Hybrid Devices, as some people still refer as mobile phone or keitai (ケータイ, or 携帯電話) in Japanese, due to the most popular forms of them come from old Japanese-style cell phone, is the main electronic devices for the future of 2020s onward.

Viewed as one of the greatest inventions in history, this kind of toy completely change the face of the world, when combining with other technologies (mainly from Asia), it's been replacing a whole load of other devices: HDTV, cellphone, smartphone, computer, printer, and much more....


A hybrid devices, or just devices for short, when combining with other technologies, like nano tech, wireless connection or even a smart house, is a simply stunning leap forward over all previous generations:

  • Since smart house is no longer for the richest, a device is your key, your remote control for AC, garage, your heater.....
  • IPv6: This assigned a visiting care-of mobile IP address to any phone depending on location and network.
  • Using nano material cover the walls is not only for better preserve it. With wirelessly connecting with the device, you could just watch TV, movies, music clips, play video games... on your-choice-size of screen. The same with the pixel and sharpness.
  • High altitude stratospheric station (HAPS) system: This allowed for high-speed Internet service to be delivered over large areas. As a result, wifi-hotspot is norm while transmitter is history.

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