: The Russian Controlled military bases are able to get word of this before it occurs, and are able to destroy most of the helicopters before they cause any serious damage.
  • Flag of Greece Greece: We condemn Serbian invasion to Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia. We prepare 135,000 troops to help defend our allies in Balkan. We send 4000 troops to help our allies in Baltic Campaign.


  • Mod Event: The Russian military is finally beginning to become more weakened, mostly in the Baltic Front where a united front of Poland and Sweden are able to surprise the Russian military in the capital city of Riga. Although they are able to gain more ground, the Russians are able to send more reinforcements. Officially, the Battle of Riga begins to decide whether the invasion of Latvia is a successes. Greece begins more involvement in the Baltic wars. China is able to force there way across the border into Laos and in a matter of months and intense military fighting are able to surround and capture Vientiane; still many Laosian troops remain in the southern half in which the Chinese will have to defeat in order to get a full surrender. The United States begins more military campaigning in the Baltic States while helping for the Battle of Riga. NATO forces have begun pushing Russian forces back and if this luck streak continues, will be able to capture Kiev back once more next year. The North Korean government have begun to panic and many countries worry this might result in them attempting to use nuclear weapons on South Korea. Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia commence "Operation Sonchon" with a hit with many similarities to the
    D-day FDR prayer03:15

    D-day FDR prayer. (two steps from hell, heart of courage)

    Polish, Swedish and Greek invasion of the Baltic States (even though this is really from WWII, go along with it please)

    invasion of Normandy, with many advances in the northern regions since there weren't many military soldiers there since they were focusing on the offensive with South Korea. With so many of the main countries at war, the United Nations officially dissolves along with all deals that have been made under is belt: meaning all rules of war are over and are now free range. Still, many worry that NATO or the European Union could still collapse over the Russian advances in Europe.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We celebrate the success of Operation Sonchon. Since the UN has dissolved, we have mixed feelings as the threat of chemical and biological warfare is now a reality. We begin development of missiles loaded with chemicals designed to paralyze soldiers. We have successfully constructed the Wall of Kra and militarized it, preparing for Chinese invasion. [Secret] We send a message to Russia and the United States, stating China's intentions. The message is encrypted. [Mod Response on their Reaction][End Secret]
    • ​Mod Response: (Secret) Both President Vladimir Putin and President Elizabeth Warren are shocked by this revelation. Even though currently both Malaysia and the United States are in combat with Russia, they begin to work out a plan against the Chinese [even though they ignore giving a solution of the war between them] (Secret)
  • Flag of India India: After the UN dissolution, the nation has gone crazy. Independence Movements Blossom, Riots, Wars and Millions in damage. We assure the all the people that India is safe, and we ask Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor, Republic of China, Tibetan Government in Exile, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Japan, Iraq & Kuwait to join the United Democratic Nations (UDN), to promote democracy and communal cooperation (Mod Response Needed). We continue to push into Former Pakistan, Hopefully capturing West Punjab soon (Mod Response Needed). We begin an attack on Burma, called the 2022 Burma Offensive, and start entering from The North West and South West (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: All nations accept the proposal. West Punjab is easily taken. 
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: We again send another 40,000 soldiers into Latvia. We ask soldiers from all the Scandinavian countries.[Mod Response needed]. We increase Arms and Ammunition production. [Secret] We start research on Nuclear Missiles. We'll have it finished in four years. [Secret] .
    • Mod Response: Norway, Iceland and Denmark all agree to move soldiers into the Baltics. Soon enough, about 27,800 military armed forces begin landing in Latvia and join the Swedish, Finish and Polish troops in battling against the Russians.
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: After hearing that the bombing runs have failed, we send 70,000 troops to Ukraine and we ask for NATO's help on retaking Ukraine[Mod response needed] meanwhile our prime minister has set out evacuation routes for most cities in Canada including Toronto and Montreal. We start to build an aircraft carrier and prepare a nuke as Russia has gone to far. Our Prime Minister and other government officials prepare for evacuation in two helicopters which will take us to The Prime ministers private jet. The first copter carries the Prime Minister and five others while the second is taking the Vice and 19 others. We would like to know if they escape[Mod response needed]
    • ​Mod Response: NATO leadership says that you can join the current military armed forces in Western Ukraine to help take back the capital of Kiev. The Prime Minister (and her family) and other high Canadian leadership are safely evacuated to an undisclosed location where they can help lead Canadian troops and other activities from there. 
  • Flag of PolandPolish-Czech Commonwealth: We begin diverting troops to the Battle of Riga, as well as continuing air raids on major Russian and Belarussian cities. We also begin air raids on Serbian cities. We continue pushing into the Baltic States and Belarus[Mod Response On Progress].(Secret) As the UN has fallen, we order mass production of a vast array of chemical weapons, the most prominent gas will be Zyklon B. Once a 100m by 100m by 100m box is filled with these gases, we send them to the air raid planes and they are ordered to drop these instead of bombs on the cities, especially Russian and Belarussian cities [Mod Response On Death Toll]We begin building nuclear bunkers in case Russia decides to nuke us.
    • Mod Response: The extra boost of troops is very helpful for the battle and soon enough both Polish and Swedish troops begin retaking major streets in Riga and soon enough are able to capture some parts of the western half of the city along with taking control of some banks and other government buildings. (Secret) Although the planes had made it over the mostly taken Baltic States, the Russian and Belarusian air force are able to shoot down the planes near the border to their countries. Even though the planes have crashed, some of the gas had escaped and killed almost 200 people including Russian and Belarus troops (Secret).
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: We continue with our invasion of Croatia and Macedonia.
  • Mexico Mexico: After many years of planning, we decide to drop our invasion of the United States (for now), announcing this to their government. [Mod Response Needed] We also have increased our military to at least 850,000, adding 62,000 people to our army. With the denial of Russia's alliance, and the putting off of the invasion of the US (as they are too strong), we decide we must grow in strength ourselves. We decide the only way to do this is to invade the Central American countries. We begin to put troops at our borders with Belize and Guatemala, with them being our first targets. [Mod Response Needed]
    • ​Mod Response: President Warren is very grateful for that saying, "All we would need is another war, especially one on our own border." She says that the United States will be adapting a new approach to Mexico since Donald Trump is no longer in power and his anti-Latio redrict have almost completely disappeared. Belize and Guatemala see clearly the troops on their shared border with you and almost know immediately what is going to happen to them and form a temporary military union against you called "Central American States".
  • PLHE: we call for a revolution an we beings to attack the Honduran army near El Carbón, they set up a network of Bunkers in Reserva Biológica Río Plátano which are armed with PM M1910s B-10 recoilless rifles M1939 (61-K)s Type 95 SPAAAs HQ-16s  RM-38s and  M1938 (M-30)s and there's a huge supply trial call the Esperanza Trail, we are Dug in deep
  • Finland: We would like to pledge our full assistance to pushing the Russians back to their starting territorial lines so that all countries can be freed of its imposed rule. We thank Sweden and the United States of America for the assistance, but we would like to re-arrange the Super Country agreement. Instead of a shared everything, we would like to propose a sharing of military production and resources so that we may be able to both expel the Russians from the occupied areas. We would be very grateful, as it would allow us less time to bolster our tank divisions, instead preparing on how to go on the offensive (Sweden response needed.) We begin increased production of the Leopard 2A4 battle tank, and our own CV-9030 infantry tank. We institute a conscription of our armed forces to try and bolster them to at least 350,000. Are current forces are at around 175,000, with 950,000 fit for military service. We send most of our military to guard our border on Lake Ladoga, and send our submarines to patrol the Gulf of Finland for Russian naval ships. (Secret: Our military staff begins preparations to enact a two pronged invasion of both Russian-occupied Estonia and Russia itself code named Winter Storm. It would involve retaking Tallinn, establishing a beachhead on the Estonian coast, and pushing all the way to St Petersburg. We hope this will strike such a blow to Russia that they would be forced to retreat from their own homeland. We also send ask our United States allies for pictures and information on Russian strength in the St Petersburg/Strait of Finland area and Tallinn (Mod Response Needed.)) Thank you.
    • Mod Response: (Secret) The United States send you clear pictures of St Petersburg that were taken by NASA (Secret)
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea: We are also very happy with the success of Operation Sonchon, and begin moving troops farther into the captured area. We do fear however, that since the United Nations had dissolved that North Korea would be using chemical or biological weaponry against us or Japan and Malaysia. We decide to seal our friendship with our neighbour and create the Pacific Union Pact of mutual friendship and invite Japan and Malaysia to join [Mod Response and Malaysian Response needed]. A new report shows that only 1,296,244 people remain in Seoul after the major evacuation, and with the threat of biological warfare on the horizon we put the evacuation plan into overdrive and begin using military force to force the rest of the people out of the city. Many of our people begin thinking that we are winning the war against the North Korean army, and have a positive attitude and much respect to our armed forces. With no rules of war we begin even heavier airstrikes against the North Korean army and feel that if we keep up support by Malaysia, Japan, and the United States we could reach Pyongyang by the end of 2028.
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We agree to the proposal. 
  • Catalonia: Aggravated by war, the people of Catalonia start to riot in the extreme Northwest and Barcelona, tearing down Spanish flags and bombarding military buildings. They demand independence, and they want it soon. (Mod response needed) (secret) We ask for help from Mexico and Russia (end secret) (Russia and Mexico responses needed)
    • ​Mod Response: The Spanish government declares Catalonia an independent state, prompting more riots in Basque, Galicia and Andalusia. Russia refuses to help, while Mexico sends some troops.
  • Philippines: Scared of an Attack the Philippines begins to recruit troops in case of war [Mod response needed] We ask that Canada gives us their weapons.
    • Mod Response: Canada responds by sending some troops.


  • Mod Event: Chinese soldiers raise their flag over the last Laotian city Pakxé, and begin their invasion of Cambodia and continuing attacks on Thailand. Kiev is recaptured by NATO forces. With help from satellite imagery from NASA, Finland is able to gain an edge in the war against Russia and retake Estonia. The war between Mexico and the CAS is tilting toward Mexican victory. Spain is enveloped in riots inspired by Catalonia, leading to curfew laws being imposed. Nuclear threat accelerates after North Korea announces that it will not surrender to "the capitalist pigs" and will not hesitate to nuke them after Pacific Union Pact advances. Burma is slowly becoming Indian territory, despite Chinese support. 
  • Flag of Poland Polish-Czech Commonwealth: We reach Minsk and begin battling the Belarussian troops there [Mod Response Needed]. We have completed five nuclear weapons, and we nuke Moscow, St Petersburg and Volgograd [Mod Response For Death Toll], we also refine our design for the chemical weapons tanks, making them look like conventional bullets, and station them over smaller Russian cities like Novgorod, Astrakhan, Kazan and Sochi [Mod Response For Death Toll]. We begin building a secret complex of nuclear bunkers in the Carpathian Mountains of Silesia, in case Russia retaliates.
    • Mod Response: The arrival of the Polish-Czech troops are faced with heavy protection of the capital and even though you have many troops the Belarussian army is able to hold you off for the time being. For all of the nuclear bombings, about 20 million people are killed in the process. In an announcement by the Russian government says that they will continue fighting and that President Putin is still alive and that the capital has been moved to the small village in Khuzhir.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We drop chemical bombs loaded with paralyzing gas into North Korea, and prepare to use it against Chinese invasion. We begin development of proximity bullets that activate and detonate within a ten centimeter range prior to firing. We laugh at North Korea's attempt to insult us. Battleship and tank production continues. In response to nuclear threats on the rise, we construct nuclear bunkers across the country. [Secret] We ask Japan for nuclear missiles for defensive purposes and to accelerate nuclear research. [End Secret] We increase security on the Wall of Kra, and begin a cooperative effort with remaining Southeast Asian nations to evacuate civilians to Malaysia. We plan to construct more walls across the Isthmus of Kra, and possibly one surrounding Bangkok. We install barbed wire, watchtowers and turrets on the Wall of Kra.'
    • Mod Response: (Secret) Japan responds that they don't have nuclear weapons since their constitution written by the United States after their loss after World War Two. They do recommend you ask the American's themselves. (Secret)
  • Finland: We reprimand the Polish-Czech Commonwealth, asking them to please talk to the rest of their allies before completely obliterating cities that were about to be under control. However, with the nuclear bomb being detonated in St Petersburg, our army begins a large push to capture the city. (Mod Response Needed). The other part of our army starts its assault on our eastern border, in hopes of capturing Monchegorsk. (Secret: We begin plans to incorporate Russian lands into our own territory after the war starting with St Petersburg in the south, Petrozavodsk to the east, and Teriberka to the north. We feel we should be awarded these territories due to the cost of the war.) Thank you.
    • Mod Response: Due to the Polish-Czech nuclear bombs being dropped on Russia, the Russian military is severely crippled, and so Finland is able to capture the ruins of St Petersburg as well as Monchegorsk, they also reach Petrozadovsk.
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We launch a massive attack on the Russia from the south west by invading Volgograd with 95,000 troops and 300 tanks we would like to know if we succeeded [mod response needed] We start evacuating people on ships to Hawaii, New Zealand and islands such as Fiji. We have finished our first few nuclear warheads and tell the world that we have. However in case Russia decides to nuke us we have already evacuated half our population.
    • Mod Response: Since the front line is farther away west, about 57,829 of your troops are killed but the town is captured in the five month battle and many innocent lives taken in the process.
  • Philippines: We elect Nona Liwayway has our president and begin attack Malaysia [Mod Response needed] we begin to claim the South China and name it the Yolanda Gulf [Mod Response needed]
    • Mod Response: Due to Malaysian presence in the South China Sea, naval attacks are intercepted. Aerial attacks are successful in Sabah and Sarawak. The claim on the South China Sea has brought Indonesia and Singapore into the war against Philippines.
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: The Prime Minister releases an announcement stating that Philippines' turn on Southeast Asia will not be tolerated, and tells them to "bring it on".
  • Catalonia: We thank Spain for their co-operation, we ask Andorra to join us, (secret) We aid rebels in Spain and send the Mexican troops on to them (end secret) We approach Italy, Portugal, France, Greece and Bavaria with trade deals. (Mod, Greece and Bavaria responses needed).
    • Greek Diplomacy: We accept.
    • Mod Response: Italy, Portugal, France, and Bavaria all agree to trade deals.
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea: We congratulate the allied forces in Europe on their success in re-capturing Kiev, Ukraine and hops that the war will be in their favor. Meanwhile, our military forces (along with Japan, United States and Malaysia) have marched across the border and recaptured the major outpost that has been seen in so many pictures, with the South Korean flag flying victorious on top. Now that we have crossed the border back into North Korea we are no longer playing defensive, and declare that we are on the offensive. Our planes do joint airstrikes on Pyongyang's biggest and tallest buildings, with our troops not to far away, capturing smaller towns near the border. In the northern area of the country, we are able to secure Chagang Province's capital Kanggye and declare it allied territory. We begin marching troops in both directions to surround Pyongyang from the north and south. Since we have recaptured the border, we use those tunnels to our advantage by using them to send packages to government officials that would explode when opened. Since the United Nations has collapsed, we are now considering biological warfare against the North Koreans. We have made a very disturbing discovery while liberating a small region in Northern North Korea, a prison that closely resembles a concentration camp from Nazi Germany back in the 1940's. We begin liberating as many as possible and setting up hospitals near them so that the people can recover from possibly years of mental and physical torture. Our navy continues striking the beaches up and down the North Korean owned peninsula. (Secret) We tell our allies Malaysia, United States, and Japan we have created a new operation, called "Operation Youth Hero". The operation would result in hundreds of boats landing in the bay of Taedong and capturing the surrounding beach, using the Youth Hero Highway that would be captured to move closer to Pyongyang [Mod Response, Malaysian Response needed] (Secret).
    • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We inform South Korea that we will not to be as actively participating in the Second Korean War as the Philippines declared war on us.
    • Mod Response: (Secret) The United States and Japan will participate in Operation Youth Hero (Secret)
  • Flag of Greece Greece: We officially declare war on Serbia and begin sending 50,000 troops to retake Macedonia, code named Operation Alpha. We also send 35,000 troops to defend Croatia and Slovenia. We ask Romania and major NATO nations, especially Germany and Italy to help in war between us and Serbia. [Mod Response Needed]. We also send support to our allies in Baltic Campaign by sending supplies, medical support, and 2000 troops.
    • Mod Response: The invasion has quickly escalated, with your troops being met with many troops that have been gathered by the Serbian Armed forces. Your invading forces begin taking Macedonia's capital of Skopju and surrounding towns. NATO says it will be supplying you with 27,000 more military support.


  • Mod Event: In the United States, President Elizabeth Warren has been reelected for her second term as president for the next four years. Meanwhile, in Europe NATO and other allies have been making major advances on the Baltic Front with the Polish-Czech Commonwealth nuking numerous major cities in Russia, killing millions of innocent people in the process. With the Russians appearing to be weakened, the allied forces are able to recapture Kiev, Ukraine and Estonia while surrounding Belarus' capital of Minsk. Finland and Sweden (along with NATO backed troops) continue their push into North Western Russia, facing little opponents with the Russian armed forces so weakened. In the Balkans, Serbian and their allied forces have now taken Croatia's capital of Zagreb and they are expected to surrender later this year. Also, Macedonia's capital of Skopje is captured by Serbian forces, but heavy resistance continues with the backing by Greek and Albanian troops. Laos surrenders to China as they continue their invasion of Thailand and are expected to capture their capital in the coming months, while also launching an invasion into Cambodia and beginning a massive invasion of Myanmar.
  • Flag of South Korea South Korea: We immediately launch Operation Youth Hero along with our allies Japan, Malaysia (smaller than usual), and the United States at full strength begin landing in the Bay of Taedong with many military boats, hundreds of thousands of troops landing in hours between each other (estimated 200,000 total troops) and immediately begin fighting the North Korean's for control of the bay and the major highway of Youth Hero along with using our fighter jets to use air strikes of major Korean armed areas [Mod Response on results]. With the launch of Operation Youth Hero, we begin extracting the remaining million people our of Seoul, with about 325 people remaining in the capital in case North Korea becomes "desperate". In one of the cities we captured from a northern region, have captured some of Kim Jung-un's most senior staff and will be used for strategic ability. We have liberated 17 "concentration" type camps dotted in the mountains. We have fully secured the provinces of Ryanggang, North Hamgyong, and Rason; resulting in fully captured northern regions of North Korea. We begin moving thousands upon thousands of troops into the captured regions for strategic reasons and then moving south to begin moving toward Pyongyang. We have also captured South Hwangae and Kaesong, which are even better so that we can invade Pyongyang from both Northern and Southern regions. Even though the war is seemingly tilting in our direction, state media of the North Korean regime continuously say that they in fact are winning the war against the "Capitalist Pigs", which is obviously untrue. For that fact, we begin capturing television and radio stations across the captured countryside to spread the truthful word that we are winning the war and for the remaining population that is still under Kim Jung-un's control to "stand up against him and join the resistance". The South Korean Armed Forces have decided NOT to use biological warfare against the North Korean's because the only death that would result would be in innocent people and as the Defense Minister says, "that is a price we are not willing to pay at this moment."
    • Mod Response: *tweaked* The operation is successful and the entire bay of Taedong is now under allied control, along with Youth Hero Highway which leads to Pyongyang almost directly. During the battle 46,982 allied troops are killed and 57,982 opposition forces are killed. *tweaked*
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We ask for help from NATO to send troops to Volgograd so we can start attacking cities from the south[mod response needed]We start to replenish our troops and start sending air strikes to St Petersburg. We prepare ships to sail to St Petersburg.
    • Mod Response: Volgograd is taken after weeks of fighting and established as a military base.
  • Philippines: We begin to send naval boats near Malaysia and attack their ships and begin the bombings of 2024 on Malaysia and proceeds to Thailand [Mod Response Needed] and we declare that we need Mexico to send us bombs [Mexico response Needed] we then hold a shooting in Sabah [Secret Mod Response Needed] and we begin to hold major shoot outs in the capital [Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: Mexico agrees to give you bombs. The Sabah shooting is somewhat successful, with several casualties. Aerial bombings mostly fail due to air defenses located in major cities, and the advance to Thailand is halted by the Wall of Kra.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We increase security in Sabah and Sarawak, and request Japanese support.[Mod Response Needed] We implement intelligent sea mines in the east coast, and upgrade air defenses. We begin dropping chemical bombs on several Filipino cities. We request Indonesian and Singaporean support. [Mod Response Needed] We are close to having nuclear weapons, but it will not be completed until at least 2025. We continue construction of battleships and tanks to muster our forces. We refine the structure of our tanks to run on biofuel made from palm oil. We cut off trade to the Philippines.[Secret] We plan an invasion of the Philippines, and send spies into Manila. [Mod Response on Intel Needed] [End Secret]
    • Mod Response: Japan peacefully declines, saying that they currently have their hands full with the war in Korea, but say that if the war in Korea ends before this one does they will send troops to help. Indonesia and Singapore both agree to join the war on your side and begin doing joint air raids in the southern regions of Palawan, and an armed invasion begins the second class-province of Balabac and Bataraza. (Secret) Your intelligence reveals Philippines' President Duterte has been involved in many corruption operations, drug trafficking, funding North Korea's nuclear program. Along with a planned invasion of your capital of Kuala Lumpur in two years time (Secret).
  • Flag of PolandPolish-Czech Commonwealth: The nuclear bunkers continue to be built, they will be able to house the entire population of the Polish-Czech Commonwealth upon completion. We send air raids to Minsk, in order to capture the city, and we leave 350,000 soldiers to surround Minsk and put the city under siege while the rest of the army continues to push forward[Mod Response On Progress]. Warsaw, Prague and Gdansk are evacuated, and the seat of government will be moved to Ostrava, in Silesia, due to the natural defenses provided by the mountainous landscape where the city is located, and it is also quite far from Russia, so if any nukes are launched, we have plenty of warning. (Secret) In the Minsk air raid planes, we drop the Zyklon B capsules instead of bullets, they are designed to break once dropped from a plane and release the deadly Zyklon B into the air [Mod Response On Death Toll](End Secret). We begin cutting off Russian supply lines to starve their remaining armies.
    • Mod Response: With the many military troops putting the city under siege along with air raids of Zyklon B being dropped on the city, after about two months since the siege began the town laid down its arms and allowed Polish troops to march through their city streets. But after the gas drop, there isn't much of the cities population left after the gas was dropped.
  • Flag of Greece Greece: In Operation Alpha, we continue to push our troops to retake Skopje. We also begin attacking small city of Kumanovo. We send more 25,000 troops in Operation Alpha. In the military campaign of Croatia, we pull half of our troops there to Slovenia, after realize Serbian troops are more stronger than in Macedonia, and the Croats is being weakened, it seems Croatia will be surrendered in near future. But, we continue our struggle there. We also send additional troops to Slovenia, 10,000 are sent there. [Secret] We plan to invade Russia from South, following Canada. We ask several nations like Romania, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, and Canada to join this operation [Mod Response Needed]. We continue on building nuclear weapon [End Secret]. We start build missiles. We also continue recruiting more troops.
    • Canada: We send 10,000 troops and 50 tanks to help with operation Alpha
    • Mod Response: Romania, Turkey, Germany, France, and Hungary also join the battle giving about 75,800 more troops to help in the operation.
  • Catalonia: We ask Andorra again to join us, (mod response needed) we expect an update on the Spanish Civil War soon, warning Spain that they should pull out if the war with Russia. (More mod responses) We invest in a larger army. We condemn the Polish-Czechian nuking of Russian cities, citing that it is "completely unethical and thoughtless." We ask the US, Poland-Czechia and all other countries with nukes to sign a Anti-Nuke Pact, demanding that nukes cannot be used at any time. (Poland + Countries with Nukes responses needed, and mod as well (again)) We start to send humanitarian aid to the Russians at the front line.
    • Mod Response: Andorra declines, saying that they do want independence but through permission of the Spanish government, not war. Spain does begin paying more attention to you although, sending about 5000 troops on your border and play defensive. Spain also declines saying that they are faithful members of NATO and will not turn their backs now.
  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: We begin to attack all Asian Nations to commence our independence for Asia [mod response needed] we begin making hydrogen bombs [secret mod response needed] and begin to hold hostages in Manila after kidnapping Malaysian citizens. we begin to bomb the wall Kya during the night time and official declares war on all Asian Countries which begins the Asian War [mod response needed] we also destroy some Japanese Markets [Japan Response need].
    • Mod Response: Most countries do declare war back on you and many troops from those countries descend on your nation which overwhelm your military and soon gain land. The wall is destroyed almost immediately by Chinese forces. Japan responds by doing many air raids over your capital.
  • Flag of FinlandFinland: We begin to shore up our lines on our new border so that we may defend it in case of Russian counterattack. Anti-air batteries are being set up in dug in fortifications, along with the construction of walls and fences to protect the most vital areas. We begin to rebuild St Petersburg, changing the name to Fingrad, allowing any surviving citizens or refugees to settle in the rebuilt areas. To help bring a swift end to the Second Korean War, we offer South Korea air assistance to help with the destruction of the rest of the North Korean forces (South Korean Response Needed). We hope that this will strengthen ties between our countries, while also removing a dictator from power. We also declare war on the Philippines, stating that "your backstabbing treachery will come full circle in future years". Finally, we ask the Polish-Czech Commonwealth to stop destroying Russian cities, as we hope to both spare the lives of countless innocents, while also preserving the cities for the allies' future use. (Secret: We begin to send spies into Moscow who begin to plan a revolution to overthrow the current government and replace it with one who will surrender quickly (Mod Response Needed). Thank you.
    • Mod Response: (Secret) Spies cannot enter the capital since it was almost completely destroyed in the nuclear blast by Poland (Secret)
    • Flag of South KoreaSouth Korean response: We welcome very much your support and begin making room on captured land for your forces.
  • 900px-Flag of Greenland.svg Greenland: With the world descending into chaos, we remain contested over a side, if any, we want to choose. Although we hold little military forces, we do hold onto one of the largest uranium deposits worldwide. We increase our military to 10,000 troops, which will stand as a defensive against other countries. We ask for Iceland to join our nation, which would be renamed to the Glacial Union, as we would both benefit from it [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Iceland declines, saying that they want absolutely no involvement in the war.
    • Greenland Response: We assure Iceland that many of our citizens do not want our entry into this war, and that we most likely will not join. Just in case if we haven't made clear, this would strictly be for beneficial reasons, not for warfare-related reasons [Mod Responses Needed].
  • PLHE: We keep fight the Honduran army, we buy Beechcraft Model 18 and BeechCraft Baron Too bomb Honduran positions, we also buy 9M133 Kornets, PKMs and 2A65 "Msta-B"s, we ask Cuba to help us fight [mod response needed] .
    • ​Mod Response: Cuba agrees to help if they are promised land.
  • Philippines: we surrender to most nations and begin to ask for US atomic bombs [mod response needed] as we battle Malaysia [Malaysia reponse needed] we also begin to build a young generation of troops and weakens down Malaysia slightly [mod response needed] we then propose a treaty with some recommendations [mod response for recommendations]
    • ​'Mod Response:' The United States refuses to send you any bombs. The nations you surrendered to, Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, split up Mindanao, Palawan and Negros. They also request that you withdraw your claims on the South China Sea. This cripples the economy and military, and riots disagreeing with Duterte's actions to simultaneously declare war on nearly all of Asia.
  • Flag of MalaysiaMalaysia: We announce that we are on the brink of a breakthrough in nuclear weapons, and plan to use them on the Philippines when they are completed. We begin recruitment of more soldiers for a bigger army. We further fortify the remaining Walls of Kra, and increase security. [Secret] We reveal to the United States, Japan and South Korea Philippines' actions. [Mod Response on Reaction for Japan and US] [End Secret] We continue air strikes on Luzon, and begin a full scale invasion of Luzon with half of our active troops. We send half of our reserves to defend the Wall of Kra. [Mod Response For All]
  • Philippines: We surrender to all nations and drop claims on the South China see and will begin oil and natural gas drilling soon we also will send some soldiers to Malaysia as a gift of an apology [Mod Response Needed] [Malaysia Response needed] we also begin to change our name to the Philippine Nation [Mod Response needed].

2025 Edit

  • Mod Event:
  • Portugal: We seek trade deals and alliances from other nations. Anything will be acceptable to boost our economy. We request permission to open embassies in Andorra and in Catalonia ( Who we support for independence. We invite Catalonia to open an embassy in Lisbon. (Multiple responses needed)
    • Catalonia: We are already independent, but accept a trade deal and embassies.
    • Portugal: We apologize about the misunderstanding, and re-ask about the embassies. (Catalonia response needed)
  • PLHE: We agree with Cuba's terms, we keep fight the Honduran army we get more men.

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