Hurricane Liam was a Category 6 hurricane, becoming the most powerful.

Tropical Depression 12

Tropical Depression 12 formed on July 8, 2068, in the Caribbean. It hit Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao first, then made its way towards Trinidad and Tobago.

Tropical Storm Liam

The storm became a tropical Storm halfway to Trinidad and Tobago, then hit the island nation as the storm made its way northwest. A man was killed when a 2x4 wood plank hit him in the head.

Hurricane Liam

Liam became a hurricane shortly after Trinidad and Tobago were hit. Liam moved towards Grenada, hitting the nation just 18 hours after becoming a hurricane. While over Grenada, it strengthened to a Category 2. Barbados was hit 5 hours later, followed by Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia had the worst damage in the Southern Caribbean. Dominica was hit very hard, as 2 more deaths were caused by an EF2 tornado in the nation.

Superstorm Liam

Liam later strengthened to a Category 3 as it hit the island of Montserrat. Then the storm moved northwest towards the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands were hit badly as Liam strengthened once again to a Category 4. It later hit Turks and Caicos. Then it hit the Bahamas.

Powerful Storm Liam

Liam became a powerful storm over the Bahamas as 174 people were killed by the newly strengthened Category 5. It then moved up the East Coast of the US, became a Category 6 as it hit Cape Hatteras.


Liam rapidly downgraded from Category 6 to Category 2 in just 2 days. 2 days later, the storm became extratropical. A few hours after becoming extratropical, it became post-tropical then a remnant low.


It dissipated hours after becoming remnant low.

Death Toll

177 people died in this storm.