Humans 2100

The Average human in North America, South America, The Middle East, North Africa and Mainland Europe in 2189

In 2189 the Human race will be Split into different categories. Homo Sapiens and Homo Nova. Homo Sapiens refuse to partake in Genetic and Eugenic programmes or indulge in Transhuman options such as implants and Cyborgary. Augmented reality and memory manipulation have taken control of peoples’ lives. You can now digitize, buy, sell or trade your own personal memories. The last remainders of intimacy have been swept away, in what appears to be a simple extension of the development of social networks and geolocation at the beginning of the 21st century. The “surveillance society” has been accepted by the citizens themselves, in exchange for a few technological benefits. It is a reality that no one even thinks of challenging anymore. This memory-based economy gives an immense yet uncontrollable power to a handful of people…

Due to the excessive amounts of medicine used, the average person would not survive without nanobots patroling their body due to weakened immune systems, meaning Pure Human campaigners are not "Pure Human"

Due to the influence of Asia on world politics and economics, the global language is agreed to be Mandrian. In 2166 English was removed as an official language in Sierra (former California and Nevada) as the last native speaker died.

The Tanned Peoples

Much of the Human race in 2189 is tanned with black hair due to excessive multi-culturalism, which in turn as led to the almost near disappearance of black people in America as they normally married a white or hispanic person in the 21st century, having light skinned children. The New race of humans, bearing resemblance to hispanic peoples, as become a symbol of globalism and wealth, as wealthy cities are more likely to attract foreign business, which in turn led to many places like Berlin, Paris and Moscow having the new olive skinned type of people, while French, German and Russian people over all are still resemblant to that of the 21st century. While peoples in the country side in Mainland Europe and England had retained their native ethnicity, this was not the case in the US where almost all the population were hispanic,

A young person wearing an exo-skeleton a Trans-human Pride march

although some not ethnicly hispanic, just appearing so because of the mentioned above of multi-culturalism.

Cyborgism and Transhumanism

As transhumanism and Cyborgism began to grow more and more, humans began to become part machine. In 2189 the average human had a computer 5,000,000,000 times better than a average 2015 PC implanted in their minds, they could take pictures with their eyes and upload them to social media using their brain. The average person also had implants improving aspects of their intelligence, nanotechnology was used to make humans stronger, more durable and the exo-skeleton fashion.


The Human Condition