Currency Icelandic króna

In the 2040's Iceland's citizens were hungry for change, due to the rising amount of war around them, the citizens were eager to become more active in the world. so when Elections in 2049 for Icelandic President, a new party came into the light, the "Icelandic Rebel Party". This new party was very well received by Iceland's citizens, that by 2050 they had the election practically won With Candidate "Gerald Victor" leading the way. Victor was a accomplished politition and had experience in the past with the Right-green Movement. In late 2050, the party won the election and as soon as they did, they completely seized power using the party's followers they used units of soldiers to take Reykjavik and become a new form of government completely controlled by the Party. The party then got the citizens ready, and began to establish an army, starting with recruiting 10,000 soldiers in the first 2 months, as well as modifying aircraft to become part of the air force. Despite all this movement, the Rebel Party has kept from interacting with any other countries, which has angered some citizens, though they can do nothing about it. Despite some rough points due to a some-what inexperienced political Crew, the Government is functional and is ready to face anything that may come it's way.

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