Creation Edit

The hypercar was designed by Ben Noveeb and engineered by Carl sturman in 2264. After asking 7 different countries for permission to start funding the U.K., Japan, Australia and New Zealand started to help them funding in 2067. First the older thundercat Railways line was decomissioned and demolished for construction. Next a major Terminal was built in London to become the gold line. Later that year the gold line was finished and built. In 2268 the nano speculum virus broke out killing over 8 600 000 000 people(29% of the world's population at that time) including Carl Sturman. But after the first wave of the plague everything was back on track except for Australia and New Zealand pulling out to repair their governments, by 2271 the 3 lines were built. It is demolished in 2898 when people start using teleporters more often

The Gold Line Edit

The Gold line ran from London to Melbourne, unlike the thundercat railways it didn't have other stops to get off at. It could hold 300 people.

The Silver Line Edit

The silver line ran from London to Los Angeles. It could hold 240 people.

The Bronze Line Edit

The Bronze line ran from London to Seoul. It could hold 215 people.

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