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China is in complete anarchy, riots are all over the streets; buildings destroyed, fires across the city that can be seen from space and every country around China is closing the border and not allowing anybody to enter and or leave the country. The United Nations forces all countries to stop all aid and support to the country since it is too dangerous to enter; also since the lung disease has killed almost everybody in the country. The United Nations chairman comments at a press conference, "We will not allow anybody to enter and or leave the country until the outbreak is over, or until a cure is found. Our complete condolences to the people inside the country."

  • Scandinavian FlagRepublic of Scandinavia: We finish cleansing hospitals in former-Sweden and continue to build our economy. We begin trying to find a cure for the Chinese Lung Disease. We buy AI robots from Japan and reinstate our Space Program. We also ask Turkey if we can buy some of their AI robots as well (Turkish Response). We open the world's largest theme park in Tallinn, in hope of attracting Eurasian tourists and investors to the region. Furthermore, we make Tallinn in to 'the fun capital of Europe'. Life expectancy in some regions (mainly Iceland and Norway) reaches 101 for females and 97 for males. There is no longer dirty industry anywhere in Scandinavia, as we sign a treaty banning. As Malmo's skyline begins to rise, we unveil plans for a 2.2 kilometre tower, similar to the design of the Tokyo Skytree, that is expected to be completed by 2043. The population of Republic of Scandinavia reaches 50 million, as the Chinese population reaches 17 million. Scandinavia is the 12th richest country in the world. After 20 years, free health services are reinstated in Sweden. President Agneta Ai-Mao, who is known to be of Chinese origin, gives her condolences to those who are required to stay in China. 79% of the military force is now robotic. As global warming levels rise, Gothenburg University releases details about the possibility of a devastating heat wave in Europe.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Chovus gives his condolences to the people forced to stay in China and saying that, "We and the rest of the world will work as quick as possible to find the cure to this terrible disease." The entire military force is now completely robotic, with the only humans in the military are for maintenance, and now since the troops are now robotic the Ukrainian Government is working to develop different weapons for the robotic troops' use. The GDP stands at 32 trillion dollars and is expected to grow since the Cancer cure and vaccine is now at 100% complete and successful for use. Construction is still underway for the recorded world's tallest building and is still expected to be completed in 2043. Police are still using NSA-type tactics to look for possible terror plots in computers and or phones. Before war can start with the SPFA, the Ukrainian War Department sends the "Vulture" on its first surveillance mission to find out some of their possible war planes so the Coalition will be ready if war does start. The Lyme Disease vaccine and cure is at a 50% success rate with the infected ticks from the United States mostly helping the process. Kiev is named one of the most cleanest cities in the world due to the 24/7 clean up crews that are active on every street in the city and will also be used in the rest of the county by the next year. The Ukrainian Government officially apologizes to the Moldovan Government for the border dispute last year.
  • Japan: We end our Arcology project, where 11 different sized arcologies have been built throughout Japan, with the tallest being 3.8 kilometres tall. All of our energy is now renewable, with most coming from off-shore solar farms. A second Japanese culture boom happens, with retro games, such as Pokemon being extremely popular abroad. We invest in the Scandinavian Fun Capital, beginning work on a Japanese-themed area in the world's largest theme park. We ask to buy the cancer cure from Ukraine.

URMA: We send our Condolences to China and also start working for cure for the disease. URMA begins to Robotize its military as well as instating a space program. The Population as reached 40 Million and the GDP has reached 4 Trillion Dollars. URMA would also like to offer 75 Billion Euros to Greece in exchange for Greek Macedonia. We also ask if Bulgaria and Montenegro would like to join URMA. (mod response needed)

  • Flag of TurkeyTurkey: As the economic growth continues, we decide to become a federal republic, like the U.S.A and Germany, that is to give regions increased autonomy as states to preserve the culture and autonomy of unique peoples living in Turkey. Due to that, "The Autonomous Republic of Iran" is formed, it is governed by a pro-western regional government that makes the decisions on internal affairs while the Turkish government makes the decisions on foreign affairs. We keep advising the Chinese government to force the public to stop the sick habits that cause the lung disease and insist that simply doing that will destroy the disease shortly. We start a national environment preservation project meant to preserve all Turkey's national treasures. The PM Nur states that in the following year she'll present a new foreign policy doctrine regarding all of the nations in the globe. Full immersion virtual reality is nearing commercial availability with prices of having this phenomenal experience dropping consistently. We also start a nation-wide campaign of combating corruption and becoming a transparent nation with the goal of being among the 10 least corrupt nations in the world by 2045.

2042 Edit

Global oil reserves run out. Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Canada are affected the most, while damage is softened in the U.S and E.A.U due to their work on alternative energy. The SPFA annexes Nicaragua and invades El Salvador.

  • Flag of Macedonia-AlbaniaURMA: URMA asks El Salvador if they can set up bases in their land to help them defend themselves against the SPFA.(Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod response: El Salvador approves the Republic's request.
  • Flag of TurkeyTurkey: Due to our increasing population, we decide to urbanize many of our remaining rural areas despite some resistance. There are now 34 cities with over a million people, 30 of which pass the standards to be "A Modern Turkish City": The standards include negligible waste and carbon emissions, extensive recycling and room conservation, municipal laws of building upwards rather than outwards as well as a lively, pluralistic society where freedom and basic rights are always respected. We begin planning mining operations on asteroids after having conducted sufficient research. Despite the global oil reserves are on the brink of disappearing, we have a huge oil reserve of 110 billion barrels, most of which have been discovered in the Black Sea in the last 2 decades. We will soon be independent from oil as we have made a rapid shift to clean energy. We announce that 90 billion barrels of our oil are for sale although there are not many countries which have sufficient funds to buy our oil as the price skyrocketed in recent years due to the increasing scarcity of the oil(Responses possible). We start conducting research on nuclear fusion in order to build a reactor by 2050. The GDP is now at 29 trillion USD, the population is at 120,000,000 and illiteracy rates are negligible. F-35 Lightning II Multi-Role Combat aircraft is now being phased out in favour of highly intelligent, 100% autonomous fighter drones with devastating power allowing missions to be carried out much more efficiently without the risk of loss of human life. We come up with a new urban plan: instead of building super-tall buildings kilometers tall, designers should instead simply build huge numbers of less tall, less expensive buildings with a standard height: in Istanbul, for example, where the system is now being implemented, an entire district is now being built where the standard height is 396 meters. Standard height allows to have buildings in many different shapes and sizes but no building will overshadow another one. This also allows to have another "ground", with roads and highways connecting the buildings and many businesses are now forming their headquarters on the roofs of buildings since they're becoming the new commercial hot spots. Istanbul now has about 140 buildings constructed using that method, Ankara has 83, Izmir has 58 and many more big cities are now gaining these huge structures in special districts especially assigned to them.
  • Mod event(s): Morocco, Tunisia and Sudan join the African Arab Republic(now consisting of Egypt, Libya, Algeria and the previously mentioned countries). Meanwhile, nationalistic and isolationist governments arise in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, all of them seal the borders and give immigrants certain time periods to leave or to be evacuated with force. This is due to the recent immigration due to the climate change and the will of many to leave the equatorial countries and go to higher or lower latitudes. All of the mentioned European countries are important stations in the immigrants' journey.
  • Scandinavian FlagRepublic of Scandinavia: As Scandinavia's population continues to grow, so do the cities, with 40 million people living in the top ten biggest cities in the region (In order; Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga, Oslo, Vilnius, Gothenberg, Tampere, Tallinn and Kaunas), out of the 50 million that live there. With oil prices at an all time high, we continue selling the oil from the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean. We now provide free health care to the rest of Scandinavia. We use Turkey's method for housing, specifically in new towns along the west coast of Lithuania and Estonia, where the average height of buildings is 300 metres with no buildings surpassing the 700 metre point. In Oslo, in the suburb of Sondre Nordstrand, the prime languages are mainly Chinese and Mongolian. 77% of the population speaks Mandarin, 10% speaks Cantonese, 9% speaks Norwegian and 3% speaks Mongolian, while only 0.2% speaks other Scandinavian language. We condemn Poland's, the Czech Republic's and Slovakia's actions. Agneta Ai-Mao said that "The actions taken by some European countries are unacceptable. These are people we are dealing with and they should be able to move freely throughout the region, without being confronted by nationalists, and if they continue there actions, we will take strong actions against them". The MagLev from Helsinki to Copenhagen is now complete and now a plan for a second MagLev has been created connecting Helsinki with Vilnius, which is scheduled to begin in the next year. We recommend that the Murmansk, Karelia, Leningrad, Kaliningrad and Pskov oblasts should join Scandinavia, if the regions are to be used to full potential.
  • Flag of Macedonia-AlbaniaURMA : URMA sets up bases in El Salvador and sets up bases to protect the capital of San Salvador. URMAs' army reaches one million men and woman and it including a half million robot soldiers. Our national defense Budget is 200 billion dollars and the GDP is 10 Trillion.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Oil is a thing of the past in Ukraine, since the entire country is
    Future Kiev

    Kiev by 2042.

    now using clean energy for almost everything in the country, mostly used for the self-driving cars. Since oil reserves are running out and since oil is no longer used, the Ukrainian Government decides to sell all of the oil barrels (220 million barrels) to any country of need (responses needed). The capital, Kiev is still under reconstruction to make it more eco-friendly; buildings are starting to go upwards rather than outwards, making more room for other buildings to be constructed. Ukraine's first space rocket is completed with more already under construction for future missions; the first manned mission is planned to be sent to the moon for research and possible a future mining project, the launch is dated for 2043. With the progressive SPFA, and the possible threat that it holds against other countries the President Chovus meets with his cabinet and it is decided that Ukraine will declare war on the SPFA, in hopes of releasing captured countries, the Ukrainian Government hopes that other countries will join in a coalition against the SPFA (responses needed); as first action against them: 80,000 robotic troops are sent to Brasília (former capital of Brazil) in hopes of bombing military targets. To lessen money costs to send the robotic troops to enemy countries, the robotic soldiers are built so that they could fly to the enemy country and arrive on site in one hour of launch, the robotic troops also use the most modern methods of stealth to sneak past surveillance. (secret) In an undercover secret launch site on the Ukrainian owned island of Dzharylhach, a satellite containing Povnyy Bombas that will be launched from Space to enemy countries in case of war (secret). The population is now at 44 million, now the population is now back to its former number when Ukraine still had Crimea. Ukrainian scientists discover an unknown planet, nicknamed "Planet X" which is orbiting about 475,632,549 exact miles from Earth; scientists recommend that no countries launch any satellites and rockets towards the planet until further research about the planet is over. Ukrainian Government ask NATO if they could take care of the Polish Nationalists and Isolationists that have arisen (mod response needed)..
    • Mod response: NATO authorizes an invasion to Poland as long as the purpose of the invasion is to force an election to the Polish people and not annex Poland because of territorial considerations.


The world is once again in turmoil, the SPFA has taken over all of South America and a quarter of North America and they have risen the ranks to be a Global Super Power; recent Ukrainian "Vulture" surveillance of the SPFA have discovered plans to invade the United States sometime in between 2043 and 2047 and with Ukraine already starting the war they are calling on other countries to create a coalition against them. Even with China's over the top stubbornness the small remaining government has agreed to change their ways, which is already resulting in lesser deaths from the disease. The Polish Nationalists and Isolationists are defeated with the help of the Ukrainian military, but the Civil War left a huge scar on the country, this makes Poland on the verge of collapse. Still, less is known about the mysterious "Planet X" that Ukrainian scientists have discovered but still the scientists are still recommending that no space probes and or spaceships go near the planet until further research is completed. In Korea, North Korean Nationalists have destroyed 10 towns and killing 13,000 innocent citizens; Korea asks that other countries send military to help push back the rebels.

  • Scandinavian Flag
    Republic of Scandinavia:We offer to take over Poland until they are fully independent again. We send 9billion Scandinavian krone to Korea to prevent North Korean nationalists destroying more towns. A Japanese student at Oslo university created controversy as she leaked a map used by the government for the future of Scandinavia.
  • Flag of TurkeyTurkey: The new foreign policy doctrine of PM Nur is released: "Turkey is a federal, democratic republic with a booming economy, high defensive capabilities and inspiring innovation. It will continue to benefit the human world and seek peace and cooperation between all of the nations in the world. Despite strong ties with the west, Turkey will not hesitate to make new relationship and will welcome all who share the same goal with her with open arms. It will continue to seek an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West Bank. It will continue to seek peace over war and will always insist that every crisis can be solved using diplomacy. Despite all that, Turkey will combat terrorism, extremism, bigotry and racism with all means necessary and it will continue to stand with the oppressed peoples of the world. Turkey is saddened by the aggression of the SPFA and looks for a peaceful way to make it stop its conquests. It welcomes the unification of the Arab states of north Africa and looks to co-operate with them. It will always be there for men, women and children affected by conflicts, increasingly frequent natural disasters and genocide. Turkey shall keep and increase its standing army and all sorts of weapons to answer the security needs of a growing Turkey and will never, under any circumstances, invade a country from pure aggression. Turkey will always seek to preserve peace, in times of conflict to solve the conflict, and in times of war to win the war as soon as possible. Turkey will continue to benefit broadly the world and will always work to promise a bright future for humanity." We congratulate China for the slowdown of the disease and offer them any help possible. We place sanctions on the SPFA, but we also invite all the sides of the SPFA-Western conflict to meet and discuss the issues standing on the agenda, claiming "every crisis can be solved with diplomacy; The hawkish sides of the conflict must stop thinking illogically and come to the table of discussion and negotiations."(Responses needed). We launch 4 experimental mining probes to both the moon and 3 asteroids assumed to have large quantities of heavy metals and energy sources. They are expected to return automatically by 2047. Meanwhile, the efforts of the government to halt the climate change are beginning to be useful, and measurements imply that Turkey's average temperatures have only risen 1.7°C compared to 20th century averages, unlike the global average rise of temperatures which is now almost 3°C more than 20th century averages. A religious decline is occurring and now only 35% report as being religious. However, 98% still identify themselves as Muslims, mainly Sunni.
  • URMA: URMA Once again asks Bulgaria and Montenegro if would like to join URMA, As well as once again offering Greece 75 billion Euros in exchange for Greek Macedonia. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED!) URMA also asks Israel if they would stop their occupation of the west bank. Also the GDP has reached 10 Trillion with a population of 55 Million people. It also now officially declares war on SPFA, and urges all other NATO members to do so also. URMA also raises its Military spending to 300 billion Euros a year, raises its robot force to .75 million robots, plus another 1.25 million active troops and seven million is reserves. URMA's space program finally reaches the moon, so it is one of the few countries to do so.
    • Mod response: Montenegro and Bulgaria decline the request, preferring to remain sovereign. Greece declines the request, preferring to keep Greek Macedonia. Israel claims that its control of the West Bank is not of idealogical reasons but rather from security reasons and states that once a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians is reached, it will scale back its involvement there. Israeli officials also add that simply asking for the withdrawal is rather stupid and won't have any influence.
    •  Israel diplomacy: Immediate withdrawal from the West Bank will simply be a cause of problems, and not be beneficial whatsoever, nor will we easily intend to do because of our historical claims. The continuation of finding an agreement with the Palestinian side through direct negotiations will resolve in the best resolution.
    •  URMA diplomacy : We accept Montenegro's' and Bulgaria's response, we are disappointed of it because URMA believes that it would be in the peoples best interest to join. We will ask again in 5 years and hopefully the people will get a choice in the matter, and we also we do the same to Greece. And we also disagree with Israel's agreement, and think that Palestine would be a much better solution for both Palestine and the west bank. And hope Israel will rethink their opinion.
  •  Flag of Israel Israel: We would like to send our condolences for Korea due to the recent events that has occurred, and through our solidarity together with the international community and the victims of the attack, condemn the horrid actions committed by the North Korean Nationalists. Because of this, we will swiftly plan to send our internationally renowned IsraAID team to assist anyone injured and/or effected in the conflict zone. Unfortunately, we will not immediately deploy combat personnel due to "regional" concerns, and instead state our support for the peace and stability of Korea. Strengthening international pressure against the rebels is a choice we must assure to help the Asian nation to recover from the disaster. (Responses needed) The current Prime Minister has stepped down after allegations were made that he is heavily involved with a Kahanist Movement that became popular around 2038. An interim Prime Minister has been selected, who will temporarily be focusing on stabilizing the issue in the West Bank, including a direct negotiations with Palestinian leaders, and to complete the recovery from the war. Elections will start on 2024. The Ministry of Tourism has begun an intensive program of 20,000,000,000 Shekels to improve every historical structures of interest, collaborate with local and international organizations to modernize Israel's tourist spots, and to heavily encourage others to visit the land of Israel and its beautiful territories. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is very concerned regarding Poland's collapsing situation, and therefore we want to initiate operations to immigrate Polish Jews to our homeland if they intend to. (Awaiting Mod/Ukrainian response, depending on the current authority). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also strongly recommend Jewish residents within the SPFA or in Central American nations to make the right decision by immigrating to Israel. Israel will avoid making actions nor comments regarding the conflict in the American continent due to concerns of our security, and we hope our allies can fully understand this.
    • Mod response: The Polish government that is on the verge of collapse reassures Israel that no danger is present to the Jews of Poland and that Poland will take all means necessary to protect Polish citizens from "foreign aggression". Korea thanks Israel for its offer to help and states that it will welcome anyone.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel thanks Poland's reassurance on the safety for the safety of the Jewish population, and therefore the operation will be suspended for the time being. We hope the situation is to be resolved in a sooner time. Israel thanks Korea for their appreciation, promising effective aid for the situation.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The 80,000 robotic troops successfully destroy most of the military targets in Brasília, with very few remaining due to many citizens in the area. The robotic troops also destroy all government targets in the city in hopes of slowing any hope of any government leaders from meeting to discuss possible ways to stop the Coalition. The Ukrainian Military also sends 12,000 drones to Brazil to help along with the robotic troops; also sending 20,000 more troops to the area. The troops and drones begin invading surrounding other towns of the capital. President Chovus holds a press conference and is quoted by saying, "We would like to offer the People's Republic of China through these hard times, so we will be sending humanitarian aid to the area to held the sick and injured." With Poland on the verge of collapse, Ukraine offers once more for them to join Ukraine, like they have offered in the past plus with the growing majority of Ukraine/Poland joining.
    • Mod response: 78% of Polish citizens vote against joining Ukraine. Many of those who voted against argued that Ukraine invaded Poland to topple a democratically elected government who was just implementing its policies. Those who voted for joining Ukraine argued that it will help Poland's economy and tourism.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: President Chovus responds that the only reason that they had the Ukrainian military invade Poland was to get rid of the rebels and restore Poland to its greatness, and hopes that the Polish Government will re think their accusations against Ukraine and that Ukraine only has Poland's best interest at heart.
    • URMA diplomacy: URMA also uses 10,000 robots and 1,000 men/woman and we help Ukraine by attacking SPFA by the EL Salvador.


The lung disease that has plagued China is finally over killing 2 million people in total, including the president, causing the Government to collapse. The People's Republic of China becomes the New Republic of China since the Communist Government collapsed, the new President is sworn in only hours after the government officially collapsed. The leaked map of a future "Republic of Scandinavia" causes outrage across Europe and North America and some countries like Canada, Germany, France, and Spain placing sanctions on the country. NATO and the European Union call an emergency meeting to discuss on what to do about the country. The SPFA fight back against Ukraine and URMA, with surface to air missiles and human troops; but somehow they are pushing back Ukraine and URMA. North Korean Nationalists are defeated with the help of Coalition forces, the Korean Government reports that the rebels killed over 30,000 innocent people. Poland's economy is in ruins and the government is not able to pay debts to the countries that gave them loans, and fears of invasion begin.

  • Flag of Macedonia-Albania URMA: As a part of Nato/Eu. We block all trade to Republic of Scandinavia. Also, we send 100,000 more robots/men to the border with SPFA to hold them back, we also send in airstrikes to bomb targets.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The economy is bombing more than ever since Ukraine began selling oil since the oil dried out in the Middle East and many countries are desperate for oil; now the GDP stands at 37 trillion dollars. To make Ukraine even cleaner, coal mining is banned; the coal that was left before it was banned is sold to countries in need of it, rising the GDP to 40 trillion dollars which makes Ukraine the wealthiest countries. The Ukrainian Government mostly uses this money for new ways to make even more clean energy for the country, the first is the construction modern windmills all over the country side. Scientists have discovered that the mysterious "Planet X" is a reddish color, sparking controversy that the planet is a Mars like planet and is covered in rust; still it is recommended that no space probes, space ships, and or satellites go near it just in case their could be danger near it. Scientists are also beginning to discover 5th Generation Nanotechnology and when more is discovered, they will begin construction of them and when the nanobots are fully constructed they will be used mostly for medical reasons to discover diseases and illnesses. The Lyme Disease cure is at 50% success rate and the vaccine is at 40%, and progress will be speed up since the economy is doing so well and the scientists have the funds to do more research. Scientists have recently discovered a new way to desalinate salt water to clean drinkable water, and when completed the machine that desalinates will be free to desperate poor countries, but will cost money for wealthy countries like the United States and United Kingdom. Engineers have invented something very similar to the American "Google Glass" and Apple's "iGlasses" combined and about 40% more advanced; now will be able to give directions, watch videos, search internet, keep up with the stock market, emails, text messaging, calling, diagnoses illness and possible diseases then scheduled appointments with the nearest best reviewed doctor, and much more; the glasses are called "Sklo.10". Engineers are working in new weapons for the Ukrainian military for the war on the SPFA in South and North America. (secret) The Povnyy Bomba has been directed to hover over the SPFA's capital in case of final resort (secret). The launch for the first manned mission to the moon was moved to the following year due to complications with the rocket, but is successfully launched with no problem and is able to land of the Moon successfully and will begin mining for elements in the following year. President Chovus asks the new Chinese President if the two countries can start relations and trade (response needed).
    • QinqChina:We accept Ukraine's offer. The Chinese Embassy in Kiev is opened and our borders are opened to all foreign trade. We hope for a new era of friendly relations between China and Ukraine.
  • QinqChina:  After the inaugaration of the first President of the New Chinese Republic, we immediately announce several democratic reforms, relaxing our firm grip on the nation's media and press, as well as allowing opposition parties to the new "Chinese National Party" to form.  We then implement measures to combat the lung disease plaguing China.  Massive federal subsidies are put into healthcare and martial law is declared in the worst affected areas in order to care for those currently suffering the disease.  Meanwhile the Federal Government announces the "Go Green!" initiative to begin modernizing and improving our factories, power stations and mining projects.  We hope to replace most of our non-enviromentally sound buildings and switch to renewable energy sources by the year 2050.  A "Carbon Tax" is placed on the worst offenders to earn extra money for the program.  By the end of the year, lung disease deaths have dropped 25%.  We welcome a new era in relations with Ukraine.  A new free trade deal is signed between our two nations.   Some of China's more ambitious space and military research programs are put on hold for the time being to improve our citizens standard of living.  We also ask the Republic of China (Taiwan) if we can peacefully reunify. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). Hong Kong continues to prosper, as Hong Kong citizens are more open to rejoining China, as it is now also a capitalist state.  We ask if the Sino-British Join Declaration be allowed to expire, as per the treaty, by 2047 and Hong Kong formally integrated into China (RESPONSE NEEDED)  Otherwise we continue the policies stated here and continue our good economic growth.
    • Mod response: Taiwan agrees to unite with China but in one condition: that new elections will take place and that in the elections the Taiwanese parties will be allowed to participate.
    • QinqChina:We wholeheartedly agree to the Taiwanese proposal. The first elections of the United China will be held next year.
  • Communist indiaIndia:India: propose trade pact with China send peace delegation across the Indochinese borders to assure the Chinese of the peaceful nature of India in respect to China, sent an economic delegation to Eurasia to strengthen trade ties
    • QinqChina: We welcome India's initiative to strengthen relations between our two nations.
  • URMA: URMA asks both China and India if they would like to agree to a trade agreement to strengthen the relations between those countries, We continue our Embargo on Scandinavia and offer help to the surrounding nations. Also our GDP has reached 12.5 Trillion Euros. and because of Population influx, your population is 45 million, we start a project to make more land on the coast of Albania, and Tells all countries around us that we want to but more land, if they have any to see. He strengthens our military presence in South America and urge all counties to help us and Ukraine, Also he once again Urge Israel to stop there occupation of the West Bank. The URMA government makes plans to colonize the moon.
    • QinqChina:Yes of course! The New Chinese Republic agrees to a new trade agreement with Macedonia-Albania. We can also help you with Military aid with the SPFA if needed.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We would like to assure you that the territorial dispute of Judea and Samaria is to be resolved through direct negotiations, instead of ineffective withdrawal of the West Bank. Israel's security will be at risk, there may be an Israeli-Palestinian conflict if no agreement is reached by both sides regarding the dispute, and for a Palestinian state.
    • URMA Diplomacy : We are glad that China has agreed to the trade agreement and would like to offer a military alliance pact with the country as well.
    • QinqChina: Due to requests from the international community for aid against the SPFA, 150,000 Chinese Marines are deployed to South America to aid URMA and Ukraine in the war. Chinese Naval vessels are also sent to the South Atlantic and Gulf Of Mexico. Several of our older Weapons and vehicles are donated to Ukraine and URMA. Meanwhile our surveillance satellites are focused on the Republic Of Scandinavia, in case armed conflict breaks out there. We hope that this conflict will be soon resolved peacefully.
  • Communist indiaIndia: Our multi party congress agreed to increase our country's defense budget to double the current amount and also a troop increase of about 150,000 men is underway ,this in light of some tension outside our borders, but this must not cause undo alarm on our neighboring nations as our chief goal is defense of our borders and regions only.
  • Israel: The State of Israel's elections has completed, electing a progressive right-wing coalition in the parliament, signalling a positive future for the Jewish nation. The new Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem's campaign has earned a majority vote when presenting his party's agenda, "We, the sons and daughters of liberated Israel, has experienced a troubling issue after the war that saw our enemies fall, and the nation claim victory. Whilst our military's might made our nation proud, and forever assured our nation's security, will we ever stop relying on weapons and warfare, and initiate a change? A change not to look into a different road, but the road that will lead us to peace and prosperity, advancement and beauty, the land and space, and to expand the development of a magnificent nation, that matches our name. Determination is our choice. We go forward into peace and innovation, and so will others. The country of honey and milk will flourish". Israel kindly invites world leaders to attend Joseph's appointment. (Mod and/or Player responses appreciated). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recorded 365,800 Jews successfully brought or fled into Israel from the SPFA and Central American nations. The synagogue of Rio and Buenos Aires reassured Israel and the World Jewish Congress that Jewish rights, alongside all others are maintained in the South American federation, and decided to remain there to serve the rest of the Jewish population prayer. We will be sending a high-level diplomacy force to Poland in order to discuss a plan to immediately immigrate all Jewish residents, some Polish citizens. If the deal is accepted, we will permit the collapsing government to flee into Israel for political asylum and reside in Holon only in the extreme case of Poland's unfortunate collapse, until Poland can deal with the situation. (Polish response needed). The SPFA's shocking conquest of invasions throughout the American continent, forcing SPFA control over other people, the State of Israel declares that they will seize diplomatic ties with SPFA, and enforce economic sanctions on agricultural products only. Military deployment to help the international coalition against the SPFA will be constantly debated throughout the parliament for the next several months, however. Israel will provide 120 advanced Israeli spy drones and 5300 military drones to the coalition. We are proud to announce that our economy is booming to 7.6 Trillion dollars GDP in comparison from the 260 Billion GDP resulted on 2014, primarily because of our oil industry (Our independence from oil to solar energy caused great profits by selling the outdated energy to consumers), technological products, military industry, science advancements, and especially due to Israel becoming the world leader of the Diamond industry, Greater Ramat Gan city now entitled as the international capital of Diamond, and the Shekel currency being the most widely used currency for Diamond investment and trade. Regarding the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, the interim Prime Minister has propose "to leave 62% of Samaria and 75% of Judea (Total being 68.5% of the W Best) to create a Palestinian state with a permanent non-aggression agreement and annex the rest of the territories. The next step would be to negotiate for the other 31.5% section of Israeli annexed W Bank with a now independent Palestinian state, where they would be able to develop their nation with Ramallah as their capital city. This will guarantee the Palestinian people's rights of independence, and the development of a Palestinian nation." Due to the plan's effectiveness for the end of the territorial dispute, the plan has found great interest to the new government, where they stated, 'may consider planning the decision'. The Foreign Ministry announces in pride regarding their quick and efficient completion of 'modernizing the tourist attraction around Israel, which will surely be extremely beneficial for any visitor's experiences'. Israeli flight tickets are now slightly cheaper for a season to encourage tourists to visit Israel. Israel wholeheartedly congratulates the Korean victory against vicious rebels, and would like to share our sincere condolences for those who fell during the conflict. This is the profound impact when the International community gathers to battle terrorism. We shall send 800 Million dollars in aid to assist repairing destroyed towns, and ruined families. The rescue forces of IsraAID should return to Israel on 2045. The State of Israel also praises China's recovery, and their renewal as the New Republic of China, including the adoption of democratic principles promises the Chinese people's future. We would like to open diplomatic relationship, and discuss improved economic deals to increase economic cooperation between Israel and China. (China response needed) We have approved the distribution of a strongly incredible piece of the technological world that was innovated here in Israel, and used in everyday society, including the military, throughout the nation. 'Aura glass' projects auras of any life and objects throughout a 3 Kilometer radius. This (formerly) secret asset was enforced in the military after invented several years ago, which was used in the Middle East war at 2037. Because the 'Aura glass' is a deserving innovation to be widespread and support the efficiency and advancement of everyday services and future military or enforcement personnel, the product will start its cost as 7530 USD and they will distributed internationally. Israel will exclusively donate 10,000 of Aura glasses to the international coalition against the SPFA. Israel asks Lebanon if they can negotiate to start diplomatic and economic relationship. (Mod response needed)
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We send our PM Irfan Nur to attend to the inauguration of the Israeli PM.
    • QinqChina: Chinese President Po Diaoping attends the inauguration of Joseph Yerushalem. We also gladly welcome new diplomatic and economic co-operation treaties with the state of Israel. We hope for a bright future for both of our nations.
    • Mod response: Lebanon states that it will consider forming relations with Israel only after Israel has signed a permanent peace deal with the Palestinians. Palestinian officials state that any peace deal must include East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital for the Palestinians to agree. Poland reassures Israel that Polish Jews aren't any less safer than other Polish citizens and that they are not in danger for the time being.
    • Israeli diplomacy: Israel understands Lebanon's conditions and the Palestinian opposition to the current plan, and will revise new proposals that provides equal benefits to both side's demands. Our policy regarding Jeruaslem's status may be reconsidered due to internal issues within East Jerusalem and Arab Neighborhoods. Israel will also agree with Poland's reassurance for the safety of Jewish communities, however we will be initiating a mission to investigate Jewish safety and lifestyle throughout the nation to ensure that the conflict is not badly affecting them.We'd like to assure Polish delegates that this mission is nothing more than a survey to engage with the Jewish community, and will not encourage mass-evacuations of Jewish civilians unless necessary. We wholeheartedly welcome the world representitives who will be attending our new Prime Minister's inauguration.
  • Communist indiaIndia: We are happy to report that our 4th quarter GDP growth rose to 10 percent with agriculture leading all sector at 25 percent rise,India is striving to be self sufficient in food supply especially in wheat as well as rice,we are happy to announce that by next year we will start exporting rice and wheat
  • Scandinavian FlagScandinavia: We apologise to the European and North American nations 'offended' by this map, even though the map was meant to be a mere speculation as to what could happen within the upcoming decades, although Agneta Ai-Mao called the sanctions 'irresponsible and idiots', stating it was only a map. Our population continues to boom, as the population of Chinese continues to rise rapidly, and Chinese is now the third the most spoken language in the region. We wish to open a Scandinavian Embassy in most countries, including China, Ukraine, India, Japan and Turkey (Turkish, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Mod Responses needed). The Scandinavian Space Program begins, as well as the Nuclear Weapon Program, which would bring nuclear weapons to Scandinavia (Italics=Secret). We begin the Natural -Ology campaign, promoting archaeology, biology, zoology, anthropology and humanology, to educate children about natural causes and environmental protection, as well as encouraging children to get jobs in these departments. We reinstate libraries in hope that books will be used once again, after the last library closed in Norway in 2039. In libraries Japanology and Japanese manga and anime clubs open, in hope of attracting kids to read manga, thanks the 2nd Japanese craze. Multiple 'Chinatowns' have been created throughout the region, with significant settlements being in Tallinn and Oslo. We create schools specifically for Chinese students to educate them in Scandinavian languages and also in English and Japanese. The first Swedish vocaloid topped the Scandinavian charts today, showing that music was changing in to something never seen before. Furthermore, HSN48 was created, a sister idol group of AKB48, which also topped the Scandinavian charts this year, with their song SOPA!, and won Eurovision. Our army is now 89% robotic and the medical force is now 60% robotic, with this figure expected to stay the same for many years. We end our oil campaign, not because we have ran out, but because we have ended all dirty industry completely, which means no air pollution or water pollution. 98% of the energy supply comes from hydroelectric plants in Finland, with the remaining percent coming from wind turbines and solar panels. Malmo's skytree is completed, with 88 homes made at the luxury apartment complex at the bottom of the building. We begin our cheap air travel campaign, which would mean flights from major airports in Japan, China, America, Korea and Australia, would be around £30 GBP and from major airports in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East would be around £21 GBP. Ai-Mao supports this campaign deeply, as it would bring in tourism, investors and easy transport from China, so that they can see family members who left to go to Scandinavia. IKEA is now the world's tenth most expensive company, as Scandinavian promotion in Asia led it to become a super company, operating stores in almost every country in the world, despite sparking controversy opening one in the SPFA controlled city of Peru. We send 10million krone to Guyana and Suriname to prevent future invasion from the SPFA, as currently it seems inevitable. We do not recognize 'URMA' as a country and halt all flights going to the region, stating that 'This region is heading for impending disaster; mainly due to the incompetent government', many speculate this is because of the current Albania-Macedonia embargo on Sweden, although the government decline this, stating that the issue is not up for discussion. Twelve new airports are built around Scandinavia. We open DisneyLand Stockholm and Legoland Stockholm next to each other, as well as DisneySea in Malmo and NintendoLand Theme Park in Copenhagen. All of which were opened within one week of each other. Agneta Ai-Mao proclaims that she wants to make Scandinavia 'the most tourist friendly region in the world'. 207 hotels opened in this year alone, bringing the total to 2015. Eco-tours in the Arctic begin, attracting visitors from all over the world, wit slogan being 'It won't be long before it's gone, so see it now, Norway's Arctic'. We end our NATO membership. The European Heatwave is expected to happen next year and so, Hans Miota, head of Natural Disaster prevention in the Scandinavian government appealed to all European governments, excluding URMA to prepare for the Heatwave. ScandiTech begins developing a piece of equipment to rival Ukraine's Aura, which would do all the things the Aura would do, but also identify species of animal and plant, find out the price of items in stores, identify what caused rashes, infections etc, and can stream what you are seeing. The Swedish game market begins to increase in value, with games such as Minecraft 3, Novus Prima and New World becoming popular in the USA and Japan. Prime Minister Agneta Ai-Mao wishes to create relations with China in the next year, as well as Japan, Turkey and Ukraine (Responses needed). We ask President Chovus to visit Scandinavia for a tour next year, in thanks to all Ukraine has done to help Sweden and Scandinavia (Ukrainian Response). President Agneta Ai-Mao is scheduled to fly to China to visit her cousins next year and wishes for any government meetings to occur while she is there (Chinese Response). In the same announcement, she proudly proclaimed her love for Chinese culture and history and is extremely excited to be going there. Lastly, President Ai-Mao expressed her wish to visit Israel some time next year, to create Diplomatic ties between the two countries. (Israeli Response)
    • Flag of TurkeyTurkish Diplomacy: We wholeheartedly form relations with Scandinavia and open up an embassy in Stockholm and a consulate-general in Copenhagen. We criticize the sanctions on Scandinavia as unnecessary and state that "every disagreement should be solved with diplomacy and not with unpleasantries.
    • QinqChina: We welcome the start of diplomatic relations with Scandinavia.  President Ai-Mao and President Po both attend the opening of the Scandinavian Embassy in Beijing.  We also encourage any Chinese citizens living abroad in Scandinavia to return home to China, as the situation has finally stabilized and the Guangdong Cough (Lung Disease) is under control (MOD RESPONSE). We hope for good relations with Scandinavia for the years to come.
      • Swedish Diplomacy: We are happy about the Embassy and Relations, except President Ai-Mao chooses to tell China that only 17% of the population left due to the lung disease..
    • Flag of IsraelIsraeli Diplomacy: We will gladly accept Scandinavia's request, with the visit scheduled on 2045 in accordance to President Ai-Mao's expression. Israel is eager to create diplomatic ties and future corporation with Scandinavia, and are excited to await your visit.
    • URMA Diplomacy: In light of the apologies made by the Scandinavian government, we officially end our embargo and hope to once again be allies and trade partners.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: President Chovus welcomes Scandinavia's apology and lift the sanctions against the government. Also would like to once again to start diplomatic and trade relations.
  • Flag of TurkeyTurkey: We continue our work on space mining and our probes are now mining heavy metals on 3 major asteroids and helium-3 on the moon, the quantities are unknown yet. We congratulate China for overcoming the lung disease and express hope to begin relations and open up embassies with the new government(Chinsese response needed). The skyline of dozens of Turkish cities is now unlike anything seen several decades ago: 100% Of the buildings which are currently under construction are minimum-waste, zero-pollution and maximum space conservation to help combat the population increase. The Turkish government is forced to slow down all of the projects because it directs funds to pay the national debt which is now nearing 100%. We congratulate Israel for making an offer of peace to the Palestinians but express hope that Israel will make a more plausible offer as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines is declared one of the best airlines in the world due to speed of flight which is hypersonic, quality of service and language skills in which the Turks excel. (secret) our tungsten-made, satellite-launched super-missiles that are 20 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb at first are now numbering at the hundreds and are secretly aimed at every big Saudi city in case of Saudi aggression. We quit the EU as we have full economic independence and because the EU failed to comply with recent needs of Turkey about foreign policy. Meanwhile, the population stands at 125,000,000, the GDP per capita at 200,000 USD, the life expectancy is 100 for males and 102 for females and the illiteracy rates are negligible in 80% of the provinces. The pension age is now 70 and cuts in public spending allow the government to pay much of the national debt. We call all sides of the Western-SPFA conflict to gather in Istanbul to discuss about peace. We state: "If the conflict continues, a third, devastating global war is inevitable. All sides must make peace before it's too late." There are 1.5 million highly intelligent fighter robots in the army, alongside with 150,000 human soldiers and 40,000 drones. Despite that strength, the Turkish Armed Forces have adopted a non-aggressive, peace keeping policy.
    • QinqChina:We agree to allow Turkey to open up new embassies in our nation. We hope that this new friendship will last long into the future!
  • Communist indiaIndia: BONANZA major strike on a big plutonium deposit near east Kashmir near the border with China sending scientists to find out how big the uranium deposit is,this will greatly help our power supply situation as more than half of our energy supply has switch to nuclear power since the peak oil collapse


The war with the SPFA continues with the Ukrainian and URMA forces able to push back military in Eastern Brazil, still the SPFA holds their ground and making threats against those countries that oppose them with terrorist attacks. The subject of Global Warming returns, as many nations begin to use clean energy and cut down on pollution, oil use, and coal it seems like the Earth has a bright future; but the ice caps are continuing to melt, sea levels are begging to rise around the world, especially in northern countries like Sandinavia, Greenland, and Canada.

  • Flag of Macedonia-AlbaniaURMA: URMA continues to send its military to fight the SPFA and Urges all other NATO members to do the same, URMA offers to give Scandinavia 10 billion Euros for an apology for the way that we reacted to the map and hopes that Scandinavia will rejoin NATO. Also URMA vows to cut its C02 gases by 2050 by 50%. Also we strive to make Ukraine our number 1 ally and we ask Ukrainian government for a mutual defense pact. URMA also starts on its own Nuclear program, so it could be in the world spotlight. URMA also had its 1st demographic and found that the average life span is 90 for men and 94 for woman, and since the land expansion into the ocean Albania now has another 1000 square miles worth of land, also the government says it is stopping the program because it is a big burden in the nations economy. We have also found massive oil reserves in like Ohrid, and starts plans it start drilling there by next year. Also we ramp up our robotic army to 1 million robots and currently have .75 million robots on the battlefield and .5 armed troops on the battlefield. And ramps up the Military buget to .45 trillion Euros. Which is 30% of total government spending. We also improve our infrastructure, we now have less than 2,000 people that are homeless in the country.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: The Ukrainan Government agrees that now the United Republic of Macedonia and Albania is Ukraine's greatest ally and also agrees to sign the Mutual Defense Pact.
    • Ukrainian Military response: The Ukrainian military acepts the joint army/navy exercises.
  • QinqChina: The first free elections in the New Chinese Republic are held. Taiwan is fully reintegrated with China and Taiwanese parties are given equal and fair representation. Po Diaoping's ruling National Party wins 463 seats out of the 1000 seat parliament, enough to enter into coalition with the Taiwanese Kuomintang, an ideologically similar party to ours. Millions celebrate in the streets as a new era for China begins. Meanwhile the "Go Green" program continues at a rapid rate as China switches to renewable energy sources. The Lung Disease is nearly eradicated and crime down 75% as life in China slowly returns to normal. 500,000 Chinese Troops, a battle fleet, and several of our most modern Mechanized Divisions are sent to South America to combat the SFPA, making a beach landing near Rio De Janeiro. 250,000 also make a beach landing near Guyana while another 250,000 make a landing near Peru. 50,000 Special Forces Troops are inserted deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Meanwhile our experimental "Kinetic Energy" weapons are used in pinpoint strikes on key sites. In total over 1 Million Chinese Troops are committed to the war effort in South America. We continue to build up our army, economy as well as task the Chinese Space Administration to research the possibility of "Warp Drive". [Secret] One of our finest Spaceships, the "Nanjing", is sent to Planet X to study the planet [Secret] We continue to improve our relations with other nations, as well as increase social spending to help our own people and heal our battered nation. We also send several probes to the "Zeta-45B" Asteroid expected to pass by Earth later this year. Officially this is to attempt to practice mining asteroids but we also hope to study ways of deflecting an asteroid if one was ever to be inbound for Earth. We propose a new Federation with Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It will be called the Asian Confederacy and will unify these nations with ours into one state. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED).
    • Mod response: All countries agree to form a political and economic alliance with China, like the European union, but neither country agrees to form an actual superstate with China as all states wish to keep a level of sovereignty.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: As the war continues with the SPFA, the Ukrainian military begins to send tanks, drones, air support, and using more of the "Vulture" for surveillance to possibly discover the SPFA's
    Ukraine mining base

    Ukrainian mining base on the moon.

    war planes. In the first day of using the tanks, drones, and air support, 20,000 SPFA military troops have been killed and unfortunately a few Eastern Brazilian towns were destroyed killing 137 people. SPFA war ships have been seen off the coast of Brazil and in the next year the Ukrainian military will start sending destroyers to the coast to battle with the SPFA destroyers also. 100,000 more robotic troops have been sent to the area to help push back the SPFA forces. With ice caps melting and water levels rising in countries around the would, the Ukrainian Government suggests that all countries meet in Kiev for a Global Summit Meeting (player/mod responses needed) to discuss what the world can do all together to stop the flooding. Education in the country is at 99.9% of children and teens able to go to school and college, this boost of education was a result of President Chovus signing the "Education Pact of 2044" which made school supplies cheaper to buy and teacher salary larger. With the best of medicine, average age of death for men in 102 and for women 105. Mass production is continuing for the desalination machine that will be sold free for water desperate countries but will cost money for countries with water. The mining project on the Moon is so far so good with the discovered of a vane of gold found near the surface of the moon, and in the next two years another rocket will be sent to the moon to take the minerals found in the mines back to Earth. So little is still known about the mysterious Planet X that is somewhat near the Earth, but scientists say that they will be sending a space probe near the planet to discover what is possibly on the planet.
    • URMA Diplomacy: URMA accepts Ukraine's invitation to the Global summit meeting, and asks Ukraine if they would like to have some joint army/navy exercises of the Coast of Ukraine. URMA sends 10 more Navy ships to help the Ukrainian fleet. We also invite all nato, and china to join. (Ukraine, NATO members, and China Response)
    • Qinq'China: 'We accept the invitation to head to Kiev for the Global Summit meeting and we agree that protecting our environment is a paramount issue in the 21st Century. We also send our finest military units to the military exercise in Ukraine, to show our capabilities off to our allies.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We send a delegation of high-ranking officials to come to the summit.
    • Scandinavian Diplomacy: Agneta Ai-Mao and a delegation of environment-specialized delegation are sent to the summit.
    •  Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel sends Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem and a delegation of high-level officials, including environmental specialists.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: As I see around I see there was a thing going on between URMA and Scandinavia. URMA was doing what Nato/EU was saying. I can agree that the embargo was dumb, but Scandinavia took it way to far by not even recognizing the state anymore, I do agree that money should be paid, but really Scandinavia you took it too far. Also the Germany country since 2015, the population has reached 125,000,000. The GDP is 25 trillion, The Number of people in the Military is 2 million and there is 1 million Robotic troops, the German people have gotten a lot more independent and strong (like during early WW2) the Country official declares war on SPFA and Helps from both Latin America and Brazil. We also accept the invitation to Ukraine for the meeting and also the URMA military training exercise.
  • Flag of TurkeyTurkey: A new PM is elected: Oslan Basak from the Justice and Development party. We invite all of the nations to come to his inauguration ceremony(Player/Mod response possible). The newly elected PM cancels previous PM's foreign policy doctrine, claiming it's too pacifist and isolationist. We declare war on the SPFA and immediately send 400,000 robot soldiers to attack targets in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Bolivia. We also send 30,000 drones to strike at targets in all of those nations. Meanwhile at home, flood barriers are erected in many crucial areas to counter the sea level rise. The mining payload of the mining probes to the moon and 3 asteroids is announced to be worth billions and the missions are a success. Meanwhile, full immersion virtual reality is now fully widespread and it's an industry worth literally hundreds of billions of dollars each year. According to statistics, the Turkish Lira is the 7th most traded currency in the world and the Istanbul stock exchange is the 8th largest by market capitalization. The average Turkish citizen now has at least one biological implant, wears nano-tech clothes which render entire wardrobes obsolete and has access to top-tier medicine, food and clean energy for symbolic prices. The national debt has been taken care of, and now Turkey has more room to invest in its best fields: hi-tech, space and defense. We begin working on a nuclear fusion reactor in Central Turkey which will much more energy than anything seen before in Turkey. As heatwaves plague Turkey, citizens follow safety instructions and only 569 people need to be hospitalized, with no fatalities. There are now no oil users in Turkey and no factories that emit carbon on large scale. We begin work on 160 battleships, each with a displacement of 9,537 tons, controlled by advanced AI and capable of launching a new missile development: "Fatih", a missile which is launched to a height of 200 kilometers and then aimed at any target on the globe, after which Fatih simply relies on gravity and pure force to land an explosion unlike anything seen before. The explosion is expected to be as powerful as the infamous "Tsar Bomba" of the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, Turkish satellites detect unusual activity in Central Brazil, with very dangerous levels of radioactivity. We suspect it's a nuclear missile base.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: President Chovus and his Prime Minister agree to invitation and attend Oslan Basak's inauguration ceremony.
    •  Israeli Diplomacy: Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem himself and several representative will gladly attend Oslam Basak's inauguration ceremony as well. We would additionally like to invite Turkey to strengthen our economic and military friendship, and improve our embassy at Ankara.
    •  Turkish Diplomacy: We agree to strengthen military and economic relations including sharing of technologies regarding water conservation, vertical farms, AI and more. We let Israel improve its existing embassy in Ankara.
  • Scandinavia: We question Germany's involvement in the URMA-Scandinavia talks, saying their comments were "immature, insightful, un-needed and on top of it all idiotic". The European heatwave begins in West Russia and temperatures are recorded up to 50 degrees. We begin trade with China and Israel (Responses needed).
  • URMA: We agree that the comment from Germany was un-needed. But we still hope to make peace out of our now somewhat prickly relationship with Scandinavia, we also send aid to Pakistan and give money 10 billion Euros to China to help them with the occupation.
  • Israel: Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem has been inaugurated, and the new parliament has been initiated. We thank the participation of many of the world leader and representative's participation to observe the event. 2045 marks 100 years since the end of World War II, signifying a new and better era for the international world. Israelis has stopped in silence to commemorate the moment Nazi Germany surrendered to the allies. From this, we'd like to remind the world nations that peace is a possibility, through negotiations and positive inter-communications, rather than in-beneficial war to prove a nation's righteousness, except for cases of self-defense and to block aggressive actions. The parliament has voted in an absolute majority against directly participating in the war against the SPFA, but we will send 650 military advisors and supplies to support the coalition.(SECRET - FOR COALITION ACTIVE AGAINST SPFA) The state of Israel would like to inform the coalition against the SPFA that Mossad agents posing as high officials, civilians, and soldiers has discovered that Western South America (Especially in Chile, Argentina, and Peru) are under chaotic rebellions against the federation, and intends on overthrowing the current government and reform their "occupied nations". The coalition may use the unsecured situation as a chance to effectively invade the SPFA, and control a core part of the country. We also recommend states from Eastern Asia and Oceania to participate in the plan by either joining the war, or harbor coalition forces to initiate a large-scale liberation of Western South America (SECRET - FOR COALITION AGAINST SPFA). Our surveys has concluded that the Jewish population in Poland are largely dissatisfied with the Polish situation, and many intends on immigrating to Israel or move to Scandinavia or the United Kingdom, and they feel 'some' danger with the collapsing nation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to expand their aliyah project for Polish Jews if they want to immigrate to Israel. We also request the Polish government to allow Israeli security agents in protecting Jewish settlements and synagogues. (Polish response) President Agneta's visit and tour throughout Israel has ended, citing our diplomatic, economic, and political friendship between our peoples to be everlasting. We request an Israeli embassy to open in Scandnavia, alongside a high commissioner to oversee the diplomatic mission for Israel. We wholeheartedly accept Scandinavia's request to initiate economic trade between our nations. (Scandinavia Response needed). A demographic survey finds that the population has reached 13,450,000 people, with 83% Jewish, 15% Arab, 1.6% Christian, 0.3% Japanese (Including converted Japanese), and 0.1% Phoenicians (Lebanese immigrants who independently identifies themselves as Christian Phoenicians). The demographic excludes the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The Israeli diamond exchange has massively increased by 19% due to an immense discovery of a diamond field on the north of Nazareth.
    • Mod response: Poland agrees to relocate some of the more unsatisfied Jews to Israel, UK or Scandinavia
    • URMA Diplomacy : URMA thanks Israel for its information given to us and would like to make peace with the past arguments made with the country..
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel would like to happily reassure URMA that no harm has been done by suggesting a withdrawal from the West Bank, and we hope that our friendship shall everlastingly improve.
  • Mod Event: The Global Summit Meeting is held in the main Parliament Building in Kiev, Ukraine. Most countries are able to attend like: Turkey, Germany, China, India, Scandinavia, Eurasian Union, United States of America, Great Britain, and many more. It is decided that there was going to be a 35% reduction of in emissions by 2050. United States and NATO members will be supplying the Republic of China with funds and the technology to help in cutting the emissions, the same with India. Ukraine and Turkey will specifically be sending China and India the technology and methods to held them converge to cleaner energies. 

2046 Edit

Saudi Arabia invades Jordan and annexes it. The SPFA hold their positions, but signs of weakness are now apparent as more countries are joining the war. Pakistan, unable to combat the floodings, collapses into a wasteland of anarchy and it seems that no country wants to claim this barren land of misery. High radioactive emissions are detected in Central Brazil, and many claim that a nuclear war between the West and the SPFA is a possible scenario. Sea levels have risen by over a foot, causing havoc in many coastal areas. A bug in the software of Western fighter robots causes them to attack a village in southern Brazil and kill 1,356 people.

  • Republic of Scandinavia: We refrain from entering the SPFA, due to obvious reasons. President Agneta Ai-Mao is re-elected as Prime Minister for the third term in a row. The population of Scandinavia reaches 55,764,000, with aroud 12,000,000 people speaking a Chinese dialect and about 1,000,000 speaking Korean, Mongolian and Japanese. We are severely affected by the floods, with Oslo, Gothenburg and Malmo being the worst affected. On the 30th December, a megatsunami occured on the Western coast of Scandinavia, about 320 metres in height, due to a large landslide, from Sunnmore mountain.
  • QinqChina: The last case of the fatal lung disease is cured and China is once more a stable country. Therefore we decide that we must aid our fellow Asian neighbours. 1 Million are drafted into the military and sent into Pakistan. Due to the country being in chaos, Chinese Troops seize control of the country without any difficulty. We begin a stabilization mission in Pakistan, giving aid to those suffering from the floods, as well as combating Islamist terrorists, bandits and criminals preying off the helpless civilians. Chinese Troops also get to work rebuilding Pakistan and an interim government, appointed by Beijing, is set up. We hold a referendum in Pakistan on whether or not they would like to unite with China so we can better provide for the Pakistanis and enrich our two nations (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED). The Go Green Program has already replaced much of our environmentally friendly infrastructure, including introducing a new "Green" Car Company in China, "Zedong", which becomes known worldwide for its reliability and cost-efficiency. We look set to easily meet our goals set in the Kiev Protocol by 2050. On the South American Front, Chinese Troops make huge gains in South America, encircling and capturing an entire army near Uruguay, however the SPFA still puts up a hard struggle, but we are optimistic that coalition troops will win the war by next year.The Nanjing reaches Planet X by October of this year after a 20 month journey. After launching several space probes to scan the planet, it is determined safe to land upon. 10 Chinese men descend in a Shuttlecraft and walk on the surface of Planet X, planting the flag of the New China there for the first time. Faint radio signals of an unknown origin, not from earth, is detected. The Nanjing launches a Space Probe out beyond the Planet to attempt to discover the source of the signal.China's GDP continues to grow at an astonishing rate, recovering from the slump caused by the disease, and looks set to overtake the U.S. and have the largest GDP by 2050. Our prosperous economy allows us to spend more on our citizens who need it most and our standard of living rises as a result. The Chinese Yuan is established as the new currency of the Asian Confederacy, and an Asian Senate is created, similar to the EU Patliament. In the Asian Senate Elections, the Chinese National Party wins 55% of the seats, making President Po the "President Of Asia" and head o the Asian Confederacy. While this role is mainly ceremonial, it does give him some influence over the other nations. We invite India and Japan to join the Asian Confederacy and prosper with us. (Indian and Japanese Response Required)We send ten billion USD in economic aid to Scandinavia to those suffering from the tsunami. We also increase our foreign aid budget as a whole to help other nations who are also in need. Much of our foreign aid is directed towards Africa. Million of Chinese workers also move to Africa in this year, building new schools and hospitals there. Chinese Peacekeepers are also sent to the most unstable African nations. This causes China's influence in Africa to dramatically increase.We also heavily condemn Saudi Arabia's annexation of Jordan. We invite all other nations to join us in placing sanctions on Saudi Arabia until they withdraw from Jordan (PLAYER RESPONSES NEEDED)Our space program's reputation is greatly enriched after becoming the first country to send a manned mission to Planet X. Causing many people, including a lot of foreign scientists, to join the Chinee Space Program. Warp Drive research continues as many breakthroughs are made this year. However, we are still far from achieving our goal.
    • Mod response: 60% of the remaining Pakistani citizens, which have nothing to lose, vote in favor of joining against 30% who voted against and 10% which abstained.
    • QinqChina: We welcome the unification of our two nations! A bright future lays ahead for the United China!.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We also welcome the wonderful unification of Pakistan and China, and applaud the bright future headed for the unified state! However, we would like to advise China regarding the fierce opposition from the Baloch population and the Balochistan Liberation Army, who are currently managing to organize the Republic of Balochistan in the entirety of Western Pakistan. Due to history with the Balochistan people, Israel is willing to participate and host the negotiation between China and the Baloch opposition. (Chinese response)
    • QinqChina: We would be glad to have Israel involved in our negotiations with Baluchistan. We could perhaps establish an semi-autonomous republic within the Chinese state of Pakistan, similar to plans we have to introduce a semi-autonomous Tibetan state.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We thank China for having our participation in the negotiations, and Israel also hopes for an agreeable decision between the two parties. The United Balochistan Party agrees to enter negotiation with China, and suspend plans to initiate a military takeover of the Western sector of the Chinese state of Pakistan. The negotiation will be begin at Tel Aviv, and we hope an agreement to be reached by 2051.

The Turkish Spaceship leaving earth's orbit


Turkish Robotic Troops fighting in Jordan

  • City-0

    Vertical Farms in Istanbul

  • Flag of TurkeyTurkey: We immediately invade Jordan to free her from the Saudi occupation. We offer refuge to the Jordanian royal family. We send 12,000 drones to strike Saudi military targets in both Jordan and Saudi Arabia and 500,000 robotic troops begin ground invasion. The rise of the temperatures is gradually beginning to slow down as the government acted early enough to prevent the worst case scenario. We express interest in the so-called Planet X and we send a spacecraft carrying 5 astronauts to investigate the planet. We announce our plans for Saudi Arabia: After we free Jordan, we'll invade Saudi Arabia to topple the genocidal regime there and institute a democratic government there. The mining probes return to Turkey delivering their precious payload of Helium-3 and other scarce heavy metals. We congratulate China for her growth and emergence. We start plans a manned colony in Mars by 2055. The Robotic Troops serving in Brazil are expected to be automatically returned via transportation drones by 2048. We begin a massive build-up of vertical farms in all of the big cities and about 2500 km of vertical farms are expected to be built by 2050. Nano self assemblers will be experimentally used on a small scale to build some of the platforms. We start a nation-wide national virtual education program, in which the state will fund virtual reality classes powered by supercomputers to test its efficiency for future use. Although we still have a 100 billion barrel oil reserve, we don't have any use for it and we therefore keep just in case. We ask Iraq if they want to join us to be a single nation representing both peoples. The single country will be called "The West Asian Republic", with 3 official languages: Turkish, Arabic and English(Mod response needed). 20 of our newly built battleships are completed and will be put in service in the next year. Our GDP is 30 trillion USD. The size of the GDP is so vast partly due to inflation in the value of the dollar but also because of incredible economic development in the recent years. The life expectancy is 101.4 and the illiteracy rate is 0.00023%. We begin working on a network of supersonic MagLev trains connecting of Turkey's biggest cities and allowing to reach any point in Turkey in under an hour. Istanbul has now converged with its neighbouring cities to a megacity with 30 million inhabitants.
    • QinqChina: We applaud the swift actions of Turkey to combat Saudi Arabia. 50,000 peacekeepers will be deployed to Sauid Arabia after the invasion to keep the peace in major cities.
    • URMA: We also applaud Turkey for their swift action and ask if they need any help. We also thank all of the nation for attending the Global summit. We hope that everyone in all nations live happily.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We thank China and URMA for their appreciation and reassure URMA that we will ask for help if we need it.
    • Mod response: Iraq agrees to forming the West Asian Republic, mostly from fears of being invaded by neighboring countries.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We wholeheartedly accept Iraq and immediately begin plans for equalizing the gaps between Turkey and Iraq.
  • URMA: Our programmers try to fix the bug that is going on with some of the Robots, We also Give our condolences to the People in the village that died and he also send our Vice president Ukrum Sevial to go down to were it happened (if it is safe) and give the people his condolences.
  • Indonesia: Since 2016, the population has boomed, to a full population of 380million, as more and more people begin to move from other Muslim countries, such as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. The prime language of Indonesia is now Arabic, followed by Javanese, Bahasa Malaysia and island languages, such as Balian, Sulawesian and Timorian. Other languages, such as Chinese, Hindu and Thai are also used. Furthermore, the capital, Jakarta has now got a population of 46 million, making it the largest city in the world. We carry out SPFA air strikes and send 18 million Rupiah to Guyana and Suriname to protect them from the possibility of SPFA invasion. We invade Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, in hope of returning these islands to our control. [SECRET] Furthermore we begin creating nuclear weapons which are stronger than the Tsar bomb. [SECRET]. We call for an South-East-Asian supernation, which would include Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and of course Indonesia. All of our army is now robotic, as well as 67% of our medical force. Sea levels rising has had a negative affect on Indonesia, with many coastal towns being submerged underneath the water. We discover a new planet in a Galaxy not far from our own, that appears to have water on. We begin taking interest in the planet and name it Jakheart. Lastly we begin to develop super light guns which can launch ammonition at astonishing speeds, faster than the bullets of any other gun ever seen.
  • Israel: The State of Israel is astonished by Saudi Arabia's unwarned invasion of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and condemns Saudi Arabia in the highest severity for their aggressive and unreasonable action. Therefore, the Israeli Defense Forces will immediately deploy 380,000 troops, 8000 Generation VII Asher tanks, capable of driving 190km per hour, initiate mass-paralyzation cannons to temporarily paralyze enemy soldiers and peacefully capture them without harm, and use laser weaponry and aura technology as its exclusive features, in order to support and liberate the Kingdom from Saudi occupation due to our close alliance, and create a 25 km wide no-man zone under Israeli administration between both countries to prevent an invasion. A refugee camp in Irbil has been formed to house 900,000 refugees from the conflict and possibly more. The Government of Israel urges international sanctions and political isolation against Saudi Arabia until they fully withdraw from Jordan and publicly apologize and compensate for their aggravated invasion. The State of Israel invites all nations for an emergency summit in Jerusalem regarding Saudi Arabia's invasion, and our coordinated plan. (Player/Mod responses needed) Due to fears of Saudi expansion and potential invasion of the Levant, the State of Israel requests Lebanon to open diplomatic relationship and a temporary military alliance. We'd like to also promise delegates in Lebanon and Palestinian representatives that Israel has almost completed their next proposal, which would complete in months and shall greatly satisfy Palestinian demands (E. Jerusalem, W Bank, etc). (Lebanese and Palestinian Response). The State of Israel would like to kindly request Turkey and those involved to suspend their plans of toppling the Saudi government as the majority of the Middle East may fall in anarchy and war, and instead participate in the political isolation of Saudi Arabia, which should strongly pressure them to withdraw from Jordan, and agree to stop their ruthless policies. We would like to again state the invitation of an internation emergency summit in Jerusalem to all agree on the response regarding the invasion. (Turkish Response) The Ministry of Tourism has gladly announced that Israel is now ranked the 12th most visited country worldwide, and the 2nd visited country in the Near East and Middle East, with Turkey as the 1st. 9,366,100 people toured Israel this year in comparison to 7,080,500 visitors on 2036, primarily due to the Ministry of Tourism's successful project to expand Israeli advertisement and tourist influence. The Ben Gurion airport has completed its expansion, which can now house 860 planes consecutively, and added an airport hotel, new sectors, and a mini-zoo and museum to appeal transit and tourist visitors to the international airport. The Tourism Ministry will continue to actively invest and promote Israeli tourism, and hope to achieve greater tourism attraction for Israel. We also re-open the Israeli Space program after an appropriate budget has been agreed on. There will be a manned flight to Mars and form an Israeli colony and Martian research center, researching Mars' entities and find efficient usage of martial materials. The operation has begun, and astronaut are currently stating their farewells to their family and friends before departing to Mars. Israel will also initiate the "Blue Venus" project, where Israel will send probes to Planet Venus that can withstand its heat, and find a way to cool the planet, or a successful way to create a stable research site for robots to explore the sister planet. (Secret) Israel will also attempt to colonize Venus, and research the planet to create exclusive materials that can benefit mankind (Secret) The operation will initiate on 2047. Israel would also like to increase economic ties with the Asian Confederacy. (Chinese / Indonesian / AC members response) Recently, there has been border skirmishes in the Southern Border, suggesting there may be a conflict in the Sinai Peninsula. Israel would like to inquire the African Arab Union regarding the issue, and an assurance that the situation is to be under control. (AAU Response)
    • Mod response: Lebanon states it can't form diplomatic relations with Israel but if there will be a full-scale war in the middle east, Lebanon will temporarily co-operate with Israel against the invading force. Palestinian officials say that they're awaiting the Israeli proposal and express hope to end the conflict by 2048, a century after Israel's independence and the Nakba. The African Arab Republic says that insurgents are respobsible for the unrest in the Sinai Peninsula and that it will be taken care of. The AAU agree to an emergency summit to Jerusalem.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We agree to come to the emergency summit in Jerusalem. We claim that the rogue Saudi regime must be toppled with force or else it will invade another country in a few decades like it did with Iraq in the 2020s and Jordan in the 2040s. We state that isolating the regime will not be useful as it's stable now and it will continue acting ruthlessly against those it dislikes like Shiites, Gays and women. We remind Israel that in the 2020s, Saudi Arabia conducted a genocide against the Shiite Iraqis under its control, murdering 500,000 people. We guarantee Israel that once the Saudi royal family is toppled, Turkish and Chinese peace keepers will help maintain stability and form a democratic, pluralistic government.
    • URMA Diplomacy: URMA accepts Israels invitation to the summit, and pledges to do whatever it can to help the Jordanian people.
    • QinqChina: We also agree to come to the emergency summit in Jerusalem to discuss the rogue Saudi Regime. As the current head of the Asian Confederacy we also welcome the establishment of a new Free Trade Agreement with Israel. Increased economic ties will benefit both Asia and Israel.
    •  Israeli proposal for the Jerusalem summit: An economic and political block would be imposed by the international community against Saudi Arabia to increase pressure for them to surrender their invasive and genocidal policies, and open an opportunity for the current regime to negotiate with our demands. The international coalition (Consisting more than 860,000 troops) would liberate Jordan from Saudi Arabia, and establish a 25km buffer zone between Jordan and Saudi Arabia to prevent Saudi expansion, which we also suggest the same to be done with the UAE, Oman, Iraq, and Turkey-controlled Syria. We also suggest to enforce a coalition patrol of the Western Red Sea (In International and Saudi territory), which would be led by the African Arab Union. This would successfully block Saudi Arabia from engaging in anymore land invasions, and encourage the regime to resort to negotiations and the end of their aggressive policies. The Hashemite Kingdom will be temporarily administered by the State of Israel in corporation with the Royal family to restore peace and order, and help fund the recovery of Jordan and its citizens. Our last resort should be a full-scale invasion of Saudi Arabia, topple the government, and install a UN Administrated government that would indubitably abide by international law, and provide Saudi Arabian civilians with full human rights, including their military. Democratic elections will then be initiated. (International response needed)
    •  Turkish Diplomacy: We express partial support for the plan and support international isolation of Saudi Arabia to begin with. We claim that the Saudi regime is unsuitable to lead a democratic government and must either step down or be defeated.
    •  QinqChina: The Chinese Government expresses full support to the Israeli plan to isolate Saudi Arabia. We also state that in the event of war the Coalition may use our Persian Gulf Bases and ports we acquired during our annexation of Pakistan.
  • Communist indiaIndia: India’s growth becomes more impressive in light of the fact that it is driven by a fraction of its population. Much of the nation remains a picture of rural setting. Nearly all foreign investment in India goes to its six most urban states, with 22 other less developed states virtually ignored. This gap between city and country is keenly felt in places such as Gurgaon, a suburb of the Indian capital New Delhi: “In a land still plagued by deep backwardness, Gurgaon has become a renowned home of international call centers, business-processing operations, and information-technology firms. There are gleaming, glass-paned high-tech towers, condominium blocks, multiplexes, and shopping malls, where Indians dine at Ruby Tuesday, browse for Samsung electronics, or kick the tires at a Toyota, Ford, or Chevy dealer. If one overlooks the dusty pockets of poverty nearby, a few water buffaloes picking at garbage near shantytowns, the look is more Southern California office park than the India of yore”
  • GERMANY: Germany attends the Israeli meeting and agrees to the set terms. It also asks China, URMA, and Ukraine if they would like to form a 4 way military alliance ((URMA, UKRAINE, CHINA RESPONSE REQUiREd!)
  • Ukrainian Diplomacy: Ukrainian Government agrees to the military alliance.
  • URMA diplomacy : We accept the offer and urge China and Ukraine to do the same.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Chovus condemns the Saudi invasion of Jordan and demand that they back down or it is war. Scientists hear radio calls from "Planet X", causing a temporary scare until it is revealed that the New Republic of China sent probes and manned space ships to the Earth; President Chovus demands an apology from the Chinese President and also asking why they went behind everybody's back. (Secret) With the news that SPFA might have nuclear weapons, the Ukrainian military has the satellite containing the super bomb locked on target on the entire Central Brazil (Secret). The Ukrainian Military sends 100,000 more robotic troops to Brazil which the East has been completely taken over by the Coalition. Sending 20,000 drones, 800 tanks, and 7 Vultures along with robotic troops. Signs of SPFA's weakness is starting to show, mostly in Mexico; so the military sends 18 military destroyers and 13 air craft carriers to the Gulf Coast. Nanotechnology has been fully discovered and nanobots will begin construction, and by the year 2048 1,000,000 nanobots are estimated to be completed and by the year 2050, all nanobots are expected to be fully programmed and be sold internationally. Research is begging for bionic abilities for human use, mostly will be used to replace lost limbs and will be much better than the ones back from 2010's.
  • QinqChina:  We apologize for the Planet X incident, stating that we felt it neccessary to send a manned mission to the planet after detecting potentially extra-terrestial signals.  We will not disclose more information as it is a matter of national security.


China losses contact with their astronauts from "Planet X" causing speculation that the astronauts were not alone on the planet. In response to the disappearance President Chovus holds a press conference and says, "We are saddened to report the the New Republic of China has disobeyed orders and went ahead and launched space probes to Planet X, and since the astronauts are now missing we believe that something else is on the planet." Saudi Arabia continues there self proclaimed "Crusade" across the Middle East and invades Oman, killing most of the civilian population on the border between the two countries. The SPFA is begging to crumble because of the virus in the robotic troops are causing them to attack along with the Coalition and attack civilian villages across the country. As a final resort, the SPFA claims that they will launch a nuclear missile on Ukraine if they do not retract their troops immediately.

  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublicWest Asian Republic: Turkey, Syria and Iraq converge into a single federal republic with a population of 200,000,000. The official languages are Turkish, Arabic and English. Turkish and Arabic are spoken and English is used for business and diplomacy. The governmental system that's being used is the Tukrish one. We withdraw our troops from Brazil and urge all sides to meet on a peace conference so there will not be a nuclear war. We continue fighting Saudi Arabia to liberate Jordan. We immediately begin closing the gap between former Turkey and former Iraq. When the gap will be closed, The West Asian Republic will be global superpower.
  • Communist indiaIndia: We support TheWestAsianRepublic peace drive in South America that terrible war has plagued that continent for sometime now. we are hoping that conflict would end soon
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: The international coalition has effectively enforced the plans, successfully liberating Jordan from Saudi Arabia, but we were only able to create a 16.5km zone, a severe reduction from the planned size of 25km. While the Jordan government will attempt to recover their nation, the controlled areas will temporarily be called the, "Israeli Administration of the East Bank", which Israel will geographically control1 the captured territories and will be considered as an Israeli mandate, while Israeli organizations corporate with Jordan to rebuild and stabilize the liberated Kingdom. The Administration must expire before 2052, as Israel should now ensure Jordan's national security and their national sovereignty as well. Due to Saudi Arabia's violation of our calls of surrender, and invaded Oman, the coalition will initiate their final resort. The State of Israel requests between 4,500,00 ~ 6,000,000 soldiers be deployed to overwhelm Saudi Arabia. 600,000 of the forces are from the Israeli Army, and we will also use 250,000 mini-drone bombers, and 12,000 offensive drones. 304 Jets of various types and piloted by Israel's prestigious Air Force shall be included in the war. Israel also recommends a full scale invasion from the Red Sea is the most efficient plan as itms the closest way to capture the capital and split Saudi Arabia in two, while Saudi positions will also be bombed from the Persian Gulf, the UAE, and from Turkish positions. Due to security concerns, Israel will be expanding its Israeli-Jordanese border by an additional 4km in case of retaliations against Israel that originates in Jordan. (Player/Mod response needed) Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem has expressed his disappointment with Saudi Arabia's ruthless policies and their 'conquests': "Saudi Arabia has fallen into absolute oppressors. They have declared what they called a 'conquest', similar to a terrorist group in the early 21st century that previously called havoc throughout the Middle East, the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant. ISIS has managed to survive for a couple years solely due to a lack of international commitment (Prior to 2016), and the consequences were devastating. The international community will not stand idle and watch the same disaster occur once more. We demand the Saudi Arabian government to immediately surrender and permit a UN Administered authority to maintain peace and revert the invasions, or we will eventually reach the center of Riyadh and send the leaders to The Hague, and install democracy by ourselves." Israel would additionally like to request the African Arab Union to purchase the Sinai Peninsula for 250 Billion dollars, so that Israel can increase its landmass and improve and secure the Sinai Peninsula. As the State of Israel has long fully recognized (Formerly Egyptian sovereignty) African Arab Union sovereignty over the Suez Canal and its surroundings, our border between the canal and the proposed border would be distanced around 14~20km to respect that and confirm economic and political safety. Israeli law will apply 9 days after the area is absorbed into Israeli annexation. Residents living in the Israeli proposed Sinai Peninsula will be provided with many choices. They are free to remain in the Sinai region while maintaining their status as an AAU citizen, and will receive the same rights as any foreign residents. They are also provided the option to apply for Israeli citizenship, and maintain their AAU citizenship due to Israel's dual-citizenship laws. If the individual decides to move out of the peninsula, the Israeli government will corporate with the utmost effort to assist the individuals and safely travel to their intended destination. The Israeli government will pay for their entire process, except for flight tickets. Israel will not hold AAU responsibility for any conflicts not incidents unresolved, and Israeli authorities will deal with the situation, and deport the insurgents causing skirmishes in the Peninsula to the AAU and transfer subject them to AAU authority. To reassure concerns that our intentions are entirely for peaceful and progressive purposes, which we would never intend evil means to other states, we are also welcome to agree on forming a non-aggression pact that will be signed every 12 years, and additionally enter deeper diplomatic relationship, improving our embassy and increase economic ties. A free trade route can be formed between Alexandria and Eilat, and may possibly expand to Amman, which we ask the Royal Family to agree, since it will greatly benefit Jordan's recovery and the improvement of the Jordanian people's lifestyle and economy, and regional economic relationship as well. (Mod Response needed) Regarding the next West Bank proposal, Israel has decided to propose them on early 2048 due to parliament disagreements and a High Court intervention to deny the proposal, due to the fact that it doesn't favor Israel whatsoever, and isn't necessary for the Palestinians either. The Prime Minister agrees and will revise the proposal, with the deadline set for December 2047. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that within two years, 19,682 out of 30,150 Jews of Polish citizenship immigrates to Israel through Aliyah and gained Israeli citizenship, whilst 1,037 Jews immigrates to Scandinavia, 540 to the United Kingdom, 44 to Germany, 18 to Ukraine, and 6 to Turkey. The synagogue of Warsaw is greatly secured due to Israeli security, however we have received reports that a family of 8 Jews, 5 of Polish citizenship and 3 with Israeli citizenship has been massacred by a man with heavy weaponry, supposedly an extremist. The State of Israel condemns the killings, exampling how Anti-semitic attacks would be committed by criminals, especially because of the situation in Poland. The Foreign Ministry shall aid the Polish recovery by sending 14,200,000,000₪ in aid for the government to stabilize the country. Regarding this, Israel also intends to initiate improved economic ties with Poland, and encourage the worldwide community to revive Poland's economy and help assure the republic's recovery. (Polish response needed) There are large-scale demonstrations at Western Nazareth by 6,000 Phoenicians/Lebanese, requesting Lebanon to disregard past political conflicts and engage in diplomatic and economic ties with Israel. The demonstrators also encourage the Lebanese people to peacefully demonstrate in Beirut and show support for diplomatic relationship, and to understand that Israel is a peaceful nation and that befriending Israel can bring a beneficial future for both Israel and Lebanon. Although the district police are efficiently handling the demonstrations, and Israeli representatives repetitively reassuring the demonstrators that peace talks are continuing, they also ask Lebanese authorities to state their response as well. Social Media illustrates support in Lebanon, and there might be a minor demonstration in Beirut and other major cities as well. The Prime Minister invites the Lebanese Prime Minister to talks for a military alliance due to Saudi Arabia's conquest, and possibly begin talks for diplomatic relationship. (SECRET) Israel also asks Lebanon if they can create a military base at Eastern Lebanon consisting of 2,000 soldiers and an advanced structure, which can shoot up to 200km away, and would explode a massive flash grenade at a 5km radius. The deployed soldiers can also assist Lebanon in their requests. The base will be used against Saudi Arabia and to significantly support Lebanon. (SECRET) Plan cancelled after the announcement of a potential alien invasion. (Lebanon responses needed) The Martian Observation of Jerusalem praises the mission's success. The 17 astronauts has successfully landed in Mars, and has constructed a 5km x 2km sized colony suitable for human residence. The research facility will consist of robots and probes built specifically in colonization, construction, and mining operations to excel Israeli research on martian land. A first research has proven that a genetically modified celery plant invented in Israel was able to grow in Mars outside the colony (With water inserted underground of course), confirming that agriculture is possible in Planet Mars. We are proud of the research group's discoveries, and we accept any nation's request to purchase the modified celery plant in order to produce other agricultural products that can be grown in other Planets. (Responses are welcome) The space probe for Venus exploration has been launched with no issues. Israel has declared that they will avoid interests for Planet X for the time being. Israel lifts the economic sanction against the SPFA, and additionally encourages both sides to begin peaceful talks and end the conflict in agreement with the West Asian Republlic. Delegates from the Foreign and Defense Ministry will attend the potential meetings as observers. Israel fully recognizes the West Asian Republic, and our embassy has renewed accordingly. Israel also intends to further improve economic ties and agree on a free trade agreement, hoping to achieve closer corporation between both nations. (West Asian Republic response needed) A law long debated has passed to ban any Pork and insect products, deport domestic pigs from Israel, and ban pig possession by Israeli citizens. Violations of the law will only result in a fee, and the deportation of these entities.
    •  West Asian Diplomacy: Despite resistance from the more conservative Iraqi political groups, the more liberal and pluralstic Turkish political groups are dominating West Asian politics, and those groups wish to tighten relations with Israel due to Israel's logical actions and will for peace with the Palestinians. We agree to improve relations with Israel and sign a free trade agreement.
    •  QinqChina: We will back any measures necessary for regional stability. We would also like to order several samples of the modified celery plant for our own use.
    •  Martial Observation and Research Corporation of Jerusalem: We approve China's purchase of several samples of the modified celery plant, and we appreciate China's intentions to use the modified plant for their own use!
  • URMA: URMA Respects the West Asians governments wishes but declines" I believe that it is in the interest of the south american people that we free them". URMA has started making anti-nuke rockets that can shoot down Nukes from 70 miles away.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Chovus welcomes the West Asian Republic as a full sovereign nation, and would like to start diplomatic relations and trade (West Asian Republic). President Chovus calls a meeting with his cabinet to discuss possible ways to not end up in a Nuclear War between Ukraine and the SPFA. After the meeting, President Chovus announces live on Ukrainian that, "The Presidential Cabinet and me have unfortunately not reached a possible way to stop the SPFA peacefully, but at this time I would like to announce to the SPFA once last warning of backing out of the war and release the South and North American countries that they have unlawfully captured or else." Construction continues to build the nanobots and over a million are estimated to be completed by the next year, it is recommended that countries that would like to have nanobots for medical reasons apply now since private investors are starting to pre-order them (Player responses needed). (Secret) With the war escalating into a possible nuclear war, the Ukrainian military has the satellite containing the Povnyy bomba descend from the outer Earth atmosphere and hover closer near the SPFA capital (Secret). More troops are being sent to the Brazilian coast to combat the SPFA military, President Chovus announces at a press conference that in every way Ukraine hates going to war but Ukraine can not sit and let this unfold in front of our eyes. President Chovus also goes on live television and tells Poland that Ukraine considers them a close ally and that in no way that they would like to harm the Polish people, they would only like help them from collapsing and so once again the Ukrainian Government offers Poland to join Ukraine (mod response). Most of the capital is still under reconstruction to what is being called the "Green Project" where most of the buildings are being reconstructed to be more greener and healthier for the environment, also not to speed up the Global Warming process. Scientist have discovered that "Planet X" has 2 moons and that they may contain water, which may be suitable to contain life which also might explain what happened to the missing Chinese astronauts.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We wholeheartedly start close diplomatic and trade relations with Ukraine.
    • QinqChina: We would like to place an order for a large amount of Nanobots for our national health program.

(SECRET) URMA: We would like some Nanobots. How much?

  • QinqChina: After the unification with Pakistan, President Po announces a "New Deal" for Pakistanis. We secure a ceasefire with all enemy combatants as well as crack down on crime. Meanwhile, much of our surplus budget is placed into a new "Pakistani Recovery Fund". By the end of the year, life has returned to normal in Pakistan, as homes, schools and roads are rebuilt, lives repaired and Pakistan's prosperity regained. Meanwhile, the Dalai Lama returns to Tibet for the first time in nearly 100 years, as Tibet is made a semi-autonomous region of Greater China. The Sino-Anglo Agreement on Hong Kong expires this year. Hong Kong is reintegrated into China and we hope to do the same with Macau in 2049. We also begin work on the "Eurasian Express" a large MAG-LEV project intended to connect and link China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Eurasia with a large MAG-LEV system, allowing quick transit to work, home and vacation. (Eurasian, Indian, Indonesian and Japanese Responses Needed) With China growing at an astonishing rate, prospects are good for all Chinese citizens. A solemn Funeral service is held for the missing crew of the Nanjing. We would like to invite all world leaders, including the leader of the SPFA, to a Global "Peace" Conference this year. We hope to prevent the outbreak of Nuclear War, plus discuss "Planet X" on which we have VERY important information on. (PLAYER AND MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED) When asked by International reporters on what will occur in the meeting. President Po stated that he could not comment, as describing in detail would be a threat to "national security". When his Press Secretary was grilled on the matter, she was vague and stated, "we have 1500 days to avert certain catastrophe". This level of secrecy is unusual in Post-Communist China, which was noted as being usually open on issues. [SECRET] An EMP weapon, launched in a satellite earlier this year is in low orbit over South America. To be used in the last resort that the SPFA does not wish to aid us with the Planet X "issue". The "Asteroid Deflection" program is a huge success, as asteroid Zeta B4 is deflected on to another course. In popular culture, a new film entitled "Revolution" hits theaters globally, telling the tale of the Chinese Revolution of 2044. At the same time the "Peking" a more advanced version of the ship sent to Planet X, is completed and will likely be ready to launch next year.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel accepts China's invite to the Global peace Conference set for this year. Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem and the UN Representative for Israel will attend the meeting, alongside some high-level officials. Israel is also concerned regarding the Press Secretary's statement, however we hope it shall be clarified in the meeting. Israel encourages world nations, especially the SPFA Leader, to attend the conference in order to begin peace talks for the conflict.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union accepts the "Eurasian Express" proposal. GERMANY: We agree to the conference in China. Also We still have not gotten a response from China about to 4 way alliance.

QinqChina: We agree to the German proposal for a 4 way alliance. Let this proud alliance continue long into the future!

  • Scandinavia: We send our condolences to the families of the Chinese astronauts that have disappeared, quoting that it was 'a sad event, one never seen before and one of which we never wish to see again'. Furthermore, despite strong relations with the country, Agneta Ai-Mao tells the president of China that it was 'an accident waiting to happen'. Culturally, Scandinavia continues to absorb more and more Asian cultures, specifically Chinese and Japanese. A Suomi vocaloid remix of Ievan Pollka reached number one for ten consecutive week this year, with HSN48 continuing to dominate the charts. Idol groups are now the most successful groups, where average people are recruited on talent shows to become involved in huge groups and with the success of HSN48, more and more of them are popping up all over Scandinavia. Also architecturally, Chinese and Japanese styled buildings are becoming more and more dominant especcially in the outer boroughs of cities. IKEA has now became the world's third most expensive company, as it opens its technology department. We develop smart houses which can change a rooms function in just 10minutes, from living room to bedroom etc.
Peace Summit

President Po Diaoping addresses the Peace Summit in Beijing in this time of grave crisis.

QinqChina: TO ALL WORLD LEADERS (Including NPCs)  President Po- "As all of you know, you have been invited to this UN Summit here in Beijing under the pretenses of "World Peace".  Now this is definitely one of the main points of this summit, it isn't for the reasons you think.  In the year 2045, just as China had repaired itself from the civil war, one of our Military Communications Facilities in the Himalayas picked up a faint message from Planet X.  On further dissecting of this otherwise unintelligable signal we decoded a hidden message.  This message was from a so-called "People's Solar Brigade" rebel group, not from this Earth.  Yes, I just said that, we have made contact with Intelligent Extraterrestial life.  Before I continue, I must brief you on the situation in Planet X.  Now each of Planet X's three moons are earth-like and inhabited by fairly Advanced Civilizations.  As soon as each of these civilizations achieved space flight, they made contact with each other and established the so called Solar Alliance.  The unification of three worlds to both advance their knowledge, and plunder and exploit the resources of their worlds and Planet X.  They entered an Industrial Revolution, like we did, except they did not know where to stop.  When we adopted the use of renewable energy and clean fuel, they continued to pollute their planets and use up all their resources.  The had destroyed their worlds with radiation, excess pollution, global warming and destablization of each of their moon's crust.  The 3 moons of Planet X are expected to become uninhabitable by any type of  lifeform within one decade.  This made the Solar Alliance desperate, when they had discovered our world several years ago, they immediately made plans to conquer it, and move their civilzation to our world, eradicating our civilization.

This caused a schism in the Solar Alliance, with the People's Solar Brigade revolting and hoping to establish good relations with us, to help them topple their corrupt government.  This is why they made contact with us and warned us of them.  Indeed, by the year 2052, Planet X will make a close pass by our planet, which at this time the Solar Alliance will launch a large scale Planetary bombardment and invasion of Earth.  This information was acquired when we sent the Nanjing to Planet X on a secret mission to directly contact the Rebels and transmit data of Planet X back to earth.  Unfortunately this information was leaked by a whistleblower, forcing us to disclose our mission.  The Solar Alliance also caught wind of this and as the Nanjing prepared to return home and attacked and overwhelmed our ship.  With this act of aggression, we have begun preparing an armada to potentially pre-emptively attack the Solar Alliance before its too late.

So this is why you're here.  And this is why we must have peace.  We propose that all nations begin to ready their respective militaries for war.  We will do everything can ourselves to contribute to this war effort, but we cannot do it alone.  We need your help, we need everyone's help."  We propose a "UN Earth Defense Force" to be created temporarily to fight the invaders from Planet X. (Player Response Needed)

  • Japan: We wish to make diplomatic relations with Scandinavia in the future due to the cultural phenomon happening there now. Also we wish to make diplomatic relations with China as well. We threaten to declare war on Indonesia if they do not stop invading Papua New Guinea and East Timor.

GERMANY: In recent news that "Aliens' will be attacking we increase 60% of the total German tax income to defense spending, we institute 2 million more Robot soldiers into our ranks and we URGE all countries to do so also, we pull back our troops from south America and Ask Ukraine and URMA to do so also. We also Join the UN EARTH DEFENSE FORCE.

  • Mod Event: In light of the future invasion of Earth, the United Nations is calling an emergency meeting in Brussels and requests that all countries attend. (Player/Mod responses needed)
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: In the light of the possible invasion of Earth, the Ukrainian military pulls all troops, tanks, air support, air craft carriers, destroyers and Vultures from the West and have them all return to the home land. President Chovus and his entire cabinet will be in attendance for the emergency meeting with United Nations members.
    • URMA: URMA pulls all of its military out of South America. and sends its president to the UN meeting, and we join the UNEDF.
    • GERMANY: We send our President to The UN meeting.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: Due to the planetary crisis that has unfolded, the Israeli parliament has approved the Ministry of Space Administration and Defense to cope with the potential Alien invasion in corporation with the Defense Ministry, manage any incidents and issues involving Israel at space, maintain an appropriate authority for colonization missions and space missions, and shall oversee Israeli space programs and institutions that operates outside Earth. The Ministry of Space Administration and Defense, the Prime Minister, Israel's UN Ambassador, the Foreign Ministry, and several delegates of high position will attend the emergency summit in Brussels. We'd also like to inform the international community that the Ministry of Space Administration and Defense is currently forming a national plan to counter the Alien threat, and the plan shall be proposed before 2050. The national vote results in a 98.6% approval for Israel to join the UN Earth Defense Forces (UNEDF) as a full member, and we plan on striving full effort on countering the alien threat. Israel also reminds the coalition to maintain their forces, and defeat Saudi Arabia's oppressive and invasive government as quick as possible for the international community to begin focusing on the alien threat with the maximum power.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union joins the UNEDF and sends President Dmitry Medvedev, along with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to the meeting.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With the imminent threat by the extraterrestrial life, the
    Ukrainian Army March

    Ukrainian Army March

    The Ukrainian Army March in Kiev, before the iminate alien attack.

    Ukrainian Government allow a huge military march, to show off Ukraine's military power.
  • QinqChina: Troops in South America begin to pull out, as military readiness exercises are held in the Persian Gulf and South China Sea in preparation for the upcoming war against the Solar Alliance.
    Chinese Military Parade - August 3, 2047

    Chinese Military Parade - August 3, 2047

    The Chinese Army shows their might in a massive military parade.

  • Communist indiaIndia: UFO over Bangalore ,a large fleet of unidentified crafts has flew over this city causing widespread panic,troops rushed in said news articles,still no verification but panic is spreading thru out the country,rumors has it the UFO fleet has a city-sized Mothership leading it,but nothing is made certain until proper authorities has reached the area and make ocular verification


Ukrainian scientists have released a statement that a great number of unkown objects is headed twords Earth, causing panic umong most of the world. Riots have spread to almost every country mostly looting shoping centers for food and water with 13,000 killed all together already. In the United States the National Guard is already in place, but with most other countries using their own military. Also in the United States rioters have burned the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Library of Congress; along with killing 35 senators, 13 congressman, the vice-president, secretary of state, and have inured the president. The Chairman of the United Nations held a press conference and announces to the world to, "prepare for war."

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Riots have broken out across the country, but mostly in Kiev with the military forced to fire upon the crowd, killing 100. Rioters have set fire to the main electric building in central Kiev, forcing all electronic streets and cars to stop. President Chovus is forced to go into hiding in an unknown location in Eastern Ukraine, from his bunker he calls for peace across Ukraine and even though that the world has once again been threatened everybody most work together. While on her way through Kiev, the Prime Minister is assassinated from a gunshot at close range. President Chovus immediately scrambles the air force across the country and for all ground military to hold back the rioters as best they can. Chovus' Secretary of State announces to the Ukrainian people on Chovus' behalf that the Ukrainian people are expected to be drafted in case of emergency, which eventually leads to his assassination also.
  • URMA: With all the rioting in the streets URMA declares Martial law, saying anyone out past 10 will be put in prison, also with the massive riots we are sad to report that our Vice president has been shot, has been replaced by our minority party leader, also we put 70% of all tax income into defense spending. Also with the Chaos around us we annex Greece and Bulgaria, until we can stabilize the 2 countries. Urma also finishes its Nuclear defense system
  • Communist indiaIndia: as the second most powerful country India propose the establishment of a unified earth response to alien potential threat by the formation of the Earth Defense Force that will be headed by earth's three most powerful countries every member countries has one vote with the top 3 nations having vetoe powers,this will lessened chaos and will present a united military front against the alien threat
  •  Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel disagrees with the formation of another international Planetary Defense Force that implements a power-based hierarchy, as the United Nations has already established the world's EDF. Israel would rather recommend India to partake in the UNDEF, and additionally join the IPOWS as well in order to contribute the world's stability.
  • Scandinavia: Riots happen throughout the country, with shopping centres and theme parks being the prime places of destruction. We admit that we have Nuclear weapons and that we will be using them, if they do use weapons of destruction on any country. We condemn URMA's annexing of Greece and Bulgaria, saying that a more stable country should take over the role. The government of Scandinavia retreats to the tunnels 810 metres below ground level in Stockholm for protection. We wish to merge our country in to an Earth-wide colony, which would only stay until the defeat of this alien kind.
  • Urma Dipolmacy. : we assure you that when the peace is restored we will give the land back to the former countries. And also URMA is more stable than Scandinavia, so check your pillage.
  • Communist indiaIndia: Can URMA hold 2 countries and maintain peace and order with its 300,000 odd man armed forces maybe India could help
  • URMA: we have well over 300,000 men. And we accept India's help.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael:  Israel's Ministry of Space Administration and Defense, in corporation with the Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Defense Forces, has finally established their national plan on encountering the alien threat, but yet still needs to revise the Israeli international plan for the United Nations Earth Defense Forces to arrange. The IDF has officially established the Israeli Space Fleet, the Space military subsidiary for the Israeli army, the Air Force expanding to Low~Medium orbit range military superiority, and the Israeli Land forces will be expanded to martian territories. (SECRET) A secret Venus-based intelligence and military force has additionally been established after discovering the possibility of human habitation inside the underground of Venus' Beta Regio province. A mining industry has also been established to mass-mine new materials found in the surface, which operations initiate on late 2048, which will also import important technology in an attempt to effectively reverse the green house effect in the Planet. Israeli satellites orbiting Venus will constantly increase by 31% to introduce research and domestic services there. A manned crew flight will be sent to Venus in order to administrate Venus operations, and also to supposedly become the very first Venus residents to colonize the planet, explore, and suggest improvements for Venus colonies under and above the mantle that are suitable for human civilization. Israel names this operation, "Jacob's Daughter". (SECRET) Public statement: Regarding the Mars colonization project and the Venus research operations, they will continue as planned due to the fact that our budgets can fulfill plans, even with a reduced budget. Israel also announces that a new military generation of "Enclaves" will begin services on 2049, however the details will remain private till its release. An Israeli official stated to the media that the new technology "uses gravity manipulation as the core power", surprising the international audience. The first fleets of military space-crafts will be deployed into Planet Mars' Israeli colonies, while we fly research probes into Venus to improve our research capabilities. We also now permit Israeli citizens to apply for Martian residence, and experience a civilization that was dreamed of our ascendants, and also a way to reassure civilians regarding human dominance on inter-planetary colonization. The State of Israel is willing to agree on temporary military alliances with states that has achieved a space military for specific collaborative activities to ensure human safety, and also against the Solar Alliance. (Player responses needed) The 2048 peace proposal to conclude the Israeli-Palestinian dispute regarding the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip has been submitted. The pages prescribing the proposal has been under heavy review then accepted by Special Adviser Shimon Peres, who is one of the oldest members in Israeli politics, and currently leads the campaign in finding the most suitable resolution that will satisfy both the Judean and Palestinian people. The supposed Palestinian state will gain independent control in 71% of the West Bank, (74% in Judea and 68% in Samaria). The metropolitan area of Bethlehem and its surrounding areas is included and will be transferred to Israeli control as there has been decades of Christian persecution in the city, and we were unable to intervene due to international law. The secondary reason is to make Bethlehem a grand city for the Christian population as well, with equal rights for Jews, Arabs, Palestinians, and any other ethnic / religious communities. Hebron's H2 sector and the historical Jewish community, including the religious and historical structures nearby the city, that has thrived with vibrant history as one of the holy centers in Jewish civilizations from the Abrahamic times, and ongoing today, will become an enclave in the midst of the future Palestinian state. H1 Hebron shall also be fully recognized as a Palestinian city, therefore we shall not force the authorities to switch the city's name for our benefit. Israeli Hebron will be incorporated into the National hyper-subway station, with the Israeli-exclusive ABRAM-C smart train (Contains quality aspects, such as internet access, advanced private service [For Class 0, 1, and 2 passengers], an interactive screen set to provide information, and extra benefits if the passengers owns the Israel Railways card, and much more!), being capable of traveling 575kmph, although not as fast to world-renowned Train networks of the European Union, the West Asian Republic, and especially Japan's highly developed Shinkansen project. The subways also contains 6 floors (Some may simply be import trains, transporting exports underground), therefore advancing traffic issues at ease. The Hebron train station's first stop will be at the Great Jerusalem Station, the nation's capital of the Train industry, also one of the world's favored wonders of the 21st Train industry, where Hebron residents can transit throughout the entire country. The Hebron station also includes a military transport sector, where the IDF and police enforcers can be deployed alongside military equipments for border control and enforce their normal duties as in any part of Israeli territory. Ramallah will be given to Palestine as their future capital city, since there is still absolute opposition against the decision, and the majority intends to keep Jerusalem's status as the "eternal and unified capital of the Jewish people". The fate of the Gaza Strip is still to be decided. Israel strongly encourages the Palestinian side to accept the proposal, and to initiate a new era of peace. (SECRET) Several members of the Supreme Court and the Temple Association of Jerusalem wants to consider this proposal the ultimatum proposal, which receives both opposition and agreement throughout the parliament, creating conflicts, however due to fears of mass-unrests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the destruction of the peace process, and the violation of Israel's fundamental values, the PM rejects it and orders the meeting to be kept confidential. (SECRET) (Palestinian response) The Temple Association of Jerusalem, Israel's supreme Jewish advisories in religious hierarchy, announces that the, "time has come for the Messianic period", and demands the Jewish people to unite and serve Jerusalem as the sole world capital, and for the Messiah to appear. Although there has been massive riots in the West Bank, especially in Schehem (Nablus) and Ramallah, Tel Aviv, and South Jaffa, which resulted in 3766 arrests, 941 injuries, 27 apartments and 9 shopping complexes and 83 other structures being destroyed, and 628 deaths, even through heavy riot management from decades of experiences has managed to calm the situation, Israel manages to maintain stability, with no need for action to be considered. The situation of East Jerusalem, alternatively, has forced the security forces to deport rioters or attempted terrorists into Ramallah prison. Unfortunately, the riots in major Jordanian cities such as Amman, Petra and Irbil has concluded in destruction of civilian infrastructure, instability in the Administration, and massive injuries and hundreds deaths between rioters looting and raiding each other, and a security zone being set at Central Amman and the Royal Palace administrated by Israel in order to protect the Jordanian government, hence transforming the Israeli Administration of the East Bank into an unstable zone. The Prime Minister reassures world nations from Jerusalem through the following speech broadcasted through many international channels. "Stability promotes confidence, confidence leads to progression, and progression leads to success. If we'd wage war on the extraterrestrial threat, then we must unite and prepare for an inter-planetary war. We are aware of the consequences of engaging in this revolutionized warfare, which is why we do so. Advance, humanity! Do not fear nor lose faith against these aliens! For when humanity lives another century, the young will laugh, and criticize our cowardliness, whilst the old will profoundly read stories about this historical era to their children! The State of Israel declares their full confidence on a human victory, and we encourage every nation to unify and join our battle against this threat.", said Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem during the conference in response to the crisis. This speech has achieved a historical status as one of the most influential speeches in the 21st century, and a couple million people whom watched the speech, and from newsletters has been influenced to refrain from partaking in riots worldwide. (Mod/Player responses) The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a massive world-wide aliyah projects, bringing ships and hyper-carrier planes and commercial flights throughout the globe in order to gather any Jewish individuals who shall flee into the homeland. Israel has also announced the closure of flight travel, and also a much stricter enforcement of border control due to the international unrest occurring. Israel will not consider on quarantining the Jewish state unless considered an emergency, therefore economic trade is still being conducted well. Media has revealed that a massive project to build a "special" wall around Israel's borders (Even coastal ones), although a spokesperson clarified it was a plan to manage border and immigration because of the world crisis, with security cameras and detectors installed. The Israeli Army has also recently marched the entire Sinai Peninsula, South Lebanon, and 150km south of Saudi territory that is in total populated with 600,000 people without harm committed, and has annexed the areas and inputted Israeli law, which the Israeli Defense Forces explained as an efficient way to deal with the unstable status of the region and the reassurance that this would promote stability. Several parties, including the Vice President Shimon Peres (Also the Lead Special Advisor in diplomatic negotiations) has argued against the action, although there are small amount of supporters that agree. The Prime Minister has publicly stated a message in national stations, positively assuring Israel's good intentions in overtaking these regions, and Israel promises to handle the new Israeli territory in great care, in order to improve and stabilize the region and carefully handling the minor riots there. Israel is also opening massive refugee camps that can house and feed (With artificially generated food and martian water) 5,500,000 people, which arrivals for refuge will be transferred to the camps in the Suez City border and Irbil border. Israel requests the regional nations to guide fleeing refugees to the refugee camps until it reaches its maximum capacity. (Mod response) As the world economy begins to crash, Israel switches their economic priority for the most stable nations, and requests to increase economic ties and the creation of an international peacekeeping organization set to stabilize countries that is experiencing overwhelming riots and destruction, separate from the UNEDF. The organization will be called the "International Peacekeeping Organization for Worldwide Stabilization" [IPOWS] (Stable countries respond) The Ministry of Space Administration and Defense reports that they are now configuring Israeli surveillance satellites orbiting Mars to confirm Ukrainian reports of unknown objects heading to Earth. Israel expands its Israeli-Jordanian border by another 16km in response to the report and world instability, excluding the Western Irbil province from being annexed. Regardless of the crisis, the nation has celebrated its 100th anniversary since the Jewish nation was liberated after 2000 years of occupation by foreign empires. With a massive parade and flawless security from Beer Sheba, Tiberias, Holon to Jerusalem (Tel Aviv excluded due to the riots), there has been massive celebrations made. Immense fireworks sparked the skies (With Israel still legalizing fireworks unlike the majority of the world) of Jerusalem, and the security prevented attempted terror attacked in major cities. There were reportedly 76 knife attacks, 6 attempted suicide bombings (2 succeeded), 12 gun assaults on civilians, and 795 minor disruptions made and easily handled. The death toll went up to 21 people, and 49 injured. This was expected from us and the citizens, however we raised the flag of Israel and praised our lord to commemorate our liberation. Intelligence also confirms that Saudi Arabia has fallen into complete anarchy due to the news of alien invasion reaching the civilians in Saudi territory and rebellion begun, therefore Israel announces that they will withdraw from the war campaign against Saudi Arabia, as the objective is somewhat accomplished, although the entire region is now unstable, as correctly predicted during the Jerusalem summit of 2046. Countries still partaking in the coalition against Saudi Arabia may put their arms out and return back to their nations in order to stabilize the world crisis (Player responses needed [From countries in the war against Saudi arabia] ) As Israel has absorbed new territories, we are unable to commit in foreign interventions for a few months until the new annexed areas fully become part of Israeli territory and that new legislation would excel Israel's effort to both battle world instability and the alien enemy. Meanwhile, Israeli representatives have begun to visit many of the world's nations in order to hear their response regarding an invitation to the 2050 Jerusalem Summit for countering world anarchy and the alien threat. (Player/Mod responses needed)
    • Mod response: Some 1,230,000 refugees, mainly from Africa, come to the refugee camps to seek refuge from the climate change and unstable governments. Another 2,000,000 are expected to arrive in the next 5 years. IPOWS gains momentum and 30 UN members, among them 19 OECD members express interest in joining it.
  • Communist indiaIndia: Might the establishment of an Israel space force put much strain to your economy and armed forces how much percentage of the estimated 500,000 to 600,000 Israeli army troops has been committed to your space forces as secret reports has it the alien force has an armada of 2,000 space warships and millions of ground troops,its better to align your forces with the proposed united Earths Defense Force
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We would like to reassure India that the Israeli Space force has been planned for years, but pushed for an official establishment with an appropriate and budget due to the extraterrestrial threat. Their duties are to provide a military present for the Israeli Defense Forces, and although we admit that the public technology isn't a force to be reckoned with, the Enclave technology, set to be on service on 2049, will provide a different demographic of how the Israeli Space fleet will conduct their military operations, both cost-efficiently and proves that Israel can enforce space military domination in the world ranks. Israel once again rejects to join the United Earth Defense Force, as not only there is already an international planetary defense force organized by the United Nations, but the hierarchy in the Indian-proposed organization will be vulnerable for conflicts, which is the least any country needs as the alien threat is a much more important issue. We believe that joining the UNDEF is a beneficial option to unify world military against a single enemy. However, Israel is alternatively open to achieving closer military ties instead of joining the United Earths Defense Force! (Indian response needed)
  • Communist indiaIndia: The EDF is still on a planning stage but if the UN can establish a concrete Space defense organization then India will gladly join, India has 2.4 million troops ready to defend earth if need be
  • Germany: We support URMA in its annexation, he also condemns Scandinavia for "consistently bulling" URMA, and offers to help URMA.
  • URMA Diplomacy : We accept Germany's help.


Ukrainan military has detected unknown objects near Mars, and it is estimated that the objects might arive to Earth by 2050. The riots continue as most of the world governments are to focused by the iminate alien threat. Assassinations of government officals are the normal, with 87 officals killed in the past 2 years. The chairman of the United Nation calls for a press conference and quotes that, "With the iminate threat of alien life near the planet Mars, and the resulting riots across the world we have called all the governments to join as a 'United Earth Alliance' in which all the countries agree to join a one government to fight the alien threat if they are hostle."

  • Communist indiaIndia: Breaking News, the Communist Party of India has captured the majority 456 / 790 seats in the United India Congress in a stunning victory in the mid-term elections The first communist prime minister is set to head the parliamentary government
  • Poland: Poland Falls and is absorbed by Germany.
    • Germany: We gladly absorb Poland and immediately send troops there. We also rethink our relationship with India.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel offers domestic aid such as food, housing, medical aid from IsraAID, and civil agencies to arrive in Poland and assist Germany in stabilizing Poland.
  • France: We start building a radio telescope to spy on Planet X, and we ask other nations to do the same. We submit an UN resolution to be able to use nuclear devices on the inhuman aliens coming to exterminate humanity and abuse the environment. (Mod/Player response needed) We request some nanobots to study for medical research (Ukrainian response needed) Guards walk the streets in Paris, and no one can go to the capital city without a government permit. Government food and water is tested for poison. An asteroid scan begins to find profitable asteroids to find. We increase our defense, law and order, and space exploration spending to 75% of the budget total. (SECRET) We send top spies to European contries in a year to assess threat to French interests. Top scientists will also try to engineer some more advanced countries weapons. (SECRET)
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: Since the recent outbreak of riots, most of Ukraine is all over the place so the scientists are only really able to supply France with 13,000 nanobots.
    • Mod response: The United Nations agrees with Frances ideas and immediately put through the resolution.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: Due to the nuclear weaponry's effects of mass destruction and the aftereffect of fallout from radioactive particles, and the potential abuse of using nuclear weapons, Israel requests to implement additional conditions for the United Nations resolution. 1) Nuclear Weapons would only be used if no other resolutions has been successful. 2) Nuclear Weapons must not be impacted less than 280,000,000km away from Earth. (Mod response needed)
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Since most of Ukraine is under siege by the rioters, President Chovus establishes a National Guard and immediately deploy them on the streets of Kiev. The Ukrainian military authorizes the use of air support to fly of the country to try to restore order in the country. With Kiev in complete chaos, all businesses, schools, hospitals, and government buildings are shut down until order is restored. Prfesident Chovus remains in an unknown location in Eastern Ukraine for safety reasons and the Ukrainian Parliament has allowed the Presidential Election of 2050 to be terminated due to the alien threat, plus it would be to dangerous to find a politician now.
  • Communist indiaIndia: : India has annexed Nepal,Sikkim and Bhutan this in light of the rioting and chaos in those countries,the rioters has overthrown their respective governments and set up their own governments,Indian troops has been rushed in to clear the streets of rioters and maintain peace and order
  • URMA: Urma's population has been under a 6am- 9pm curfew. And the rioting has stopped. URMA invests in Space Radio Telescope, and Praises India for helping its fellow countries. And Also Thanks Germany for defending us from the bully Scandinavia. Urma sets up Greek and Bulgarian Governments.
  • Israel: The State of Israel announces that the Enclave military technology is now in service for all branches in the Israeli Defense Forces. This feature will enable the possibility to manipulate gravity for military purposes, both in the sea, land, skies, and space. An enclave's appearance may seem like a "metal ball" in various sizes (The bigger, the more gravity manipulated), however an advanced compound at the core maintains the gravity power. Deployed ground forces will receive one Mini-enclave, and assault ships will be provided 3 cannons of enclaves. This technology will massively benefit the Israeli Space Fleet, as Enclaves can be shot and absorb enemy forces in a specific radius to its unmatched gravity force. Israel postpones plans to build a space carrier due to the high risk of degrading the Israeli economy. As stated from the IDF Chief of Staff, this is indeed a massive breakthrough in military engagements and science progression, which can lead to brilliant innovations using the Enclaves. However, with the possibility of abuse with this weapon that may cause mass-destruction depending on the enclave imported (Mini-enclaves can carry up to 4 tonnes of entities, therefore it is not considered a major threat to life), any nations and/or organizations purchasing Enclaves must sign a treaty vowing to make appropriate use of the Enclave, without causing destruction on human and/or human dominated territory. One Mini-enclave costs 3000 USD, one cannon Enclave costs 50,000 USD and a space-compatible enclave that shall be incorporated into space fleets will cost 58 million USD due to its overwhelmingly advanced capability. (Player customers for the Enclave technology are welcome) (SECRET) 24 "unknown entities" that were identified and observed by Israeli satellites were downed in Martian airspace by an Israeli patrol using the Enclave technology. This marks the first successful victory against extraterrestrial entities, and the first efficient usage of an Enclave. The aliencrafts are brought to a secret research facility to investigate these extensively. However, the mission is still observing the hundreds more objects crossing Mars. (SECRET) The Ministry of Immigration Absorption has stated that 4,767,472 Jews has immigrated and/or fled to Israel after the operation initiated on 2048. 2,800,622 are from the United States, 793,686 are from the European Union, 349,4
    Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv at 2049

    15 from Canada, 240,010 from the United Kingdom, 58,922 from Ukraine, 14,713 from the West Asian Republic, 9,826 from China, and the rest are from other nations or not classified. The massive immigration is the highest recorded, which the Israeli parliament was forced to cut spendings for the Mars project and cancel production of Medium-orbit hyperspeed jets. The
    Petah Tiqwa

    Petah Tiqwa at 2049; most populated city in Israel

    majority of the immigrants has been provided residence in Central Israel, the Negev and Sinai, and Tel Aviv district. 1,650,915 has moved to Greater Petah Tiqwa due to the recent construction spree of 2046 left millions of households empty, creating a metropolitan crisis, increasing the city population from the already dense 2,854,979 people to 4,505,894 residents, making Petah Tiqwa the most populated city in Israel, with Tel Aviv (3.22 million), Jerusalem (1,004,641), and Haifa (930,390) behind. Due to Petah Tiqwa's extremely dense environment in both land and its underground counterpart, the Central Israel police department has announced the deployment of more officers around the city and flying cars to be issued as well. Emergency services in the Petah Tiqwa region are now switching their traditional vehicle to flying vehicle instead to cope with one of the world's most dense cities. Road revamps, an implementation of city floors, and the construction of skyscrapers influenced by West Asian infrastructure are some of popular suggestions, however the extraterrestrial threat, mass-immigration, and Israel's ongoing space missions has pressured the national budget, therefore these may not be implemented anytime soon. The State of Israel requests Lebanon for permission to send security support to resolve the nation's unstable situation by handling the massive riots, and providing aid to Lebanon for the nation to recover. Israel once more asks if both nations can resume peace talks to open diplomatic and economic ties, because of the world crisis and the popular support for this action by both the Israeli and Lebanese people. (Mod response needed) Invitations for the 2050 Jerusalem Summit to discuss on an international action against world instability, the extraterrestrial threat, and discussing national affairs is still opened, and we strongly recommend all nations to attend in order for a solution to be committed in countering the riots that's destabilizing countries. (Mod/Player responses required) The Ministry of Space Administration and Defense has recorded 21,260 people immigrating to the Israeli Mars colony, and 87 people flying to "others". (SECRET) Operation Jacob's Daughter has accomplished massive success as human habitation has been deemed possible underground as it is rich with oxygen and air that can support life. On the surface, however, heat-resistant colonies are necessary to be built as the planet's condition cannot support life. Regardless of the advantages and the disadvantages, it seems that civilization in Venus, Earth's sister planet with a reversal environment, is indeed a possibility. The mining industry in Planet Venus reached a breakthrough as dozens of new materials were discovered and imported to Israel, and has achieved extremely successful value in the market. Israel's research facilities has found multiple uses of the materials, and innovation is currently being developed that would require these materials. Jerusalem has been chosen as the central trading center for Venus-based products and materials. Venus Tower, with the proposed height of 960m. The Prime Minister plans to introduce the Venus industry on the Jerusalem 2050 summit. (SECRET) Israel strongly rejects the United Nation's demands to unify under one government, reminding the intergovernmental organization regarding the multitudes of nation's history, relationship and balance. Creating a "World Government" to assume control over all nations and their independence dispersed is a plan strongly opposed, with the additional weight of the United Nations to use the opportunity of world instability as a way to cause unnecessary declarations that will be the foundations of future conflicts if "United Earth Alliance" is established. Israel requests the United Nations to instead help other nations stabilize before 2051 in order to battle the alien threat equally. (Mod response needed) The Israel observation unit of the Solar System detects another wave of thousands of "unknown objects", and 12 large asteroid-shaped structure heading near the direction of Earth, and due to the extended danger these entities pose, Israel recommends international intervention against these, as we are assuming the abnormal entities to be a threat. (Player responses) 74% of the West Bank has been annexed by Israel, whilst the other 26% of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, with the addition of tiny quantity of the Eastern Administration's territory will become the autonomous State of Palestine, a territory exchange accepted by Jordanian authorities. The Palestinian Authority's leading parties has been declared to be terrorist organizations, excluding the National Palestine Party, Amir Coalition for Palestine, and several others. At the request by the remaining Palestinian parliament, the reason will remain strictly disclosed until approved by both Israeli and Palestinian parliaments. Only government officials and high-level members knows explicitly detailed reasons why. Israel and Palestinian authorities will now corporate to develop the new autonomous region as permanent land for the Palestinians and complete a Palestinian civilization as a temporary autonomous region with Nablus as the capital city and Jericho as the economic capital, and re-initiate peace talks for a final border for a future Palestinian state. The State of Israel now allows media organizations to return to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip after an unexpected restriction was imposed on them due to a classified conflict. Israel establishes an international trade routes in the Amman-Jericho road, Beit Sahour-Bethlehem area, and a Haifa-Nablus/Schehem route as well. This will greatly develop economic transactions and ties between Israel and the Palestinian autonomous region, and improve the Palestinian resident's lives. (SECRET) All residents that were victims or involved about the former Palestinian authority's inhumane actions are recommended to avoid to speak to the media or foreign governors regarding the incident. Israel vows to compensate (Total of 840 million USD for five million) in replacement of the terrorist authority. (SECRET) Bethlehem and Hebron regions are the only two "permanently" incorporated territory into Israel, although the rest of the annexed W Bank is now under Israeli law. Israel asks the SPFA, the Eurasian Union, and URMA if they can increase diplomatic and economic relationship.. Israel would also like to start talks to begin diplomatic relationship with Indonesia. (Mod/Eurasian/URMA/Indonesia responses needed) In addition, Israel once again re-opens flights to the country, but with security forces with high alert due to the international instability. The Ministry of Tourism quickly restarts their tourism programs, focusing on Nordic, North American, and Asian tourists.
    Map of 2049
    • French Diplomacy: We buy 20 enclave cannons. We also promise to go to the Jerusalem summit.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel sells 20 Enclave cannons for one million USD to France. We wholeheartedly welcome the French Republic to the 2050 Jerusalem Summit, and hope to resolve what will threaten mankind!
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We buy 1,000 enclave cannons from Israel and agree to come to the Jerusalem summit.
    • Mod response: Lebanon, having no other options, agrees for Israel to send aid to the country and to begin negotiations on initiating a peace process.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic West Asian Republic: With full awareness to the alien crisis, we start mass producing defenses in case of an alien attack. That includes, other than conventional weapons: electromagnetic bombs, laser cannons, HazMat suits, and much more. The army now stands at 1,500,000 fighter robots, 50,000 drones and 30 massive battleships capable of launching rockets orders of magnitude stronger than the Hiroshima bomb. We also begin robotizing our police forces which has been lagging behind the army in terms of technology. New elections take place, and Ali Riza Adin from the CHP party is elected PM. Adin is the first ever PM which has used brain-computer biological implants to improve his intelligence, being able to think faster and brighter than the greatest organic human minds which ever existed on earth. Soon, traditional elections will be abolished altogether as the supercomputers of today are so powerful, they can be handed directly the most important decisions to perform. Human executive officers will still exist, but their role will be merely supervision. The new PM delivers a speech to the nation: "Brothers and Sisters, we are amidst one of the greatest times in the history of man. Machines are overtaking our intelligence while we live longer, get stronger and faster, and have better living standards. My government will work relentlessly to create a sustainable future for our republic". Because recently 2 nations have merged into the WAR: Turkey(which annexed Syria) and Iraq, there are many gaps which need to be closed so the Republic could function normally. The PM presents 4 gaps, each will take longer to close than the previous one. 1. Economic Gap: Since Turkey has prospered while Iraq was barely recovering both from ISIS and from the Saudi invasion, there are many economic differences such as standard of living, GDP per capita, education and more. However, the government will invest trillions of dollars to help Iraq catch up with Turkey and that gap is to be closed by 2070. 2. Political Gap: Iraqis are likely to be conservative in their views as Iraq is generally a religious state, something which is bothering the more liberal Turkey, which recently planned on legalizing same-sex marriage. This gap is to be closed only when the older generations lose influence and the younger, united-republic-affiliated generations take place and create a more liberal consensus in the former Iraq. That is to happen by 2095-2105. 3. Cultural Gap: That gap is much harder to close as thousands of years of different history have made Iraqi and Turkish cultures very different, especially when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk brought the Western culture to Turkey in the early 20th century. The government is preparing to execute a "melting pot" cultural policy where all of the cultures, peoples, religions etc. will converge to create the typical West Asian citizen: well-educated, secular, pluralistic and open for change. The ultimate result is to happen by 2140-2160. 4. Environmental Gap: That gap is natural unlike the previous 3. Iraq's climate and terrain is hot and desert-like compared to the relatively balanced climate of Turkey. Iraq was also badly hit in the climate change because the government didn't have plans for reducing its effects and didn't receive any foreign aid. To close that gap, the following governments, computerized or human, will have to execute a series of commands which will have a profound effect on the Iraqi climate. First, in the late 21st century, all carbon emissions will be stopped to slow the rise of temperatues, then, in the early 22nd century, entire artificial forests and plains will be grown and sustained by artifical rain to help create a more sustainable environment. Cooling down the extremely hot temperatures will be much harder and will require decades to achieve using massive atmospherical spheres over cities and parks and building massive walls to stop desertification. Thousands of square kilometers of artificial lakes will also be placed and the rivers Euphrates and Tigris will be diverted to many developing cities to help advance their rise faster. The climates and terrains of Turkey and Iraq are expected to be very similar by 2240-2260. Meanwhile, we ask to increase our co-operation with our regional allies such as Jordan, Israel and the Arab African Republic to prepare for any incoming threats, terrestrial or not(Israeli and Mod responses needed) We oppose a united world government stating the world isn't ready for that yet and that all of the countries' governments must be computerized before such action could be taken into consideration. The GDP per capita stands at about 130,000 USD, 150,000 USD for Turkish citizens and 100,000 USD for Iraqi citizens, the life expectancy is at 102, illiteracy rate is at 1% due to the relatively high Iraqi illiteracy and the hospital bed rate is at 12 per 1000 people. We ask Kurdistan, which is now locked within our territory, if they want to join the Republic, as this will give them many economic and military benefits and they will be an autonomous state with control of internal affairs (Mod response needed). We begin planning an experimental floating city in the Black sea which is destined to roam the West Asian Territorial or international waters. It will house some 2000 humans, will have robot empolyees and guards, will be entirely self-sufficient and will be a test to determine whether this subject should be investigated further.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel wholeheartedly the West Asian Republic's request to improve regional corporation ties, and suggest the Jordanese government in the Israeli Administration of the East Bank and the African Arab Republic to accept the republic's proposal, which should guarantee regional corporation, stability, and a friendly alliance that will be constantly lasting.
  • Communist indiaIndia: : The country's first Communist Prime Minister in the speech to the Indian All Congress has outline India's foreign policy for rest the of his term this is the policy of non align in which India will not take side on warring factions and to adopt isolationist policy restricting trade with other nations and will embark on nationalizing all Indian industries to make the country fully self sufficient,restriction policy- travel will be restricted and a national ID system will be implemented,all foreign owned businesses is to be confiscated or put under local ownership,all foreigners not essential to our industries are encourage to leave the country or face deportation
Communist india

The new communist flag of India

    • Israeli Diplomacy: Although the isolationist policy is a concern for the international community, including Israel, we would like to rather assure that the new policy would not affect the strong bonds between both Israel and India. However, Israel will abide with the new foreign policy and encourage Israeli business to depart from India as requested. Regarding India's "improvements" to turn the nation fully self-sufficient, Israel offers to bring professional businessmen that contains expertise on business and the economic aspect of many subjects. Israel would also like to understand policies on the movement of foreign people, and additionally the fate of citizens that has a dual passports of both Israeli and Indian nationalities. The Israeli Embassy upgrades its recognition of India's recent chances. (Indian response)
      • Communist indiaIndia: we like to assure Israel that the deportation of foreign citizens will be peaceful and we will give at least 5 months for foreigners to leave voluntarily and if they present proof that they are vital to our industries we will not expel them, As you know we have heavy unemployment in the rural areas and we are keen to utilized this idle sectors of the population by employing them instead of foreign workers,we also welcome Israel's offer of expertise we will study the offer thoroughly
  • Scandinavian FlagScandinavia: We condemn Germany's protection of URMA, saying that 'There is bigger things to worry about at the moment and is completely idiotic.' The underground civilization of Malmoseaa is finished, and all citizens from Norway and Finland are moved in to the gigantuan civiliaztion. Stockhallo and Evquin are under construction.
    • Flag of GermanyGermany: We cease recognizing Scandinavia as a country.
      • Israeli diplomacy: We are severely disappointed in witnessing immediate seizures of diplomatic relationship between Germany and Scandinavia. As the Scandinavian side has complained, repetitive bashing messages from Germany are not helpful, and extremely one-sided. We request Germany to reconsider re-opening diplomatic ties with Scandinavia, and apologize for the harsh insults stated against them. Israel would like to announce their neutrality regarding URMA holding Greece and Bulgaria.
      • Germany Diplomacy: First all all Scandinavia started it all by not recognizing URMA as a state, and we feel that we did not "bash" Scandinavia as much as we were helping our ally and we would be happy to restore relations with Scandinavia if they apologize to URMA. But we thank Israel for its concern.
      • Swedish Diplomacy: We do not apologise to URMA as they made the mistake of never holding a UN referendum. We end diplomatic relations with Germany entirely.

2050 Edit

.The unidentified extraterrestrial objects are getting closer and closer to earth. Peak amounts of radioactivity are detected the North Atlantic Ocean, 0.5km below sea surface, leading to the possibilty that a nuclear bomb might've been planted there to be detonated to cause massive tsunamis. The SPFA decide they would agree to negotiate for peace and non-aggression with the West. Meanwhile, civil unrest in Saudi Arabia caused by the effects of climate change, human rights abuses and general tensions between the royal family and unhappy citizens turns into a full-scale civil war with thousands of casualties on both sides.

  • France: (Secret) Top spies retrieved, no threats found. Now spies sent to Israel, SPFA, and Ukraine as the big powers. Careful measures taken to not be traced to France.(Secret) Submarine sent to bomb to disarm it with 'Pit-Stuffing', bomb is disarmed with robotic arms on submarine. (Secret) Enclave cannons analysis begins to attempt to figure out how to make a gravity "force field" (Secret). Telescope is delayed due to submarine, and AI research. Mild nootropic research begins, starting off of Adrafinil, iodine, and Choline. Telescope does start scanning, but in late December. We support Saudi citizens in war by giving 64 tanks. We start broadcasting misinformation to the aliens. We also encourage other countries to.
  • URMA: We are about half way done with our underground city. We make 80% of your tax income to defense and gives aid to the knew formed Greece and Bulgarian Governments.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: As the unidentified object gets closer and closer to Earth, gigantic bases are being built underground to hold the entire population of Ukraine. The military is able to restore control to the country and President Chovus is able to come out of hiding and once again control the country in the public's eye. A gigantic base has recently been completed under the capital of Kiev and evacuations to the underground shelter are beginning. As refugees begin to flee into Ukraine, the government has decided to close all the borders, and nobody but government officials are allowed to leave and or enter the country. (secret) A rocket is being built in order for the president and other government officials to evacuate the planet and land on their secret Mars base (secret). The Ukrainian military hold a press conference with President Chovus leading the conference telling news reporters that, "For the past 100 years, the country of Ukraine has been doing research of a super nuclear missile in which is 20 times more powerful than the Russian 'Tsar Bomba'. It was finally completed and was being repaired to be used in the war against the SPFA. But with the alien threat we will be using the new super weapon against the possible alien threat."
  • Communist indiaIndia: In a bid to bolster its booming economy, India plans to set up more special economic zones and has created a group to assist potential foreign investors, state media and the organizers of an international conference in New Delhi said Wednesday. Hashim Ida, vice president of the newly formed India Economic Development Association, which is hosting the two-day conference, said     the zones "are already starting to be organized all over the country." The meeting began Wednesday with academics and experts from 13 countries — including the US, China, Malaysia and Vietnam — and 60 Indian participants. India still regards foreign investment as too risky but has had its eye on expanding its use of economic zones since the communist take over in the last election, when it announced foreign investors would be given greater restriction on land use, labor and taxes. India, which is one of the world's strongest countries, has now officially follows a rigid planned economy, but authorities have tolerated unofficial capitalist activities for the time being. It has experimented with special economic zones as a means of enticing limited foreign investment. The prime example is the Rason Special Economic Zone, in the far northeast of the country. It was set up in the early February, but made little progress until recently after being reinvented as a joint India-China project. Another India-China joint economic development project on the border between the two countries at Julanpyun is still at a much earlier stage of development. India also has a joint industrial zone with Israel, at Kaong, but that was shut for months this year after Israel pulled its workers out after agreement between India and Israel. The two countries have agreed to reopen Kaong, but it has not returned to full operations and restrictions remain. India abruptly called off trade relation with many countries in its policy of nationalizing the Indian economy in its pursuit for self sufficiency. India now takes Kaong's resumption and the new zones seriously because it believes they could help draw important outside investment and revitalized the economy some more, one of the Communist Party of India stated goals. Doubts remain over whether foreign investors will be willing to take the risk of operating in the India again after being driven out earlier this year. While India has shown new signs of trying to reform its economy over the past year, it has also continued to maintain state control. Instead of "reform" or "change," India referred to the free market style changes late this year as "new economic management methods."
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    Indian armored forces deep inside Pakistan

    After attacks by Taliban elements across the Pakistani border,300,000 Indian troops along with 200 tanks and 100 jet fighters invaded Pakistan in pursuit of the Taliban guerrillas being cuddled by the Islamist led Pakistani government clashes has broke out between both the Taliban insurgents and Pakistani militias on the one side and regular Indian army units on the other,India has drove armored forces deep into Pakistan on the way to Islamabad to liberate the Pakistani capital from extremist Islamist forces
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel is glad to re-initiate the joint industrial zone in India, as we hope that the economic collaboration between both Israel and India will greatly benefit both of our nations, while respecting India's policies on becoming a self-sufficient country through the restriction of foreign workers.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublicWest Asian Republic: We ask Kurdistan again if they want to join our federation, as they will get autonomy and national rights while protected under our republic(Mod response needed). We begin airstrikes against the Saudi royal regime to aid the rebels and topple the Saudi king, hoping a democratic government will prevail. We dedicate some 20% of our budget to equalize the economic conditions between Iraq and Turkey while implementing all of our technology to revolutionize the conservative Iraqi psyche. Polls find that 17.3% of the West Asian population spend nearly a third of their waketime on virtual reality, where in the past decades, entire communities and societies have formed. This, alongside with virtual telepathy, is transforming the West Asian nation and creating a huge gap between those who wish to use such technologies, and those that eschew them. The AI is beginning to play a major role in business and government, and the first government minister that is a top supercomputer is inaugurated earlier this year. Later the following decade, AI will begin to overtake humans in almost all of their high-level tasks. The standards of a "Modern Turkish(Now West Asian) City" described in 2042 have been successfully implemented in all of the Turkish part's big cities, such waste and carbon policies, recycling and transportation, general society and the rule of law. The building standard of 396 of most of the buildings such as housing, business, government, leisure and much more is declared successful, and has thousands of buildings across various Turkish city skylines. In all those things, Iraq lags far behind, and there will be several decades before Iraq reaches the same level as Turkey. We express concern over India's invasion of the Pakistani region of China, stating that "operating in a sovereign nation will raise a lot of questions". We ask India to allow China to deal with the insurgents rather to take matters into their own hands. Despite that, We ask India to increase our economic ties and to allow some of our foreign workers to work in India and help design future Indian cities(Indian Response Welcome). Our F-35 Lightning II are completely retired and the combat section of the air force is now 100% unmanned. All of the human soldiers are now only for maintenance, supervision or base and V.I.P. security.
  • Communist indiaIndian diplomacy: We warn The West Asian Republic from interfering militarily in Saudi Arabia we will not tolerate any bombing of the sovereign kingdom without approval from the U.N. security council in which India is a member,we also oppose its drive to absorb Kurdistan by intimidation(West Asian Republic response needed). if you bomb Saudi Arabia we will be forced to intervene militarily.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We agree to cease intervening directly and stop the bombings in Saudi Arabia, but we are saddened by the hostile nature of India to us, we also state that it is hard to listen to a country which is also now invading a sovereign country(China, because China and Pakistan were unified several years ago). We also state that Kurdistan has the full freedom to remain fully sovereign and that no one is forcing her to join us, however joining us will benefit them in many, many ways. We ask India if we can cease the hostilities and establish good diplomatic relations(Indian Response)
    • Indian Diplomacy: Pakistan is not a region of China' but a rogue Islamist nation it is a haven for terrorist groups threatening India we will not withdraw our armies until we sort them out,another 400,000 ground troops is sent to reinforced forces already in the country, With the capture of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, India is keen on establishing a democratic peoples republic friendly to India.Further India has mobilized its nuclear forces to defend India from foreign threat
  • United Kingdom: On the 17th of January the unidentified terrestial bill is passed and enacted. All military personal are trained in identifeing and securing terrestial objetcts. The Immense Danger Civilan Safety act is passed and enacted on the same date. The act allows for the immediate construction and commandering of all underground facilities in the event of a major disaster. We also warn the West Asian Republic for interfering militarily in Saudi Arabia. The United Kingdom asks France if a further four channel tunnels can be built to parralell the current need for them and an upgrade of the current channel tunnels shall occur as well to let more traffic through (French Response Needed). We improve our economy and military.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: As previously stated, we agree to cease intervening directly and stop the bombings in Saudi Arabia, but we are saddened by such positions of the U.K as there's a real chance to topple the Saudi dictatorship and to establish a democracy there. We hope at least one other nation will support us on that stance.
    • URMA DIPOLMACY: We Support The West Asian Republic on their former attacks on the Saudi Government.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We thank URMA for their support.
    • French Diplomacy: We agree in return for help on our AI projects.
  • Israel: Independent journalists who gathered stories and evidence of possible massacres committed by Palestinian paramilitary forces against Christian, Anti-Saudi Arabia Palestinians and residents opposing the previous Palestinian Authority's motives on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process has been leaked to the mass media, speculating that Israel made the ultimatum to annex most of the West Bank due to oppression by the PA on 2049 and threats against Israel's safety. Both parliaments (Israeli: 76% approval. Palestinian approved: 54%) has decided to reveal the events of the unprecedented massacre committed by Palestinian leaders, who intended to "eliminate whitewashed fools that were casted the devil spell by the occupier Israel, and those who are threatening Palestinian sovergnity". 2048 riots that were organized in the West Bank were in similarity with the other world nations, as many has lost hope due to assumptions of an alien invasion. However, a movement supporting the 2048 Israeli peace proposal to both create a Palestinian nation and battle the alien threat emerged two weeks after, and immediately gained gradual support. With riots reducing to demonstrations pressuring Palestinian authorities to finally accept the Israeli proposal has angered leaders, and demanded the demonstrators arrested. Unfortunately, it has caused a wide impact on observing Palestinians, resulting in increasing opposition against the government, criticizing their unwillingness for an independent Palestinian state. Palestinian forces began raiding opposition forces, and charging them for "threatening nation security", and enforcing very strict laws to silence supporters of "peace with a zionist state", with executions if needed. With massive Palestinian anger against their government's attack on free speech and unwillingness for a peace deal effects the West Bank's stability, Israeli forces were ordered to remain uninvolved with the situation until further order, which led to the Palestinian authority declaring a "war of cleansing" against sinful men and women that are brainwashed by Israeli propaganda, deploying personnel to murder innocent civilians just for their satisfaction, totaling 21,910 deaths. The State of Israel has been absolutely angered by the Palestinian's action, and we ceased recognition of such a vile government and their territorial claims, immediately invading the West Bank and reversing Palestinian control over the region, and re-installing the remnants of the Palestinian parliament. Events of genocide against their own people only due to their opinion is nothing but inhumane, such as what the previous Palestinian authority has committed, and we will provide efforts in re-stabilizing the region and recovering the victims of the oppressive attacks. Israel will swiftly use the opportunity to complete deep negotiations with the new Palestinian parliament in order to develop a renewed proposal for the final border of a Palestinian state. Israel has only funded an estimate of 940 million USDto recover infrastructure and provide compensation, however we would like to request foreign aid given to the West Bank region. (Player responses needed) The 2050 census reports the Israeli Population has reached a surprising amount of 19,125,966 people, which is the double of the 2015 and 2020 projection for 2050, and 75%+ more than the estimated 2035 projection. This is due to the mass-immigration project heavily funded for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Immigration Absorption to immigrate fleeing or registered Jews, whom 99.97% of them entered the Aliyah Program. The population religion group consists of 87% Jews, 8% Muslims, 2% Christians, 1.1% Buddhists, 0.4% Hindi, 0.3% Shinto, and 1.2% are unaffiliated. Due to several individual's decision to move to the West Asian Republic, France, and Japan, 2,009 Israelis discarded their citizenship and moved to their new citizenship on 2050. The nation average for birth rate is an improved 3.1 children per person, whilst the Christian population has recently boomed due to their average birth rate of 5.8 in Israel. The overpopulation in Petah Tiqwa, which is nearly reaching an immense milestone of 5,000,000 residents, is facing a severe situation on how the densest Israeli municipality can be concluded. Although an incorporation of surrounding town into Petah Tiqwa can expand its land, it will not sustain stability in the extremely dense district. The Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure has fiercely campaigned for the government to cut budgets to improve the Petah Tiqwa region, which the PM has been recently discussing alongside the plans for the internationally important summit in Jerusalem, and for other future plans regarding the alien threat and Israel's development. Eventually, the Prime Minister has shockingly announced the cancellation of the Mars colonization project, stating the following, "The State of Israel experienced a timeline of advanced knowledge on astrology, planetology, and the arts of the cosmos. The colonization of Mars was a striking change in humanity's progression in the domination of our Solar system, however we have decided to reduce the program to a research facility rather than a human colony for habitation. All I'd like to clarify is a promise for a move that would shock the space industry, and introduce fortune and further progression in the coming years." As the budget has now been freed, the government is now eager to issue plans for the next several months, including a sudden drop of the national taxes decreasing by a beneficial 3.6%. Petah Tiqwa city will receive a groundbreaking "floor system", where the city will contain floors of 3 above land to promote civilization in different heights, with long towers inspired by West Asian architecture as the supporting blocks of the floors. Central areas and public roads will become significantly wider to cope with the high quantity of people, as the city develops an efficient strategy on avoiding human traffic and embracing brilliant productivity in Petah Tiqwa. The actions for the Petah Tiqwa underground city will be withheld until the new additions are in implementation. The "Green Negev" project installed to transform the Negev region in a hotspot for industrial infrastructure, constructing advanced cities to promise comfortable civilization in the hot area, and turning the south into an agrarian and energy paradise through genetical agriculture, vertical farms, and solar power farms has been expanded to the North and South Sinai district (Eilat and Red Sea district are excluded), due to the Israeli intentions on the development of the regions, and the budget revived due to canceling the Mars project. The riots in Lebanon has greatly reduced due to stability imposed by Israeli paramilitary forces that directly speaks to the Israel and Lebanon joint Administration Center, and has saved Western Beirut and government buildings from destruction, as the nation gradually returns to normal life. With peace talks being finalized with Lebanese representatives and the Prime Minister, the State of Israel is highly confident that diplomatic ties may be agreed with both the majority support of both Israeli and Lebanese citizens. High-level Saudi officials are in custody by secret Israeli guards attempting to apply for political asylum when the "suspicious passengers" descended from a commercial flight from an URMA airliner in Beirut Airport. Investigations have provided Israeli intelligence that almost all Saudi governors and wealthy civilians are retreating from the country due to the civil war, only leaving the Mecca Administration and Riyadh city as the only stable areas, although a portion of the Saudi military joined the rebellion against the royal family. The officials explained they were provided fake passports by Spanish dealers in West Asia's Iraqi city of Mosul after crossing the border, then flew to Lebanon as a transit for their destination of Paris from Georgia. As the Saudi officials are now in custody in Tyre city's police headquarters at Israel, we would like to ask the West Asian Republic, Georgia and URMA to corporate with the Israeli-led investigation in order to identify fleeing Saudi governors and receive more intelligence in the situation at Saudi Arabia, which will maximize the knowledge on Saudi Arabia's conflict and to present these information to the United Nations Security Council. (West Asia, URMA and Mod response needed) Regarding the Saudi conflict, Israel has set a proposal to immediately topple and arrest the Saudi regime to the international court in the Hague, which will only require 430 personnel and a paratrooper carrier that can remain undetected more than 6km away from Riyadh. The swift arrest of the rogue government will be enforced in order to end innocent casualties a disastrous catastrophe in the Arabian Peninsula, and install democracy and a republic government in Saudi Arabia, which will grant the people of Saudi Arabia rights to elect their leader. Although we now support the West Asian commitments on ending the Saudi regime, Israel would like to request the West Asian republic to cease in engaging militarily against the regime, and focus on directly toppling the regime in Riyadh through the proposed Israeli plan. The fate of Saudi Arabia's future and the conclusion of the Israeli-led investigations from fleeing Saudi governors will be discussed in the 2050 Jerusalem summit. (West Asian Republic response needed) The Israeli Administration of the Eastern Bank has officially been unestablished, after it has been approved that the Jordan is now capable of regaining control of their nation and continue to develop their nation as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan's new borders will remain the same as the mandate, with Amman as the capital city. Israel resumes proper and deeper diplomatic ties with the revived Jordanian kingdom. Israel proposes Jordan, the African Arab Republic, Lebanon, and the West Asian Republic to formulate a regional free trade group, consisting of a complex Alexandria-Eilat-Petra-Jericho-Tiberias-Beirut-Homs-Ankara road, deepening the economic ties and the progression of regional wealth and trade. (Mod and West Asian Republic responses needed) The State of Israel offers to host the peace negotiation between the SPFA and the Western Coalition in Tel Aviv, due to Israel's neutrality as a supplier rather than an active belligerent between the two powers. Israel hopes for the two sides to reach an agreement and hope for an end to the conflict. (Mod/Player response needed) Israel has decided to focus their aid in the African continent, to form increased economic assistance and deals to improve both Israel and Africa's economy, and the ties between the nations with the Jewish nation. The project will begin from 2051, where Israel will initiate meetings with Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Central African Republic, and the Republic of Chad to improve their nations, such as public services, transportation, infrastructure, and more. The 2050 elections will be cancelled, providing Prime Minister Mr. Yerushalem an additional term to finalize his campaigns and to combat the extraterrestrial threat. Preparations for the 2050 Jerusalem Summit has been completed, with high-level security enforced and is an international focus for the international media. All world leaders who has promised to partake in the summit, or those that have not made a decision in attending the summit are wholeheartedly welcomed to join and discuss the following intended topics that shall shape the future: - The extraterrestrial threat facing humanity and an international plan to combat the threat. - Establishing a force to reinstate stability in torn nations due to riots and war. - Saudi Arabia's future and the Israeli-led investigations to extract information from fleeing Saudi officials. - Reinstating diplomatic ties with SPFA, and a solution for the SPA-West conflict. - Plans for international development in the next half of the 21st century - A re-clarification on 2050's recognized regional and world powers. - The seizure of current and planned nuclear weapons programs and the prevention of potential conflicts with nuclear weapons. - Discussion on the source of a nuclear weapon discovered in the North Atlantic Ocean - India's occupation of the Chinese region of Pakistan. - An establishment of a renewed G20 organization to aid poorer nations and help advance developing countries. - Any other topics a member nation wants to inform the summit are welcomed, as it will progress the future of civilization. Many important intergovernmental and regional organizations will be attending the summit, including the United Nations. (JERUSALEM SUMMIT BEGINS - Attending nations [+ Mod responses] may discuss and/or propose solutions for the followings.) (SECRET) The Israeli government will be moving to Venus from 2051 to 2053 to further collaborate with Operation Jacob's Daughter, with its objective to fully colonize Planet Venus and initiate civilization and industries there, and to be relocated in a safe area from the extraterrestrial threat The Ministry of Space Administration and Defense is considering the deployment of a Venus fleet. (SECRET)
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We support the Israeli intervention in the West Bank, as long as it is short, and only meant to restore peace and stability and to establish a government which represents the people. We agree to co-operate with Israel on the investigation of Saudi officials. As stated previously, we have ceased intervening directly in Saudi Arabia because it would anger some countries. We agree to establish a reginal free trade agreement with Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and the AAR. We will send some 15 billion USD in aid to the Palestinians over the course of the next 3 years, and we'll send some 40 USD as aid to poorer nations in Africa and elsewhere.
    • West Asian Participation of the Jerusalem summit:We state that the radioactivity in the North Atlantic is quite severe and worrying and must be investigated further. We advise governments to prepare robots to investigate the source and neutralize it if possible. We state that the rebels in Saudi Arabia must be supported, if not militarily than monetarily, because due to their democratic nature, they are the best replacement to the genocidal, gay-killing, woman-repressing, freedom-suppressing regime. We state that although the reasons of India's invasion of China are logical, India must not stay there for long as this invasion only further distabalizes the region.
    • Mod response: Jordan, AAR and Lebanon agree for a regional free trade deal. The SPFA, U.S.A and Australia agree to come to Tel-aviv to negotiate. No response comes from Georgia about the investigations of Saudi officials. Weapons made by the AAR have been found both in the Saudi-government caches and both in the rebels' caches, raising speculations about who the AAR sided with.
  • Communist indiaIndia: We are also warning Israel of pursuing to topple the legitimate Saudi government by force of arms, they should sort out their own problem internally, as for the arrest of some Saudi officials the Israelis should elevate the case to the UN justice tribunal first because making such actions, doing so unilaterally, is an affront to the international community. as to the Pakistan intervention we were forced to do so because of repeated attacks by the terrorist Taliban forces inside that country, as for China if its true that is their territory, then they have neglected the region and has let it come under Islamist control,  India will wait for a Chinese response before any further military action is pursued
  • GERMANY: We help Israel with there internal issues and sends aid to them, we start making underground cities for the invasion and we start making robotic soldiers.
  • Communist indiaIndia: India's burgeoning power on the global stage has sparked widespread perceptions of the country as an aggressive, expansionist power. while India's relative power has grown significantly with its economic rise, its foreign policy aims remain defensive in nature: countering destabilizing influences from abroad, avoiding territorial losses, and sustaining economic growth. Unlike before, "India is now so deeply integrated into the world economic system that its internal and regional priorities have become part of a larger quest: to define a global role that serves Indian interests but also wins acceptance from other countries
  • Scandinavia: We complete the three underground cities designed to shelter people from aliens and begin moving citizens in there. The cities have been designed to withstand any impacts, as well as dealing with an influx of people from surrounding countries such as Germany, Scotland, France, Eurasia and Ukraine. Around 7.8 million homes have been made, the entrance to the underground city allows large amounts of immigrants and residents to access it. In the cities, the houses are all based arou*nd a large atrium, with a glass pane preventing people from falling down the deep cavity. The top of the city is hidden by camouflage, but allows natural light to reach inside. The Scandinavian stock exchange is moved in to the centre of the atrium, but in the case of emergency, all lights and electrical supplies will be turned off, to prevent being found. A series of safety videos were released to show people what to do. 205 emergency rooms had been dedicated as well.


The unidentified object passes some 40000 miles near earth and an advanced scan finds that there is a 99% chance that there were extraterrestrial microbial life on that astroid, indicating it might've been sent by an advanced civilization to earth in hope of contact. Indian armies are still occupying Pakistan while warfare still rages in South America. The Saudi government is starting to show signs of weakness and the rebels have captured 20% of the country while forming their administrative center in Sakakah. The climate change is now devastating many countries and several equatorial countries are declared failed states, while in Asia and South America, rising sea levels have driven tens of millions of refugees out of their countries and into northern or southern latitudes, creating an unprecedented refugee crisis.

  • Communist indiaIndia: After the lack of response from China, India has decided to remain in Pakistan although it has withdrawn the bulk of its invasion forces after a successful military campaign that drove much of the Taliban out of the country,150,000 Indian troops remains to maintan peace and order
  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: The Philippines ask for trade with India as you know we have many natural resource we can trade ,we also want trade with France and Germany
  • Communist indiaIndia: We welcome trade with the sovereign nation of the Philippines we will export runner and spices in exchange for bananas and copra if the Philippines agrees,we also need hemp and tobacco be very glad to trade you for this we weapons and tanks as well as machinery you might be interested with and we want to renew diplomatic relation with your country
  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: We will gladly trade you with this resources ,our country need arms to defend our nation from foreign aggression, Indonesia is trying to take all of Borneo but we lay claim on Sabah since the fall of Malaysia we have trying to take it back, we have border clashes with the Indonesian coast guard, we have the right to claim Sabah I hope you talk to Indonesia about this
    • Indian diplomacy : I advise Indonesia to open talks with the Philippines in the dispute over their claim to Sabah,this should be settled peacefully and without bloodshed if both side agree to sit down and settle things peacefully, India is willing to facilitate the talk if both sides agrees (both Indonesia and Philippine response needed)
  • Flag of FranceFrance: Top scientists, with purchased models and spies, figure out Israel manipulation of gravity. Massive push to generate electricity for gravity force field to be finished January 2052. We increase technology spending. Research increases on transhuman technology, we ask the UK if they will respond to the agreement standing since last year. We congratulate all sides in the Western-SPFA war on cooling down
  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: We welcome India's mediation I suggest the peace talks be held in a neutral country to be fair to both side we advise Indonesia to stop harassing our fishermen in the Bornean Straits(Indonesia response needed)
  • URMA: We expand military and we annex Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria. And we provide aid to the annexed territories.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We advise URMA to at least let the people of those nations choose democratically if they want to be annexed via a refendrum rather than annexing them undemocratically
    • URMA Diplomacy: We tell THe West Asian republic that these countries are better off with us, the governments were useless and the people were still violent and dangerous and we are here to keep the peace.
    • Diplomacy of the Philippines: We oppose URMA's unilateral action in Serbia and Bulgaria because it might destabilize the whole Balkans ,we strongly urge URMA'S military forces to withdraw immediately or my country will file a diplomatic PROTEST to the UN
    • URMA diplomacy: The Balkans right now are already destabilized, the reason that were are occupying these regions is to make it stabilized.
    • Communist indiaIndian Diplomacy: We warn URMA not to invade Serbia and Bulgaria or face UN sanctions as the supreme head of the UN security council ,India urged URMA to withdraw immediately from Serbia and Bulgaria and let those nations determine their own future, The UN will give a deadline for these as soon as an agreement is reach in the security council of the proper date
    • URMA Diplomacy: We ask the UN to have a referendum for Serbia and Bulgaria(MODS RESPONSE NEEDED). And we ask India "What exactly is your place?"
    • Flag of PhilippinesDiplomacy of the Philippines: we support URMA's referendum suggestion but urge URMA to withdraw from Serbia and Bulgaria until the question of sovereignty is answered we also urged India to convene the UN security council as soon as possible (URMA and India response needed)
    • Mod response: The Bulgarian refendrum is held and 55% vote for independence and so Bulgaria asks URMA to receive independence while the in the Serbian refendrum 50% vote for independence while 50% vote against, leaving URMA to decide what to do.
    • URMA Diplomacy: We give Bulgaria freedom while we keep Serbia, we send aid the Bulgarian Government, and we thanks everyone in the international community for there help.
  • Germany: The German Government would like to give a thanks to the Israeli government for helping us with the people of Poland; However, we also give 15 billion dollars to Israel as the 1st of many payments to the horrific killings that happened over 100 years ago.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union again asks Azerbaijan if they would like to join the Union (Mod response needed) begins work on robotic soldiers to replace humans in the military; begins construction on a space battleship similer to a star destroyer from the sci-fi film saga, Star Wars, and announces that they will accept five million refugees without criminal records or ties to terror. All refugees will be given a mandatory health check, with any diseased individuals being offered the choice of not entering the country or being isolated in Siberian medical facilities until clearance.
    • Mod response: Azerbaijani citizens vote for joining the union in a close and tight refendrum, but 500,000 opposers leave the country upon hearing the results, damaging the economy.


India convenes the UN security council to settle the Balkan question, India also suggesting to the counsel that URMA should be sanctioned for violating Serbia's and Bulgaria's sovereignty, the chaos and rioting cause by the alien disclosure have long since been over and most of the nations are now able to return to normal. However, climate change is devastating many vulnerable countries which lack the means of combating its effects. Over 150,000 people have died in the Saudi civil war and there's some evidence of usage of WMDs by the government. Meanwhile, a disastrous earthquake occurs in Japan, 9.0 in magnitude, causing severe damage to several cities and killing 4,000, a relatively low number achieved mainly due to warning technology developed in the recent decades. Material damage, however, is horrible and is estimated to be tens of billions of dollars.

  • URMA: Lol, we have already settled the dispute so lol. And he impose martial law.
  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: Philippine troops land in Sabah in an effort to enforce its claims on the territory and because of the lack of response from Indonesia, with Malaysia in ruins and with no working government of their own , We view its best to place troops on Sabah to maintain a semblance of order amidst report of ethnic fighting among the tribes in the area and looting from Indonesian troops incursioning in the area.
  • West Asian Diplomacy: We veto the decision of the UN council to impose sanctions on URMA since it has managed to conduct free and fair referendums on both nations in question and it has operated according to the outcomes of the referendums.
  • URMA: We thanks The West Asian Nation for there support.
  • Communist indiaIndia: We respect the veto of the West Asian Republic,but move to put UN troops to Saudi Arabia to maintain peace and order in that country, and prevent any other countries from interfering internally, we send economic aids to the earthquake areas in Japan.
  • URMA: We comdem India for using the UN as its personal puppet and condemn them for trying to impose sanctions on us, and we warm India that we have alliances everywhere.
  • Communist indiaIndia: because of URMA's lack of respect to the UN security council and India in particular, it has offended the international body , As council head India moves to censure URMA and imposed some economic restriction on it as it has shown relative aggressiveness among its neighbors, its military forces must be limited so that further future aggression can be prevented, there are reports that URMA's army harbor weapons of mass destruction (WMD) particularly chemical and biological weapons we will sought URMA to open its military inventory to UN inspection, refusal will entail further unspecified UN action (URMA response needed)
  • URMA: We call out India's lies and ask why is India even a part of the U.N. Security Council. We condemn India, but tell India that we all need to arm up for the Alien invasion, we also tell inda that we have already let the country that wanted to leave is to leave. We also place sanctions on India until they can learn their place.
  • France: We request an UN committee to regulate and build an oracle super intelligent AI (you could ask it questions and it would answer a perfect answer.) This could also be useful to prevent an AI apocalypse.[1] We do not believe that a prevention of development should happen, but there should be only an UN AI to prevent it serving the interest of only one country. We would volunteer to donate all our research, and we ask others to do the same (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). If not, we would ask other countries to start the committee together. We increase research in AI, and start using gravity force-fields around vital equipment. We give the rebels in Saudi Arabia a force-field to protect their base. We will sell to other countries for 100,000,000 dollars per 150 by 150 by 150 cubic feet gravity force-fields immune to all weaponry save WMDs. (PLAYER RESPONSES WELCOME)
    • Mod response: The UN states that many states already have their developed super-intelligence and the AI has already reached past the self-improvement point where it can develop itself to become more intelligent and therefore no human involvement is needed. To conclude, says the UN, efforts to "Build" a super-intelligence would be rather unnecessary.
  • Flag of Philippines: Philippines: the Philippines wants the UN to meditate and decide the Sabah dispute as Indonesia is not responding to our calls for a settlement and negotiations, we want the question resolve as soon as possible
  • Mod event: The secretary-general of the UN gives a speech in which he says that the funding sources of the organization have dwindled nearly to zero and that it will find it hard to continue operating without further funding. The SGUN says that in 5 years the whole organization might not exist and urges nations to help fund it.
    • URMA: We send 10 Billion dollars to keep the U.N. up and running.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic West Asian Republic: We offer the Eurasian Union 1.1 trillion in exchange of the Armenian territory(Eurasian response needed). We send some ten billion USD to the UN in order for it to pay its debts and return to normal. Because the government has recently invested trillions of dollars to close the gaps between Iraq and Turkey specified in 2049, results are beginning to show and the gaps are beginning to close. The GDP per capita in Iraq is 120,000 USD compared to the Turkish 165,000 USD, the Iraqi life expectancy is 90 compared to the Turkish 104 and the illiteracy rate in Iraq is 0.04% compared to the Turkish 0.00000076%. The population stands at 210 million with a fertility rate of 2.3 children per woman in Iraq and 2.07 Children per woman in Turkey. We start a primary education program that will be done exclusively in virtual environments, proving successful in recent studies and experiments. Virtual Reality, having first been tested by Turkish scientists in 2039 and exploded in use ever since, is radically transforming society and allowing cheap and plentiful access to fantastically lifelike experiences done in speeds considerably faster than real life. Transhumanism is also beginning to be common, with 12.5% of the citizens using nano-bots for medical purposes, virtual reality or other boosts. The most extreme cases of enhancement involve people opting for decentralized circulatory systems, as well as a form of synthetic blood, reducing physical vulnerability still further. This particular option is only available to the wealthy at this stage, as it involves a highly complicated procedure that radically alters their internal anatomy. The end result is that a person can survive multiple gunshot wounds and other internal damage relatively easily. Politicians and a number of famous celebrities take advantage of this. It is also popular with gangsters and career criminals. Meanwhile, in some fields, the pace of technology has become so fast that humans can no longer comprehend it without augmenting their own intelligence. This is particularly true of computing, nanotechnology, medicine and neuroscience, all of which have seen exponential progress. Due to Moore's Law, the average desktop computer now has the raw processing power equivalent to all of the human brains on Earth combined. There is no longer a clear distinction between human and machine intelligence. Entities of astonishing realism and interactivity are widespread. Many are in fact merging with human intelligence, as the trend towards brain-computer links increases. Due to this incredible exponential growth, AI is now beginning to play a major role in business and governemnt and is generally overtaking humans with organic minds that haven't somehow augmented their own minds to suit the needs of a modern leader/businessman etc.. Therefore, the elections that are scheduled to occur in 2054 won't be about human candidates but rather several ways of the Republic's path chosen by special committee, and made by an extremely complex algorithm of a self-improving supercomputer that has broken the yottaflops barrier several years ago and now has a performance of several dozens of yottaflops. The algorithm takes into account the countless variables that affect the nation and calculates what would be the best path to be chosen in a 100% logical process. The computer can offer thousands of paths, but ultimately, the choices are filtered into 8 options, representing different approaches from around the political spectrum to address the state of the union and the nation's problems. After which, there'd be a general election where the path is chosen by the people, fully preserving democracy despite the lack of human candidates. Human executive officers still exist but in jobs of less significance and their roles are generally supervisory. The parliament also exists and makes new legislations regularly, but later this decade, even that will disappear as a new legislative algorithm will be made to rewrite the very constitution in order for maximum justice and prosperity for all.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: (SECRET) Operation Jacob's Daughter has suffered major setbacks as on November 29th, 2051 unknown components exclusive to Planet Venus has inevitably snuck through the hard anti-material lines that separates the colony zone from the outer research centers, which researchers is close to understanding the material's formula and its capabilities. The information regarding the incident, casualties, and aftermath has been transported to the Ministry of Space Administration and Defense, the National Archives (Declared to remain secret for the next 20 years), and the Jerusalem Menorah Office for Torah Laws. 85 out of 107 human residents has successfully returned to Israel, whilst 9 has been confirmed dead and the rest missing. An Outer Earth Rescue fleet has been assigned to handle the Venus catastrophe, with Ariel Nahash (The national non-public security and investigation branch of the Israeli secret services) ships initiating an orbital investigation on the incident. A hearing will be heard on the middle of 2052. The Venus Mining and Research Industry has been temporarily paused, but will quickly resume with robots replacing man labor. This would mean international trade of Venus imports must be suspended, although the construction of Venus Tower in Central Jerusalem shall continue. It will cost 233 million USD in damages and cleansing to fully repair the Venus base within 1 year and 2 months, already approves by the Knesset. (SECRET) The State of Israel would like to reassure countries its neutrality in the conflict of URMA's territorial disputes with the international community, and will only involve itself if the issue directly impacts the nation. However, Israel recommends that the General Assembly be assigned to reconsider an internationally agreeable percentage for referendums where nations would decide in joining another country, which would resolve difficult situations of nations being easily absorbed into another without the population's actual consent. (Mod response needed) Due to the Jordanian authority in Jerusalem disbanding as of 2050, the State of Israel established the Sacred Guards of David's Capital, consisting of religious leaders and a special brigade set especially for the old city. The regular army will be under the command of the new organization if the personnel enters the area. The Temple Mount, Judaism's most holy site, is now under Jewish control, which the renewed status quotas only permits Jews of appropriate religious authority or authorized by the Sacred Guards of David's Capital to enter and pray there, banning tourism or blacklisted items to the center. Muslim and any other visitors, respectively, will be able to visit the Dome of the Rock anytime, as long as they pass a security and/or verification check. The State of Israel strongly reassures nations and people of concern that Israel upholds a serious tolerance for religious equality and infrastructure, and ensures that security and liberty are upheld with the new quota. The Armenian Quarter is also integrated into the Jewish Quarter, and there are now plans of expanding the Western wall to create an expansive space that can hold around 540,000 people, yet to be allowed. The State of Israel offers an international program for people who intends on visiting the Dome of the Rock exclusive subway tracks that would lead them to the Old City. We welcome any nations to adopt the program into their tourism agencies for their citizens to travel. (Players / Mod responses welcomed) Nationwide anger arouse as a left-wing coalition consisting of 4 parties, third largest behind the Judean Government and the leading Nationalist Liberal coalition succeeded in a proposal to initiate a parliamentary vote to decide whether to change Clauses 5 and 6 of the Jerusalem law to allow East Jeruslaem to be transferred for a future Palestinian state. Prime Minister Yerushalem surprisingly accepted their intentions, but demanded that Clause 7, the law that allows Clause 5 and/or 6 be changed, be removed if the Knesset gains an absolute vote against the proposal. The vote may endanger the Palestinian government's chance in claiming Jerusalem as the capital, although central activity under Palestinian authority currently revovles around Jericho and Nablus, due to the recent territorial change in the West Bank on 2049. Regarding Nablus' development, Israel officially withdraws seeing Nablus/Schehem as an important city to absorb into Israeli sovereignty, with the condition that historical Jewish presence must be preserved and not ruined. Due to France's creation of a gravity manipulation weapon program different from Israel's enclave concept, we convene the United Nations to adopt a resolution that would forcefully restrict the abilities and usage of weapons that can cause gravity manipulations, using a modified version of the Israeli conditions when purchasing Enclave technology - a) Gravity manipulation are restricted to absorb objects and items with a total weight under 750 tonnes (750,000kg), and a radius of 50m. b) Gravity manipulation must not be used as a weapon of mass destruction (Finding a strategy to bypass clause (a), nor a weapon that intentionally causes destruction on civilian and/or protected areas. c) Gravity manipulation in conflicts may not be used unless for emergency cases, self-defense, or in a non-military conduct. d) Producers or possessors of gravity manipulation entities must speak to the United Nations Economic and Social Council if they wish to have an exception from the conditions. If the Council agrees, the United Nations General Assembly is to vote at least a 40%+ approval of the decision. If the disapproval vote reaches 28%, the decision will be cancelled, even if approvals overwhelms the disapproval. e) Permanent United Nations members may not veto decisions made regarding the gravity manipulation resolution. f) An international office assigned to investigate cases of abuse on using gravity manipulation tools will be created, and observe production of these tools. Organizations that refuse to abide Clause f must discuss with the UN office to find a suitable solution without a requirement of the organization being constantly checked. The State of Israel hopes the United Nations swiftly implements the resolution to assure safety for gravitational stability and world peace. Israel recommends that it be the first chief of the UN office due to its lead in gravity manipulation technology, and enforce 5-year terms for each change of chief. Member states that are willing to commit in confirming international obedience to the resolution are wholeheartedly welcome to join if the United Nations agrees with the proposal. (Mod and player response needed) 320 Israeli ground troops, along with 54 military trainers has been deployed to rebel-controlled Saudi Arabia to boost the rebel troop's ability in combat knowledge. Israel reminds India that support for the rebels is not an Israeli invasion against Saudi Arabia, but rather to empower rebels fighting against the unjust and oppressive royal family. The State of Israel stresses that act must be initiated before further attacks by Saudi Arabia using destructive weaponry kill innocent civilians and risk the Middle East of becoming a warzone once again. Israel requests a General assembly regarding the recognition of the opposition rebels as the legitimate government of Saudi Arabia instead of the royal family, and also to permit an arrest of the Saudi royal family because of oppressive war crimes, human rights violations, and misuses of weapons of mass destruction, and bring them to The Hague, United Nation's international court. Lastly, the liberation of the Republic of Yemen and the Kingdom of Oman. Saudi officials detained to corporate with an Israeli-led investigation regarding Saudi Arabia's actions has uncovered a nation that completely disregards human values and an ignorance of international law. The Saudi officials were transferred to a secure location in Holon, where they are treated as official representatives for Saudi Arabia and enjoys, directly quoted from a senior Health Ministry coordinator, "fantastic freedom and joy that could not be possible in our country". If a foreign country wants to meet the officials, they may request so to the State of Israel. Several of the officials has asked that they attend the general assembly as eye witnesses alongside refugees and representatives from the Rebel forces, hoping to convince the international community to pursue the Royal family's topple. Israel also asks Georgia to stop withholding important information that strongly links the Israeli investigation with a  Spanish underground organization in Western Batumi, as it's necessary to uncover smuggling and assassination activities related to deaths and/or illegal transportation of Saudi nationals. In addition, we ask of fellow countries to join the effort against Saudi Arabia and also ask the United Nations to initiate a General assembly regarding the current situation. (Mod response needed) The State of Israel offers 200 million USD in infrastructure aid to Japan, and send 236 Israeli rescue organizations members to assist the international effort to rescue earthquake victims. The organization members will be setting up three field camps and set their headquarters in a public hospital close to the disaster zone. We would like to offer our condolences on the devastating event of such natural disaster disrupting the lives of many Japanese civilians, and the destruction of their homes and property. This earthquake in particular has shown the safety measures Japan has issued to tackle the constant threat of natural disasters, unlike those that occurred at the past few decades. The Israeli High Sage of Tiberias would also like to visit the disaster area to give a donation provided by Israelis citizens in hope for disaster victims to recover, and meet the Jewish communities in the Japanese cities of Kobe, Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Gifu city. In addition, Israel hopes the visit will mark a historical moment for the Israeli-Japanese relationship, and a stage to encourage countries worldwide to support Japan's disastrous problem. (Japan response needed) Government buildings, all institutes (Including schools), parks and central buildings has begun providing free masks and hand sanitizes and posters recommending healthy conducts of disease prevention and a healthier habit, and an education program that would teach children and new immigrants about proper health habits. The Health Ministry considered Israeli society becoming more ill due to many citizens not following healthy procedures (Such as washing hands, cleaning, etc.), a denser population, and more importantly the potential of diseases being spread is much more likely. The project may also expand in distributing hand sanitizers to every Israeli shop, and the attraction of health organizations. Even though Israel is one of the world leaders in health innovation, its citizens have a moderate condition in ensuring their health be protected, which is not enough in a generation of increasing diseases. The Green Negev project has been funded an additional 13 billion USD due to gaining the government's confidence that the project will drastically improve the Negev and Sinai region's development, both in civilization and agriculture. Beer Sheva has reached the population of 387,800, still retaining its position as a Central hub of the Negev District. Mt. Catherine has been renamed to the Eastern Sinai Mountain, whereas St. Catherine has been renamed to Sinai City, becoming the capital city for the Sinai districts, and a central hub for economic activity in the Sinai Peninsula. The disbandment of the Irbid refugee camp has returned the 1.4 million Jordanian, Syrian, Omani, and Saudi refugees into Jordan, or transported those willing to claim asylum in the Eurasian Union, which is housing five million spots for refugees without a criminal record, where the authority promises to take care of the victims of war in Saudi Arabia. The State of Israel donates 21 billion USD to the United Nations. However, we recommend all world powers to contribute for the United Nation's stability, as the organization is the cradle of world peace and stability, and its collapse will only result in unfortunate disaster with no international law being applied. The State of Israel establishes the Aqaba free port and instantly merges it with the Eilat free port, forming the Port of Eilat, or the Port of the Red Sea. The extended port will profit trade by more than double, and promote increased activity in the Gulf of Eilat. The State of Israel is opening a Special Economic Zone in Magna, Edom District (Inside the Hejaz) for attracting foreign economic activities in the District of Edom, and an introduction of SEZ naval activity within the Red Sea ports. Nations that are interested of operating their businesses in the Special Economic Zone of Magna are wholeheartedly welcomed to use the area to increase economic activity with the State of Israel, and the development of the District of Edom. (Player responses welcomed) A new Israeli proposal to create a Palestinian state is in its final planning stages, and shall be presented on 2053. Israeli delegates has returned from Beirut to present their final peace talks to the Knesset, showing great potential for a permanent peace deal to be achieved, including the start of Israeli-Lebanese diplomatic and economic relationship, and the lifting of sanctions that were initiated decades ago. The State of Israel would like to formally ask of the Lebanese Republic to gather in Beirut in order to sign a peace treaty, and the beginning of official diplomatic ties. (Mod response needed)
    • Mod response: 4 European countries and the U.S establish tourist routes to and from Jerusalem and congratulate Israel for its handling of the Old City. An official lawsuit in the International Criminal Court is filed against the Saudi regime for war crimes, genocide, human rights violations and aggressive violation of a country's sovereignty. Japan thanks Israel for its support and promises to strengthen relations and co-operation. Meanwhile, due to a general shift of opinion, Indonesia and Malaysia recognize Israel and ask to establish formal relations. Lebanon agrees to gather in Beirut in order to discuss a peace treaty. Saudi Arabia, enraged by Israel's actions, launches a barrage of rockets into Israel, damaging several buildings and wounding 3 people but without fatalities. A UN resulation decides to encourage research on gravity force fields but to ban all military use of it, fearing it will fall into the wrong hands.
      • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel welcomes the lawsuit of the aggressive regime of Saudi regime, no longer recognized by their own citizens and proceeded to conduct acts of various crimes of unbearable severity, and demand the royal family to surrender to UN Administration, in accordance to the international decision. Israel also officially upgrades their ties with the opposition forces against the Saudi regime after Saudi Arabia launched missile raids into Israeli and Jordanian territory. Our aftermath statistics describe the damage as generally moderate, due to the Iron Dome defense system eliminating 15 of 19 rockets. Israel's modern emergency system provides hospitable warnings of an imminent attack, and enables public guidance to shelters and/or an appropriate area to retreat, while households has their underground shelters swiftly prepared for residents to hide, hereby conducting a reactive response to defend citizens from invasive attacks in Israeli soil. Emergency alerts has sounded in the following districts - Midian Governate in the District of Edom, Eilat and Aqaba in the District of Eilat, and Sector 12 of the District of the Negev. 3 Rockets, 2 shot down by the Iron Dome and one failed to eliminate, crashed into a Northern street at Eilat, destroying a 6-floor apartment, injuring a female as she was about to escape the building. Another rocket shot down by the Iron Dome fell into a public park, lightly harming two people, while the rest has fallen into open areas. We have retaliated by deploying a N-99 Spear Jet and completely destroyed a 180m strip of a regime-controlled military base that contains an enormous inventory of weaponry close to rebel position, allowing the opposition to raid the base and continue marching close to Riyadh. Due to limitations regarding controversy for Israeli or West Asian infiltration of Saudi Arabia (India's and the UN Security council's intervention), we ask of the Saudi opposition army to analyze the aftermath of the airstrike. (Mod response needed - Need info for Casualties / Damage / Events after the airstrike) After undisclosed meetings in Kenyan Somalia, we shall now fund five million USD worth of weapons to the Royal Army of Oman, who are currently attempting to fight the Saudi Regime that has invaded its nation. We call the international community to begin supporting the invaded population and military forces of Yemen and Oman in order to push Saudi Arabia back to its original territory, and restrain their ability to restart another aggressive conquest for their sake of imperialism. (Player responses needed) The State of Israel strongly condemns the Saudi regime's insane lust of aggressiveness, stating that every second more of the regime controlling over the innocent population within the Arabian Peninsula, the people would further suffer from their oppression and ignorant violations of war crimes and human rights as well. Because the Saudi regime is specifically sought for criminal felonies, we discharge government officials of Saudi nationality, where they may stay in Jerusalem International Hotel, or move to centers created for the protection of these governors. We thank them for their corporation for the exposure of Saudi Arabia's crimes, and equally hope for the regime's surrender. The State of Israel happily accepts Malaysia and Indonesia's request of starting formal relationship.
      • Mod response: A drone analysis of the aftermath of the attack, alongside with information on the base to begin with concludes that a large stash of ammunition worth hundreds of thousands of dollars has been detonated, while the strikes killed 25-35 Saudi soldiers. Omani forces, which are losing ground to the Saudis, express their appriciation for Israel's vocal support.
      • West Asian Diplomacy: We agree with Israel on the issue of blatant Saudi crimes and aggression and state that the rogue regime must be toppled.
    • French Diplomacy: We object to the term "weapon" for our deflectors, and ask all countries to not count our deflectors as weapons of mass destruction. We also suggest a revision to the resolution in part A: "a) Gravity manipulation are restricted to absorb objects and items with a total weight under 750 tonnes (750,000kg), and a radius of 50m, unless the tool is for mining purposes, or other only non-war purposes." Finally, we ask for a place on the council if the resolution passes. (Israeli response needed)
    • Flag of GabonGabon diplomacy: We agree banning gravity WMD. We have none and never wanted any.
    • Flag of IsraelIsraeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel withdraws the term of the French program of gravity manipulation as "weapons", but the Israeli proposed resolution will not change due to the equally destructive misuse of industrial and/or non-military purposes as well. If an exempt of the conditions is sought, they may follow Clause d accordingly. Israel also accepts the French application in becoming a member of the proposed UN office for monitoring and investigating usage of gravity manipulation.
  • Flag of GabonGabon: (In real life Gabon is predicted to be one of the better off central African states and I don't think an in-game war has reached the region yet). 5 light tanks are made. Urban sanitation/ is upgraded. We improve our roads and add a 2 year plan to covert our urban railways to Maglevs and our rural ones a few years later. Our OTL iron and manganese mines run out about 10 years ago so we prospect for new ore (Wikipedia says there is lots, but it's mostly deep in the jungle). We draft 1,250 in to a reinforcement for our 2,500 strong rag-tag army. We offer an alliance and trade deal with France, America and/or Israel. We oppose Gravity manipulation weapons of mass destruction and ban them in Gabon. We send some food aid to Japan.
    • Flag of IsraelIsraeli Diplomacy: As part of the Israeli effort to increase economic and business ties with African nations, including the prosperous Republic of Gabon, Israel welcomes Gabon's offer of a trade deal. Israel also invites Gabon to set businesses in the Special Economic Zone of Magna in the Israeli District of Edom.
    • Flag of GabonGabon dip': We agree.
    • URMA: URMA would like to begin Diplomatic and trade relations to Gabon. And also would like to perform joint Military exercises with the country.
    • Flag of GabonGabon dip': We agree. We also set up the 50 man Le Secret Service Gabonaise to monitor any terrorist threats to the visiting diplomats.
    • URMA: We give 5 billion dollars the Gabon to help them with there plans for there nation.
    • Flag of GabonGabon: Thank You.

2053 Edit

The Republic of Ireland has a new nationalist government elected and the president vows to unite with northern Ireland. The Irish Defence Forces begin a massive buildup on the border with the North, preparing a possible invasion. Meanwhile, a recent UN report suggests that the devastating effects of climate change in Bangladesh(which is now economically bankrupt and politically and socially a failed state) have killed 15 million people and created nearly 100 million refugees, most of them going to India and some going to China and other neighbouring countries. Due to the rising sea levels, some 22.6% of the land area in Bangladesh has been flooded. Meanwhile a Saudi agreement with the Emirates forms a single Arab state, covering both of them, which is a significant boost to Saudi Arabia's military and economy. Despite the UAE's economic power has waned over the years due to oil scarcity, its military power hasn't. Oman fails to hold its territory and falls to the Saudis and UAE, which have named their superstate "The Arab Peninsular Kingdom". The Omani sultan flees to the Arab African Republic, leaving his family behind. With all that new territory, the APK is a major power and threatens the world peace. Meanwhile, the Saudi rebels have reached a stalemate with the government, holding 22% of the territory of the original kingdom. Their leader says: "We'll never surrender, we shall fight on and on until we bring democracy, freedom and rights for all and his majesty to justice." A 6-month ceasefire between the SPFA and the coalition is reached, and peace negotiations can now fully take place. Meanwhile, massive tropical cyclones wreak havoc throughout mediterranean coastlines, killing 600 people in the Arab African Republic and 300 people in Greece and Italy. The last two have seen their power wanes and many refugees from the Middle-East going in, putting a burden on their economies and cultures. Hardline governments have risen, taking strict measures against immigration and even deporting some with force. Meanwhile, an international team of divers dives into the Atlantic in order to investigate the source of unusual radioactivity. They never returned. Lebanese and Israeli diplomats gather in Beirut to discuss a peace treaty and there is progress in matters involving minor border disputes and economic co-operation but the Lebanese still insist on signing a deal only after the Palestinians achieve statehood. The UN general assembly passes a decision to condemn the conquest of Sabah by the Philippines and to return it to Malaysia, or else there would be boycotts, divestments and sanctions against the Philippines. The APK(previously Saudi Arabia) is banished from the UN and 59% of the UN members have cut their relations with it. Meanwhile, codes of a super-missile made by the SPFA have fallen into the wrong hands by hackers, and that missile is launched into Islamabad, killing 500,000 people, among them 100,000 Indian troops. The preparators haven't revealed their identity but have released an anonymous message, demanding the Indians to withdraw from Pakistan or to face "unprecedented devastation". Meanwhile, global average temperatures have risen by 3 degrees C, with an African average of 2.8 degrees, European and Asian average of 3.3 degrees, South American average of 2.6 degrees, North American average of 3.5 degrees and a polar average of 9.4 degrees. The arctic is ice-free during the 3 hottest months. Canada, however has benefited greatly from the climate change, receiving many new citizens and harvesting the resources of its once inaccessible north, and has become a major power with increasing influence both at its continent and abroad. Global population , which stands at 9.3 Billion currently, begins to level off and plateau, mainly due to falling fertility rates because of better education and birth control but also due to the millions and millions of deaths caused by climate change and various conflicts throughout the globe. Meanwhile, a terrorist group arises in the Arab African Republic which claims to be the successor of ISIS and it's gaining popularity, with 5000 members and growing; It's called the "Islamic Caliphate".

  • Scandinavia: After the 2053 election, Aska Le succeeds Agneta Mao Li as prime minister, as the Moderate party wins the vote again for the 4th term in a row. We call for anti-invasion talks with Ireland, saying that an invasion of Northern Ireland would only make matters worse. We also call for talks with the United Kingdom, with the prime issue being the threat of invasion by the nationalist government of Ireland. Furthermore, we wish to discuss better trade options with the United Kingdom, in hope of strengthening diplomatic ties with the country (British Diplomatic Response needed). We propose to take about 300,000 refugees from Bangladesh, and if the conditions in Bangladesh, we would be willing to take about quadruple that amount, if necessary. We condemn the deal made by the Emirates, saying that the risk of being invaded is incredibly high, especially by the United States, Iran and India. We send 200 million Krone to Mediterranean nations affected by the hurricane. We condemn the Philippines. We wish to strengthen diplomatic ties with Canada. On a conquest for oil, we invade Scottish waters, and the Shetland Islands (Mod Response).
    • Mod response: The Scandinavian forces take the Scots by surprise and gain control of Unst and Yell but are repelled by the Scots in the rest of the Islands, leading to a stalemate. Scandinavia receives widespread condemnation and the UN secretary-general issues a statement: "Scandinavia's pure aggressiveness is a threat to world peace and must be stopped. I called on the Scandinavian government to immediately cease its invasion of a sovereign territory and comply with international law." The UN passes a resulotion condemning the invasion and demanding Scandinavia to withdraw from the territories it has occupied or to face international sanctions and UN forces assisting the Scots in repelling Scandinavia out of The Shetland Islands
  • Flag of Macedonia-AlbaniaURMA: We Condemn the Scandinavian invasion of Scotland .We also send aid to African Arab Republic and ask The African Arab Republic if we can send ground troops to assist them.
    • Mod response: The AAR thanks URMA for its support but states that it has the necessary power to deal with terror and declines the offer.
  • Communist indiaIndia: Any decision regarding disputes must be handled by the UN security council, there will be no unilateral action by individual nations without consulting the international body, All action by the UN is sanctioned by the international community of nations ,and will be final, we are proposing the creation of the UN Armed Forces consisting the combined armies of the nations of Earth to keep peace and order in the planet and discipline aggressive and hostile nations, we present this plan to fellow UN security members (United Republic of Eurasia,Ukraine,West Asian Republic response needed)
    • URMA Diplomacy: We once again Condem India for its use of the UN as its own personal puppet. And we ask all nations invited, especially Ukraine our closet ally to veto India's proposal.
  • Communist indiaIndia: URMA has not answered the question of the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), especially its reported stocks of biological and chemical weapons,it has not permitted the UN inspection team into the country,it has gone as much as stopping any inspection teams at gunpoint in its border from entering the country,there are also reports of alleged ethnic cleansing in the countries it is militarily occupies, can URMA's leadership answer this allegations 
  • URMA: We Allow all UN security council members but India to inspect our weapons and also Hardly Condemn India for even thinking that we would perform ethnic cleansing. And we call out all the lies that India has been spreading about the stopping at Gunpoint. We ask the international community to put sanctions onto India for there lies.  
  • Communist indiaIndia: On the question on Sabah technically Malaysia doesn't exist anymore because it has fallen to civil war, with most of the northern regions taken over by the Malaysian communist party and its guerrillas (incidentally we are supporting the communist party of Malaya), while in the south chaos and infighting reigns as several factions and tribes are clashing with each other, so there is neither a working government or order working in the whole country (We propose to send Indian peace keepers to restore order), the Sabah dispute is a very old issue and we believe the Philippines has the right to claim it as it is the territory of the Sultanate of Sulu ,which is part of the Philippines, India propose to host talks between Indonesia and the Philippines both claimant of Sabah
    • Indian diplomacy: India deploys 2 aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea off the shore of Greece this is due to recent instability in the area cause by URMA'S annexation of territory in the Balkans and the question of UN inspection of suspected arsenal of WMD by URMA's military, the deployment is strictly peace keeping and the carrier strike group is deployed in international waters
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We express our dissatisfaction from the UN's increasing dominance over the nations' decisions and actions, guided by India. We demand this invasive, pervasive and discriminatory march of hypocrisy to be stopped immediately.
    • Indian diplomacy: The deployment is strictly peace keeping and with the purpose of defusing tension in that area, our aircraft will not enter any country's airspace but will remain in international waters, mainly conducting military exercise and anti piracy operation, let us assure every nations that we are under the UN mandate and will follows the orders of the UN Security Council
    • URMA: We tell India to back off of your shores. We tell India that Greece is more stablized then it was before. We give India an Ultimatum . Back off your prepare for war will all of Nato and other allies of ours.
      • Mod response: The UN will not tolerate threats and insults so URMA better watch what it says or suffer further sanctions and consequence
    • Indian diplomacy: We send another carrier group to the Mediterranean to augment India's naval forces already deployed there this in light of URMA's military threat any attack will be considered an attack on the UN itself
    • URMA Diplomacy: We call of our allies to condemn India for there lies and their threats. We no longer recognize India under the Communist government.

Italy: After overthrowing a democratic government, the Kingdom of Italia has been formed with its new Emperor, Fresco Francis The Third. We have now sent out a letter to India for a diplomatic meeting and the United Nations Security Council to ask for entry. (Mod response needed) After further thinking, we would like to call a meeting for the world in Rome, so we could meditate a situation with URMA and India. Thank you.

  • Mod response: UN council votes to accept Italy as a non-permanent member in 2054, the next year.
  • West Asian Diplomacy: We greet the newly established kingdom, and ask to establish diplomatic relations with it.
  • Italy Diplomacy: We would like to ask the West Asians for a trade agreement. If they have any more offers or deals, we will be happy to discuss them.
  • West Asian Diplomacy: We happily sign a trade co-operation deal with Italy and establish better relations with them.
  • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel welcomes the new Kingdom of Italy, and re-recognizes the established kingdom. We also seek to establish diplomatic relationship as well.
  • Israel: The State of Israel temporarily withdraws their proposal for the swift creations and territorial definitions for an independent Palestinian state due to the regional instability. We would like to reassure the renewed Authority of Palestine Zone (APZ) that a formation of a Palestinian state without assurances of a secure and prosperous developement may result in an unforseeable conflict that would be influenced from unstable zones, which would in turn affect neighboring states, including Israel. However, we would like to propose a deal that would grant the APZ greater autonomy and border control in Central Sectors 2 and 5, Eastern Sectors 6, 9, and 12, and Western Sector 4. The proposal shall also promise the return of the Gaza Strip to Palestinian authority, as the Israeli campaign in abolishing presence of terrorist activities, weapon ownership, and implementation of policies in enforcing stability, and preventing future extremist plans has been accomplished, providing the opportunity for the Israeli Administration in transferring limited quantity of civilian law into the region, and opening the sea border for international economic activity to continue. We empathize that Palestinian autonomy will encourage possible independence for the Palestinian people, and greater developement in the Judea and Samaria region, and hope that the Palestinian side will accept the intiative. The agreement shall be formally official upon signing the decision in the city of Nablus, the de-facto capital of a Palestinian autonomy. (Palestinian [MOD]response needed) (SECRET) The Israeli secret service headquarters probe in possible infiltration by agents from the African Arab Republic into Gazan institutions such as the Gaza police station, and the APZ branch of the Gaza Government. Mossad agents has been deployed to observing and arresting the possible agents within Gaza, and also sent several supreme-ranked agents to infiltrate the already-troubled AAR government to understand their intentions. (Requesting Mod response regarding AAR intentions for Israel, information about a possible infiltration, Gaza and/or the West Bank, European Union, the Eurasian Union, the APK, Omani Sultan's asylum in the AAR, and the West Asian Republic.) Israeli agents will remain in deployment within the next 2 years, unless extended by the office if the AAR is found as a threat to national security. (SECRET) The Israeli Ambassador for Ireland forwards a stressed message by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, pressuring the Republic to withdraw from any intentions on abandoning the positive ties with the UK and violating their national soveregnity, and instead seek peaceful negotiation between both sides that will discuss the fate of Northern Ireland, which Israel also requests the United Kingdom to proceed in taking. The State of Israel will wholeheartedly welcome negotiation to begin in Holon, if both sides wish to start negotiating in a foreign host. Regarding the situation, an Israeli journalist has raised an internationally heated debate in questioning a possible UK economic and political crisis if a war starts in the British Isles, which international trade may suspend shipping to the region. (United Kingdom response requested) . The State of Israel shall entirely refuse recognition of an "Arab Peninsular Kingdom", and will treat the following illegitimate country as a terrorist state that must be abolished at the utmost priority, and classify them as an enemy state. Following our decision to consider the APK as a threat, we pledge our alliance with the Yemeni forces struggling to battle the regime invading their territory. 7,460 HNN-Ariel strategic bomber mini-drones, renowned as an advanced technology classified as a national weapon (Restricted from foreign exporting), capable of becoming invisible to radar technology while unleashing deadly strikes, has been deployed to attack the following areas: Riyadh residency of the royal family, Port of Gizan, and APK positions in Western Saudi Arabia, including positions obstructing Yemeni and Saudi opposition forces. 6 squads of Israeli special forces also initiates an immediate rescue mission, and has attacked the occupied residency of the Al Said family. (Mod response needed - Result of rescue mission + casualities & aftermath) Israel requests the reformation of an international coalition to initiating a worldwide effort in ending the illegitimate regime's rule in the Arabian Peninsula, and to help administer the occupied region once fully invaded, which an agreeable plan shall be discusssed once a coalition is formed. The State of Israel externally invites the fallen rulers of Oman, the main opposing forces in Yemen and the General Saudi opposition to become key members in the coalition to assist their empowering efforts to pushing the APK invasion. (Player / Mod responses requested) The 2,860 UAE nationals residing or visiting in Israel will need to attend an examination to confirm their status as a foreign civilian, and not politically nor militarily aligned with the so-called rogue entity of the, "Arab Peninsular Kingdom". In addition, Israel implements 38 Iron domes, 11 Spear of Davids, and the newly approved defense weapon of the Jerusalem's Wrath, which details of the particular technology shall be withheld, in order to ensure safety for Israeli civilians. Regarding the conditions of a final peace deal with the Lebanese Republic, Israel wholeheartedly understands their reasonings, however, for the sake of stability and growth for Lebanon, we request to increase economic ties between each other, which will both benefit regional developement and frees Lebanon from economic isolation from the Southern border. Israel also asks for a poll regarding the public opinion of the peace deal in Israel and Lebanon, in order to encourage Lebanese diplomats to engage in the peace process. We are highly confident there will be positive results due to very high satisfaction by Lebanese/Phoenican citizens in Israel, and Pro-Israel demonstrations in Nazareth, and even Lebanese cities from 2047 ~ 2049. (Lebanon response needed - Mod response needed regarding poll results) The State of Israel is strongly alarmed by an unprecedented compromisation of a SPFA super-missile, which striked and devastated the city of Islamabad. We immediately set anti-high range weapon defenses, and encourage other nations to do the same action. We also strongly condemn the ill-intended masterminds of  the attack, and example how lack of security in certain nations has led to the possession of a weapon of mass destruction, which we plead to the SPFA to enforce before any further disasters occurs. The State of Israel sends their extreme condeolences to the 500,000 victims of the terrible incident, and would like to immediately send our national rescue forces into Islamabad to cope with the situation. (India response needed) (SECRET) Israeli investigators has strongly linked, once more, a Spanish underground organization in Western Georgia, to be involved in the incident, which we shall now classify them as a Level-2 threat. As the Republic of Georgia refused to accept coorporation with our previous investigations regarding the organization, the State of Israel will commission 40 Mossad agents (All in different passports and completely different identities), and 2 Shin Bet officers (To arrest an Israeli suspect involved in the investigation) into Georgia and Eurasian-controlled Armenia to investigate the followings. (Mod response regarding investigation results needed) (SECRET) Due to security purposes, visitors from the following countries shall be involved in a minor security check which will not affect their travel whatsoever: Republic of Georgia, and Croatia. The Scandanavian invasion of Scottish sovereign territory is most definitely a violation of both international law, but a declaration of war in the European continent itself. We strongly agree with the UN resolution demanding the Scandanavian forces to withdraw from the Shetland islands and deliver an apology regarding the attack.
    • Mod response: The Palestinians accept the terms with the condition that Israel will make a proposal for a fully independent Palestinian state "with regards to Jerusalem" within 3 years. The spies in the AAR have revealed that the unity government in the AAR is divided between the hawkish factions of the southern parts of the nation(Mainly Sudan and Mauritania) and the doves of the northern parts(Mainly Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria). The hawks want the AAR to adopt an Islamic and isolationist foreign policy whereas the doves want to adopt a liberal, western-friendly foreign policy. The doves are superior in terms of control but because of the political instability nothing is certain. No plans regarding other nations have been discovered, nor unusual army maneuvers and plans. The Israeli commandos which arrived at the royal family's residency found out that they have been moved to Riyadh under the cover of darkness. 1 hour later the commandos intercept a video of the Omani family pledging allegiance to the APK. However, the commandos have managed to kill 20 Saudi soldiers and collect data about the APK's intentions about the remaining peninsular kingdoms. The U.S.A decides to join forces with Israel and begins co-ordinating bombardments of Saudi forces and bases with Israel. Lebanese polls find that 53% support a potential peace deal with Israel, 20% have no opinion and the rest are opposing. The most pro-Israel group are Christians with 60-18 and 22% have no opinion, and the most anti-Israel group are Shiites with 23-59 and 18% have no opinion. Several radical figures in Lebanon have said that they shall use "all means necessary" to prevent a deal with the "Zionist rogues". A Mossad agent captures a hacker from the Spanish Underground group and discovers that the group, though not directly responsible, has provided the preparators with some technical aid but the hacker refuses to tell more. It's up to Israel to decide what to do.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We side with Israel on the matter of the APK and intensify our bombings. Despite Israel has described her HNN-Ariel as a weapon preserved to itself, we kindly request to buy merely 100 of these drones for 5.9 billion dollars to help our war effort. We also say that the price is fully negotiable.
  • Scandinavia: We withdraw all forces from the Shetland Islands and move them to the Faroe Islands, we apologize to the Scottish government and send them 30,000,000 Scottish pound as an apology gift. We offer Scotland, the Eurasian Union, Canada, Japan and the U.S.A. a place in the new organization, the Arctic Union, focused on preventing sea levels from rising, protection of the Arctic and trade. We urge Greenland to join us or face the possibility of invasion from the United States, as they embark on this united North American country idea, and we will focus on protecting the last remaining inuits on this land if they join us. We also urge Kalingrad, Murmanskaya, Kareliya and Leningradskaya to join us, as the Eurasian Union begins to weaken.

2054 Edit

The war on the SPFA is finally over. The West has committed to leave the Brazilian territory they've conquered and to lift sanctions and embargos and the SPFA comitted to give all of the Central American countries independence under neutral governments and vowed never to be aggessive again. A new pacifist government recently elected in the SPFA forms a new non-aggressive constitution and the SPFA turns to a western democracy. The war has cost the lives 8,400,000 people, 3,000,000 from the West, 4,000,000 from the SPFA and 1,400,000 from struggling Central American countries the stood against the SPFA. The monetary cost is unknown but is estimated to be trillions of dollars. The "Islamic Caliphate" terror organization has now over 15,000 and has killed 250 people in various terror attacks in Africa and Europe. National emergency is declared in the Arab African Republic. The U.S, with an ever more fragile and struggling economy, begins talks with Canada about uniting into a single political and economic system which would be called the "North-American Union". Mexico also expresses interest. The war on the SPFA have taken its tolls on the environment, especially in the Amazon rainforest, where some battles took place. Several thousand square kilometers of forest have been deforested. Lacking international aid, the Saudi moderate rebels see their power wanes and request help for their struggle before it's too late. The Scots drive the Scandinavians out of the Shetland Islands and call for the international community to cut all ties with it. Bangladesh's government collapses and the country is in total anarchy. On the Indian border there are some 20 million refugees seeking refuge. Many are dying of diseases and malnutrition, among other things. The unidentified hacker team, having been unanswered, launches another SPFA-made super-missile into Abbottabad with their codes, killing 655,000 people, among them 110,000 residing Indian troops. The hackers release a warning message that states: "This is the last time we will send a missile at your troops. If you fail to retreat we will launch those missiles at your civilians and cities." Rumors of nuclear weapons at the hands of the royal Saudi family are widespread, leading to fears that they might use them to crush the rebellion. However, no serious research on that issue has yet been conducted.

  • Italy: We are sorrowed to here of the new super missile launched at Abbottabad. We send India our deepest regrets. In response to this missile crisis and what it has shown, we have started to open up a new government program, called TABOD, or The Anti Ballistic Object Defense. We have also given 50 Million Euro's to this program, which is currently making new defense and attack gravity missiles. No plans for nuclear versions of these are being made. We would also like to ask Germany and Scandinavia for a) country recognition, and b) diplomatic talks. (Player response needed) Thank you.
  • URMA: We once again place sanctions on Scandinavia, also start air dropping food and supplies to the people on Bangladesh we also half heartedly give 1 billion Euro's to India to help with the refuges
  • Communist indiaIndia: In the light of the terrorist attacks against civilians and Indian troops in Pakistan, India pass a resolution in the UN security to send UN peace keepers in the country, indian troops will withdraw at the time the UN peacekeepers comes in and we strongly condemn this blatant terrorist attack, we call on the international community to launch a new War on Terrorism
  • Italy Diplomacy: In response to the recent creation of TABOD, Italy has put out a request for a new member to the project, which if anyone joins, will become a joint operation. Italy requires 1 trillion Euros or its equivalent to make the project 1. Bigger, and 2. Multi-continental. If pledged, the county(s) will gain the information and blueprints for the project, and be able to get some of the missiles from us. However, it will have to be renewed in 2070 for more information/blueprints. Thank you.
    • Flag of IsraelIsraeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel thanks the Kingdom of Italy for the kindful invitation to found an organization structured to produce advanced defense systems, however Israel already possesses their own defense system that has guaranteed national security for decades. In the near future, there may be possibility of reconsideration in participating in TABOD. Israel is also concerned regarding the Italian announcement of including gravity manipulation in the project, citing the recent UN resolution banning gravity manipulation from any military purposes, which we hope the plans will be withdrawn, as violating the conditions will only invite strenghtened investigations by the UN Investigation Office for Gravity Manipulation (UIOGM), and possibly international sanctions. (Italian response requested)
    • Italy Diplomacy: We heed the call of our UN brothers, and decide to cancel the Gravity Department in TABOD. To compensate, our scientists will start to work and research Antimatter. As we know nothing yet, TABOD will just be focused on the missiles for now. We hope to make our first Antimatter reactor by 2061, and incorporate with TABOD 2065. Thank you.
  • French Diplomacy: We remand Italy of the gravity agreement prohibiting attack gravity devices. We will sanction them if they refuse to comply to the agreement.
Rp troops

Filipino troops on the march

  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: The Philippines insist on claiming back Sabah because the Indonesian is grabbing it without permission from Malaysia which has no working government and in total chaos, we have more legitimate right to Sabah than Indonesia for it is an ancestral territory of the sultanate of Sulu which within the our territory, We want UN mediation to settle the dispute and prevent an all out war between us and Indonesia (we have massed 50,000 troops to take Sabah if needed be),(players and UN response needed)
  • Communist indiaIndia: We have passed a resolution in the UN security council about the question of Sabah, We urged patience in the part of the Philippines and hope it doesn't take drastic and hasty steps to war to claim Sabah ,we believe we can settle this dispute peacefully otherwise we could put UN peacekeepers in the disputed region (Philippine response needed)
  • France: We thank everyone for putting us on the UN. We finally, after many years, get sufficient AI for an AI-bot program. We combine gravity manipulation with robots for a battle on terrorism. We send 100 bots to the conflict areas with high-level gravity bubbles around them which can A. Lower gravity for enhanced jumping for hundreds of feet B. Make a forcefield protecting them from most weaponry C. Hover at fast speeds. We ask countries/the UN to help with the building (PLAYER/UN RESPONSE WANTED) We set up some safe zones, and give refuge in France. We start a space program with only AI guidance, which will use asteroids to build bases with a gravity ship trailing non-Pluto Kuiper Belt objects behind it, accelerating at 1g, due to launch by 2056, and stabilize in 2062. It will be used for mining. We starting building microwave energy stations to power the resulting object, about 2.5 times the size of the moon. (SECRET) France plans to build "Terra 2", which will be around moon orbit (SECRET)
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: The 2054 Israeli elections granted Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem a second-term in office, due to the 4-year extension of his first term because of international instability and the extraterrestrial crisis. Surprisingly, Mr. Yerushalem's party almost gained a majority vote, which positioned his government the 3rd largest party in Israeli history, behind Harravi's 2029 near-majority party and Netanyahu's 82% absolute majority vote in the 2017 elections. Celebrations in Shar Gidon town was interrupted by a large-scale truck explosion near the town's center, killing 23 civilians and injuring 409, also ruining 6 buildings in the range of the explosives. Investigations has concluded that the explosion was not an act of terrorism, but an accidental detonation during an importation of illegal materials, but reassures that no health nor environmental damages has occurred. The Prime Minister expresses his sorrow alongside the families of the deceased regarding the unfortunate deaths of the Israeli citizens, vowing to enact a full investigation regarding the reasoning of the accident. "A new term has started in a disastrous event, but within the next four years, our proud nation shall continue its progression and materialize a great future of both the Jewish nation and its host, the State of Israel." Israel also decides to reinstate the pre-2052 trade security policy due to to degrading security fears. The security policy will significantly decrease the speed of exports and imports, but the Israeli Center of Economic Federacy (Founded in 2047 during Yerushalem's campaign to boost Israel's economy and promote international trade with Israel) reassures trade unions and companies involved with international and internal trade that there are plans to increase the size of the Port of Eilat and the Port of Haifa to sustain with the demands and the recruitment of port workers, which is a popular choice for both foreign workers and old-aged low class citizens.(SECRET) Israeli investigations were astounded to discover, 2 non-activated SPFA super missiles in the Truck, which the export package is owned by Nahashayet. Inc, an internationally famous Israeli company specializing in technological devices, every-day products, and the production of smart commercial hyper-resistant-planes, now the manufacturing provider for El Al, Royal Jordanian Air, and few other airlines. Fortunately, the missiles were not activated during the incident, which could have destroyed the area if indeed an intended terrorist attack. The company promises full coorporation with Israeli investigators, as they denied any involvement of producing nor harboring any weapons, and stated that the truck was supposed to hold Jacquati P smart adaptable phones, heavily popular in Israel, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Southern Europe both due to its cheap price and efficient features. 1 SPFA national, 2 Iraqi nationals, and 1 Israeli security official are detained in involvement of planting the missiles into the truck, attepmting to gather information on the weapon's origin. At the moment, Israel links the super-missile with the unknown assilants who destroyed Indian-controlled Pakistini cities, or possibly the Islamic Caliphate situated in the African Arab Republic. (SECRET) On a separate incident, the Israeli base in North-Eastern Jordan, close to the border with the West Asian Republic, has experienced a raid attempt by extremist forces, which are possibly Islamic Caliphate belligerents. There has been no fatalities with the exception of 1 injury, but the Defense Minister announced deep concern on security in Jordan, which he has visited the Royal Castle in Amman to discuss with King Abdullah III. With the completion of the Jerusalemite Tower of Venus, an infrastructure project that will bring a skyscraper, the height of total of 1.12km (750m of the base building, 370m on the top is the skyscraper's space elevator and a private room on the highest spot) into existence, the State of Israel officially introduces the Israeli presence in Venus' underground, and the technology, mining, and product-manufacturing industry from Venus to the international world, which trade and publicized information regarding our progression, planetary map, and mineral information will be released to its appropriate astronomical and economic bodies from 2055. The Ministry of Space Administration and Defense announces a trade branch of its ministry that will manage and maintain international interaction and trade using Venusian entities, which in addition the stock market for Venus minerals will be traded through the Israeli New Shekel. The ministry also plans to privatize the branch into the Venus Union Inc., headquartered in Venus Tower in Jerusalem. A national effort that lasted 8 invaluable years, Israel has become capable to send probes and robots that can both withstand heat, and gain power from the burning temperature too, which is all credited to Israeli researchers. We've proceeded to succeed in projects that enabled the importation of the mining and export industry into the planet, and created bases that has become centers of imports and Venusian research. (SECRET) Due to the extremely risky factors and consequences of delivering human residents in Planet Venus, the State of Israel will refrain from any mission that will subject permanent human civilization inside the Planet, however Israeli organizations committed to more involvement in the sister planet will continue to produce plans and research on how to create human civilization inside Venus as part of increasing Israeli influence and control in the Solar System. On the other hand, the Ministry of Space Administration and Defense approved government plans for a solar-powered Israeli space hotel that'll orbit Planet Venus, which of course will contain resistance to minimize danger from natural risks. The hotel will be capable to house 1200 residents. The spacecraft will be shipped on 2056. Israeli martian activity is quiet, since there are low envelopment in the colonies. (SECRET) We are extremely happy to congratulate the Spanish Portuguese Federation of America and the Western negotiators in striking a peace deal that will reintroduce permanent calamity in the Southern American continent, and the ending of a war that caused millions of fatalities and immense damage to both the environment and man-made infrastructure. After the Israeli lift of economic sanctions of SPFA agricultural products, Israel offers the SPFA 4 Billion dollars in environmental and infrastructure donation, and requests the SPFA to re-if the Jewish state may once more partake in free trade agreements with the Mercosur economic bloc, since Israel withdrew from the economic agreements as part of the sanctions during the SPFA-Western war. The State of Israel is additionally willing to start efforts on increasing diplomatic ties with the federation, due to Israel's wonderful ties with South American nations before unifying into a single federation, economic partnership, and a brightening renmants of 210,000 Jewish residents living there. (SPFA response needed) The State of Israel criticises the attempt to pass a Security Council resolution in debating the ownership of a Malaysian province, which rightfully belongs to the Malaysian Republic since their establishment. Even though Malaysia is currently engaging in a civil war, invasive advantage to control Malaysian territory is an act that will be condemnable. Israel also asks of the Security council resolution regarding the transferrance of Sabah province to be suspended, as it is an unprecedented violation of national sovereignty, and will result in severe consequences within South-Eastern Asia, such as a potential territorial conflict, if the resolution passes. Israel delivers a public message to all Malaysian forces to recommend them into participating in talks to agree on a ceasefire, and agree on a solution that will benefit all sides, and stabilize the Malaysian Republic. (Malaysian representatives and Security Council members response needed) The Israeli foreign policy stressing their neutrality in the URMA disppute will be maintained, therefore we shall abstain from voting in both Security council resolutions regarding an arms embargo and a UN Military inspection to the United Republic of Macedonia and Albania. Israel is satisfied to hear regarding a possible union of the three great North American powers, which will help sustain the balance of power and keep the USA, or the "NAU", the world's superpower. Due to the close alliance and friendship Israel has maintained with the United States, we hope the brightest future for the American people's choices. (Rest of the statement will be completed once a Mod (And possibly player) response is provided at the 2053 turn)
    • Mod response: The SPFA agrees resuming relations and all trade agreements with Israel and reopens its embassy in Tel-Aviv and opens a new consulate in West Jerusalem.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We call on all sides to exercise restraint and not to start any unnecessary conflicts, that includes military maneuvers by the Philippines and diplomatic assaults by any other nation.
    • Flag of IsraelIsrael: PM Yerushalem states that his government cannot promise a swift reinstatement of negotiation regarding an independent Palestinian state due to the ongoing regional crisis. "A creation of a nation during such an unstable situation throughout the entire region will mostly guarantee a difficult situation for the future Palestinian government, which may result in a crisis. Because Israel would rather prefer a gradual and safe implementation of the Palestinian state
      Autonomous Region of Palestine
      instead of a quick and unpredictable agreement, the proposal will remain suspended and constantly upgraded until we are confident the security situation is sufficient to continue territorial negotiations. Both Palestinian independence and peace between both nations is necessary to accomplish harmony in the Levant, and Israel has always reassured the importance of both objectives. We've made the decision to establish the Autonomous region of Palestine in the territory the Authority of Palestine Zone currently controls.", announced the Prime Minister in a public conference. The *demilitarized* Autonomous Region of Palestine will be provided with certain independence in economic activity, internal affairs, and administrating the region, whilst the newly founded Office of Judea and Samaria will observe and maintain the region's law and order in coorporation with the local authorities, and reports APZ activity to the Knesset and the United Nations Security Council. In accordance to provide the Palestinian region territorial and economic independence, the State of Israel shall grant the APZ an Arab-majority section of Samaria District, bordering the Kingdom of Jordan. Lastly, the State of Israel shall control Foreign Affairs (With the exception of the United Nations, inter-governmental organizations, and the Republic of Nambia [Due to strong economic ties between the APZ and Nambia] ), and the Israeli Defense Forces will assist the Palestinian authorities if there is a need of an armed force to act in certain situations. We invite Palestinian residents outside the autonomous region to reside there. The contract for the Palestinian autonomous region will last every 4 years, in agreement with the APZ request for the negotiation of an independent Palestinian state. Lastly, Israel will separate peace negotiations with territorial negotiations (Including the question for Jerusalem) to turn the peace process strikingly efficient. Israel is absolutely willing to withdraw nearly all Israeli authorities from Palestinian-controlled areas, and disband the military administration of the West Bank once this agreement is under effect. The aftermaths of establishing a legitimate autonomous region for a future Palestinian state will both guarantee Palestinian independence in their internal affairs (In similarity to the event of Madagascar granting 9 districts autonomy due to internal conflicts on 2027), and allowing developement in Palestinian territory, which will boost certainity in an agreement for a peace deal. (Palestinian response needed) (SECRET) After the shocking incident of the Royal family becoming under the custody of the APK, the Royal family's residence is now under the occupation of the IDF, which security personnel are now investigating the ties between the Royal family and the APK, and the cause of such incident. Israeli representatives from the Ministry of Defense visits the Jordanian Prime Minister's residence to inform him regarding the incident when Israeli commandos discover the disappearance of the Royal family. They state that the Jordanian government can no longer deem the Royal family trustable as they have agreed to work with the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom, which will be against the Jordanian people's wishes nor will Jordan maintain its independence, risking its stability. "Either Jordan adopts Republicanism to replace the Royal family and abandon laws pertaining to protecting Royalty, resisting the APK's intentions with the Peninsular Kingdoms and pressure the Royal family of their actions, or permit an Israeli or international Administration to be established to temporarily control Jordanian territory during the campaign against the APK.", which the Israeli delegates then forwards the recommendations from top Israeli officials, asking for Jordan to instead adopt Republicanism, which will receive immediate support from Western and secular governments, and also the implementation of a Jordanian civilian government. Either choices will guarantee Jordan both Israeli and allied protection, due to their adjancent location from the APK. (Jordanian response needed) (SECRET) We have decided to release powerful evidence that alleges the Omani family pledged their alliance with the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom, and urge the international community to cut ties and condemn the Royal family for joining the regime, unless they reconsider their options and withdraw from the alliance. In a public statement, we express our sorrowful disappointment that neighboring monarchies has immediately surrendered to the peninsular regime, despite of their full understanding of the consequences, disapproval, and their violations of core human rights laws and international laws. They have crumbled their citizen's hopes to achieve freedom from the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom, but the international coalition, united against a single enemy, will vow to liberate stolen lands from what Saudi Arabia invaded. Israel will intend to recognize the opposition forces in Saudi Arabia as the legitimate government of the country, therefore we submit a United Nations Security Council resoltuion to reconsider upgrading Saudi Arabia's status as an observer state, as there is a working Saudi government that should be reocgnized alternatively, who are currently opposing the Saudi Royal family, the regime responsible for turning the Arabian Peninsula into an oppressive "empire". Respectively, we believe that the opposition forces should be the temporary authority of Saudi Arabia until national elections, once the region has defeated the APK. In regards to the Saudi opposition's failing fund, the State of Israel shall greatly offer the opposition forces 460 million USD worth of weapons, tanks, underground missiles, and smart armor to battle the APK regime, in exchange for Israeli military bases and Israeli military forces to be deployed across their territory. Expanded bombing throughout the APK to assist local opposition forces will continue per usual, while activity in the Red sea, the Persian Gulf, and near the Horn of Africa will be withdrawn in correspondence with engaging at the North, except for the Socotra island headquarters, under Israeli law and a strategic territory against the APK. Security ships shall maintain safety within international waters to prevent aggressive ambushes against commercial and civilian transport. (Saudi opposition force response needed) An Israeli poll regarding their citizen's opinions on a peace deal with the Republic of Lebanon, approval rates for a Palestinian autonomous region, and if the citizen has considered living in the Negev / Sinai region (Respectively due to the successful Green Negev project) is currently issued throughout the country, and now awaiting for the results. (Mod response needed - Poll results)(SECRET) Mossad agents in the African Arab Republic will keep their activity at a minimum severity to minimize potential suspicion nor infiltration activity, except if otherwise ordered by the Mossad headquarters, as Israel does not want to partake in internal conflicts nor engage in excessive spying activity in neutral countries. The hacker has been kidnapped and brought to a hidden base in a Georgian town, where he will receive "normal" interrogation (The standard interrogation practiced by police), but with chemical attacks by usage of brain distortion-drugs to unconsciously force the suspected member to reveal every info available. The process shall take a minimum of 2 weeks, and may not guarantee survival for the victim. Mossad agents will cover up the situation as an accidental car explosion adjacent to the hacker's apartment, once the hacker has died. Mossad agents will continue to infiltrate the organization, but increase their alert due to their recent capture. (SECRET) The 2054 census for language usage in Israel has seen that Hebrew and English has maintained their positions as the primarily-used languages, with Spanish as 3rd (Due to the SPFA-American Jewish influx into Israel), Arabic as 4th, and Russian as the 5th most spoken language. Currently, Hebrew is internationally spoken professionally by 38,000,000 people due to both Israeli influence in the region, and the extensive usage of Hebrew from Jewish communities worldwide.
      • Mod response: The Palestinians agree to the proposal and schedule the ceremony to be held in Washington D.C in 2056. The mostly Palestinian population of Jordan abolishes the throne and establishes a republic, but refuses to co-operate with Israel on the issue of the APK until a Palestinian state is established in the West Bank and would rather co-operate with countries of ethnic similarity such as the AAR and the WAR. The Saudi rebels agree to have the Israeli funds and allow the Israelis to set up several bases in the east of the territory they're holding currently.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublicWest Asian Republic: We congratulate the SPFA and the Western powers for ending the conflict and ask the SPFA to re-establish diplomatic relations and mutual trade. We send 250 military advisors to the AAR in order to help train their army to deal with the emerging terror group the "Islamic Caliphate". We condemn the attacks on Pakistani cities and demand those responsible to be held accountable. We propose sending a delegation of agents of the National Intelligence Organization to Israel to help with the investigation(Israeli response). We begin mobilizing our armed forces to reinforce the Saudi rebels in their fight against the APK. Since all the troops in combat tasks are mechanized, there's no fear of losing huamn lives and public generally approves that. Back at home, vertical farms are dominating agriculture and practically every big city has many square kilometers of agricultural areas stationed in high-rise buildings designed to be in a standard height of 396 meters. Those buildings are numbering in the tens of thousands in the entire nation, and many are now being built in the less developed Iraq. Because of the unification several years ago, many Iraqis migrate to the more fertile and developed Turkish regions in order to achieve economic stability. However, due to the extensive efforts of the government to close the gaps described in 2049 and the accelerated urbanization, mechanization and general modernization of all regions affected by noticeable problems, opportunities begin emerging in Iraqi cities for people to achieve success and in many fields, parity is near. There is still a lot of work to do, however, and the Cultural, Political and most importantly, Environmental gaps will persist for many decades and decades to come. Meanwhile, our anti-corruption campaign initiated in 2041 is a great success, mainly due to the placement of AI in governments and authorities but also due to many steps taken by the government to exercise transparecy and combat corruption and bribery. (SECRET) In a government meeting, the minister of space affairs unvails our latest space project: we will send a 5 manned, compact space shuttles to the moon in order for the 10 astronauts that will land to build a manned base there. They'll have 3 missions: 1. Research about potential mass human settlement in the moon. 2. Try to use manipulation of gravity in order to create earth-like conditions in the Moon. 3(The most important one). Supervise a massive mining project of Helium-3 managed by AI to extract several kilos of the Isotope. A single shuttle-load is enough to provide power for our power plants for 6 months. Resource carriers will land on the moon in order to bring it back to us later.(SECRET). We limit our trade with Scandinavia due to their aggression over the Shetland islands and congratulate the Scots for repelling them. We ask again Kurdistan if they want to join us and reassure them that if they join, they'll have full internal, cultural, partially economic autonomy, among other aspects as a state within the federal Republic, while we'll be in-charge of military defence, police, justice, currency and foreign affairs(Volunteer [as there are no active mods]response needed). We express our disappointment of Irish policies as they threaten to attack Northern Ireland, a part of the Sovereign U.K. Due to the massive amount of Bangladeshis dying of various causes and the failed state status of their homeland, we announce we'll receive 1.5 million refugees over the next three years and give the UN and the Red Cross 15 billion USD for the relief efforts.
    • Volunteer (Eaglelooker) Response: Kurdistan rejects the integration with the federation, and instead wishes to remain independent. Meanwhile, Kurdistan wants to join in increased economic activity in the region, and partake in regional free trade zones to boost foreign trade to the isolated nation. Rojava, a Kurd state scored very low in the HDI (Human Development Index) is experiencing a massive uprising for Rojava to either become integrated into Kurdistan, or join as an autonomous in the West Asian Republic, even though the government aggressively dismisses any intentions to abandon an independent Rojava. However, a public referendum will be held for the Rojavan citizens to vote their preferred fate for the suffering nation. (Mod response needed - Referendum response)
    • Flag of IsraelIsraeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel wholeheartedly welcomes the West Asian request to partake in a joint-investigation regarding the truck explosion incident. We shall provide several unclassified information that does not conflict with Israel's national security to assist the National Intelligence Organization on the details, and may send more depending on how the joint-investigation leads.
    • Mod response: Because of the West Asian Republic's promises of a bright economic future, 40% of Rojava citizens vote to join the Republic, while 34% to stay independent and 6% choose to join Kurdistan. Rojava will be integrated in the West Asian Republic for a period of 5 years to test the effectiveness of the Federation in lifting the nation out of poverty. While the West Asian Republic without Rojava is rated 0.901 and Rojava is rated 0.520, urgent steps need to be taken to help Rojava.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We gladly abosrb Rojava and announce that within 5 years there'll be another refendrum there on whether to stay or become independent. However, we also state that if Rojava becomes independent, they'll have to pay their debts to us for boosting their economy and raising their standard of living.
    • Scandinavia: We withdraw all forces from the Shetland Islands and move them to the Faroe Islands, we apologize to the Scottish government and send them 30,000,000 Scottish pound as an apology gift. We offer Scotland, the Eurasian Union, Canada, Japan and the U.S.A. a place in the new organization, the Arctic Union, focused on preventing sea levels from rising, protection of the Arctic and trade. We urge Greenland to join us or face the possibility of invasion from the United States, as they embark on this united North American country idea, and we will focus on protecting the last remaining inuits on this land if they join us. We also urge Kalingrad, Murmanskaya, Kareliya and Leningradskaya to join us, as the Eurasian Union begins to weaken.

2055 Edit

The Islamic Caliphate is weakened in its fight against the AAR but uncovers several cells in Pakistan, which take over several villages and towns there. They are suspected of hacking the SPFA super-missiles, but nothing is certain so far. Spain, badly affected by climate change, refugees and internal conflicts separates into several smaller, internally feuding states. Portugal soon follows. Meanwhile, rumors spread that a certain African country is pursuing nuclear weapons and the immediate suspects are the AAR and South Africa. However, an independent research group finds that radioactive traces were intentionally placed in African regions and the study finds that it's possible that a rogue force attempted putting the blame on an African country to coverup its own, top-secret nuclear program. The APK is one possible preparator.

A suspected URMA biological weapons factory near Athens Greece


Mass grave found by UN inspection teams just outside Serbia

  • Communist indiaIndia : We strengthened our military forces in Pakistan, we also assaulted and taken the villages occupied by Islamic Caliphate militants and were determined to drive them out of the country, We also intensified our Carrier group exercises in the Mediterranean in the light of new evidence in regard to URMA's stockpile of WMD and the continued hostility of URMA against the UN security council, which it accuses of bias despite lack of proof, reports of killings of political figures opposed to URMA occupation has been trickling out of the occupied zone although we have to look into to this to verify its authenticity a special UN fact finding mission has been dispatched and we warn URMA not harass them in their investigation
  • URMA: We no longer reconize the Philippines and India as inanimate stats but as dictatorships
  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: We strongly condemned URMA for it weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and the secret killing of political enemies of the areas it militarily occupies We want to push for an investigation in UN for the alleged war crimes committed by URMA's military forces We also condemn their ridiculous accusations against India which is certainly not true in the light of how ridiculous it is, this only show how immature this tyrannical and militaristic regime is,We thanked the UN for elevating our urged to decide on the Sabah problem rest assured that we will respect whatever decision the United Nations comes up with ,we have pulled back our army from invading Sabah but we urged the Indonesian army to do the same
  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: How dare you accused our nation of being a dictatorship, while clearly your URMA is a tyranny, I will appeal to the UN security council to ban you from participating in the international community, your abuse on other countries and your insult cannot be burden anymore you should be put on your proper place
    • Union of Australia and New Zealand: We urge our neighbouring country to accept our Non-Aggression Pact and Trade deal in order to further diplomatic relations. We wish for a peaceful and swift solution to the strained relations between the Philippines and URMA.
  • Flag of France:France: We continue sending robots to attack the terrorist area. We also offer to place Spain under temporary French care until the nation starts operating again, in a time span lasting 5 years (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). (SECRET) Using previous gravity manipulation technology, we adapt for electromagnetism, and the weak/strong force. Due to theories bringing those three together, we just adapt to those theories. However, they are currently weak. (SECRET) France declares neutrality on the URMA-India disagreements. The AI we made last year is being built into a supercomputer. We start a space program to go to Mars. We ask that members use the Politics Page, and put their names on.
    • India Diplomacy :We are interested in joining France's Mars program we can contribute technological know how with you, by sending our best scientists to help you build the spacecrafts needed to get our astronauts to Mars as soon as possible,We are also interested in a trade agreement with your country(France response needed)
      • French Diplomacy: We agree to the trade agreement, however it shall be known that we are not taking sides in your battle. we ask if a habitat could be possible using gravity manipulation. If you agree, we will give you French-quality gravity manipulation. (Indian Response Needed) We will invite anyone who wants to join
      • Canadian Diplomacy: We are also interested in your Mars Program and we would like to join and would offer scientific knowledge to help get our astronauts to Mars. We would also be interested in a trade agreement with your country. (French Response Needed)
        • French Diplomacy: We agree to both terms, and ask India and Canada if they would be interested in a more ambitious project to colonize parts of Mars. We will give them gravity manipulation if they agree. We ask for more details on the trade agreement with Canada. (Indian/Canadian Response Required)
        • India Diplomacy: Our goal also is to establish a Mars colony ,we would gladly help you attain this ambitious goal,we are currently perfecting our ZOAR space rockets to deliver materials for a planned space station that will be ultimately sent to Mars to serve as an orbiting station for astronauts down on the planet, We also agree to have a trade pact with you (France response needed)
        • Canadian Diplomacy: We would also agree to a Mars colony as long as we can mine materials from Mars on our own. For all other aspects of the colonization we will fully cooperate and share the colony. As of yet we have not worked out the details to this agreement and hope to discuss the details with the French. (French Response Required)
          • French Diplomacy: This is OK, however we ask for an agreement on all participating countries to not militarily involve themselves. They also have authorization to invite others. (All Mars Mission Countries Respond)
          • Canadian Diplomacy: We agree to not militarily involve militarily involve ourselves and hope for no others to militarily involve themselves.
          • UANZ Diplomacy: We agree not to militarily arm our colony, however we will be providing military escorts to our spacecraft in order to guarantee the security of the crews and their cargoes. We anticipate that terrorists may wish to attack our vessels.
        • UANZ Diplomacy: We are interested in contributing to the Mars project, as we believe it will strengthen global diplomatic ties. We wish to establish our own colony and will cooperate fully with the respective nations' own colonies.
          • French Diplomacy: We agree.
  • Australian-Flag-1vbw6p6-1024x511Union of Australia and New Zealand: Since the early 21st century Australia and New Zealand have become economic power houses in the region of Australasia. Due to having similar cultures and ideologies the two countries merged in 2035 to create the ''Union of Australia and New Zealand. Militarily the UANZ boasts a strong Navy, with 3 King Charles-class super carriers, 39 Kiwi-class destroyers, each fitted with air superiority anti-aircraft high velocity infrared interceptors. Politically the UANZ maintains a neutral stand on almost all issues, contributing a high number of its forces to UN peacekeeping missions. It attempts to maintain peaceful relations with its neighbours but is armed and ready to defend its borders from all foes. The UANZ requests to join the UN EARTH DEFENCE FORCE(Mod Response needed). We also send Non-Aggression Pacts and Trade Agreement to Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, China and India.(Response required from Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, China and India).
  • CanadaflagCanada: Canada will send arms and soldiers to the AAR to assist in its fight against the Islamic Caliphate. Canada also declares neutrality on the URMA-India disagreements and hopes for a diplomatic solution in the coming years. We will send 20 million Canadian dollars in aid to Spain and Portugal due to its current situation and hope for the state to recover. We'd also like to verify the authenticity of the rumors going around accusing an African country of pursuing nuclear weapons.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: Italy welcomes Canada and the UANZ to the world. We would like to set up a trade agreement with both countries. (Canada and UANZ response needed.) We have also made some discoveries on the TABOD project. We discovered that in a Titanium-Helium chamber, Dark Matter can be manipulated. We plan to use this research and expand it into our military. On the issue of URMA and India, we agree that URMA has overreacted, and they should apologize to India and the Philippines. However, we are not going to take a side in the issue. We also would like to join the French team on their project to colonize Mars. If they accept, we will feel great joy. (French Response Needed.) In a final note, we have started to renovate Rome, so our great capitol will rise again in the modern age. This project is expected to be completed in 2063. Thank you.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We accept the trade agreement with Italy and look forward to our newfound diplomatic relations.
    • UANZ Diplomacy: We also accept the trade agreement.
    • French Diplomacy: We agree. Please invite others.
  • Flag of the United States svgUSA: The United states would like to formally welcome the new countries . We would like to declare support for a peace solution for the URMA-India conflict. We would like to state our dislike to the Philippine Government for the needful bullying and we will reject any proposal to place sanctions on URMA because we do know believe the accusations which have been place upon them.

2056 Edit

A new bacterial disease called SBT(Selective Brain Tumors) is widespread in Africa and Central Asia, killing 400,000 people. Africa now has only 900,000,000 people in it, compared to the 1 billion of earlier this century. Meanwhile, a full scale war erupts in Spain and Portugal with many different factions trying to assume control of the Iberian peninsula. The rebels in the APK, backed with Israeli and Western support, begin to capture more territory and now have control of 30% of the Arab peninsula, however all resistence in the Southern part of the peninsula is crushed. The APK assumes control of the Remaining Peninsular kingdoms like Qatar and Bahrain and prepares to invade Kuwait. The Maldives' government has fallen. Japans population falls below 100 million due to declining fertility rates and almost no immigration. An independent team of experts releases a forecast in which they say that by the end of this decade, 2 atomic bombs of Russian origin are due to explode somewhere in Africa or the Middle east.

  • SpacePort

    An artist's impression of the SpacePort.

    Union of Australia and New Zealand: In response to the SBT disease, we call for an emergency meeting of the United Nations as soon as possible. (Global response required). We are closing our borders with countries in Central Asia and Africa, as well as halting 75% of trade. We are readying plans to send a task force to the worst hit coastal country; We are ready to commit HMAS Choules and HMNZS Canterbury for logistical support along with 4000 peacekeepers. In response to the Maldives' government falling, we offer all citizens remaining in the Maldives the chance to relocate in the UANZ. We also express concern over the atomic bomb crisis and look for a swift response to the allegations. Mars mission: We are currently in the last stages of planning for our colony, with construction of the mining equipment, transport vessels and habitation buildings expected to begin within three years. We plan to mine Titanium and then return it to Earth. We invite all participating members to join UANZ plans to build an International Space Port (ISP). Here all ores collected from extraterrestrial bodies will be processed and traded, we believe this will be a huge leap forward for cooperation between mankind. If you wish to join these plans please express your interest.
  • Canada: The SBT bacteria is a global emergency that must be addressed. We agree with the UANZ's

    An image of the SBT bacteria

    proposition of an emergency UN meeting. Canada has also issued a pandemic alert and has prepared a strategy in any case the bacteria reaches us. We urge others to have a plan ready as this is a very dangerious bacteria. We have begun to research a cure. Canada will send in diagnostic teams to help the infected in Africa and Central Asia. We will halt most trade with infected countries to a bare minimum and screen all items that come from infected countries. We choose not to support any single faction in the Iberian Peninsula crisis and hope for the situation to resolve itself within the next several years. We will continue to send a small amount of arms to moderate rebel factions in hopes that they control the Arabian Peninsula. We are concerned about this atomic bomb crisis and hope for a swift response. In response to the Maldives government falling we give all residents of the Maldives asylum. Mars Mission: We are finished building half of our space ships and are in our final phases of organizing our colony. We support the UANZ in their building of the ISP and are interested in the building of it. We also plan to build a small biosphere for those who feel homesick on Mars. Please express interest if you would like to help us build this and we will make it larger and available to inhabitants of all colonies.
  • France: We agree to the emergency UN meeting, and bring a robot to Africa to get the bacteria. In heavy security, we start researching a cure. We cut off flights and imports/exports to Africa, start research. We continue our AI bots, and continue making our nation-AI, due to be made next year. From previously bought Ukraine nanobots, we reverse-engineer and start making more nanobots. Mars Mission: We close voluteering, Canada will be the last one, we build large spaceships with gravity pushing at 1g, which will get there in 1d 21h 13m 1s. (SECRET) More powerful EM (Electromagnetic) manipulation allows experimental research in teleportation. Due to absorbing all lighting strikes, and spreading disinformation about the strikes, an attempt for teleportation with expanding quantum foam starts. Fails, due to temporary black hole caused by lack of power. (SECRET) We start sharing the gravity technology to Spain to settle the government. Agnostism/atheism is now 75% of the countries beliefs. We support worldwide nuclear disarming.
  • Communist indiaIndia: We welcome the international community's enthusiasm on the ambitious Mars project,were now perfecting the ZOAR booster rockets and had began India's first space station, the Caballa space station it can house up to 200 astronauts and can last up to 3 years in a space journey without restocking and resupplying, we have also perfected the drone mars rovers that can last 5 years without power replacement, because it is powered by the revolutionary nuclear cell batteries invented by brightest scientist soon we can established viable base on Mars that would self sufficient ,growing its own food in a Biosphere some 1,000 long and 50 to 100 feet high which we plan to construct as soon as we land on the planet
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian Republic: As many other have longed notice, Ukraine has been silent for many years and have missed many of the world events; well Ukraine is back and ready to be involved in world affairs once more. President Chovus was assassinated in 2050 while in his bunker by his own Prime Minister (who was also killed). After many years of almost complete collapse, Ukraine is beginning to be back on track to be one of the most successful countries in the world once more. The Presidency is abolished, being replaced by a "Federal Council" which means that it is a 7 executive member council which constitutes the federal government of Ukraine and serves the collective head of government and state of Ukraine. All 7 members of the new council are elected with ease in early January of 2054, and elections will take place every 7 years. The new council completely dismantles the underground bunkers and puts the Ukrainian National Guard on duty through the streets of Ukraine until all riots and crime is finished. Meanwhile, all international flights are temporarily closed until the government can fully repair itself, and not allowing national flights either. Temporary safe camps are set up along the entire country for the homeless and needy. Re-construction begins on the capital city of Kiev first and the rest of the cities, towns, and villages will follow afterwords. Temporary regular cars will be used by the Ukrainian people for the next few years, but the government promotes riding Eco-friendly bikes instead to help the environment.
  • Italy: We are very concerned about this African disease and what it has the potential to become. Knowing how close we are to the AAR, we naturally want to be safe. Our scientist have put the TABOD project on hold, and are trying to figure out a cure for this disease. We we will send a team of researchers to The Democratic Republic of Congo to study the infected. Now moving on. In this time of crisis, our brethren need to be safe. As some of you know, there are many Italien cities in the AAR, specifically Ethiopia and Tunisia. In response to the new outbreak, we have invaded Tunisia to make sure our people are safe. Our army has been equipped with top of the line BDUs, in case the disease is airborne. Our troops are currently hitting the beaches, and should be in the coastal regions shortly. Moving on to Mars Mission: We have created two new mining machines that we plan to set up in the Olympus Mons. Our new colony will also be located nearby, named New Rome. We shall begin bringing our equipment and colonist (10,000 at first,) to Mars in 2057. Thank you.
    • Flag of IsraelIsraeli Diplomacy: Although we agree that foreign inhabitants are indeed in grave danger in the country, we cannot condone the Italian action of invading the Tunisian region of the Arab African Republic, which directly violates their national sovereignty and is not an appropriate reason to do so. Israel requests Italy to withdraw troops from Tunisian territory, and instead work on securing the Italian communities in corporation with the AAR authorities, and prevent such conflict. Because there are minor Jewish communities throughout the AAR, including within Italian communities, we join the Italian call to care for foreign inhabitants, and permit international forces to secure foreign nationals without disturbing AAR interests. (Italian and AAR response needed)
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: A significantly controversial legislation has passed by the Knesset to reduce income tax and increase infrastructure damage tax for the Petah Tiqwa metropolitian area for the next 2 years without amendments, which will both highly attract housing companies, promise high developement for Petah Tiqwa, and help fund the construction of Petah Tiqwa's second floor. The decision has attracted concern as Israel has rarely issued different taxation inside their country, but reassurances from the Prime Minister states they were strongly concerned about Petah Tiqwa's future due to its worsening conditions of density and incidents, despite the fact a second floor of the city is currently in construction, estimated to complete on 2058. In addition, police patrols in Israel has been provided with improved technology, especially fit for extremely dense territory, navigation, and a network for the national police forces to strengthen communication and cooropration due to the heightening regional crisis and the potential of terrorists arriving from enemy states such as the APK. Israel has annexed the Soctora archipelago after 2 years of military control (Which the IDF headquarters is situated in Hadibu) as a key position to tackle the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom, and because no neighbor authority intends to assume control. Israel will transfer Israeli law to the archipelago and propose the 51,000 inhabitants of the islands Israeli citizenship, but will provide them permanent residential status if they refuse the request. Upon officially transfering the islands into Israeli sovereignty, the state shall therefore uphold "protection like a parent", including its worsening environment and the developement of the island. Tourism and air travel shall be restricted (Except for foreigners and researchers currently residing there, and military personnel) to the island until the APK threat in the Southern Arabian Peninsula will be pushed back, while international naval travel will be permitted to transit through the Southern port of Socotra island as the Eastern side of the Red Sea is currently controlled by the APK. As Israel's absorption of Soctora introduced Israeli soveriegnty in the Horn of Africa, and increased Israeli influence at the Red sea, Israel asks of increased economic relationship with the Ethiopian Republic, but will refrain from requesting military coorporation as involving a neutral nation to the conflict against the APK is the least of Israeli interest. (Ethiopia Response needed) Shimon Peres, a wonderful and historical political leader of Israel, has died on January 8th, 2055 at the age of 132, who resigned from all involvements in charity, political, and community organizations one year prior to his unfortunate death. The State of Israel formally declares two days of mourning and encourages mass prayers for him during Shabbat. Many Israeli politicians and notable people has been saddened by the news, whom considered him as "a historical man, that spreads hospitality of peace like a dove". His burial will occur at an approved spot in the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, and invites international representatives to attend the memorial. A museum in appreciation for Shimon Peres will be constructed in Jerusalem. (International response needed) The Prime Minister and several high-level politicians and diplomats arrives in Washington D.C to attend the ceremony with Palestinian leaders, signaling the establishment of the Autonomous Region of Palestine. The State of Israel congratulates the Jordanian transfer into Republicanism, and commends the Republic of Jordan of abolishing the monarchy and establishment of a renewed nation that will promise further developement of the country. We would like to remind the Jordanian Republic that negotiation of an independent Palestinian state shall be granted once the regional threat of the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom disperses, the primary reason of why an autonomous region has been established instead. Due to Jordan's rejection of coorporating with Israel in fighting the APK, Israel requests the West Asian Republic to permit Israeli ground troops in navigating through the West Asian Republic's areas of Syria and Iraq to join the opposition forces in the Eastern front, which of course will be through a planned route by the West Asian government. (West Asian Republic response needed) The Arabian Peninsular Kingdom's occupation of the entire Southern Arabian Peninsula has signified a great loss for the Yemeni, Qatari, and Bahrainis, and Kuwait has become an endagering threat to be comsumed into the maddening invasion by them. Therefore, Israel, despite hostile history with the Kingdom of Kuwait, requests that they'd allow coalition forces to establish military bases and heavy defenses in the South, and include Israeli commanders to operate there. Israel strongly reassures Kuwait that Israeli involvement inside Kuwait will not account as softening ties between both nations, but rather an immediate action to tackle the invasive threat. An emergency meeting between Israeli military generals has reason to believe thatthree3 fronts will exterminate the APK's rule over the Arabian Peninsula by completely isolating any entities which its destination is inside the APK, deployment of ground troops in the Persian Gulf to liberate Bahrain, Qatar, and overtaking the UAE, and heavy bombings of APK forces, which will ease the opposition forces to advance further into Riyadh. Israel will intend to discuss the protection of Kuwait and the IDF's renewed proposal in the emergency summit at Brussels, which we invite delegates from Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Chinese Federation to attend. (Kuwait response needed - Mod Response needed - Countries fighting the APK response needed) In response to the Selective Brain Tumors pandemic, Israel has declared a national pandemic alert and immediately issued harder border control, closing the Sinai-Suez border, and extraordinarily strict regulations for any visitors from Africa and Central Asia, including but not limited to flights and ships, tourists (Including those that has a passport stamp in the region), and trade arriving from the following areas, even if they arrived for transit purposes. They (Both people and transport vehicles) will be transported to an isolation place (14 has been built accordingly) where a secured inspection will take place. Health irregularities will result in being transferred to the newly established Israeli Institute for SBT Research (II.SBT R), where they will check for any potential symptoms of the disease, and those positive with the disease will be isolated and treated with secured care, and countries involved in the international effort can be brought to coorporate with finding a cure for the disease. Those found negative for the disease will be transfered to a regular (Still isolated) checkup in case they currently have a disease that is undocumented from their medical history. Attending the UN emergency summit, Israel wholeheartedly agrees to tackle the disease, and additionally condemns several health organizations situated in Africa and Central Asia for failing to report the pandemic in time and deems them partially responsible for the deaths of 400,000 victims. The Ministry of Health orders all medical offices to be equipped with isolation suits, and recommends all Israeli citizens to always ensure healthy habits and wear a mask in crowded areas to avoid catching the disease. The Ministry of Education will coorporate by issuing masks and initiating schools to educate students to follow anti-disease methods. The Minister of Health, Shemi Yarkro states that the health project initiated several years ago has help avoided such disease to affect Israel, and admits that future diseases like the SBT could have affected Israel because of its geographical location and the population's medium health habits. He also has high confidence that the SBT will "at most minimally infect inhabitants in Israeli territory". As Israeli Health Organizations begin to dedicate into researching the disease, we submit a request at the UN General Assembly for an international organization to be established, which will prioritize the prevention of spreading the SBT Disease, researching, and discovering a permanent cure for the disease. We believe that joining together will maximize the potential of ensuring the disease be rid as quick as possible. (Global Response needed) Despite the Israeli oil industry flourishing internationally, and is the source of 3.2% of Israel's economy, a parliamentary vote has decided that use of oil will be limited to non-industrial purposes, such as cooking and scientific purposes, and the closure of 78% of all Israeli oil fields, and the suspension of 5% of oil fields. Oil will remain as a substantial item in the trade market. An image from the Israeli spacecraft Abram II presents the majority of the Negev and part of the Sinai Peninsula's development as a green and pleasant area, the result of Israel's two-decade long Green Negev Project. In a Jerusalem environmental summit, the Minister of development of the Negev, Minister of development of the Sinai Peninsula, Minister of environment and Nature, the Prime Minister, and officials from both the government and companies has gathered to celebrate the project's success in blooming the desert of development, and terraforming the nothingness into beauty as seen from the human eye. The amount of environmentalists and tourists visiting the region has greatly flourished, and flights to Timna International Airport has increased. Israel invites foreign tourists programs and institutes to be settled throughout the Negev and Sinai. (Player response needed) Upon request by the Chief Rabbanite of Israel, we hereby rename the settlement of al-Samu to Eshtemoa and ad-Dhahiriya to Debir in correspondence to its cultural history and Jewish inhabitants. We have decided to restart activity in our Mars colony, which was relatively quiet after the project was suspended except for provisions being exported for the colony's inhabitants to use (Such as food, water, items requested, etc). Israel would like to establish several ministerial institutes and programs in the UANZ and Canada due to a significant Israeli community in the following countries and to share Israeli and Jewish culture for the countries to learn as part of their education in sociology and the international world, and in addition provide stronger economic trade between each other, and establish an embassy in the SPFA. (SPFA, UANZ, and Canada response needed) The Venus Tower located in Jerusalem has formally opened to the public as Israel introduces Venusian items to the economic market, which will be traded through the Israeli New Shekel. As exports are being prepared in the Israeli ports of Haifa, Ashdod, and Eilat, the State of Israel will be open for economic trade agreements that concerns the exportation of Venusian products. Israeli producers and citizens are currently purchasing raw Venusian materials, as they plan to potentially invent innovations from these mysterious ores from a burning planet. The Venusian trade situated in Venus Tower will not be included in the UANZ-proposed International Space Port, but we will support the construction of the following space crafts. (Player response requested)
    • Union of Australia and New Zealand: We are displeased with Israel's decision not to include Venusian trade within the International Space Port. We understand that there is already the Venus Tower, however we believe this is not an adequate reason for not including themselves within the plans. As a result we deny the request to establish ministerial institutes and programs within the UANZ until relations are at higher levels
    • Mod response: Ethiopia agrees strengthening economic ties with Israel and opens an economic interest office in Tel Aviv. Kuwait agrees for the coalition to set up bases in its territory due to the threat of the APK. The formation of a global anti-SBT organization shall be discussed in the UN general assembly
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We express our grief over Shimon Peres' death, as he was a man who sought to bring peace and prosperity to the middle east, and we send our president Mehmet Karim to attend the funeral. Additionally, we send ten million USD to help fund the museum after him. We set up tourist offices in Be'er Sheva and Eilat.
  • Flag of PhilippinesPhilippines: Were interested in the Mars project , and we hope to contribute some scientific know how by sending our scientists to help in the space program, were developing the Super rice program in which we were to increase our rice production ten times the current production,as you know our main export is rice, Last year our GDP increase by 10 percent while our poverty rate was down to below 30 percent, our middle class is growing, for the first time were exporting manufacturing goods (appliances and machineries) in vast quantity, Metro Manila our capital city's population has hit 30 million were doubling our military budget to maintain our 800,000 plus armed forces, were insisting on our Sabah claim, and we hope the United Nation can decide on this matter very soon, and lastly we support the UN condemnation of URMA for its WMD and political killing although we heard URMA's is in total chaos right now and mass protest and rioting has erupted in the streets we hope for a leadership change to stop their tyranny
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic The West Asian Republic: The presidential elections are held, and president Mehmet Karim is elected. Though the president's role is mainly symbolic due to the computerized executive officer, he still has the power to hold a refendrum on whether to shut down the government computer and take the power to himself. Refendrums on same-sex marriages are held in all of the states of the federal republic: 79% in Turkey vote for legalizing it, 65% in Syria but only 40% in Iraq. Therefore, it'll be legalized in Turkey and Syria, while Iraq will hold a refendrum on it in 10 years. Our moon base is at full function and it prodoces several kilos of Helium-3 a month, that will help supply our nation for years to come. We are shocked by the discovery of the new disease, and we close borders and trade indefinitely with all suspectedly infected countries. We mobilize pandemic reaction teams and run a nation-wide bioscan to check and prevent any SBT-cases. We agree to the Israeli proposal of Israeli troops navigating through our territory with one condition: they will sell us 10 "Ariel" Drones for the desired price. Meanwhile, because of the possibilty of an APK invasion to Kuwait, we begin heavy bombardments on APK oil fields to halt their war machine and threaten to strike cities if they don't cease their aggression. Meanwhile at home, 24% of our counties are completely literate from age 15 upwards, and this trend will continue. Our port at the Black sea is one of the busiest in the world, with millions of tons of goods passing each year. We still have a huge stockpile of 100 billion oil barrels and we reaffirm our commitment of supplying oil to struggling nations. The West Asian Republic would like to welcome the UANZ and Canada to the field of nations and establish warm and fruitful relations with them(Canada and UANZ response needed). We propose assembling a team of international inspectors to investigate possible Saudi and APK war crimes, as well as crimes by the Saudi rebels.(International and Player responses needed) Regardless, we step up aid and supplies to the moderate rebel factions, delivering them 800 million in weapons and economic aid anually. Meanwhile, our satellite-based super missiles are decommissioned, but we're working on a newer model that utilises electromagnetic waves at very strong pulses to disable any electronic device at a radius of over 200 kilometers, as well as destroying everything human or machine at a radius of ten kilometers and inflicting severe damage at a radius of 50 kilometers. This missile will be called "Kalin", and five of them will be operational by 2057. We express interest at the Mars program and propose sending 5 astronauts to the Mars station at our expanse, while also sending a new delegation of three astronauts to the ISS II. We express our sorrow over the collapse of the Iberian states and wish nothing but the best for them. Due to the chaos, we cannot determine which is the right faction to receive help so we'll stay passive for the moment.(SECRET) The electric traces of the alleged hackers that blew up Pakistani cites are traced back to Capetown, South Africa, but due to a rift in the relations, we're forced to infiltrate the nation rather than asking them to investigate. Our agents capture Vasily Kamarov, an IT student from Chechnya that is enthusiastic about the fate of Pakistan and is most likely one of the hackers. He reveals that one of his mates is in Sao Paulo, SPFA. However, it's too risky for us to go there so we're considering handing that info to Israel, for them to investigate it further(SECRET). We are initializing a massive international military training carried out solely by AI next year, designed to show the quick responses by the WAR to the emerging threats today. We invite spectators from around the world to come and watch, and prehaps bring their equipment to show off its capabilities(International response welcome). Meanwhile at home, it's clear that AI and virtual reality are prevalent in daily life, however the exact figures of their dominance are not yet known. A nation-wide survey will be taken next year to examine it significance and effects. We have discovered an Islamic Caliphate cell in Ankara of 5 men and 2 women, and we have immediately arrested them and sent them to prison. We'll investigate that case to find out more potential cells of that deadly organization. We're saddenned by the one-sided approach of the Philpipines at URMA and urge them to quit bashing it. Despite that, we declare neutrality at that conflict and also state that whoever escalates the situation won't gain our sympathy.(SECRET) Investigators find out that there's a high chance that SBT is a bio-weapon, specifically a nanotechnological hazardous cybernetically engineered bacteria. When we ask Vasily Kamarov about it, we receive silence. After we were forced to execute enchanced interrogation methods on him, he confesses that he's part of that. After we capture the other criminals, we'll publish that story(SECRET). Meanwhile, a legislation is passed that federally abolishes the death penalty which was still practiced at certain counties in Iraq and Syria.
    • Union of Australia and New Zealand: We happily accept the request for diplomatic relations to begin. In light of the SBT epidemic and the UN ruling that trade is restricted to the majority of Africa and Central Asia, we wish to immediately begin naval trade with West Asian Republic ports in the Black Sea. Specifically Ordu, Bartin, Samsun, Haydarpaşa and Zonguldak. We also accept the proposal to assemble an international inspection team to investigate the APK, and have rapidly sent two transport aircraft to filled with war crime experts, biological weapons specialists and ((SECRET) civilian clothed SASR Special forces) to Ankara in the realization that military action may begin against the APK within weeks. Therefore the inspection team has limited time to carry out its duty and come to any conclusions. Finally we will be sending two of our highest ranking military commanders to review the AI's ability to command a battlefield. If we are pleased with the results we plan to open negotiations into purchasing AI commanders and technology, although we express concern over their ability to be hacked/hijacked.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We reassure the UANZ that it is practically impossible to breach the AI of our troops, due to advanced quantum encryption that would take decades to decode, and by that time it will have been greatly upgraded. We gladly open up trade networks with the UANZ in our Black Sea harbors and we make a ceremony to accept the UANZ delegation.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We gladly accept the request for diplomatic requests. We also wish to begin trade with the West Asian Republic. We also support the proposition of an inspection team investigating the APK. We also send forty war crime investigators. We would also like to purchase some AI captains in hopes that they lower loss to human life. However we would first like to see their performance in battle.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We gladly open up trade with Canada through the Mediterranean and the Black sea, and open up an economic interest office in Toronto. We show Canada the AI's capabilities, mounted on human-like fighter robots: inhuman precision capable of 100% hit ratio at close and medium range , 360 degree sensor with near instant reaction time, Ultra-HD realtime camera to watch the operation and complex algorithms designed to identify every possible friend or foe, may it be human, machine, animal or beyond and determine how will the robot interact with that object/creature.

2057 Edit

SBT has taken another 625,000 lives, making the death toll over a million worldwide. New reported cases have been seen in East Asia and Pacific Island countries, with unconfirmed cases in South America. The APK, running short on oil, with only 4 years of supply, pushes northeast to the border in Kuwait and begins a massive assault with 800,000 robots and 50,000 human fighters which is nearly half of its standing army. There is, again, a stalemate against the rebels, and their leaders prepare a counter attack to push off the APK and march towards Riyadh. They ask the help of the moderate middle eastern nations and the West. Meanwhile, it's finally confirmed that S. Africa has developed an arsenal of 50 nuclear warheads, and sold at least 5 of them to the APK due to debt issues.

  • CanadaflagCanada: We are extremely concerned about the SBT pandemic. We urge the international community to develop a cure immediately. We hope for no other lives to be lost in vain. We will send diagnostic teams to all infected countries to diagnose the infected, set up emergency hospitals, keep civil order, and help create a cure. We also screen all foreigners entering our country for SBT. We stop all trade, flights, and cruises to infected countries and ban travel to all countries suspected or confirmed to be infected with the exception of diagnostic teams. We continue our drone strikes against the APK and increase the amount we have deployed in light the massive assault currently occurring. We continue to send arms to rebels and begin an overall increase of arms being sent. We also send robots to the Kuwait border in hopes that they help stop the APK's assault. We are also concerned of the possibility that the APK now possesses nuclear warheads. We warn the APK to not use nuclear warheads as they cause lasting harm to areas and a devastating loss of life. We also stop our trade of oil with the APK. Mars Mission: We have delayed our mission to Mars in light of the current SBT pandemic. We delay it because we have moved our scientific focus toward a cure. However most preparations for the mission have been completed with the exception of stockpiling resources . We expect to launch between 2058 to 2059 depending on how the SBT pandemic progresses.
  • .Communist indiaIndia: We closed our borders to stop the SBT from spreading into India, quarantine teams has been dispatch to contain the disease, Indian troops has been put on red alert, no foreigners are allowed in or out of the country without the approval of the Ministry of health On the mars mission the Caballa space station is almost complete and will be sent to a Mars orbit next year a Mars base will shortly follow we plan to be the first to plant the Indian flag on Mars
  • Flag of Macedonia-Albania The United Republic of Macedonia and Albania: We would also like to announce that we are closing our borders and haveing 100,000 troops to guard the border. We Would love to announce to the world that we have now settled our depute with India and we are now friends again.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: We use gravity to pick up atmosphere, complete with carbon dioxide removers, and heating systems. We start taking astronaut candidates, and introduce a 1-g engine. Due to gravity engines being thousands of times cheaper than traditional engines, we can bring many people. We also start building nanobots for two tasks only: 1. After completing our AI supercomputer, we bring some ,so it will start building more hardware below the surface. 2. We bring some to go to Mars so it will turn the ground to soil. (SECRET) We open a portal, but the location is random, causing a vacuum(SECRET) We stop contact with infected areas.
  • Flag of the Australian Federal Republic
    UANZ Hazmat Squad

    Soldiers from 3rd Company, Queensland Mounted Regiment in HAZMAT suits cleanse a building of non-complaint Sierra Leoneans who refused to leave their homes during the evacuation of Freetown.

    Union of Australia and New Zealand: Since the opening of trade with the West Asian Republic, there has been a substantial financial benefit. The GDP of the UANZ has grown by 0.3% due to this trade, and we send our thanks to WAR for allowing the trade to occur. In the Middle East, the UANZ deployed its Human Rights Inspection Team(HRT) to Kuwait in preparation for their surveillance in the APK. However due to the unexpected and swift invasion of Kuwait by APK forces, the HRT along with its fellow Canadian and Warian inspectors were forced to withdraw and leave the country. During the withdrawal, on the 6th June 2057 at approximately 5pm zulu time, the embassy of the UANZ was hit by an artillery barrage that destroyed part of the evacuation convoy, killing 5 highly trained war crime specialists and the UANZ ambassador to Kuwait, in addition 15 soldiers that had been assigned with assisting the evacuation were also KIA. Our ambassador to the U.N immediately summoned the APK's ambassador to inform him that the UANZ would be cutting diplomatic ties with the APK and joining the war effort against the kingdom. In response to this atrocious act of war, we urge a similar reaction from the international community, in particular our HRT members(Global Response Welcomed, Canadian and Warian reponse needed.) Our two generals returned from the West Asian Republic with positive reviews of the AI's ability to command a battlefield, and upon assurance from the WARian government that the possibility that an AI may be hacked in extremely low, we would like to purchase AI commanders(West Asian Republic response required.) In light of the SBT epidemic, we deployed task force Diamond to Sierra Leone. While we did not receive a response from the U.N for our request to deploy, we had the permission from the government of Sierra Leone. We believe this gives legitimacy to our deployment in spite of the desperation the country is in. Similarly to the British deployment to Sierra Leonne during the Ebola crisis in 2014, Task Force Diamond initially set up hospitals throughout the country and essentially put the country under martial law. We enforced 8pm curfews as an example. Initially many locals saw Task Force Diamond as an invasion force and rioted. However under martial law, the riots were quickly and efficiently extinguished through the professionalism of the UANZ armed forces.. This was made possible by the enforcement of 2200 soldiers and 800 medical personnel. This Task Force has been a success, due to it eliminating all cases of SBT inside Sierra Leonne within 13 months. The UANZ also strictly denies that it burned the bodies of deceased infected, and local reports are just rumour. (SECRET: Deceased bodies were burned to stop the spread of SBT. The ashes of all dead - through disease or deadly force- were then placed into watertight iron drums, and then dumped 300 miles off the coastline. In total this accounted for 240 metric tonnes of ash, which translates to around 86,000 people.) The cost of this operation is currently in the region of 13 billion UANZ dollars, along with the lives of 346 members of the armed forces. Mars Mission: The UANZ contribution to the Mars mission in on track for a 2060 launch; Astronauts and Cosmonauts have been fully trained in mining and gravity manipulation in cooperation with France. The spacecraft that began construction last year are now on average 40% complete.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian Republic: As the pandemic in

    BUKH logo

    Africa begins to spread, the council decides to ban all trading with any African countries until further notice. The riots are beginning to die down, but still the crime rate is up 30%; the National Guard still patrols the streets of Kiev and other major cities in Ukraine. The council commissions the founding of the "Blok upravlinnya Khvoroba Hlobalʹnyy" or the BUKH (translated: Global Disease Control Unit) which will research all global diseases and try to find possible cures and vaccines for deadly viruses. The council asks the United Nations if BUKH could be considered an international origination, with it being stationed in other countries (with headquarters in Kiev) (United Nations response needed). It is announced by the Ukrainian Space Program that they will now resume research and by sometime by 2062, there will be the first space launch.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic West Asian Republic: Due to ongoing protests against the government's interventionist policy, several rules will be made using an experimental legislative algorithm to define the West Asian Armed Forces' roles, duties and restrictions given the current state of the union and geopolitical circumstances. As the SBT pandemic worsens, we issue a pandemic alert and suspend all flights and cruises indefinitely to places infected, or even suspected to be infected. We mobilize pandemic reaction teams which go into all places with populations larger than 5,000 and distribute basic goods such as food, water, and first aid, in case of a disaster. Special attention is given to poorer and more isolated regions. As we discovered lately, several strains of the SBT pathogen exist, each designed to infect a different region, with different circumstances. Whilst examining several patients, we've noticed several cells irregularly shaped blood cells in the necks and chests of our patients, and a microscopic HD scan has led us to conclude that these "blood cells" are actually nanobots designed to reach the brain and grow tumors there in order to kill the patient. We're currently working on a software that will eliminate or neutralize these threats, but all we can do now is use traditional methods of countering brain tumors, such as chemotherapy, gene therapy etc. We have annouced our discovery worldwide(Global response welcome, given our discovery). Meanwhile, we welcome the UANZ to the coalition against the APK and begin heavy bombardments on military sites in APK-occupied Kuwait, in order to drive them out of there. A land invasion of 250,000 robots begins, with another 750,000 on standby. Some 24,000 drones strike APK positions and cities in Kuwait and elsewhere in the APK, with another 12,000 on standby. Meanwhile at home, our bureau of statistics publishes a report regarding economic and social activity in the West Asian Diplomacy: The GDP per capita stands at 160,000 at Turkey, 140,000 in Syria and 125,000 in Iraq. Good comprehension of Turkish stands at 78%, good comprehension of Arabic stands at 51%, and good comprehension of English stands at 48%. Since these 3 languages are our official ones, we've initiated a massive education program for all age groups, that will teach you those 3 languages to a fluent level in 2 years. The program will cost 20 billion USD for the government, will be free to join and will last 10 years. Meanwhile, full immersion virtual reality penetration is high, with 25% of citizens having more than 3 hours a day in a virtual environment, 34% 1-3 hours and 41% less than an hour. Crime is low and constantly going down, the murder rate per 100,000 people is 2, and we have been rated among the top 5 least corrupt nations in the world. Meanwhile, the 396-meter standard initiated in the 2040s is flourishing, and over 100 cities now have nearly 100,000 of these standardized, yet colorfully different skyscrapers covering their skyline. These buildings are used for all possible purposes, like housing, offices, services, leisure and more. Our trade at the Black Sea and the Mediterranean is also blooming, and it rolls hundreds of billions of dollars each year. However due to the pandemic, we haven't traded with infected nations, and that slightly lowered our economic output generally. (SECRET)Our super-missile "Kalin", secretly introduced in 2056, is operational and 5 of them are hovering over Earth at fixed courses and altitude. 1 is at Riyadh, one is aimed at Jeddah, 1 at Dubai and the 2 others are awaiting orders(SECRET). Regarding the Mars mission, we shall send a team of 5 astronauts to fly to Mars and set up their base near the other nations' bases by 2058. However, the budget to do that may be redirected to combating SBT depends on our success in developing an anti-code to counter this nano-weapon. We condemn South Africa for developing nuclear weapons and selling them to a murderous regime like the APK and we suspend our relations with them indefinitely. We would like to clarify to all who use our name in official papers and documents, that the acronym of the West Asian Republic is the W.A.R, read separately, and not the WAR, as that name represents a thing we wouldn't want to embrace.
  • 6587598Vietnam: Vietnam Shall Close All Borders Until The Outbreak Is Contained. We Also Start Research On SBT.
  • [[File:Larstedflag.png|25px]]Larsted: A large group of pro-free market immigrants have proclaimed Greenland as our own which after its independence in 2030, became an ungoverned territory due to a coup in 2050. The first democratic elections hail Thaddeus Pennington as the head of state. The first government actions are taking account of which world governments believe this new state is legitimate (World Response needed) and attempting to monitor the large amount of immigrants for the SBT disease. A private company that is subsidized by the government is helping to launch the country's first space craft (a manned surveillance satellite), it is expected to be finished next year. The current population is 550000 and rising quickly.
  • Israel: Our observation of cities within the Suez Canal has learned that the SBT Disease has affected the majority of the surviving 196,882 civilians, confirming that the population is suffering from lack of treatment, and signal the Near East as a potential region that may be infected, as well as within the State of Israel. Upon approval, military and medical forces has, alongside vocal support from the Suez Metropolitan Government, entered the cities and the Suez Canal, and initiates a pandemic emergency and the deployment of developing the abandoned region. Those who are affected by the SBT virus will be isolated and receive advanced treatment, such as brain therapy, the Israeli-innovated internal physical infiltration [The process of disinfecting infections or diseases that uses a physical form in the organs], and traditional tumor treatment. Meanwhile, AAR ambassador for Israel will meet with AAR delegates in order to establish a joint-corporation act to tackle the disease, and receive formal endorsement in approving the action of treating victims of the disease. (AAR response needed) We formally send our harshest condemnation to the Republic of South Africa, criticizing their unbelievable transportation of nuclear warheads to a rogue regime. Therefore, the State of Israel will declare an economic sanction, and summons the Ambassador to South Africa to announce their suspension of the diplomatic mission. We will also file a UN resolution for the General Assembly to adopt and condemn, sanction, and prosecute South Africa for violating international treaties and UN resolutions against the trade of nuclear weapons, which we, in order to maintain international stability and the prevention of future incidents with nuclear weapons, including the encouragement of nuclear disarmament, call for the international community to agree and affirm not only the offender, but all nations to strongly enforce the treaties ratified and established in regards to nuclear warfare. Despite South Africa's economic crisis, offering a rogue regime nuclear weapons in exchange for profitable quantity of money to resolve their debt is indeed a disappointment, and we highly believe that the economy is able to recover while following international law. The State of Israel shall request an international condemnation of their actions. (Mod response needed [UN General Assembly Vote]) The Israeli conduction of the SBT Research has, like the West Asian Republic, discovered that the SBT disease are indeed invasive nanobots (SECRET) and reports of the possibility that a third-party is able to issue encrypted commands to the entities has greatly alarmed the government. The Israeli effort will now fund research regarding the exploitation of the nanobots, and quick and efficient detection methods of nanobots blood cells. Positive results will promise The Knesset has voted to keep the discovery temporarily classified due to fears of panic, and as the information is arbitrary, and confirmation should take place by the research teams.(SECRET) After understanding the followings, the State of Israel shall, due to their geographical location, the extensive threat and inevitable fatality of the virus, the infection of millions, and the possibility of extermination of the Israeli population if not handled correctly, therefore declare a nationwide quarantine. The only exception for entrants into Israel are current Israeli nationals, and Aliyah immigrants. The decision will exclude the Socotra Islands to resume hosting a safe port for international naval travel to dock. Regarding the recently captured Suez Canal and its surrounding habitation, all arriving and departing ships must be assessed in the anti-SBT regulations, in order to preserve foreign exports and prevent spreading the disease.
    • Mod response: The UN agrees to have a vote regarding the actions of S. Africa.

2058 Edit

The Maldives have been 50% sunk by sea level rise. New York and London spend billions on flood barriers. Meanwhile, the Amazon rain forest has been nearly 60% deforested and average global temperatures are 3C degrees above 2000 averages, despite efforts to halt climate change. SBT hasn't spread to other countries but has killed another 500,000 countries. Multiple strains of its pathogen now exist, making it harder to find a suitable cure. The APK has won 10% of its territory back by using chemical weapons on civilian sites in rebel territory, forcing entire cities to evacuate. Nuclear missiles near Riyadh are on standby, aimed at Istanbul, Gush Dan and Riyadh itself, in case of a successful invasion. South Africa invades and annexes Lesotho and Swaziland. Meanwhile, In Japan, a new, nationalist-social democratic government was elected, with PM being political activist and feminist Hiroko Yuzuki. The new government has established economical reforms in order to overcome the crisis that stroke the country two years ago caused by low fertility rate and the SBT pandemic. The reforms are slowly improving the economy and social welfare of Japanese citizens. The flag of Japan was changed as well, with a yellow star in the middle representing power and social solidarity.

  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We give all residents of the Maldives a chance to acquire Canadian citizenship. We also send aid to the USA and the UK in their efforts to preserve their cities. We start a program to change our power grid to a 100% renewable energy and expect this to be completed in 10-20 years. We are happy to hear that the SBT pathogen has not spread into other countries and feel this is due to successful isolation measures. We conduct research on the SBT pathogen and find something astounding. We find that the strain affecting Africa is actually a natural bacteria and the other strains are nanobots modeled around the bacterial strain. We would like other countries to verify our research(World Response Needed). We begin an aggressive drone strike campaign against the APK to destroy chemical weapons manufacturing plants and send roughly 10,000 robots to assist rebels on the front lines. We send an even larger amount of arms as well. (SECRET) We hack APK government computers and find that they are planning on creating a large biological weapon that could be a threat to millions. We also find that it is possible they may use it on another country. We begin a full investigation and hope to bring more conclusive results and verify this initial investigation(SECRET). We condemn the South African annexation of Swaziland and Lesotho as this violates their sovereignty.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We request Canada to send us the DNA sequence of the debated natural strain of SBT, so we could analyze it.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We send multiple samples of DNA and hope for verification.
  • 6587598Vietnam: We Can Confirmed That SBT Pathogen Is a natural bacterial and a Nanobot.
  • LarstedflagLarsted: The government of Larsted continues to push for official recognition from world countries, but is still yet to be officially recognized (World Response Needed). The Larsted government is subsidizing a corporation to perform research on the SBT pathogens but is yet to confirm or deny Canadian research. Larstedean senate rejected a proposition to grant foreign aid to flooding countries, however, the Larstedean Bureau of Environment released an official statement siting positive climate in Greenland and reminding the world that immigration is welcome (for now). Larstedean government is yet to formalize a position on the combat  against APK. The first Larstedean space mission was a failure as anti-free market terrorists from communist India bombed the craft, killing its 12 occupants. Due to these actions, Larstedean ambassadors wish to implement a plan to deport and safety return all now unwelcome Indian immigrants, and wish for a peaceful resolution (Indian response needed)
    • Republic of Ukrainian Diplomacy: The council announces that the Ukrainian Government will officially recognize the country of Larsted. The council asks to start relations and trading with them, and if so allowing an embassy to be built for Ukraine and assigning the first ambassador for Larsted (Larsted response needed).
    • Larsted: The Senate has voted and we have decided to accept your proposal for embassies. we look foward to becoming partners in the future
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We recognize Larsted sovereignty of Greenland's territory, but in official papers we will call this nation Larsted-Greenland in respect to Larsted's former name.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: The republic of Japan recognizes Larsted's sovereignty and wishes for peace in the area and a peaceful solution between Larsted and India.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlag Ukrainian Republic: The council announces the that a new flag will be used for the new Ukrainian Republic, which will be very similar to the original one but with the coat of arms in the middle of the flag. The council announces that crime rate is now down to 20% and is estimated that crime rate will return to normal by 2060. They also put in the request again with the United Nations to see if the BUKH can be used internationally and are now looking for international support (all player responses welcomed). All bunkers are now completely destroyed from the panic of the 2050's from the possible invasion threat. The new research for the space program is still underway, with the main space launch station currently being built in the small southern town of Vasylivka, with much protest from locals due to the fact that it may cause ground and air pollution to the area. It is announced by the chairman of the space program that the first mission will be an unmanned mission to the moon, and a possible manned mission about 5 years later.
  • [2]Italy: We are in a very, VERY, stressful state. Because of our non-active approach during 2057, we have over 200,000 cases of SBT in Sicily. Our military has been battered by riots, and all of the island is under quarantine. The city of Palermo has been evacuated, and teams of our researchers have descended on the city, trying to find any information on SBT. The area between Licata and Vittoria has been totally destroyed, and our military has set up a base there to combat the disease. (SECRET: Our military, while occupying the area, is not there for conventual reasons. Our leader has ordered the placing of TABOD missiles and the construction of a secret underground base to further our military view of the world. In case of emergency, the missiles will fire. The entire project will take place underground, so no one will know. SECRET) We have shut down ALL flights going into Italy, and all commercial flights to Sicily. We ask the international community to send aid, specifically the UANZ for military support. (World Response Needed.) We have set up multiple labs to research the disease, and have started working on the second strain. We hope to further our research with the other countries. Finally, we shut down our borders completely, severing international commercial travel. We do not recognize the republic of Larsted, because we believe it still belongs to Scandinavia. We will not recognize the country anytime soon. Thank you.
  • Larsted(In response to Italy): Due to Italy's denail of the exisitance of our state and our current budget allocation to foriegn aid, your counntry should not expect aid for any purposes from Larsted
  • Italy Diplomacy: In retrospect, we decide to retract our statement and recognize the new country of Larsted. We hope they will accept our apology and set up a trade agreement between our two countries.
  • Larsted(In Response to Italy): Our ambassadors reluctantly agree to reopen connections with Italy. Approximately seven million USD in aid and four million USD in military supplies have been granted to Italy by congress.

U.R.M.A.: We officially recognize Larsted as a country and hope to Establish relations with it. We would like to tell the world that we are cutting all air travel in and out of URMA. There have been no infections of the infection.

  • Capture-AARAfrican Arab Republic: The radical terror organizations in the south of the African Arab Republic have been breaking the law for too much time. Our duty as the government of this Democratic Republic doesn’t allow us to take care seriously as required to this situation, theerfore we have no option but changing the Republic’s government from a Democratic Republic to Martial law for the sake of our loyal and honest people. We have no reason or intention to hurt the good people of our Republic so we plead from the other countries’ leaders that they won’t interrupt us to do our job as the leaders of the new African Arab Republic. From now on we will do our best to keep the balance of law and order in our nation. Also, we establish a new organization that called “The New World Order”.  The organization was established for countries that want to support the struggle against the terror in the world by donating money to poor countries like ours. If some countries want to join the organization they can ask from us , the government of the African Arab Republic and leaders of NWO, to join and of course they will be welcome. All the money will be transported to a special government bank account that was created solely for collecting the donations. We have no attention to hurt any innocent men or women and we promise that the Democratic way of life won't be changed. We want that all the other Democratic countries will know that a new equal and righteous Republic was born.
  • Communist indiaIndia: We welcome the new nations and we urged THEM to join the international community in the fight against the SBT epidemic We also proposes trade agreements and bilateral talks that will strengthen our international relation (new players response required),Were happy to announce that our Caballa space station has been completed,carrying 14 Indiannauts it has been sent into orbit on Mars and landed a party to plant the Indian flag on the red planet, a Martian surface base has been started and would be completed in several months a viable colony of several hundred Indiannauts as well as there families will be started next year as we build the Caballa 2 a much bigger version of the first indian space station, were confident that we would be the first earth nation to establish a permanent base on mars which will be supplied and sustain thru our space bases on the Moon
  • Larsted(In response to India): We wish to gain peaceful relationships with India despite our differences, however, we continue to push for a peaceful deportation of Indian immigrants with the consent of your government in the wake of the anti-free market spacecraft bombings perpetrated by Indian terrorists.
  • Republic of Japan (in response to India): We wish to express our interest to join the International community in the fight against the SBT epidemic and wishes to strengthen Japanese-Indian trade relations as we see it beneficial for both our countries. However, the government of Japan condemns the awful act of terror done by Indian immigrants in Larsted and urges for a solution in the area.
  • JapanFlag
    Republic of Japan: We, the elected government of Japan, announce the new social reform that we have started in order to make Japan the country it was decades ago- a world leading country in health, technology and social justice. We also offer our financial and practical help the the citizens of the Maldives in their terrible situation. We are also proud to announce that the SBT rate in our country has dropped by 8% in the past months. Last but not least, we want to express our support in the African Arab Republic's struggle against terror and our interest in helping by joining the NWO. Greetings from the great nation of the rising sun.
  • Flag of Israel
    Israel: The Israeli Central Bureau for Statistics has issued the 2057 development index, temporarily delayed due to Israel's national quarantine to prioritize projections, health statistics, and national surveys to release, which is under the interest of the international public. The total literacy rate in Israel, excluding the Judea and Samaria region, and the recently integrated Suez Canal, has reached 97.40% as Israel's maximization of funds to the education program in the North and South Sinai Districts, and the reformation of school grading and advancement in education, stating the importance of the Jewish value for education as a necessary aspect of life. Within the past 30 years. 38 Nobel laureates has won the Nobel prize in various subjects, and Israel express pride in contributing to the world's advancement in knowledge and technology. The Israeli population census is currently 23,601,427, with the 84% Jewish majority maintaining their dominance, 8% Muslims, 3.5% Christians, 1.3% Buddhists, and the rest of the citizens (3.2%) has stated their non-affiliation status. Israel's GDP has amazingly accomplished 10.5 trillion USD, due to the introduction of the powerhouse Venusian market, advanced lifestyle, and Israel's seemingly never-ending innovations. However, the growth rate is experiencing instability due to the world conflicts, SBT Disease, and Israel's national quarantine. The nation's GDP per capita is an astonishing 443,820 USD, which excludes the Autonomous Region of Palestine (Which independently handles their economic growth and internal development) and the recently integrated Suez district. The Ministry of Tourism, prior to the national quarantine, reported that Israel received a record-breaking amount of 34 million international tourist arrivals, which significant tourist spots includes the Old City of David, The Negev Highway Network [A Tourist route to visit all incredible spots throughout the Negev and Eilat districts. Also known as a mega-highway for high-speed travel; main road used in the Negev], Tel Aviv, Haifa, Hebron, Petah Tiqwa's urban miracle, and Haifa. Petah Tiqwa's costly but worthy second floor has been completed, presenting a renewed and dynamic environment of both old and new joint together, and an entirely different society compared to the rest of Israeli civilization. Public transportation has become the primary method of movement than cars due to its quick passage, information technology has become absolutely essential when traveling around the city, and unique culture is formed to adapt to what international opinion called the, "Elevator Miracle". Petah Tiqwa city has replaced Ramla as the Central District's capital, and is now a major rival against the Tel Aviv metropolitan area in terms of both size and economic centralization. Israel invites nations that are not confident to place their embassies in Jerusalem to bring their diplomatic mission into Petah Tiqwa's "Global Street" area on the

    Petah Tiqwa's second floor - Greenhouse and vertical farms sector

    first floor. (Player response needed) Defense spending has increased by 15% to cope with the worsening security situation as the A.P.K threatens nuclear warfare against Israel and its allies, deploying anti-ballistics defenses and activating the Israeli nuclear weapon defense mechanisms. The parliament agreed on intensive upgrades to be commissioned, including Israel's foreign policy and border control, despite PM Yerusahlem's concern about the reaction of future refugee crisis and the impact of a temporary isolation from international politics [Therefore Israel will be unable to participate in new issues between March 24 2058 ~ December 11th 2058]. During Israel's national quarantine, researchers has introduced Venusian-concrete, a combination of the slimy Venusian material of BPP-Haga with steel that created the superhard material superior to the rest of presently-known elements, and able to be protected against High-distance missiles. The wall will be constructed on the border between the Autonomous region of Palestine, the Suez-AAR border due to the SBT virus and protection of both sides, and the Israeli-Saudi border due to the conflict in the Arabian peninsula. The Israeli-W.A.R border will continue to use fences because of its climate and Israel's great diplomatic ties with the Republic. The current Israeli-Jordanian walls will be reinforced with this technology to improve border security. Because the project requires a large labor force to complete under 8 months, 140,000 human workers are applied to administrate 8 squads of construction robots, and to assist in jobs that autonomous entities are unable to do, which will conclude in a smooth strategy to minimize the significant unemployment due to the national quarantine. Functions of the Venusian-concrete also include controlled movement, despite its extremely hard surface (But due to the BPP-Haga's slimy texture), and the capability to provide free shelter underneath for both Israeli and outside entrants. Israel empathizes to the nations adjacent to the borders that it is due to the international crisis and the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom's campaign. Israel also announces it will refrain from making any major steps in the war against the APK due to national reforms. (SECRET) The Israeli security service's branch of Mossad recommended the Prime Minister to enforce increased border protection and launch "defensive measures" to defend it from a "forseeable disaster". They state that the world crisis is worsening, and taking immediate response to the national danger will benefit the Jewish state in an unimaginable way. The Knesset is recommended to maintain a very quiet stance the international world for 2058 directly under Mossad's and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel statements. The Mossad Headquarters are now contacting agents spying on the organization situated in West Georgia to report their findings before they withdraw them back to the country. (Mod response - Agent report) (SECRET)

2059 Edit

The APK, halted by rebel and coalition forces in Kuwait, short on oil and man power, desperately attempts shifting the tide of the war by launching a nuclear warhead to Tabuk, the administrative center of the rebel state. An estimated 350,000 people are killed, among them 5 rebel divisions, 500 West Asian officers and 100 Israeli officers. The APK threatens to launch more if the coalition doesn't back off and comply. Meanwhile, the weakened Islamic Caliphate establishes a beachhead in the APK territory, conquering the town of Jizan and imposing the Sharia law there. SBT continues to cause havoc, especially in Asia, where the disease has reached catastrophic magnitudes in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and governments there struggle dealing with the massive influx of sick people. Nearly 3 million people have died from the disease since 2056. Meanwhile, Palestinians, unhappy with the status quo and fueled by incitement from radicals initiate riots in all large Palestinian cities, and begin a campaign of diplomatic attacks on Israel, including the revival of the BDS movement. Meanwhile, the hardline Irish government, elected earlier this decade, fulfills its promise and invades Northern Ireland to reunite the country. Unsurprisingly, the invading forces are welcomed warmly in many cities.

  • Eastdruze Eastren Druze Republic: The Druze are a free and noble people, they have always served loyally the Countries they lived in, But now our People seek new Lands so they can serve their own country, After long Discussions we decided to mark a small part of Saudi Arabia as our territory, this Territory Borders with Jordan and APK, then after the planning a call has been spread all around the world to call the Druze people to march to this land and settle there as our new Home, at first we didn't expect more then a million but for our surprise around 2 million Druze decided to come and settle. The Pro-Democratic Rebels agrred to give us some of their land in exchange for holy Cities like Mecca and Al- Madina. We accepted the offer and started building the Capital city that will be named Naser Ad- Duruz, that translated to Victory of the Druze, it will take us around two years to complete the city and for now we ask Israel and WAR for military alliance and a defensive pact (waiting for WAR and Israeli response) meanwhile we ask the APK to get to a non aggression pact agreement for 10 years (waiting for APK/NPC/MOD response) our armed forces comprise 30,000 people to defend our little country we are asking the world for arms and arms intelligence (like advanced weapons, missiles and etc') for alliance (wating for global response).
    • Flag of Macedonia-Albania URMA: We Ask the Eastern Druze Republic if we can send troops to there border to help them with there expansion in exchange for a Military Alliance. We also send 10 Billion dollars to the small nation.
    • Eastern Druze diplomacy: we happily agree to URMA'S offer and we hope to get better relation in the future. your generous money will help us to make our capital building even shorter.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We agree to have a military alliance with the East Druze Republic, so we send a representitive of the West Asian Armed Forces to Naser Ad-Duruz, and propose sending two billion USD in military aid annually.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlag Ukrainian Republic: A public event is held in the Gryshko National Botanical Garden in Central Kiev to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Republic. But two men enter the garden carrying AK-47 and start firing into the box at the council members shooting 5 members and
    Concil attack

    Attack on the council

    13 other spectates. The shooters are both shot and killed by the Ukrainian Police while the 5 members are sent to the hospital in critical condition and the other 2 being evacuated to the Parliamentary Building. All 5 members survive the killing but remain in hospital for the rest of the year, although 12 out of the 13 spectators die in the attack. The shooters are identified as members of the APK terrorist group, which causes public outrage across the entire country. The 2 council members that are temporary left in charge decide with the support of the rest of the government and citizens to declare war on the APK and will start sending in troops in the following year. One of the spectators killed in the attack is the Chancellor, who was also targeted in the attack, the council invites world leaders to attend the funeral for the deceased chancellor (responses needed).
  • Canadian Diplomacy: We gladly accept your invitation to the chancellor's funeral. Our Prime Minister will certainly be there.
  • Canada: We assault all APK positions with a high level of drones in light of their use of nuclear weapons. We send another 25,000 robots to assault all APK positions and send soldiers to help protect officers in the APK. We also heighten security in light of the attack on the Ukrainian Council. We send our condolences to Ukraine in light of this terrible terrorist attack. We are pleased to hear that Ukraine is joining our effort to topple the APK

    Coalition airstrike on APK

    government and replace it with a more democratic regime. We also have reason to believe that the W.A.R is the next target of these terrorists. However this is not confirmed. We urge others to join the effort to topple the APK government. We send a very high level of aid to the Asian countries currently being affected by SBT disease. We will send teams to assist each government in keeping civil order as this is a very volatile situation in these countries. We take a neutral stance on the Israeli-Palestinian disagreements and hope for a quick, peaceful resolution. We launch our first rocket to Mars effectively beginning our colonization of the planet.
  • Communist indiaIndia: the new Biosphere A-1 has been completed on Mars it will house at least 1,5000 Indianauts and their families, the red planet is now thoroughly map by the orbiting Caballa space stations, Moist farms are being started to make the Mars colony self sufficient and livestock has been landed on the planet to start animal farming, water has been discovered in icy layers just beneath the surface and were pumping this out to provide water to our colony,soon a viable mars city will rise, supplies and personnel are being funneled thru our moon bases, were building large space transport to carry more people and equipment to mars
  • Capture-AARAfrican Arab Federal Republic: We, the government of the African Arab Federal Republic, have been fighting the terror in our Republic for a year. The terror’s power is weakened and our place as the true leaders of the Republic is getting stronger. We did a referendum to see if the citizens of the Republic want to replace the government, and we discovered that they prefer leaders that can control the country as it supposed to be, like us,  and not a puppet government that actually controlled by terrorist organizations. We thank the Republic of Japan that joined to the NWO, but we would like more countries to join the war against the terror in our Republic and in the world. Another thing that we have been doing for the last year is rebuilding the government and the financial budget, as you can see in the chart bellow.
  • We and the citizens have decided, in democratic way, to divide the Republic into 9 stased: Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and the Federal State of Nasseraldin. All the states will be controlled by the Federal government of the Republic that will send orders from the Capital city of the Republic, Cairo. Each state will have a governor, on the behalf of the government, that will rule his state. You can see the map of the new (old) stated bellow.
    Cairo- the most important city in the African Arab Federal Republic and also its capital city. Cairo is in the territory of the Federal State of Nasseraldin. In the next year we are going to provide 1% of our yearly budget for upgrading the city. The upgrade is going to take 1 year. Ismailia- located in the north east corner of the Federal State of Nasseraddin. In the next 2 years we are going to make Ismailia one of the biggest international trade cities in the Middle East. The city will control the trade in the Suez Canal. Of course that the city is going to be a great example for an international and modern city. We are going to provide for the upgrading of the city 1% every year. The city is supposed to contain about a million peoples. When Cairo and Ismailia will be ready, we’ll continue to provide an appropriate life to the other states. We have decided to help the war against SBT by creating a Research institutes that will hire the best scientists of the Republic. We hope we will help the nations of the world to defeat this disease as a developing Republic.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: We are very happy to announce that SBT cases in Sicily have dropped by 69%. We are reopening commercial travel from our country to the clear areas, and the ones that are "hot" are being quarantined. However, our military occupation of the dead zone will continue. Moving on to space. Our rocket, Francis III, has been launched from our Rome space facility, and has landed in the Olympus Mons crater. Our equipment has been set up, and we are mining lots of new materials from the crater. The basics of a city have been established below the surface, and colonists are expected to arrive in 2060. Now, as you know, Spain is in a state of instability. To help them, our government has authorized a military intervention to keep the peace. Like our new territory in Tunisia, (which we still hold), this is a peacekeeping intervention, not one of anger or agressaveness. We have taken the area of Murcia, and plan to move into Andalusia by 2060. We would like to send our consolation to the Ukraine Republic, and give them some cash to tide them over. Thank you.
    • Capture-AARAAFR Diplomacy: We thank Italy for their concern about the African disease in the past and their military movement, but we ask from them to return Tunisia to the AAFR territory so the citizens of the State of Tunisia will be able to live in their true country. We know that there are Italian citizens and cities in Tunisia and we welcome them to stay in the AAFR as permanent residencies. Again, we thank Italy for everything it has done for our Republic and we sure we could trust it as alliance in the future.
    • Flag of ItalyItaly Diplomacy: Because we would like to keep our good relations, we give back Tunisia to the AAFR
    • 6587598Vietnam: We Have Created A Vaccine for Most of the strains of SBT, and ready to complete human trials next year.
  • Mod Event: Rallies for peace with the APK and more research for the SBT virus are normal around the globe now. But at around 2:34 PM in Edinburgh, Scotland a chemical bomb detonated at a peace rally, killing about 307 people, injuring 735, and 54 people are reported missing. This is the worst terrorist attacks in Scotland's history and a beginning of a string of terror attacks starting with the attack on the Ukrainian council. Memorials are held for the victims of the attack and Scotland's Prime Minister calls a meeting with NATO and UN Security Council for a final decision on what to do about the APK. (Responses needed)
    • ​Republic of Ukrainian Diplomacy: The 2 remaining council members will be in attendance in the meeting. Also, giving condolences for the people that were killed, lost, and injured in the attack at the peace rally; referencing the attack on the council again.
    • URMA Diplomacy: As our best Ally Ukraine was attacked we send 25 billion Euros to aid the nation. We also send send our Deputy PM to the Meeting with NATO and send our UN ambassador to the security council.
    • West Asian Diploamcy: We strongly condemn the attacks, offer our condolences to the victims' families and propose an investigation committee to find out who were the preparators of such a henious act.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublicWest Asian Republic: We are happy to announce that with collaboration with our partners in Canada, Ukraine, Vietnam and Japan, we've created an anti-code to counter the first and second nano-strains of SBT, which account for 80% of the cases. The success rate is at 100%, since a code works on all computerized cases. We request the listed nations to check this code on their patients(Canadian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Japanese responses needed). Regarding the Canadian case of the so-called natural strain, we have investigated the case, and discovered that despite the codes of the nano-strains and the chromosomes are similar and the symptoms and capabilities are also similar, the strains don't genetically match and therefore aren't the same pathogen. The so-called natural strain, which is a different pathogen, shall be called ETG(Extreme Tumor Growth), and is fully natural, but is widely believed to have been distributed as part of the bio-attack. Despite that, we believe both of these pathogens are of the same bio-attack, and both of them were deliberately released in vulnerable regions for maximum casualties. We request Canada to send us their Patient Zero in order for us to try to manipulate the bacteria in his body using nano-bots, to find out if our anti-code can work on ETG and how to improve it(Canadian Response needed). We are grateful towards the AAFR for its efforts to combat terrorism, we send a representitive to the New World Order organization, and we donate some 250 million USD to it. We are astonished by the unlimited, never-ending brutality and war crimes of the genocidal APK regime, and because recent statistics find that APK has killed over 2.4 million citizens in the past 10 years, we feel it is necessary to combat this rogue regime by all means necessary. Therefore, we shall conduct operation against the APK at anytime, anywhere. No one is immune, however tall the cost in human lives may be. We have been forced to enter such a brutal stage of the war by the enemy, the APK, and by God, this war must end, it's time to defeat the ones who have taken so many lives. We step up our offensive against APK targets, and start bombing APK forces near the no man's land in Central Saudi Arabia. Nearly 30,000 are now regularly patroling the APK skies, as we and Israel have achieved near total air supremecy over the skies. Meanwhile at home, new statistics find that the exact number of population in the W.A.R is 223,742,967 people, among them 51% are women and the rest are men. Turkish people comprise 47% of the population, while another 47% are Arab and the rest are foreigners and Kurds. The astonishing advancements in Medicine, Virtual Reality, Robotics and AI have greatly contributed to an increasing decline in religious adherence, and 40% of the population classify themselves as irreligious or only culturally Muslim, while another 53% are secular, and the remaining 7% are religious or of other religions. Because of the enormous amounts of trade in our ports and in our cities, the free economic situation and the fantastic standard of living, we have been classified as the 13th most developed 2.8 million USD, but this method of measuring well-being and success will be soon phased out into a different method which is currently being developed. Meanwhile, 98% of our farmland is vertical and now 5 Turkish cities, 2 Iraqi cities and one Syrian city have fully developed second floors with global trade centers, malls, stores, electricity and they fully meet or surpass the standards of a modern West Asian city, described in 2042. Damascus and Baghdad are unrecognizable from their states 40 years ago. The economic gaps declared 10 years ago have been more than 50% covered, and other than the test subjects, we have no SBT cases, mainly due to our substantial filtration and bio-ID virtual cards, and also due to our top-quality healthcare system, which is rated to be ninth best in the world. Vasily Kamarov, the leader of the hacker group behind the bombing of Pakistani cities which resulted in hundreds of thousands of casualties is convicted in war crimes and mass murder, and is sent to life in prison. The death penalty was abolished four years ago and is now illegal. Meanwhile, we decide to sever our relations and trade with South Africa, because of its aggression towards its neighbours and its help to the genocidal APK. (SECRET) Our "Kalin" super-missile system, on which work began in 2056, is fully operational and 16 satellites armed with one missile each are at the earth's orbit. 8 are placed at high alert, ready to strike any city in the APK(SECRET). Since the previous delegation to Mars is successful, we have decided to send 10 shuttles in the next 2 years, carrying 96 astronauts, to form a West Asian colony on Mars with several missions: to seek signs of life and fossils, to seek water and to research the planets surface to find out if terraforming Mars is practical.
    • Ukrainian Rupublic Diplomacy: The Ukrainian Council thanks West Asian Republic's condolences for the attack on the council, and personally invite them to the funeral for the chancellor that was killed in the attack (West Asian Republic response needed). Also the Misistry of Science and Research send an offical report to the WAR's government that the Ukrainian Republic has received only 2 cases of the APK virus and are currently in isolation, also the President of the Ministry of Science and Research welcomes the anti-code to counter the deadly virus. Also, the Ministry of Defence asks the West Asian Republic's permission to move and fly troops in and over their country to combat the APK (West Asian Republic's response needed).
  • Flag of Israel
    Israel: 1. The state completes government and internal reforms, and the national election has been completed. The leader of the "Republic of Judah" right-wing party, Sami Gaya, has been elected as the Prime Minister with 58% of the total amount of votes. Gaya is notable of being the mastermind of several genius plans as a general at the Israeli-Iranian war on the 2030's, and advided the Prime Minister to invade Iran, during Israel's progressive period as the Minister of Transportation, Economy, Christian Affairs, Housing, and as the first Minister of Space Administration and Defense, and as a Knesset member, represented the State of Israel for the United Nations and the coalition against the A.P.K, and is highly favoured by the government themselves, and commanded large influence and support. Experts view him as a revolutionary and a possible game changer, which he may impose drastic changes for Israel, and indeed Gaya was one of the masterminds in making radical changes to government policies on 2048. Speaking in front of the cemetecemetRry of Mt. Olive on an exclusive interview with Channel 10, which became extremely viral internationally and received responses by other world leaders, Sami stated that the government reforms were necessary to perform maximized efficiency and ensure that our projections for the Jewish state's future are to be stable and progressive. "One mistake Yerushalem's parliament has failed to account for was to ensure Israel's future would maintain stability, and to affirm its rightful place in the international community. Currently, there's the SBT disease killing millions of innocent lives, a ravaging Arabian Empire with a nuclear arsenal, states carelessly breaking international law, and everyone's first option is now war, disregarding sovereign respect! The Progressive party wanted Israel to become the next United Arab Emirates, a booming economy, developing technology and an expanded tourist program, which we can all agree has turned Israel into a regional paradise. Yet, they take light actions against direct threats to our existence, despite our powerful military and history. My goal is to turn integrate the Progressive idea with the Jewish and democratic idea. My goal is to make Israel a role model for the international community, and become the beacon of a chaotic prospect. There's no need for one side to dominate the other, because who said we can't do both? I promised Israel, that under my leadership, that the next leader will assume control of a marvelous country, a new golden era with both economic, political, military, and influencial power for the sake of a positive path. Israel deserved to be shined upon, and our people enshrined with confidence and eagerness. Our government's reforms is a preparation for plans, and will exercise action towards such goal, and strive for peace." The State of Israel happily invites world leaders to attend Gavi's inauguration ceremony. (Player responses welcome) Israel's foreign policy has been updated to include the responsibility to protect Jewish communities, and will act based on concrete guidelines. 2. A new basic law has passed, re-affirming Jerusalem's postiion as the foundation and core of the State of Israel, its position as the "Eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish state", and to ensure the city as the Capital of the Jews. Therefore, the Jerusalem district will expand, absorbing settlements and towns surrounding Jerusalem city in Judea and Samaria, and the city of Jerusalem is now divided into 6 Administrative divisions for the municipality, and 1 Autonomous Authority in the Old City [32 Sages of Zion, which is led by the Chief Rabbanite of Israel. The Sacred Guards of David's Capital has been disbanded as it was only a temporary military entity to maintain order], effectively destroying the formerly visible West-East Jerusalem split that existed from 1949. Israel vows to uphold the status quo of 2052, keeping religious freedom and safety a great priority for all religious groups, reminding the Muslim community in both Jerusalem and abroad that the future of the Al Aqsa compound and the Dome of the Rock will be peaceful for prayers of both Jews and Muslims to participate inside the Har HaBait, and it effectively worked since the status quo was changed. Construction repair and environmental protection are now a serious priority in the area once known as East Jerusalem, since past governments refused to "fully" integrate the Eastern part of the city because of international pressure, which Gaya's Knesset unilateraly decided anyways. "Jerusalem is our eternal capital, and we continue to appeal for the international community to respect this. The unity of the entire city will allow Jews, Christians and Muslims to express and enjoy their religious freedom, and pray without conflict. In addition, the decision to expand the city's administration will not only affirm Israel's position for the capital, but help develop every Jerusalemite's lifestyle, especially for the Arab population in the East, which the government surrendered attention to the area because of fears for Palestinian outrage and past international pressure. Palestinian sovereign claims or not, we must ensure quality income and equal lifestyle for the abandoned Arab population." We offer the 620,000 Arab residents in Jerusalem and its surrounding Palestinian settlements Israeli citizenship, allowing them to upgrade their rights and become an Israeli citizen, or remain in permanent residency status. (Palestinian civilian response needed) The developement of Petah Tiqwa has finally completed its last stages, implementing exclusive transportation such as incorporating the national bullet subway into the Petah Tiqwa municipality, which stations and train tracks are succcessfully designed without fail to reach the city's second floor, and all public services now becoming available. The Petah Tiqwa metropolitan administration has reported 1,200,000 residents moving or currently discussing with the Ministry of Housing Management to live in the second floor, with an immense size of land now under bank ownership or rented by a different owner. Museums and an attraction center are starting to be built in Petah Tiqwa, with local and international investment and businesses starting to settle here. Employment in the city is extremely booming, reducing unemployment by 0.6%, as new jobs are being constantly generated. Fortunately, projections are confident neighboring cities and Petah Tiqwa itself will not experience major issues, although Tel Aviv may need to depend on tourism, real estate, and the technology industry if Petah Tiqwa overthrows its status as the economic capital. International organizations and businesses are welcome to set or move their headquarters to Petah Tiqwa's second floor. (Player responses welcome) 3. To expand the Venusian industry, Israeli delegates visits all nations in Africa (Except for South Africa due to their recent violations) to request the signing of contracts to increase economic ties, the introduction of the Venusian market into their state, which can help develop their infrastructure and technology. We will also include the encouragement of Israeli businesses in the nations, and can also provide Israeli agencies to settle in their capital. (Mod response needed [For Non-Player states], African Arab Federacy Republic response needed) 4. After understanding that the APK has launched a nuclear warhead and ruined Tabuk, among the 350,000 casualities 100 Israeli officers, Israel declares 3 days of mourning, and 1 days of fasting, which the government and religious community will participate. The Prime Minister announced, "One century. We, human civilization, are able to prevent nuclear warfare for a century and 13 years. Yesterday, we failed to prevent masses of victims being invaded by the regime. Today, we failed to initiate counter-measures against the APK's nuclear arsenal; now we see hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children lay victim to the weapon used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the second world war. Tomorrow, we must see the abolishment of any production of nuclear weapons and the end of nuclear warfare at all costs. If we fail, the only ending that will face us is doom. This is more the reason why the international world must defeat the APK regime, and confiscate their authority and nuclear weapons. Israel shall no longer tolerate its neutrality regarding the policy against the APK, and we will act accordingly." We are now mobilizing defense arsenal against nuclear attacks throughout the nation indefinitely to protect Israel from a pending nuclear disaster. Underground public shelters in Gush Dan, Haifa, West of Jerusalem, Hebron, and Beer Sheva re-opens, which were used during the Israeli-Iranian war on the 2030's, and will be the main escape route for Israelis in case of any future attacks. Shelters built together with Venusian concrete walls can also offer to be excellent protection for residents close to the borders. (SECRET) The Israeli Defense Forces has initiated an emergency meeting regarding the APK's advancement, but was intervened by the Head of Mosssad and the Chief of the Israeli Security Forces, proposing a large-scale infiltration into the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom and gather detailed intelligence on the APK's plans, military campaigns, population count [Including number of APK forces], the location of the Jordanian and Omani royal families, location of APK's nuclear arsenal, and the APK's trade, which should take a year, as scrambling the military without an organized plan, nor sufficient intelligence against a nuclear armed and large threat may be unpredictable. The IDF shall assume a defensive position and enforce strict border patrols and apprehend possible militant activity together with Shin Bet, but will continue to fight in the frontlines with the opposition forces. (Mod response needed - Mossad intelligence) (SECRET) The 2058 Israeli budget for the military consists of investment in the production and training of naval equipment and ships, as we plan to construct 320 Harolds [Medium-sized ship that works through hydro-electricity and magnetic power; contains artillery, drone inventory, advanced missile launcher, and traditional naval guns set in its disposal], and 4 Battle Cruisers, which will be made y the state-owned arms industry, Nahariya Navy. The budget also prioritizes border security, defense artillery & nuclear defenses, and weapons technology. 4.5. We forward our plan to the international coalition against the APK (Plan a large-scale invasion of the Arabian Peninsula for 2060, initiating mass spy infiltration and gathering of detailed information, assume temporary defensive positions in light of the APK's nuclear strike) and request that they maintain their past strategies, such as casual bombings, to avoid provoking the nuclear-armed APK to launch furthermore nuclear weapons. "The recent nuclear strike shows that the APK regime are as much desperate to order nuclear annihilation, which will seize the lives of millions of lives if no action is done to prevent such a tradegy. This is a very tense situation, and our government has agreed that we need to destroy their arsenal or set the most precise anti-nuclear defenses before the continuation of large-scale movement. Freely acting without awareness of the immense consequences will not only be against the UN Charter and value of human lives, but will result in a planetary crisis.", insists the Israeli Ambassador to the Anti-APK Coalition. (Coalition against the APK response needed) Israel asks of the United States of America to share their advanced anti-nuclear weapon and long-range missile defenses to nations in range of the APK's arsenal, due to the regional struggle of the APK threat. We recommend the following countries to accept the request, as it will ensure that their sovereign territory be excempt from being devastated by nuclear weapons from a rogue entity. (USA Response needed) 5. The State of Israel will recognize the existence of the Eastern Druze Republic as a resistance and settler movement, but not a soveriegn nation, which the Israeli Druze leaders refuse to recognize the newly established Republic. Israel reassures the Druze state that its recognition will depend on an international agreement after the APK's defeat, as the regime was established as a union between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. However, Israel accepts the Eastern Druze Republic's request for a temporary defense pact, and promises to protect the Druze inabitants and its territory. Israeli bases and 5.8 billion USD worth of humanitarian aid and weapons are now being set within the EDR, a special consul general appointed for the Eastern Druze republic, and 80 special forces are deployed to assist the EDR with its campaigns. We ask the Druze Republic if the Israeli Navy and an observations force be deployed on the EDR-controlled port city of Yanbu. (EDR response needed) 6. The State of Israel convenes the General Assembly to vote for major reforms within the United Nations, granting the intergovernmental organization more power, to take place, to which the devoted Prime Minister says, "The world is crumbling, and denying such allegations would ignore everything that occurred in the past decades. The United Nations was established in San Fransisco, made to prevent a Third World War, and indeed we have succeeded in preventing large-scale warfare and founded the United Nations Charter and its resolutions and laws, being applied to every nation in the world, a member or not ... until now. What we are witnessing are countless violations of international laws, and in result, more innocents are dying, and it has allowed violators to continue their rampage without consequences by the international community. The consequences of maintaining silence over these has turned against us. Nuclear bombs are being used once again, nations invading one another, and the peace-loving countries and citizens are now in fear. Let us unify and empathize that we do not tolerate the violations of international law and treaties, and that we must state our importance of the United Nation's position as the mediator for peace, and the enforcer of international conflicts. This resolution can, should, and must be implemented in order to prevent any more disasters, and to reinstate the trust and bonds between nations and people alike." 'United Nations Resolution 8336 re-affirms the United Nation's position in international politics, and the establishment of international law and world peace. The Resolution assumes increased authority for the UN Security Council to impose action, and will require every member state in the UN to establish a delegacy inside Geneva and New York, which must be in effect before 2061, and can be funded by Switzerland and the United States if the said country is unable to do so. UN Resolution can now be proposed by the United Nations themselves without the need of a member state or permanent member to convene it. Any future violations of international law will be treated with great severity, and the immediate attention of the United Nations Security Council. All military activity in foreign nations, unless given consent by the host and specified nation(s), must be stopped if three-fifth of the Security Council demands so. If Non-military negotiations between 2 and less sovereign nation/territories are approved with their goal being peaceful intentions and in accordance with the UN Charter, it will no longer require UN intervention in respect for direct negotations to take place without any foreign observations.' Israel also proposes a separate resolution, called UN Resolution 8337 - UN Trusteeship on a large-scale war or failure of international peace, which will disabe the UN's ability to disband on the occassion of a Third World War, despite the UN's existence is to prevent such event, and grant the UN power to partake in peacekeeping missions and host diplomatic talks of belligrents without intervention by another member state, such as a veto. Therefore, the State of Israel requests the international committee to accept the historical resolutions and select the "right step" in order to help the world order to maintain peace and stability. (UN & Player responses needed - General Assembly vote for UN Resolution 8336 and 8337) Once accomplished, we say, our effort against evildoers such as the APK, the Islamic Caliphate, the SBT Disease, territorial disputes, and many present issues can be resolved more efficiently. 7. Regarding the status of the Suez Canal under Israeli pandemic and civil control, the State of Israel tells the AAFR that it will happily return the seized territory (Which was intervened as part of the effort against the SBT virus) as soon as possible. Israel reassures the African Arab Federal Republic that Israel's effort to prevent the SBT disease from further infecting the depopulated inhabitants should be completed, and will permit AAFR investigators to assess the situation, and welcome the original authority to coorporate with Israeli pandemic forces as well. A private Israeli statistics agency based in Petah Tiqwa has issued a poll regarding the Suez district's choice of which nation to belong in; Israel or the AAFR. (Mod response needed - Poll results) Additionally, Israel would like to intensify economic ties by establishing a new free trade agreement, the road consiting of Nouakchott, Rabat, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Alexandria, Port Said, Tel Aviv, and Haifa, which will be named the Southern Medditerian Free Trade Zone (SMFTZ). Israel also invites the West Asian Republic, Lebanon, and the United Republics of Macedonia and Albania (URMA) to establish trade routes to joining the FTZ. (AAFR, W.A.R, Lebanon, URMA Response needed) 8. The State of Israel is appaled, and with grave sadness, send our condolences to the death of the Ukranian Chancellor, victim of assailants under the command of the illegitimate sovereign territory of the so-called "Arabian Peninsular Kingdom". The Prime Minister will attend the Chancellor's funeral and meet with the Federal council, and would like to include the attendance as part of Prime Minister Sami Gaya's 4-day diplomatic visit to Ukraine in order to offer infrastructure aid, plan Israeli aid and commercial agencies and trade to be introduced in the Ukranian Public, protection of the Ukranian Jewish community, and most importantly, the upgrade of diplomatic ties. On a separate request, Israel offers to sell arms export worth 1.42 billion USD, including police packages, military and espionage equipment, 80 tanks, and a pair of F-88 Jets for Ukraine to purchase. We also offer the agreement to initiate joint-military exercise in the Black Sea, the practice being the protection of civilian ships and retaliation of supposed ambushes, and several more practices, which will "guarantee experience for the Ukranian military". (Ukrainian Republic response neeeded) 9. An immense Israeli demonstration consisting of 190,000 civilians protests against the Israeli quarantine in Tel Aviv Yafo, which the organization in charge is named the "Open Israel" movement, demanding the government to demolish the walls and allow freedom of movement between borders. The Israeli Judah representative argues that the world's condition, especially in the Near East, is not in the state to welcome open borders. "Israel's construction of the Venusian concrete border was decided because of the risk if we did not take action against the increasing danger directed at us and neighboring nations. If we left our borders open, any unpredictable situation, such as a regional influx of refugees or possible attacks could be uncontrollable, simply because Israel didn't install the sufficient protection. We seek for peace, but the embracement of dangerous elements that may enter our sovereign state without prior knowledge may result in harm.", clarified the Minister of Border Security, a branch Ministry for the Minister of Defense and the Israeli Security Service. On the fourth day of demonstrations, 8 suspected individuals "removed plastic guns from their pockets, and shot 27 victims, which 5 has immediately died and 16 others in critical condition. Police forces has immediately
    Tel Aviv Shootings 2059

    Police forces attempting to maintain the situation after the suicide bomb exploded

    neutralized the assailants. Another perpetrator then initiated an IED suicide bomb "out of alarm", devastating the calm situation and killing another 15 and injuring 408 others, 32 in critical condition. Panic has ensued the center of Tel Aviv, with riot forces struggling to contain the tension. Soon after, Shin Bet security forces has arrested 30 individuals suspected of association with the incident, and the suspects declared mixed claims of either the APK, Islamic Caliphate, Resistance Forces of Occupied Greece, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Jewish beligrents of Samaria, and even the Armed Organization of the Church. While the investigation continues, the State of Israel feircely condemns the incident, citing it as an act of a massacre and the obstruction of good-willed free speech. The Prime Minister will personally attend the funeral of the killed demonstrators. 10. The State of Israel will treat the Palestinian "riots" "calmly, and conduct appropriate measures to reduce the disturbance". Israeli security forces assists the local APZ (Authority of Palestine Zone) guards as Palestinian riots in the Autonomous Region of Palestine overwhelms the medium Palestinian security guards. Meanwhile inside Israel, the Palestinian cities of Ramallah, Jenin, and several more major Palestinian cities are received with destructive riots, as 520 Palestinians are arrested for criminal acts of rock-throwing, and violence against bystanding Jewish and Arab civilians. The Gaza Strip will be heavily regulated, with thorough security checks being implemented. While the riots are considered "minimal" by the Israeli Government, we would like to remind the Palestinian public that Israel is maintaining its reassurance that it reinstates negotiations with the Palestinian government regarding an independent Palestinian state once the APK threat is over, and states that Palestinian independence is "very close". However, (SECRET) with support of the Prime Minister and his party, but opposition from liberals and religious parties (SECRET), Israel can uniletiraly withdraw sovereign control over the Palestinian Autonomous Region, and proclaim the State of Palestine with its current territory if the Palestian Leaders request so. (Palestinian response needed) Meanwhile, moderate demonstrations are organized in Jerusalem, alongside Jews, Palestinians and Christians, asking the Palestinian "activists" to instead ask through negotiation instead of violence. 11. Israeli research on the SBT disease has developed a scanning system that is capable of instantly detecting abnormalities in the body's muscle, blood cell, and germs, including nanobots themselves. The discovery is indeed major, as the technology can immediately connect the abnormalities with SBT pathogens, making detection of this disease and thousands other much more easier. Israel will manufacture 1,500,000 of the "Nano-Scanner" (Using a quarter of the research's funds), and freely distribute them worldwide, especially in Asia and Northern Africa, for health services to use. (Purchase responses welcome) After the discovery, two-thirds of the State of Israel's funds on SBT research is yet to be used, allowing the institute to directly dedicate in discovering a cure, which a basic estimation believes will complete in 3 years. Therefore, Israel would like to furthermore coorporate with the leading nations in SBT research to share their documentation and participate in foreign missions. Regarding Thailand's crisis, the proposal to deploy pandemic peacekeeping forces and collective isolation zones to prevent the infection from being spread, and also provide humanitarian aid. Israel and Thailand's enthausiastic diplomatic ties are unbreakable, and we send our deepest regrets to the events occurring in such wonderful nation. (Thailand response needed) Israel's border policy will not change. 12. As part of Israel's diplomatic and cultural mission, the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Jewish Archaelogy proposes a cultural exchange between Israel and Japan, which Japanese culture can be openly presented in the city of Tel Aviv, and an invitation is made for the Japanese leader to make a diplomatic visit into Israel to upgrade ties and agree on an increased economic deal, granting Israeli and Japanese businesses and organizations more freedom to operate in both countries. (Japan Response needed) The State of Israel sends a document officially recognizing Larsted as a sovereign nation in Greenland. Regarding the Irish invasion of Northern Ireland, we shall declare neutrality in this conflict, but asks of both sides to negotiate an end to the issue. 13. The Israeli project for Mars colonization is gradually becoming developed, as the decade-old Israeli colony continues to maintain research and agriculture. The Knesset has decided to pause advancement of the Mars project due to risks of imploding the national budget if exceeding the funds for the Space project, and would rather depend on Project Jacob's Sister to expand Venusian mines and research robots.
    • Ukrainian Republic Diplomacy:  The council thanks Israel's Prime Minister for the condolences for the attack on the rest of the council, also thanking them for the weapons that they sold to help with the war in the Middle East. Preparation for the Prime Minister's visit is already underway and the Ukrainian Military is now starting to be trained for the joint-military exercise in the Black Sea. The council also holds a moment of silence at the council's union address to Parliament for the victims lost in the demonstration attack.
    • File:Larsteflag.pngLarsted: A 7th deadly attack from Indian free market terrorists in the last year and a half was directed at John Arter Acadamy where 14 gunman killed 44 children and educators. This action prompted action by Larstedean Legeslature to set up a plan for all former residents of India to be taken on ships to the Iberian peninsula to be released. Also, all Indian immigration has been barred. Unfortunenatly, some of the terrorists involved in recent attacks have fled to the Baffin islands. Larsted requests the help of Canadian special forces to retrive these outlaws so the can be brought to justice (Canadian Response Needed). In the senate, a measure to supply ground troops to combat APK was defeated, however, Larsted still doesnt recognize them and supports their destruction. More scanning measures have been put in place to try to prevent SBT from entering the country and dedicated scientists work around the clock for a cure.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union requests to buy the Nano-Scanners. Eurasian President Yuri Lipnitsky attends Gavi's inauguration ceremony.
    • Mod response: 210,000 Palestinian civilians apply for Israeli citizenship.
    • Mod response: The majority of poll respondents in Suez vote in favor of joined the AAFR.
    • Mod response: Lebanon agrees to Israel's proposal.
    • Mod response: Palestine decides to wait until the APK crisis has ended.
    • Mod response: Thailand graciously accepts Israel's offer.

2060 Edit

The APK is beginning a full out assault on the Western World, mostly including raiding and kidnapping humanitarian workers from around the world; including hostages from Ukraine, Western Asian Republic, Israeli, Italian, and East Druze Republic. Threats are already being made against the hostages, with demands of land from almost the entire Middle East. Recently, the APK have been capturing military airports in the Tabuk Province, including assassinating the governor of that province. Meanwhile the SBT virus has now been reported in Mexico, and spreading quickly as the rest of the world continues to push for vaccine and a possible cure. Peace rallies and protest are rampant across the world, mostly against the APK and to stop the SBT virus.

  • 220px-Liwa-e-Ahmadiyya 1-2.svg (1)
    Republic of QadianAfter a long civil war between the Sunni sect of Islam and the Ahmadiyya Sect of Islam the war has finally
    Great city overall

    Artist's Impression of Rubwah After the Rebuilding process

     ended with an Ahmadiyya victory. Over 75% Of the population was wiped out From the war and disease. Qadian is located in present day Pakistan. The Ahmadiyya Caliphate has moved its Headquarters to Rubwah. The current leaders in Qadian have decided on a Democratic Government with a Very limited powered Caliphate. Qadian Intern President Schedules elections in 1 Year, He also comes out with a Modernization and Rebuilding Plan which is already in effect. He has also decided to close borders until a vaccine for the SBT Virus is found. The President has made a major push for technological advances and modernization beginning with a massive building proposal in Rubwah and Islamabad. Qadian also begins an Army Modernization and Recruiting Plan.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: After decades of neutrality in foreign conflicts, the Eurasian Union deploys 30,000 robotic soldiers (who have replaced humans in the military) to the APK. President Yuri Lipnitsky says in a statement "The governments of the world cannot sit idly by while genocide and invasion are being committed." Travel bans are implemented for all countries with confirmed SBT cases. The Eurasian government asks long-time border rival, Georgia, if they would like to join the Union. (Mod response needed)
    • Mod Response: Georgia immediately accepts, mostly because of saught protection from the SBT virus. The current president resigns and hands everything to Eurasian President, Yuri Lipnitsky.
  • Communist indiaIndia: Our colonies on Mars are thriving boosting a population now at 1,500, we have begun mining photons on the subsurface caverns of Mars,that is about 200 to 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the planet, photons are crystallized plutonium which is important in nuclear power, we plan to ship this back to earth on transport spaceships, Were also expanding the biosphere 1 to house more men and equipment and were deploying a third Caballa space station in orbit on Mars due to the danger of sabotages and alien attacks (perceived) were landing our first military units on mars this is strictly self defense and will consist of 500 elite space colonial marines, along with 50 modified tanks and armored vehicles, additionally were building a space gun station this resemble an orb with guns and cannons perturbing in its sides, it is planned to escort and protect the space transports conveying supplies and photon raw materials, The Mars city is now complete designed to house at least 10,000 Indian space colonists. soon we will have viable human colonies on Mars under the flag of the peoples republic of India
  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine: This new year begins out with a great joyous occasion with the rest of the council returning from their injuries. Now that the full council is back, it is agreed to start sending troops into the Middle East almost immediately, starting with 13,000 drones flying out to the Middle East and start hitting key militant targets near the West Asian Republic (securing that no WAR citizens or troops were harmed), also sending in 15 naval ships to blockade all of their ports, along with sending 20,000 robotic troops into the area hoping to start securing the area by the end of 2061. The Space Program is moving along with the first manned mission launching in 2062 to the moon to establish the first Ukrainian Space Colony there. Along with the war on the APK and the Space Program, BUKH is progressing with their research on the SBT virus and finding that the disease might mutate to a possible more dangerous virus in the coming years, but it is unknown exactly what it would mutate into.
  • Flag of FranceFrance: We have done many things since 2057. In 2058, we landed the base with CO2 filters. It lands rapidly, and starts a self-sustaining ecosystem. We continue sending supplies throughout all the years after. After several failures, we make a teleportation system with quantum foam inflation (SECRET) Powered with EM (SECRET), but it can only send signals due to the size. We ask India if they would like it for their colonies, as long as they do not modify it. (INDIAN RESPONSE WANTED) With the AI improving rapidly, we initate Project: Brain, analizing the human brain under the instruction of AI. Protests happen, but are surpassed due to the mainly secular nature of European society today. This year, we figure out sustaining the brain outside the brain. We continue, and in 2063 we should figure out how the brain controls the body. (SECRET) In 2059, a strong force program starts. We are attempting to release all the energy of the atom (according to E=MC^2) and keep it contained (SECRET) In this year, we continue vaccine work and we start using EM manipulation against the APK. We also use Israeli isolation techniques to isolate the virus. Due to the nature of nanobots, we start attempting EMP pulses against them. Finally, we ask people to help on a joint mission to Planet X to discover their technology (RESPONSES WANTED). We will share the technology with all who join.


The APK begins to seem a bigger threat as they threaten to gain more Nuclear Weapons and launch them at the West Asian Republic, Republic of Ukraine, Israel, Italy, and Larsted. The APK announces that they will begin a campaign of suicide bombings in nations that are against the APK. The SBT nano-disease begins to slow, but still it poses a great threat to international community and nations affected by the nono-disease call a distant echo of help for their citizens.

  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine: In response to the suicide bombing threats, the Council votes with a 7 out of 7 result vote to suspend all flights from all Middle Eastern countries, in case of possible bombings on passenger jets, and or transporting possible terrorists to Ukraine. Also the Scientific community is glad to hear that the SBT virus has begun to slow, although that BUKH is still concerned that the virus could mutate and become an even bigger threat to the international community. The council dispatches 300 humanitarian aids to Africa to help in response to the virus along with 4,560 doctors. No doctors or humanitarian aids will be allowed to fly back to Ukraine without proper checking and 27 days in isolation. The Ministry of Defense reports that they will be sending in 25,760 troops into the Middle East to combat the APK, along with sending more spy and surveillance drones over key APK locations that might lead to their defeat. A cruise that had recently had been scheduled to returned to Ukraine from France was threatened by a terrorist bomb and was forced to make an emergency docking in one of the Iberian factions and an immediate evacuation that resulted in the death of 3 and the injuries of 15. The Council asks the West Asian Republic's Prime Minister if that the Ukrainian military can have accesses to move troops through their land to combat the APK (West Asian Republic response).
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We accept Ukraine's request for them to navigate troops through our territory.
  • Canada: Canada begins a vigorous assault on APK nuclear facilities. We indefinitely suspend all aid to the APK and those allied with them. We would like all countries to assist the coalition in toppling the APK regime in light of their recent nuclear attacks. We will send 200 million Canadian dollars to assist those attacked with nuclear weapons. We also launch a campaign to crack down on APK terrorists within Canada in light of the bombings in Ottawa and Calgary which killed 147 altogether. We send soldiers to protect embassies in the Middle East.(Secret) We send spies to infiltrate the government in hopes of obtaining important intelligence regarding the use of nuclear weapons. We will also attempt to find intelligence that will assits those currently attacking the APK (Secret). We are delighted to hear that the SBT nano disease has slowed. However we will continue to send humanitarian aid to infected countries. We hope to keep order and cure assist the remaining infected.
  • URMA: In response to the nuking of our allies we respond by asking the W.A.R. if we can send 300,000 men to help them combat the threat. We send 10 billion dollars to each of the countries that were Nuked.
  • [[File:Larstedflag.png|border|25px]] Larsted: The Larsted Private Intelligence Cooperation (LPIC) has become overwhelmed with the amount of significant bombing attacks (34) that have occurred over the last two years. The two main groups that are continuing to wreak havoc through explosive devices are the self proclaimed APK and the Indian Free Socialists, who have set up HQ in the Baffin Islands. Larsted continues to plead that Canada takes responsibility for the Indian terrorists that have begun to sprout up on their soil (Canada Response Needed). Larsted has now extended the immigration ban in the country to all peoples of Non-Chinese Asian decent.The SBT manufactured pathogen is still receiving attention from the Larstedean heath community, however, many companies are now re-routing their attention to space travel and defense to increase profits. Larsted has placed the following questionable groups on its terror watch list: The Socialist comrades of Costa Rica, PR Congo and The Marxist Brotherhood of Iberia. (Secret) In order to fight APK, a top notch private intelligence company has been supported by the government to start a program to terminate high level APK leaders(Secret).
  • Canadian Diplomacy: We will investigate the terrorists on Baffin Island.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublicWest Asian Republic: Due to the growing threat of our cities getting attacked by nuclear weapons, we introduce many counter-measures to prevent loss of life, such as protection systems that will be a decoy for the payload to hit in insignificant places, and active protection systems that can phisically intercept the missile in heights of over a 100km if needed. We open up many shelters in all cities with over 50,000 and introduce numerous safety regulations, inspections and general public discipline to make the public as safe as possible. Despite the nuclear threat, the APK is visibly weaker, having nearly run out of oil and its forces depleted to about a quarter of their original size. We exploit those weaknesses and invade central Saudi Arabia, where we have reached 10 km near Riyadh. We start laying siege to the city and order all troops and civilians there to surrender unconditionally or to face destruction. Regarding SBT, our advanced algorithms have developed anti-codes to deactivate the SBT and to stop its effects. All of our test subjects have healed. We send our anti-codes to all infected nations, especially in east Asia, Central Asia and to the countries which lead global cure efforts (Global Response Needed)
    • ​Ukrainian Diplomatic Response: The council asks for the anti-codes for the victims of SBT in Ukraine and other countries where Ukrainian doctors are startioned. Also, the Ministry of Defense thanks WAR for letting Ukraine's troops move through the country and will start sending troops in the next year, along with drones and planes.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We would like to congratulate the West Asian Republic for their leading efforts to surrounding the regime's capital, and express our moral support for the calm surrender of the regime, and an unconditional transfer of control to the UN Trusteeship council. We warn the APK leaders that the "unified strength of international powers" will be undefeated. We're also requesting W.A.R for the Anti-codes to assist the Israeli humanitarian effort to cure in countries where Israeli humanitarian personnel are deployed in.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We send the anti-codes to all those who requested.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: 1. In the conclusion of vigorous plannings between the IDF, the State of Israel, under the intention of maintaining stability and free of imminent danger, collective self-defense against aggression, ceasing oppression and war crimes in the Arabian Peninsula, the disarment of a rogue regime, the liberation of occupied states, (SECRET) the possession of the APK's nuclear arsenal and collections, which includes but is not limited to information about research, military inventory, strategies, black market, and the APK secret agencies,(SECRET) and in accordance with Chapter I, Article 1 and Chapter XI, Article 73 & 74 of the UN Charter, the State of Israel, on the Eleventh of Shevat, 5821 [February 2nd, 2061], shall hereby declare war against the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom. In coordination with local Yemenite and Omani resistance groups, the Saudi opposition, and the Eastern Druze Republic, we shall launch an independently aggressive large-scale land invasion of the Republic of Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman, and directly assist the EDR to reclaiming their lost territory by the APK. Because the APK has reduced their tight control over their Southern territories in spite of the international effort at the north, the Israeli military were able to swiftly deploy 220,000 beligrents, 4,100 Tanks, 21 Battle Cruisers, 35 Aircrafts [4 Quad-Air Carriers {Is able to carry 4 Jets, and paratroopers}, 22 Jaffa Wing Dog Fighter Jets, 3 N-88 Bombers, while the remaining 5 are classified (SECRET) 4 of the Jets are the Gabish I Inter-continential bombers, belonging to the low-profile atmosphere-space division of the Israeli Air Force, which is not a part of the Israeli Space Security Force (ISSF). The 35th Aircraft is the Tupolev Tu-88 IV, which carries 2 nuclear bombs in the emergency situation (SECRET)] and 1,874,000 bot troops into the Socotra archipalego in preparation for the invasion throughout 2059 and 2060 without detection, or at least ignored without suspicion. As Israeli bomber aircrafts drops leaflets addressing the invasion and evacuation routes for APK inhabitants to escape to, the Prime Minister declares the following: "For far too long have we quietly withstood the horrifying disaster the APK has caused in the Arabian Peninsula. Since the APK campaign has begun its oppressive campaign a decade ago, we, the international community, whom were all bestowed human rights & prosperity entrusted the leaders to take action against the crippled situation, and save those deprieved from the illegal regime. Millions of civilians inhabiting the region are in total fear, waiting for international assistance to arrive on their doorsteps and affirm their liberty and security in this seemingly hopeless rogue state. Yet, after years of bombing campaigns, expensive fundings, and moral support, we could not prevent the enemy to transfer nuclear weapons to their arsenals, freely commit countless violations of international law and murder civilians, and invade the neighbouring nations of Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait. In the name of peace and obligatory responsibility to remove threats to peace, we are first launching a large-scale invasion to repel APK presence from the Red Sea, the Republic of Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman's territory." Israel estimates that the capture of both Yemen and Oman will take a minimum of 1.5 years, which the highest difficulty is Oman, due to the Sultanate being aligned with the APK Royal family. 2. We request the Security Council to immediately adopt a resolution to require the mandatory severance of all diplomatic ties, political connections, and a full embargo against the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom, which is in accordance with Article 41, Chapter VII of the UN Charter, and violation will be punished with a sanction, and possibly a war crime if trade is committed excessively. The deployment of UN Navy peacekeepers to patrol the Red Sea and Persian Gulf to observe suspicious activity in the area, especially when it concerns trade with the APK, should be approved to ensure the isolation of the APK is not breached. The objective of the indefinite resolution is to block all foreign trade with the APK to ensure no tangible support is made. (Security Council response needed) We hereby propose to all powers against the Arabian Peninsular Kingdom, being aware of the rogue state's capabilities and territorial control, to seek a partition of Saudi Arabia to prevent a rogue power from launching a crisis in the Arabian Peninsula. "A democratic and free Saudi state, a Druze state, an Islamic state in Mecca, a Dammam state, and the foundation of emirates in the East should be created. Minor border agreements will grant Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Yemen additional territory to assure their self-determinaton and secure national sovereignty. Not only will it promise security in the Middle East, every side will be able to express their preferred values without conflict as the international effort works to de-escalate the regional crisis. We also request that the Trusteeship(s) [Once captured] of Yemen, Oman, and the UAE be under Israeli Administration, while Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain can be decided by the administrating powers", proposes the Israeli commission to the UN Trusteeship council and the Anti-APK Coalition (UN response needed / Countries against APK response needed). 3. Alarmed by the threats of possible nuclear annihilation, and our status quo as in a "full-scale war", the State of Israel proclaims a "Secondary state of emergency", opening shelters nationwide. Defense technologies specifically developed to counter long-range and inter-continential ballistic missiles, including nuclear weapons, and a 2300km-range platinum-powered radar constructed in Revivim will stay in operation for the next 2 decades to strike incoming enemy arsenal attempting to damage Israeli sovereignty. High-level officials and experts equally believe that the crisis may possibly be "on par" with the situation when Iran declared war against the State of Israel. The Knesset voted to increase general ministry budgets by 2.8%, which is an unusual increase in Israel's government expensure. (SECRET) The Knesset, Supreme Court, and the Parliament of the 32 Sages of Zion [Led by the Chief Rabbanite of Israel] have all animously allowed the Prime Minister to vocally threaten the APK with nuclear annihilation. Sami Gaya has decided to refrain from using such opportunity unless "Israel's very own people are at maximum threat from an APK assault". (SECRET) 4. The Ismailia-Ha Tarbut Suez border, separating Israel and the AAFR, was attacked by a suicide bomber, posing as a British tourist. The explosion killed 9 victims and injured 21 from the Israeli border, while the casualities in the AAFR are unknown because of a request for a joint-investigation is not accepted yet. (AAFR response needed) 2 "associates" were arrested in Northern Sinai, and caught illegal IEDs and basic handguns in their vehicle. All of them were Syrians visiting Israel to "meet relatives", but the origin of the weapons are unknown, despite suspicions that the Black market in the Gaza Strip or in the Tel Aviv district is responsible. We seriously condemn the horrendous actions committed by "monstrous radicals", and announce reinforcement of security in Northern Sinai. Due to suspicions by the investigations, the Gaza-Rafah border is now closed, although the Kerem Shalom crossing remains open and activity remains normal. We request the Palestinian authorities to provide Shin Bet information on 14 neighborhoods in Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip and Balata City, which is close to the Palestinian de facto capital of Nablus [Schehem],  and coorporate with the Israeli forces to question several individuals relating to the incident. In addition, we ask the W.A.R to partake in a joint investigation with Israel regarding the involvement of the 3 Syrian perpetrators with the APK or any radical groups. (Palestinian & W.A.R response needed) Border regulations now includes detection of plastic materials and the banning of no more than a small package of sulphur. We're also using the regulation changes as an opportunity to implement the Nano-scanners in all checkpoints throughout the nation to maximize detection of SBT patients and to quickly act in the possibility of the SBT virus reaching inside Israel. 5. (SECRET) 2 M-X Space Jets attempted to fly from a medium-orbit spacecraft, and tried to enter into Israeli sovereignty. Ignoring repeated warnings and identification requests, our space forces quickly destroyed the unknown targets using remote-controlled guide rockets, which the spacecrafts crashed near Arish, Northern Sinai. We have captured the jets and the pilots, and due to the spacecraft's unusual appearance & the trespassers not holding an inter-planetary vaccine certificate, securely transported them into a reseach center, accompanied with investigation personnel. DNA Test results designates that a pilot is an Argentine, while the other pilot is Greek. We request the respective governments to identify the individuals (SPFA & URMA response needed) An Israeli probe from the Israel National Space Command will observe the unknown spacecraft that deployed the vehicles. (SECRET) 6. The mass-production of the Israeli innovation Nano-scanners has been extremely efficient for national pandemic services, especially in the effort against the SBT disease. Instant detection of these pathogens has enabled us to relax border control, although trade restrictions are still imposed because our technology can maximize detection methods for life organisms, and not objects. Israel is now donating thousands of nano-scanners to international health organizations, and are freely importing them to other nations worldwide to assist them on their efforts. Our researchers have, by combining several chemicals, Vitamin B12m, "editing" a microscopic particle, and a genetically suppressed flu, created the first vaccine to provide the patient fifteen days of immunity from any nanobots from operating inside the body, and can kill nanobots with the only side-effect being the suppressed flu infecting the body, only causing coughs and possibly a slight cold [Which the immune system can easily defeat, or using cough medicine, the flu.]. Human tests in Thailand were proved to neutralize the South-East and Sub-Saharan African pathogens of the virus so far, and experimentation is still ongoing. 7. We are also happy to announce that Thailand's infected has been fully segregated in the isolation zones from the rest of the population, and are now being treated by Israeli professionals. We have helped Thai authorities to initiate a border blockade to avoid another infiltration of the SBT Disease, and expensure of the Health Ministry is increased to adapt to the dangerous situation. We ask of the Thai authorities to permit Israeli research on the SBT to be centralized in the North-Eastern province of Sakon Nakhon, where international organizations will manage their samples and testings for the South-East Asian and Central Asian pathogens. We also intend to finally bring Israeli humanitarian personnel to assist healthy Thai civilians while the government and Israel coorporates on the virus. Israel intends to open immigration for 350 Thai nationals through open arms. (Thai response needed) 8. New legislations have been passed that resulted in massive celebrations throughout the nation. The legislation, titled "Protection of parent authority of children; independence of Children rights" abolishes the government's rights to remove the parent's authority as the legal guardian [But another guardian can be added if social workers decides to split the family members in special circumstances], limits government intervention in family issues, and criminilizes social workers from making decisions based on a third-party's request [By a person not a family member]. The Prime Minister and the Republic of Judah party, along with Liberal and religious party hails the legislation as "reversing the mistake committed by the communist/socialist-influenced government on 2016, and the upholding of family rights and Jewish law". The Education Ministry will now need to require the legal guardian's agreement for the school to manage the student's curriculm and extra-curriculm activities by themselves or the student's own decision; otherwise, they require a parent's signature before they decide the change. 9. The State of Israel's aliyah is officially extending the Law of return from Jews and relatives of Jews to all 12 tribes of Israel. Any claims of being a member of the followings [Except for Jews, as they are from the Tribe of Judah] will be responded accordingly by the new Ministry of Israelite Identification through immediate DNA testing upon the local government's approval then immigrating them into Israel, converting them into the Jewish faith. We're integrating organizations committed in finding these members into the Ministry as well. In addition, the Israeli government shall assume subsidary protection of diaspora Jewish communities and groups with appropriate evidence proving their ties with an Israelite ancestor. We ask India, despite its foreign policy for foreign travel, to negotiate a plan to send the last 4298 members of the Ben Menashe community to immigrate into Israel. (India response needed) 10. The Israeli air industry and the Israeli Embassy in Kiev are concnered about the Ukranian decision to ban all flights between Israel and Ukraine, and would like to reassure Ukraine that Israeli defense technology has made it "impossible" for infiltrations and outside attacks to harm commercial flights in Israeli sovereignty, and that Jerusalem Air, El Al, and The Israeli Wing, the 3 biggest Israeli airlines, have not experienced a major hijacking nor outside incident for the past 18 years, and Ben Gurion Airport's security is being seriously maintained by our security. We propose an alternate plan that allows indirect flights between Ukraine and Israel with the two transit destinations being in Italy and Cyprus, and then to Israel (and vice-versa). (Ukraine & Italy response needed) 11. Construction of the Venusian-Concrete walls surrounding Israel's borders are estimated to be completed by 2063, with 55% of the Israeli-Jordanian border, 64% of the Israeli-AAFR border, 100% of the Israeli-Lebanese border, and 31% of the Israeli-Palestinian border finished so far. 12. The State of Israel requests to increase economic ties with the Republic of Kurdistan, and establish embassy-level diplomatic ties. (Kurdistan response needed)
    • URMA Diplomacy: We can assure Israel that that Greek fighter Piolot was not one of ours. And we are prepared to work with Israel to find out were he came from.
    • Mod response: Kurdistan accepts Israel's request and upgrades the relations and economic ties.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We accept and endorse the Israeli proposal regarding the future of Arabia. Regarding the 3 Syrian preparators in APK-related crimes, we have run bio-scans and found out that the 3 men are in Abu-Dhabi and are working for the APK regime. We discard their citizenships and declare them wanted dead or alive for $500,000 each
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The council mulled over Israel's request, reporting that "The decision to temporarily ban flights to the Middle East is to make sure that all the lives on board those flights are safe." A referendum is held to decide with the votes 5 to 2 in the council and with most of the parliament voting for acceptation of Israel's request. After the referendum, and the council's decision to allow the request the Ministry of Transportation and Foreign Travel let's out a statement saying, "We the people of Ukraine do believe that our flights will be safe in the hands of Israel and will now lift the ban on flights to that area."
  • Italy: We have cut almost all SBT cases in our country. We have reopened national travel to and from Italy and Sicily. We have started to invade the entire Eastern part of Spain to provide the stability that we have brought to the parts already in our control.

2062 Edit

West Asian and Rebel forces, aided by Israel, break in Riyadh, after the regime has announced it will fight to the final man. The bloody street-by-street fight take heavy toll and in the week of fighting, 30,000 people are killed, including 3,000 civilians. 231 West Asian EHFUs(Enhanced Humanlike Fighting Unit) were destroyed or severely damaged. 32 Israeli drones were shot down. In response, the APK launches its last four remaining nuclear warheads at Gush Dan, Israel, Istanbul, W.A.R, Ankara, W.A.R, and Baghdad, W.A.R, all of them only to be shot to be shot down at Mesospheric or Thermospheric altitudes. Despite the successful interceptions, there are over 200 radiation related cases in W.A.R and over a 100 in Israel. Using the anti-codes, the health organizations worldwide have taken care of SBT effectively and its cases have dwindled down to negligible nubmers. Despite that, SBT has killed some 5,000,000 since 2056 and has changed the world forever. All the nations are on the hunt for the bio-terrorists that engineered this WMD and are on the lookout in case they develop further strains of SBT. The Iberian Peninsula splits to West, which is the Iberian Republic, which speaks Spanish and Portuguese and is a corrupt, flawed dictatorship, and North-East, the New Holy Roman Empire, an extremely religious Catholic state which speaks Spanish and Latin and seeks capturing the Vatican. On the South-East are the Italian-Occupied Territories. Meanwhile in Africa, climate change, lack of Western Interest and instability have led to governments in Sub-Saharan Africa to fall like dominoes, with the more powerful and stable South Africa taking advantage of the situation and capturing Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique with the claim that order needs to be restored. Meanwhile, a civil war in Mexico breaks out between the West-supported government and the Drug Cartels and the citizens that support each side. While in Afghanistan, the same happens between the government and new Islamist movements which claim to be part of the Islamic Caliphate. In Afghanistan, the government is too fragile to last and falls, as Afghanistan becomes an Islamic terror state. In South Africa, a far-right populist ruler wins the elections and declares: "In 5 years of my presidency, our nation won't be called South Africa, it shall be called Africa!" The parliament votes to give him unlimited powers to excercise and the power to abort the constitution in case of emergency.

  • Union of Australia and New Zealand: (Mars Mission) In 2060, the UANZ launched its Mars mission. This mission comprised of 400 colonists, 100 engineers and 100 security staff of the newly formed Royal Space Marines. In addition 450 Mk.3 ADAI robots (All Duty Artificial Intelligence) were sent, which have the ability to carry out jobs continuously due to being non-human. We have started mining Titanium in vast quantities and are shipping it back to Earth for trading. Within two years the UANZ has become the Earth's largest supplier of Titanium, controlling 85% of the market. This has created great wealth for the UANZ, allowing a doubling in size of the Armed Forces from 400,000 members to 800,000 approximately. (Middle Eastern Campaign) As of 2061, the UANZ invaded with support of W.A.R and IDF allies captured the Qatar Peninsula and island of Bahrain, along with land spreading along the north eastern Arab Peninsular. The Armed Forces units currently engaged within APK territory are as follows: (If you wish to read more of the UANZ contribution to the anti-APK coalition go to this link) As of 2062, the UANZ is pushing towards Riyadh.
  • Canada: Canada formally declares war on the APK. We begin a ground invasion from the western side and now control the coast on the Red Sea. We are slowly spreading inland. We will send 70000 men to the APK and send 7000 EHFUs. 30000 of these men will go to Riyadh to assist the W.A.R in its fight to topple the APK government. We will divert a quarter of our drones to Riyadh. Canada sends 50 fighter jets to Riyadh. We also have navy ships on standby in the Red Sea. We are pleased to hear that the APK nuclear stockpile is destroyed. (Secret) We begin Operation Winter in which we send advanced Marine teams to destroy the APK government itself.(Secret) We are pleased to hear that the SBT nano disease has been stopped. However we keep all humanitarian teams in countries that were infected to help rebuild. We begin a global investigation to discover who the bioterrorists or nation is. We pledge neutrality on the Iberian factions. We are unhappy to hear of the collapse of the Sub Saharan nations. In Canada our grid is now 60 percent renewable energy. In 2059 we launched our Mars colony and now have a thriving populace of 750 colonists. We have grown rich from exporting Rhodium and Palladium and now control 70% of this trade. We have passed legislation to dramatically improve education. We also begin to lower our debt. In 2060 our debt was 735 billion Canadian dollars. In 2062 this number dropped to 720 billion dollars. We have seen a lowering of terrorism after our campaign to incarcerate all terrorists in 2061. Our number of terrorism deaths has dropped from 147 in 2061 to just 30 in 2062. We hope to reach 0 after the APK regime is toppled.

The Middle East, with the UANZ foothold coloured in light green.

  • U.S.A.: President Gordon has released Ultimatum to all Communist country." We will no longer tolerate any injustices from the people of this Planet, so The Congress of the United States Formally declare war On India". And we ask our allies to help us topple this Communist Regime .
    • Union of Australia and New Zealand: We urge the United States of America to halt this ridiculous reason for war. We call for an immediate pause in hostilities and an emergency meeting of the U.N (GLOBAL RESPONSE NEEDED)
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We strongly agree with the UANZ and ask the USA not to waste machines or possibly human life on fighting India which we find to be a lost cause. Perhaps the USA could join us in fighting the APK.
    • URMA Diplomacy : Thought we have made our peace with India USA is a great ally of ours. So we too declare war on India.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We cannot and will not support a war effort with no clear reasons that will bring to the world more unnecessary bloodshed. We will not join the war and we urge all sides to cease hostilities and meet in Istanbul to discuss about peace.
    • Larsted: We officially declare war on India and anoter communist regime, PR Congo. We are willing to discuss peace terms though.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: As a strong ally of both the United States of America and the State of India, we pressure the federal government to reconsider their options. The US's anti-communist stance is indeed an attribute that is undeniably open, but initiating an ineffective war against ideology will only turn things for the bitter, nor will we support the American campaign. We politically declare ourselves as a neutral force, and ask both powers to accept diplomatic talks to take place at Jerusalem. If the situation worsens between the two powers, with American aggression prevailing, srael may be forced to take our diplomatic ties into account.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine: The Ministry of War and Defense begins to send in troops through the West Asian Republic, including 200,000 robotic troops, 756 human troops, 13,000 drones, 500 tanks, custom made dog fighters (planes). In the next two years, the goals by the military are to retake the towns of Al Bahah, and Jizan in southern Saudi Arabia. Drone strikes have already killed about 12,000 APK militant troops and hit about 200 key APK checkpoints in the Eastern Province, setting back production of weaponry supplies for APK for about a year. Drones have also revealed that the APK is still holding nuclear weapons in the country formally known as Yemen, the Ministry of War and Defense announces that the APK is capable of launching them at any time an that all coalition governments should stay on high alert, mostly including the West Asian Republic and Israel since they are also a big part of this war. The Ministry of Aerospace and Science is created and announces that the first manned mission to Mars will be launched in 2063 and is specified to land in the Northern Ice Caps in attempts to establish a space colony and search for water. The council condemns the civil war in Mexico and offers medical support for the injured from result of the war (mod response needed).
    • Israeli Diplomacy: (SECRET) "PM Sami Gaya: We would like to reassure the Ukrainian Republic that all reports of nuclear stockpiles in the Republic of Yemen is under control." No other information is given at this time. (SECRET)
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: 1. (Israeli campaign against the APK) Our military has successfully liberated the Republic of Yemen, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Eastern Half of the United Arab Emirates, which the other part is occupied by the Union of Australia and New Zealand. The Israeli Administration of Arabia is formally established to accomodate law, humanitarian support and Israeli involvement in the controlled territories. The administration is split into 8 provinces as part of the effort to split the Peninsula into independent states accordingly. Oman will be separated into the Provinces of Dhofar, Wusta, and the Province of Muscat, which the Sultanate shall control under the "Treaty of Sohar". The Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman will gain autonomy as protectorates, while Yemen will remain intact as a unified Yemeni republic. Musandam [Which will take the UAE Emirate of Fujairah and the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah] will be under direct Israeli sovereignty as the Distirct of Musandam, which Israeli law and governance are implemented. The Knesset representative reassures the public that the new District will not be annexed in any circumstances, and that Israel plans to turn Musandam into an independent state. The following provinces are installed with democracy, which the population will be eligible to vote for their local government while Israel maintains control over the area. The emirate of Dubai is immediately given to the Emir of Dubai, while the other 2 awaits the Emir to surrender alligence with the APK and sign the "Treaty of Sohar" (Mod response wanted). (SECRET) We have dispatched a new Mossad branch; titled the Riyadh secret police in Riyadh alongside IDF Forces to search for a hidden intelligence network and high-level APK members in order to provide information regarding the location of the evacuated royal families of the APK and research centers. We are under the suspicions that the APK possesses heavy intelligence of Western-aligned states, which Israel intends to consider the usage of such information. Nuclear stockpiles of 6, and hundreds of unusued Eurasian and AAFR-made long-range missiles were discovered in an underground base at Sana'a, the capital of occupied Yemen. Our military forces immediately collected the stockpiles and transferred them to an undisclosed location in Edom District to gather information and initiate research regarding the weapons. (SECRET) 2. (Israeli proposal of Riyadh Occupation Zones) The State of Israel assumes itself as a politically and militarily leading force in the struggle against the APK, due to its extensive effort in its invasion of APK-held territories and liberated occupied nations. As the capital of the APK is captured, we propose the division of Riyadh and its surrounding areas into sections of occupation zones controlled by the nations of the USA, W.A.R, Eurasian Union, Israel, UANZ, Canada, China, India and Ukraine as part of the international effort to stabilize and administrative the region till independent governments elected through a democratic vote in Saudi Arabia. The Emirate of Layla in the South of the occupation is established as a temporary Saudi protectorate. The illustration provided by officials

    Occupation of Riyadh

    presents areas of control [Image No.1], which we urge the coalition to agree on, disregarding current bi-national disagreements. We are also presenting the proposal to the UN Trusteeship committee for an examination and approval. (Global & Mod response needed) The Israeli delegacy exclaims that the proposal is "needed to establish calamity in the capital of a ruthless regime, thus re-uniting the people of Saudi Arabia in peaceful co-existence. We will not disregard our agreements of splitting the Arabian Peninsula in seek for the inhabitant's prosperity, liberty, and freedom of religion, and we shall also dismiss claims of ideological influence being installed inside the occupation zones (In reminder of the Allied occupation of Germany in the aftermath of WWII)." 3. (Israeli reaction of APK aftermath) Celebrations are made throughout our nation in the aftermath of Riyadh, Abu Dahbi, Muscat and Dubai's capture by the international coalition, which the tireless defense forces succeeded in defeating the opponents and establishing control over Yemen, Oman, North UAE, and several areas of territory inside Saudi Arabia. Tel Aviv's Rabin Square is filled with rallies of 420,000 citizens to celebrate the overwhelming announcement, and the State of Israel shall declare April 9th, 2062 the "Anniversary of Victory". After requesting Saudi politicians and officials who were given amnesty and permanent political asylum by the Israeli government regarding their position of the APK's near defeat, they decided to join the new Saudi government. We inquire the Saudi opposition to permit the following Saudi governors to partake in local politics. (Mod response needed [Saudi opposition] ) In a formal speech by the Prime Minister in the Old City, he said, "Our people, and many other people, destined for peace. We enjoy co-existence and brotherhood between each country. A decade ago, nations pleaded for help as an aggressive regime is formed in the Arabian Peninsula, pledging to slaughter its opponents and peace-loving inhabitants, solely intending to invade and depress the liberty of their subjects. We faced an immense struggle and pain, yet we continued to vow the liberation of the defenseless, and the apprehension of the evildoers. Victory is clear, oh fellow compatriots. Our army impresses the bright sunlight of the Arabian Desert as they carry the Jewish flag as representatives of Zion and march into the capital of the enemy of Israel and the world. While our towns and synagogues pray for the pacific solution, we send our final ultimum towards the dynasties of the APK. Surrender, and face the Hague. Let justice be served. Retreating into the deserts will not be solution, because our united forces in the coalition shall vigorously search on behalf of your atrocities and aggression." 4. (Civil Ensign & Ministry of Economy) Trade is becoming more relaxed as confidence returns to reinstate imports within the Red Sea, although the Port of Habidu, Port of Eilat and the Suez Canal are offered as alternate destinations. We switch our official civil ensign [Image No.2] in order to accurately represent the State of Israel's symbolism and representation in a civil form, and due to majority disagreement with the previous

    The new Israeli civil ensign as of 2062

    design. The Ministry of Economy's primary ideology has turned to mercantilism in order to promote Israeli firms and affirm that the US, German and Chinese companies won't overwhelm the Israeli competition while maintaining strong presence in its growth and business through protectionism, which is part of Israel's effort to not only convince Israeli companies to assert large influence beyond Israel itself, and the creation of international companies headquartered under Israeli law and corporate tax, but strengthen Israel's economic influence in the market and its ever-increasing growth. Economists predicts that Israel may become the country with the 8th highest GDP within a decade due to its incredible economic miracles and marvelous contributions from great industrial and technological sectors. 5. (Jerusalem's Old City and Arab Riots) The Chief Rabbinate of Israel, as the supreme leader of the 32 Sages of Zion and mayor of the Autonomous districts of the Old City, orders the extremely controversial annexation of an area around St. Marks Church, becoming part of the Jewish Quarter. In addition, all artificially made inscriptions and infrastructures constructed after 1923 that is in relation to Islam are to be demolished or cleaned immediately, which is largely viewed by Jews and Christians as an "abomination" and "vandalism", especially a spray painting of the word, "Allah" found in the Temple Mount in the early 21st century. This is part of the religious effort to "revert imperial and unclean

    Basic map of Jerusalem's Old City - 2062

    influence over the capital". The 32 Sages of Zion also requested the demolition of 600 buildings in the Jewish and Muslim quarters, vigorously rejected by the government. Although Christian reaction over the Jewish action in the Old City is quiet and neutral, many Arabs and Palestinians, estimated to be around 8,000 protesters, rioted in South-Eastern Jerusalem and near the Old City with anger against the Israeli action to rid of Modern Islamic entities, and demanded the attention of the international committee to pressure Israel to reverse the decisions. Jewish religious leaders praise Israel as "moving towards the direction of hope", while local Christian and Muslim religious leaders condemn Israel as taking advantage of international instability by initiating the "Judaization of Jerusalem". We dismiss the Arab riots and other claims as "unnecessary", as the administration were enforcing measures against vile vandalism and illegal buildings unapproved that are disturbing the Temple Mount. (Mod response wanted) 6. (The Question of Palestinian independence) The Prime Minister has visited Palestinian representatives to finally resume talks of a future Palestinian state, but presented them with the 4 "impossibilities: 1) Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron will never be included in the planned Palestinian state 2) The State of Palestine must permanently recognize Israel as a sovereign nation.  2.5) Jewish inhabitation in the Autonomous Region of Palestine or the State of Palestine will never be evacuated or forcibly removed in any circumstances 3) The Palestinian capital will never be located in Jerusalem nor Ramallah 4) The Palestinian state can be militarized and make actions completely independently (Without external interfernece by the Israeli government, except for extreme circumstances that may violate Israel's sovereign rights), under the condition that they follow the 4 impossibilities. Otherwise, Israel is willing to discuss every possibility with the Palestinian government for official territorial control for the Palestinian state. If no agreement is achieved within 2065, Israel may voluntarily withdraw from the Autonomous Region and establish the independent State of Palestine with its current territory. However, both options are not difficult to enforce, as the Palestinian territories are experiencing "more than average" growth and scored a more than average in the Human Development Index, proving that the Palestinian government is capable of managing the autonomy, and future independence accordingly. (Mod response needed - Palestinian government) 7. (South Africa's invasion of neighboring states) The State of Israel expresses concern and requests the Republic of South Africa to permit UN investigators and apply international law within their jurisdiction as they attempt to restore law and order in the regional crisis, including Swaziland and Lesotho. We offer a relaxation of the Israeli sanctions against South Africa in exchange for compliance to install transparency and UN examination of their management in the region. The Knesset jointly states their "worrying concern" regarding the South African President, calling his statement "unprecedented and unwelcome towards the nations of Africa and the international community"; we plead for South Africa to respect their fellow neighbor's independence and not establish an "APK-like empire" against their will, nor the acceptance by the international committee.  (South Africa response needed) 8. (Afghanistan) (SECRET) Sleeper agents distributed around Afghanistan are commissioned, ordered to establish a Mossad intelligence network and promote Anti-Islamist movements and train rebels aimed at battling the Islamist insurgency. We also order the "elimination" of the new Afghan government by inserting nano-bombs [Explosives with their size being invisible to the naked eye] throughout the building and inside the terrorist government's parliament, exploding it when the next parliamentary meeting occurs, while the backup plan is a direct drone strike by the Israeli military. We await the results of the plan. (Mod response needed - Result of terrorist attack in Afghan parliament) The Prime Minister permits the abductions of high-level members in the Afghan government and seek information regarding its military branches for the IDF to eliminate or share intelligence with its allies. (SECRET) 9. (Reform Judaism) A national referendum has been made reconsidering the status of Reform Judaism, a "Western" branch of Judaism, which the result of 83% overwhelming the 7% against [10% absent] has been concluded. Therefore, Reform Judaism will be downgraded as a Secular-Judeo Organization, formally separating it from religious institutions. The 23 Reform Synagogues are now forced to follow orthodox traditions, expressing that "Reform Judaism follows traditions against the Jewish faith, and laws against the fundamental values of the commandments God has given us". The American Association for Reform Judaism, the leading international movement for promoting Reform Judaism, harshly condemns Israel's actions, and abolishes involvement inside Israel. They also demand the US Federal government to ask Israel to reverse the action as Israel is "suppressing religious freedom". In response, one of the 32 Sages, Arthur Cohen, titled the so-called "Reform movement" as a supporter of incest and other abominations, and not related to Judaism whatsoever. The State of Israel would like to reaffirm its responsibility for maintaining religious freedom, and reminds the international community that secular movements are in fact non-religious movements, which Reform Judaism should be categorized as. Despite the tiny minority of 120,000 Reform Jews living in Israel being subjected to the new legislation, they are still being considered "Secular Jews" in accordance to their ethnicity and faith. 10. (Other) We declare neutrality in the Mexican civil war, and restrain involvement in the Iberian Peninsula, except for the evacuation of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish communities residing there. After final installments of pandemic checkpoints, Israel declares Thailand to be "SBT-free" as all infected victims are healed due to the anti-code and its solutions as well. Israeli personnel will begin to leave Thailand, and withdrawal be completed in 2063.
    • Mod response: The remaining Emirs refuse to any kind of settlement with Israel or the coalition as they pledged allegiance to the king of the APK by god. The population of the Israeli-occupied peninsular territories seems to generally accept Israel's plan, however there is a popular demand for independence and representitives of the population warn of potential riots if independence won't be granted soon. The Saudi opposition agrees to accept the politicians into the local politics. 56% of The Palestinians are unable to accept a Palestinian state without Jerusalem as their capital, 30% cannot accept one without Ramallah as the capital and only 14% are willing to accept a Palestinian state without those cities. The Palestinians unequivocally refuse to what they call "theft of land" and demand the return of Hebron and Ramallah into Palestinian hands, and further negotiations about Jerusalem's status. The secret operation in Afghanistan is mostly successful, with bombs exploding and killing 67 of the 80 Majlis members, 12 of the 15 government ministers and the vice president, however the president survived due to advanced bio-scanners able to detect hardware in the molecular level in the president's quarters. The president promises revenge and orders to arrest and execute all suspects of participation. 139 people are rounded up and shot, 34 of them are Mossad sleeper agents, including the field commander of the operation.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The Prime Minister repeats to the Palestinian Provisional Government that the government's predecessors has continuously rejected the possibility of including Jerusalem in the territorial agreements for decades, and Former PM Netanyahu's government implemented a basic law turning Jerusalem's status as a concrete part of the state on 2014. We will uphold not only our law, but the fundamental part of Israel; our capital, and the center of the State of Israel. However, we are strongly reconsidering to return Ramallah back to Palestinian control and commence the city as the Palestinian capital. - On a separate event, an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented to international media that Gaya's alliance might be planning a legislation that would formerly ban any plan to "surrender Jerusalem and its nearby territory to foreign hands", which received strong opposition by the small opposition party and left-wing & hard-line liberal supporters.
  • URMA: As we declare war on India we call on our allies China, Ukraine and Germany to do the same.
  • Communist indiaIndia: India continues to improve its economy, industry and build up its military.
  • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: We're happy to announce that we have no more SBT cases in the country. This disease has killed nearly 10,000 in the last 5 years within our border, and we celebrate its ending. With our new territory and natural resources, we are on the road of being the strongest African country. Over the years since the 2010s, the standard of living and the economy of South Africa have dramatically improved, however hunger, poverty and corruption are prevalent. Therefore, we launch a campaign of mandatory education and healthcare standards, and we invest some 10 Billion dollars in it. We also begin taking steps to improve clarity and transparency of our government to reduce corruption. We begin a modernization project of our military and we would like to purchase great amounts of fighter machines and drones, as well as AI for them(Response Welcome/Mod Response). Due to the massive instability and misery caused by upheavals in Africa, we feel that it's our duty to add as much territory to our borders as possible, because we bring nothing but stability. We would like to reassure the international community, especially the powers in the Middle East, that we have no bad intentions in our march to bring prosperity to Africa, and we would also like to reassure the Arab African Federal Republic that we have no aggressive intentions about them, whatsoever. To strengthen our existing ties, we propose opening an economic interest office in Cairo and to make a joint military exercise(AAFR Response). That being said, we march our troops into Angola, Zambia and Tanzania and call on their governments to surrender their arms to avoid unnecessary bloodshed(Mod response). We condemn the aggression of the U.S and its helpers and warn it to back off India or to face war.
    • Mod response: All of the invaded countries, except Zimbabwe, refuse to surrender and South Africa is forced to conquer them. In the invasions of Angola and Zambia, some 37,500 people are killed, among them 6,000 civilians. Cuba agrees to sell to South Africa 7,000 drones and an ancient 2030s AI software for them, while unaligned socialist Korea agrees to sell South Africa some 100,000 fighter robots with a more sophisticated 2050s AI software for them.
    • AAFR Diplomacy: We decide that we won’t support financially in South Africa, so we refuse to their offer to open an economic interest office in Cairo. We order South Africa to stop conquer lands that don’t belong to them. We are peaceful Republic and we will never attack any country unless we won’t have a choice, this is our warning to them.
    • South African Diplomacy: We did not ask any financial help from the AAFR, on the contrary, we asked to increase economic and military co-operation in the face of many global issues facing the international community today. By opening an economic interest office in Cairo and signing trade agreements, it would lighten the burden on South African companies trading in the AAFR, hence increasing both our countries' GDP. We are extremely saddened and shocked by the violent hostility of the AAFR to us, given our effort to liberate Africa, make it prosper and improve its international standing and we strongly hope it will reconsider its decisions.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublicWest Asian Republic: 1. The International Scene: As victory over the murderous APK is closer than ever, we begin planning for a post APK Arabian peninsula. Our close co-operation with the Saudi opposition has rewarded us with the possibility to influence the future democratic Arab state. While in Yemen, UAE and Oman states were established under Israel, we shall help to establish a democratic Arabian state in Northern and Central Saudi Arabia which will be called the "Arabian Republic", with a presidential regime and a 147 member parliament and full voting and civil rights for all people regardless of religion, race, gender etc. The West Asian Republic shall maintain a considerable military presence in the upcoming state until things have stabilized and the APK is finally and utterly defeated. The declaration of independence will occur in February 4th, 2063. Due to the security circumstances, we issue an invitation of world leaders to the ceremony, but also a travel warning and an advise to make security a top priority due to the hostile environment(Responses Welocme). We are concerned by South Africa's exploit of the international community's attention to adress its territorial claims, and demand its march of aggression to immediately stop, or else relations will be severed. We feel committed to the prosperity and security of the Afghan people, therefore we feel the urgent need to topple the Islamist government and re-establish a democratic one under international supervision. Therefore, we immediately begin airstrikes on military positions of the terrorist controlled Afghan military, and we prepare a ground invasion of 50,000 EHFUs(Enhanced Humanlike Fighting Unit) to liberate Kabul and begin the democratization progress. We are glad to hear that things have stabilized in the Iberian Peninsula and recognize the sovereignty of both the Iberian Republic and the New Holy Roman Empire and seek establishing diplomatic relations with them(Mod response). We condemn the actions done by drug cartels in Mexico and express support to the existing, legitimate government. We send $400 Million in weapons and humanitarian aid to Mexico. 2. Military: (SECRET)Our patrol vessels in the Mediterranean sea have spotted a convoy of 4 big yachts in international waters which are "suspicious electronically" and carry a lot of activity with dangerous software of genetic development, the software which was used to create the SBT. Our satellites detect armed men on top of every boat and SAM(Surface-Air Missile) launcher on one of the yachts. We suspect that it must be the base of operations of a potential organization that carries out bio-terrorism attacks. We shall deploy a 32-men platoon from the 4th regiment of Special operations, which is well known to be one of the finest special forces in the world. The soldiers will deploy after 3 "Suleiman" drones will strike the yachts in order to destroy the SAM battery and disable all electrical devices and light in the yachts. Following that, the troops will land, neutralize all armed men and leave as many subjects as possible alive in order to take them into custody and investigate their origins and intentions(Mod response about the result of the attack and what those captured have told the troops)(SECRET). We have 16 "Kalin" super missiles still active and orbiting Earth, we have 20 "Awad" battleships patroling the Mediterranean and 10 of them patroling the Black Sea. Those flagships are 200m long and weigh 29,000 long tons, each carrying 2 40cm cannons, 10 18cm cannons, 4 Sea-to-Sea missile batteries able to launch 24 missiles per minute, 2 Sea-to-Air missile batteries with the same capabilities, 2 Sea-to-Land missile batteries able to launch 30 missiles per minute, and 8 advanced multi-purpose laser guns capable of penetrating almost every existing armour. Each ship is only manned with 128 sailors, with mainly supervisory roles, as most of the job is handled by extremely advanced and sophisticated AI with superhuman efficiency. Such technology is also being utilised on the ground, with a new armoured vehicle emerging: it is called "Sabah 1.0" and it is completely unmanned with capabilities far surpassing the current vehicles. Weighing only 25 tonnes, it has a 12cm cannon that can either shoot High-Explosive shells, Especially designed Armour-Piercing shells, or convert into a laser cannon capable of utilising power into a laser beam that will penetrate most existing armour plates and will kill everything human or not. Its armour utilises carbon nano-fibers and flexible graphene, reinforced by titanium and tungsten to withstand hits from most existing cannons, and the curved shape of the armour also helps deflect shots. However, this armour will not withstand laser, so a further layer was added to the outer armour coat. This layer uses photochromatic particles, which change their properties when exposed to laser light, effectively neutralising most directed-energy weapons. Additionally, the armour can manipulate its light-absorbing properties in order to become invisible to the naked eye for 4 minutes, maximum before it has to recharge its batteries. Its power comes from either solar power or algae bio-fuel, and a fully charged battery of the "Sabah 1.0" could carry it for a max range of 640 km with a top speed of 80km/h on the road and 72 off road, with the small difference due to the advanced TSAWS (Tracks, Springs, and Wheels System) allowing it to traverse all types of hostile terrain. Despite the extensive use of "green" energy, the W.A.R has enough oil for decades, some 95 Billion barrels excavated from the Black Sea decades earlier. This vehicle will utilise the most advanced military AI software available, with instant reaction time, a 360 degree sensor, heat-seeking and night vision, and most importantly, the ability to instantly communicate and interact with friendly drones, EHFUs and human fighters. This masterpiece will be the spearhead of the W.A.R land forces and will not be exported due to the sensitivity of this technology. Mass production has already begun and the first "Sabah 1.0s" are expected to arrive in military service by 2063. Our military has some 1.6 million EHFU's (Enhanced Humanlike Fighting Units, Fighter Robots) and 25% have the most extensively upgraded software and weapons, and many of those upgraded ones are being deployed while those who use older, 2050s software and weapons are stationed in the W.A.R. 3. Economy and the Interior: Our population stands at 230,923,472 people, with 99 males on every female. GDP per capita has stabilized and is no longer measured locally(Turkey, Iraq, Syria) but nationally and stands at $302,234. An astonishing 34% of the population works for IT and other hi-tech companies or those branches in government service. Agnosticism is now quite common among West Asian citizens, especially in the Turkish parts, and 39 million identify themselves as agnostic, among them 30 million are "weak agnostic", and 9 million are "strong agnostic". The remaining Muslims are mostly secular, with only a 10% minority of Muslims claiming to be religious and the rest claiming to be secular or culturally Muslim. The West Asian Supreme Court decides to legalize same-sex marriage, a step which was approved by both the government algorithm and the parliament, the national assembly by an overwhelming 93% majority. Now same-sex marriage is legal not only in Turkey, but in the rest of the regions. Due to our trade volume in the Black sea being worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year, we decide building a trade and tourism port in the port city city of Zonguldak, population 2,403,234 people. The port will be called "Port Izdihar", or "Port of Prosperity". This port will serve our Black Sea trade and will be one of the biggest ports in Asia. Due to the swift rise in virtual trade which is a mainstream phenomenon now, we introduce 5% taxes on assets and incomes in virtual environments, in order to increase government revenue and to control and unlimited competition online in the virtual worlds. We start working on a plan to create a unitary Afro-Euro-Asian currency to stailize struggling economies and to make it easier for people to exchange currencies in foreign nations, however this is merely an idea that will not be realized soon 4. Science: As AI continues to evolve and improve itself, further tasks and responsibilities are handed to it, such as space shuttle launches, moon mining operations and much more. Our lunar mining colony is flourishing with 500 colonists and extracts Helium-3 worth billions of dollars that would power the nuclear plants of the W.A.R for decades. We have 2 fusion nuclear reactors in Istanbul and in Ankara that produce 80% of the energy the W.A.R uses.
    • Union of Australia and New Zealand: We congratulate the efficiency of the W.A.R Armed Forces against the APK, and send our condolences to those who gave their lives. In response to the invitation to visit Riyadh, we send our Prime Minister, who lays a wreathe to commemorate the Men and Woman who made the ultimate sacrifice during the campaign. In addition the new UANZ ambassador to Kuwait, John Orango, lays a wreathe to remember those who died during the evacuation of Kuwait city when the UANZ envoy was attacked; Bringing the UANZ into the war.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Republic of Ukraine would be honored to attend and will be sending the acting Chancellor to the ceremony. The council thanks the West Asian Republic for the flight warning, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense will be handling that, most likely with a military escort.
    • Mod Response: The operation to destroy the electricity on all yachts is a success, causing much confusions on the boat allowing the troops to board all ships and place all passengers under temporary request. The people arrested have maintained their silence about why those weapons were aboard the ships. It has gone so far, that one of the captain's of the yachts committed suicide in their holding cell. One of the wives of the captured people is close to cracking and revealing all the secrets about the weapons. Theories have arisen and it is thought that maybe those people might have either been paid great money to transport it, or were threatened by APK terrorists.
  • Larstedflag Larsted: The Larstedean government is pleased to announce that 3 agents of Eclid Corp. have successfuly terminated Arniwak Al-Bashin who was 4th in command for the APK. Larsted plans to continue wreking internal havock within the APK. The Defence Commitee of Larsted (DLC) carried out a small bombing campaign in the Baffin islands that successfully removed the terror cell that resided there. The bombings, however killed 3 Canadian non-terrorists and the Larstedean government sends Canada our deep remorse and sorrow. The Department of External Policy (DEP) announced its support of the New HRE, however, disapproves of their plan to conquer the Vatacan as it is a holy land for all to share. Larsted also declares war on India and plan to work with our close allies USA and URMA and begin to build its government military while companies like Arabot and Statutech have already been making military bots for years. Larsted also declares war on PR Congo (Communist State)  requestes that South Africa joins the war or imposes sanctions on the bitter communist rivals. (South African Response Needed)
    • South African Diplomacy: Worry not, the Congo region is in our future zone of control in our plan for African prosperity, and we too are disgusted by the communist government of Congo that is repressing its people and grossly mismanaging the economy, given the circumstances. Therefore, we will join the military campaign alongside with Larsted in order to capture Congo by 2064. We begin air strikes on PR Congo Military and government positions with our newly bought drones and use precision to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: We would like to announce that we are declaring war on the lasting government of Spain. We have already captured over 75% of the country, with the states of Aragon and Cataluna being the only ones not under out control. We, however, do not endorse the Communist-Democratic War between the two sides. We will not take sides directly in the war until it directly effects our country or our people. However, we might consider backing a side. Next: Larsted. We are very upset that the country of Larsted has even CONSIDERED crossing our borders to get to Vatican city. If anymore plans like this come to light, we will respond. The next area of discussion is Mars. The Olympus Mons colony has grown to 31,000 people who are mostly mining technicians and their families. The colony has provided us with much needed materials to support our fortifications in Spain. A new colony will be established in 2063 by the people already there. Our last area will be with India. We offer to give the our missile technology, weapons, and money to help their economy in this time of war. In exchange, we would like a joint-knowledge agreement to be signed. (Indian response needed.) Thank you.
  • Larstedflag Larsted: In response to Italy, we would like to mention that while we do support the new HRE we do not, I repeat, DO NOT, support an invasion of Italy or the Vatican district. As we said above, we believe you rightfully own it and that it is "a holy land to be shared"
  • GERMANY: We would like to offer Ukraine half of Poland as a gift because we know that in the past they wanted Poland. (Ukrainian Response needed) Germany Because of its alliance with USA and URMA also declares war on India and ask all of our allies to help us fight against this Communist Government.
    • Ukrainian Republic Diplomacy: The council immediately accepts the gift of Poland. As quoted from one of the councilwomen, "We are honored to accept the gift from Germany. For a very long time we have asked Poland to join us with no success but now our ally Germany has given us this chance we humbly accept." The council sends troops into the half of Poland and start to setting up borders.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We would like to encourage both Ukraine and Germany to partition at least some of their occupied territories to create an independent Polish state, as their people deserve that. We would be glad to help fund and help the creation of such a state, and financially cover the Ukrainian and German losses. We implore of Ukraine and Germany to follow the principle of self-determination and give the Polish people an independent state.
  • [Independently] West Asian Diplomacy: We issue our strongest condemnations to the sudden, aggressive and utterly unreasonable war of URMA, U.S.A, Germany, Larsted and their allies against India, supposedly because of India's regime. Any problems India might have caused in the past regarding economic policy, foreign policy or general attitude could have been easily addressed by diplomacy and other peaceful moves. Such horrible acts of war simply because of plain disagreements are a clear violation of International Law. India was communist 5 years ago, and it was communist 10 years ago, and the attackers could perform their actions in that time. This pure aggression is an extreme danger to the world peace and will not be overlooked. Should any of the sides continue the violence and contribute to it, bilateral relations between the West Asian Republic and that side will be greatly hurt, possibly severed. Additionally, we can no longer consider the U.S to be the leader of the free world, as it has betrayed its own values.
    • Union of Australia and New Zealand: We stand in agreement with our West Asian Republic allies. The UANZ calls for an immediate ceasefire and for the U.N to act more like the power it should be. This war comes at a time when the space age is beginning, with many sovereign Earth nations owning colonies on distant planets and moons. We fear that all international progress will be lost due to the war. We also announce that the UANZ shall be neutral, but not afraid to react to an attack on the UANZ by a declaration of war. We hope our allies shall also respond in the same way (West Asian Republic and Canadian response required)
      • West Asian Diplomacy: We reaffirm our commitment to the UANZ's security and vitality and we are willing to participate in the exchange of military delegations as well as increasing intelligence and military co-operation.
    • Canada: We stand with our W.A.R and UANZ allies and call for an immediate ceasefire as bloodshed is not necessary especially in a war against ideology which could be solved with diplomacy. We strongly agree with the UANZ and fear this could be a great step backwards. We feel the U.S.A has betrayed their own values and we no longer feel that it is the leader of the free world. We urge all warring nation to have diplomatic talks and create a ceasefire. We have defence placed on high alert due to the threat the United States may pose to us. We will remain neutral however neither supporting the USA or India. 
    • Union of Australia and New Zealand: (Secret: We offer to deploy the UANZ's Rapid Reaction Force and available air assets to Canada to help defend sovereign Canadian territory in the event of a US-led invasion of Canada.) (Canadian Response Required).
    • Canada: (Secret) We accept and deeply thank the UANZ. We vow to help the UANZ in any time of need.(Secret).
    • USA: We see UANZ and Canadian troops line up to the Border and we wonder what is wrong. We tell the whole world that we have 0 intentions to have war with any other Nation. We are also sadden by W.A.R's declaration and am sorry they feel that way. We tell the world that we are only declaring war on India to make sure that hundreds of millions of innocent don't people die in the hands of a horrible government.  
    • UANZ: The troops stationed on the border are currently performing joint training exercises. We send the UANZ ambassador of the US to Washington D.C to remind the USA of Canada's sovereignty and the UANZ's determination to defend it. .  
    • Canada: We see no reports of human rights abuses committed by India and we urge all countries going to war with India to reconsider the necessity of such a war. We deeply hope a cease-fire is made. Such a war may also affect your economy greatly. We can confirm all troops stationed on the Canadian border are performing joint military exercises. They are not engaging in any hostile action.  
    • Larstedflag Larted: Larsted begins to build its first temporary base of operations on the southern tip of Sri Lanka. We expect war however, we want to avert this, especially with our good allies Canada, therefore, we set forth a 2 year treaty pact (not alliance or support) (Candian Response needed). We also eventually hope to get to the negotiating table with UANZ and possibly India
    • USA: We Officially withdraw from the war Citing Huge Criticism and hate from our allies
      • Canadian Diplomacy: We congratulate the United States for using their better judgment to avert a potentially deadly war. In response to Larsted's request we would like details about such a treaty pact.
      • West Asian Diplomacy: We also applaud the American actions to avoid conflict and to save lives.

2063 Edit

As world leaders gather to witness the ceremony of the declaration of independence of the newly formed Arabian Republic, the successor of the APK, many say that it is the beginning of a new age for the Middle East. The ceremony is broadcasted and watched by 120 million people worldwide. Meanwhile, there are still 130,000 APK holding ten thousand square miles, determined to defend the territory until the last standing person dies. It's unknown whether they hold nuclear weapons or not. Intelligence points that the remaining troops are to be evacuated with the royal family to a friendly country. Meanwhile, the West Asian campaign in Afghanistan is swiftly progressing, with the Western half of the country captured by West Asian EHFUs, but Kabul is yet to be liberated. Following the U.S.A's declaration of war, and the withdraw a short time after, many people in the world find themselves bitterly resentful towards America, leading to widespread protests in many unaligned and socialist countries against American embassies and other buildings. Korea, which is now socialist following a peaceful revolution in 2057, decides to sever relations with the U.S and kicks the American ambassador. Meanwhile, nationalist movements in Greece calling for independence from URMA gain traction, and huge protests in many Greek cities against the government take place. Meanwhile in Pakistan, the Islamic Republic of Punjab and Sindh is formed, taking the side of the Afghani terrorist government and sending in 200,000 troops to defend Kabul. Additionally, the government vows to drive all "foreign" soldiers from Pakistan and begins sending its 250,000 remaining troops to cleanse Pakistan from foreign troops, especially Indian. In the Iberian Peninsula, the Iberian Republic and the New Holy Roman Empire, with their joint command, hold back the Italian troops and call the international community for help. Brazil quits from the SPFA against the federation's orders, and the SPFA declares war on Brazil. Despite that, it renames itself temporarily SFA(Spanish Federation of America) as if it has recognized the fact Brazil isn't a part of it anymore, but the SFA president vows to return Brazil to the federation's control. 300 Sri Lankan militants assault the Larsted base of operations and 143 Larsted soldiers are killed. The militants lose 276 men and the rest escape. An organization called "Sri Lankan Power" issues a statement taking responsibility and warning Larsted to withdraw or to face unprecedented destruction. Helpless in the face of South African invasion, the Central African countries turn to the AAFR and ask for its help. In the Red Sea, a British cruise ship is sunk after having been mistaken by an unidentified submarine as a transport ship for military purposes. The APK is the immediate suspect. The death toll is unknown but is expected to be at around 200 people. In the Ukrainian-controlled Poland, nearly a million people gather in Warsaw to protest for independence and the lack of co-operation in Ukraine. Recent polls show that only 34% of Polish citizens support Ukrainian control of Poland, and only 36% support a joint, bi-national Ukrainian-Polish state. The UN issues a statement calling both Germany and Ukraine to partition half of their occupied territories to form a Polish state, with Warsaw as its capital. Meanwhile, the 3 Syrian terrorists working with the APK issue a filmed statement in which they warn the coalition not to advance or to face "nuclear armageddon". They're presurmed to be among the last remaining APK troops. A defector from the SPFA(now SFA) reveals top secret documents about the selling of nuclear warheads to an "unspecified costumer in the Western Hemisphere". Due to the strict measures taken by many countries in the past 50 years to halt climate change, temperatures have only risen by 0.5 degree C in the last 10 years, and are expected to eventually stop rising in the 2080s. However, the rise in sea levels have forced millions of islanders to evacuate to the mainland, and the loss of habitat have caused thousands of species to become extinct. By the end of the 21st, the Polar Bear and Imperial Penguin are expected to be extinct in the wild. Meanwhile, in a cave in Sierra Leone, thousands of skulls and bones are found in a mass grave, and are surprisingly young, dated back only several years ago. They are sent to the U.S, Israel, U.K and the W.A.R for continued examination.

  • Communist indiaIndia: In light of the unprovoked aggression of URMA and the US we have put our strategic nuclear forces on high alert, We also want a formal explanation from URMA and the US for the declaration of war because we have not taken any aggressive action in the international scene or violated international law,we have the right to run our own domestic affair without foreign interference and as a Council member of the UN we urged a full investigation to the aggression by the US and URMA , so we proposed some sanction should be implemented against this aggressive nations who is spreading hysteria and communist witch hunting.
    • South African Diplomacy: We express support for the hunted India and call on the international community to help India from attacks by aggressors.
  • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: Lately, there have been some ridiculous, unfounded claims that we have been trying to establish a sort of "empire" in Africa due to aggressive intentions. These claims are completely and utterly false. By marching into failed African states and liberating their people from tyrants and leaders that cannot adress even the simplest issues, we have saved millions of lives. Due to additional claims of lack of democracy in our newly controlled territories, we announce that we give full civil rights to all people in all our territories, regardless of gender, race and so on. That includes medical and property insurance, free education from age 6 to age 12 and voting rights. Additionally, our parliament votes to revoke the unlimited powers of the now-unpopular president Elison Mapasa and announces new elections scheduled for January 2064. And so, as we march on to bring freedom to the oppressed peoples of Africa, we close in on Kinshasa and take many communist leaders captive. They are tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity and all are sentenced for life in prison. We also declare war on the rogue and oppressive Central African Republic and begin air strikes on Bangui. All of our newly controlled territories are in horrible shape, with poverty and hunger being widespread and little or no infrastructure. But, when we began the march for African freedom and prosperity, we have taken into account that we will have to shift our focus beyond our initial territory, to all of Africa, in order for all of the people to live on and prosper. We have an estimated 150,000,000 people under our control, and of them, 55% are below the poverty line. Therefore, we initiate a campaign built to lift millions out of poverty and to construct infrastructure everywhere. That includes electricity, water, pipelines, internet, services, education and much more. We are forced to greatly increase government spending and taxes on the wealthy to fund that campaign. The top income tax is now 55% while the lowest one, designed to lift people out of poverty, is -3%, meaning the country pays those without a source of income. We also declare our intentions to build 500,000 public housing units by 2065. (TOP SECRET) As an appreciation gesture towards Cuba and Korea for selling us drones and fighter robots, we accept their request for nuclear warheads and make 2 separate deals with them. For Korea, we sell them 12 nuclear warheads in return for 4,800 drones with the same AI software they sold us the previous year, increasing our drone fleet size to 11,800, and for Cuba, we sell them 16 nuclear warheads in return for 200,000 fighter robots with the same AI software they sold us the previous year, increasing our fighter robot army to 300,000. The transfer is known to no one except the highest ranking officials in both sides, and is made using stealth submarines with out any South African marks. The Koreans and Cubans also tell us that they are going to attack in co-ordination next year, but they won't tell us which country.(TOP SECRET). As our march continues, we enter Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi and order their governments to surrender their weapons(Mod response). We announce our support for a sovereign Brazil and begin sending them aid through the Atlantic.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We rush to state that the invasion of any of the following countries will result in a military intervention by the Israeli defense forces and possibly a counter operation to enforce defensive means in removing South African presence in these territories. Therefore, we strongly request South Africa to consider cancelling the invasion of these nations, and those geographically located in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes of Africa (Except for the People's Republic of the Congo and countries already captured by S. Africa). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has unfortunately not prepared a statement explaining the purposes behind the formal request, but will inform the Israeli Ambassador to forward additional but important information, including "diplomatic" documents.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We stand by Israel on that issue, and demand from South Africa to cease its aggression and quit attacking its neighbours. Should South Africa attack any more nations, relations will be severed and the West Asian Armed Forces will deploy in that region to expel South Africa from it and establish a defensive perimeter to keep South Africa away.
    • South African Diplomacy: Due to the threats of the Middle Eastern powers to begin an annihilation war against us, the South African National Armed Forces will not march northward from our territories for the time being and will begin helping building civil infrastructure and government services in the newly controlled territories. In 5 years, the Middle Eastern powers will take a look at what we did in our new territories, and beg us to capture the rest of Africa. Worry not, adversaries, your determination will be tested in the future.

      The UAK Vladimir Putin on its inagural tour of Earth

  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The new space battleship is completed, along with a space dry-dock. Dubbed the UAK Vladimir Putin after the former President who died in 2058 at the age of 105, the Putin circles the earth on the day of its inauguration. Despite this, President Lipnitsky assures the world the Putin will be used only as an instrument of peace. President Lipnitsky travels to Riyadh for the ceremony of Independence for the Arabian Republic. Eurasian scientists begin work on cloning a dinosaur. The Union calls for global peace.
  • Capture-AARAfrican Arab Federal Republic: We are happy to announce that the upgrade of Cairo and the rebuilding of Ismailia have been accomplished. Finally we can establish a modern international commercial city that will control the trade that passes through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea. We invite the countries that located on the shores of the Mediterranean to send ambassadors that will help us to make that trade in this country more efficient. In the last years we succeeded to control the terror in our country in our Republic. (TOP SECRET). We ask from the West Asian Republic to sell for us 500,000 EHFUs and 20,000 drones in the total cost of 40,000,000,000 dollar. We have also decided to create 5 military factories that can create “Awad” battleships in 3 months.(TOP SECRET) We invite countries that support the struggle against South Africa to send soldiers to our country (Only for protection) to help our Republic in case that South Africa will start a war. These soldiers of course will be subordinated to our field officers but we won’t act without the country’s approval (Countries’ responses required).
    • West Asian Diplomacy: (SECRET) We accept the EHFUs and drones deal and begin manufacturing the needed war machines for the AAFR. They will be ready by 2064. Regarding the "Awad" battleships, since it is a West Asian ship model, the AAFR must first buy a lisence to manufacture those ships before beginning. We are willing to discuss about the possible selling of a manufacturing lisence(AAFR Response needed)(SECRET). We gladly agree to deploy troops along the border of the AAFR with the South African-controlled Congo, and we send an initial 50,000 EHFUs for 3 years, with a possibility of extension of both the quantity of the EHFUs and the duration of the mission.
    • AAFR Diplomacy: (SECRET) Of course we will start building the "Awad" battleships only after we will get the license to manufacture those ships. We will be more then happy to discuss about it with the West Asian Republic. We thank the West Asian Republic for its help.
    • Eastren Druze Republic: after a long and successful construction we finally managed to build a strong holding capital city, named Naser Ad-Druze(نصر الدروز) who was constructed on the Horrific ruins of Yanboo' whose people were massacred by the APK army a while ago, we established roads to the rest of the towns in our territory, we are trying to improve the education in the isolated areas that remains the same since the old times. It will take 5 years to educate 95 percent of the non educated people, we established only a military airport for jets and helicopters for the Israeli army to transfer units to fight the dying APK. After the war will finished we will expand the place to be a 400 square miles, our soldiers and robots will be placed mainly placed with the border of the newly established country of Arabian Republic. As a coastal country we started to build 3 ports one in Naser Ad-Druze and the rest in an a top secret area. we are seeking to buy weapons from countries our military budget is around 6 bilion and we are seeking for an 2045+ weapons (waiting for world's offers). *SECRET* we found a massive APK's anti missile rockets who were produced in 2053 and are pretty effective against most missiles *SECRET* after the ports will be done we are planning to build an advanced ship based on nowdays models from the top expert nations in naval military whose ship's ruins were founded on the shores which they battled with the APK's forces this project will be finished in around 4 years unless a country offers us a Dossier of building their moddels that we can buy from them (waiting for world response/offer's).
  • Union of Australia and New Zealand: (International Developments) The UANZ maintained the occupation of North Eastern APK territory and plans to do so until a decision can be made on how to deal with the splitting of the APK. It is likely that this region will be granted to the Saudi Opposition once the region stabilises. Current territories under UANZ occupation include the northern half of the APK’s Eastern Province which includes the major city of Hofuf. In Addition due to the extreme loyalties of the local population in favour of the APK, the peninsular of Qatar and island of Bahrain have been annexed into sovereign UANZ territory. This is set for an initial period of five years to allow the stabilisation of the much destroyed areas. It is estimated that the rebuilding of Doha, Qatar will take 13 years at least. The local populations of Qatar and Bahrain were not pleased with the annexation and initially formed a riot that led to many Jihadist Militias being formed within the territory. The difference between rioter and Jihadist Freedom Fighter became too blurred, and the UANZ Armed Forces were given permission under U.N Resolution 435 to deploy deadly force upon civilians who were not obeying the laws of Martial Law. In an extreme circumstance an attack helicopter was needed to dispel an estimated 6,000 protesters who were marching, many armed with melee weapons and suicide belts, towards RANZF Doha. Suicide bombings are commonplace within the new UANZ territory, and in secret UANZ politicians regret the decision to carry out an annexation. The Qatari and Bahraini death toll from the riots numbers 25,964, a figure that is still rising. Police and Military deaths have so far reached 942.  RANZF Doha is upgraded from a small airbase into a top of the line military base, capable of launching Space Rockets into the atmosphere and beyond. (Secret: The base can also intercept nuclear missiles using UHF infrared weaponry. These weapons also have the capability to destroy satellites that are orbiting nearby UANZ territory) The UANZ territory briefly became a hotbed of extremism, much of which escaped into the rest of the former APK territory. We therefore remind our allies deployed in APK territory to remain vigilant, and urge border patrols and checks to be carried out thoroughly. (Africa) Task Force Diamond in Sierra Leone has been dissolved as the SBT virus has disappeared. However in light of South Africa invading the countries that border its north, the UANZ has decided to deploy 121,000 troops to Sierra Leone in order to defend the region. We send out a message to the governments of Gabon, Republic of Congo and Cameroon and offer a defensive pact. We propose that if these countries are invaded, we shall respond with the full might of the UANZ and her allies. In addition we wish to form a Military Alliance with Sierra Leone. This alliance should include the stationing of UANZ troops within Sierra Leone and the training and modernisation of Sierra Leone’s armed forces by the UANZ. (Mod Response Required) The UANZ has no comment on human remains that were found in a cave system in Sierra Leone. The Chief of the Armed Forces is brought before Parliament and he announces that the UANZ played no part in the tomb. All data from UANZ intelligence suggests it was the actions of the Sierra Leone government.  (Mars Mission) The UANZ Mars Mission is officially named as a colony after reaching 20,000 residents. The settlement is named Columbus. It is estimated that the colony will grow in population by 10% every year until the turn of the 22nd century. All Martians that live within the colony come under the status of UANZ ex-patriots, who still are liable to reclaim residency within the territories of Australia and New Zealand upon return to Earth. The rule of law still applies, and any court cases must be taken to the Supreme Columbus Court. The first UANZ citizen to be born on a foreign planet is named as Elizabeth Snow. Her parents are granted a large sum of money as a reward. (Columbus Trade) Trade in Titanium is continuing, but the value of the metal is slowly decreasing due to the large amounts of Titanium being exported to Earth from Mars. As a result of this the colony has begun mining diamonds, tungsten and rhodium in huge quantities. The amounts of which are classified. (Columbus Politics) Columbus wishes to make a trade agreement with its fellow Martian colonies, notably India’s, Ukraine’s, and Canada’s. With the announcement of War between India and multiple western countries, we are concerned that this may cause great loss of life on Earth and on Mars. Therefore Columbus declares neutrality from Earth affairs in order to prevent a war breaking out between the colonies. We ask that Canada, Ukraine and India accept a Non-Aggression Pact that will exist between the colonies. (Canadian, Ukrainian and Indian response required) We are aware that Canada is also mining rhodium, and we would like to remind Canada that Columbus is freely allowed to do so, under international law. If they have an objection we invite them to send an emissary to the Columbus Diplomatic Embassy or alternatively the UANZ Embassy in Ottawa. (Canadian Response Required) We also invite the international community to accept U.N Resolution 8338. This resolution extends the Declaration of Human Rights that currently exists on Earth. This extension would include the Declaration being enacted in Space, extraterrestrial planets and on planetary satellites. (Global Response
    • Mod response: Sierra Leone, Gabon and Cameroon accept the military alliance proposal. Congo, which is occupied by South Africa, doesn't.
  • Canadian Diplomacy: We accept the Columbus colony trade agreement and look forward to good relation on both Earth and Mars. We also accept the non-aggression pact and urge Ukraine and India to do so as well.

    A sniper from Almuq Alddawha (The Doha Resistance) looks on at the remains of suburban Doha.

    Welcomed){Vote on Politics Page} 
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: 1. (Lebanon) The State of Israel meets with Lebanese delegates in Beirut regarding the finalization of the purchase the Southern half of Sour district, Marjaayoun, Hasbaya, and the Nabatiye district in exchange for 280,036,800,000 Israeli New Shekel (72 billion USD) being transferred to Lebanon, which will enable Beirut to maximize their government expensure and budgets for its projects, including trade, tourism, stability, and its military force. We will also promise to provide the Lebanese Armed Forces with Israeli protection if they are in need of such. If the Lebanese government decides to refrain from evacuating or encourage the inhabitants to leave from the designated territories, we will be wholeheartedly willing to provide the 341,800 Lebanese residents the opportunity to become Israeli citizens, and receive the excellent rights and prosperity like any other Israeli citizen. (Lebanese response needed) On a separate topic, we reassure the Lebanese Rebublic that an agreement for Palestinian independence may hopefully achieve "imminent" success, and will continue to abide with Lebanon's conditions that a peace agreement and the start of positive diplomatic ties shall be agreed upon the independence of a Palestinian state. 2. (Israeli struggle for neutrality, foreign policy + NATO) The American declaration of war against India and the continious conflict has greatly threatened Israel's status as a neutral power. PM Sami Gaya's campaign does include major reform in the Israeli government and its conduct and its foreign policy is not an exception. The Israel Labor Party, whom are the leading opposition party, fiercely disagrees with Gaya's plan to changing any scripture of the foreign policy, as it will "gravely turn Israel's peaceful non-alignment status since the Iranian-Israeli war into the bin, and the end of Israel's ability to remain a peaceful entity, regardless whether postiive or not,". Fortunately for the coalition, the opposition only has 36 seats out of 120 in the Knesset, while the Coalition has 81 (The three are reserved for non-aligned parties). Nevertheless, the Knesset has approved, with some opposition, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to update Israel's foreign policy to the following to affirm its positions: "The State of Israel is the Jewish and Democratic nation, and the historical and indivisble homeland of the Jews and fellow tribesmen. In spite of the conflicting instability, the State of Israel shall hereby vigorously maintain national, regional, and international peace and prosperity for the sake of achieving stability and good-hearted neighboring security. We refrain from overlooking issues that affects Israel's security and the safety of our citizens and the Jewish communities, and volunteer as the peacekeeping mediator when hostility are in need for negotiation. We project to finalize a diplomatic end of the Israeli-Arab conflict, and accomplish fresh relationship with our neighbors without conflicting elements. Israel's status as a non-aligned nation cannot be guaranteed in an unavoidable case, which our side is more coorporative towards the NATO alliance and pacts Israel is directed involved in." The State of Israel submits an application designating its intentions to join the "Individual Partnership Action Plan" process in the NATO alliance, allowing Israeli-NATO Partnership to be active once accepted. Once accepted, we will station NATO facilities in the districts of Midian and Rueben, which will become the Middle Eastern gateway for the alliance. An Israeli training project will be commissioned together to join the NATO Training program, teaching recruits and Israeli military advisors corporating with NATO leaders in order to export Israeli strategies for the alliance to experience at. CPEs (Contact Point Embassy) are established in Brussels, Ontario and Instanbul, and the NATO Permanent mission commissioned at Jerusalem, in order to enable regional diplomatic communications between Israel and factions of NATO. However, Israel is not prepared to join NATO as a member state, and wishes to be called a "regional associate and contributor". (Mod response needed - NATO Organization) 3. (USA and India) We announce that American and allied warships will be denied from passing through the Ras Sedr route in the Suez Canal until the second half of 2063 to ensure that the American declaration of withdrawal is made. PM Sami Gaya comments, "On what aspect have the State of India committed to threaten the peace of the world? On what condition has forced the American and the involved nations to choose war over negotiations? On what justification will the campaign bring? The State of Israel, despite our excellent ties with the USA, must issue a severe condemnation of what we call a 'deliberate exceleration of hostility'. The purpose of this conflict is incomprehensible and void. I am thankful for the US realization and agreement to withdraw from the campaign, and wish for a compromise to reinstate the positive reputation the US had prior to this action. Nevertheless, the decision to declare war is inappropriate." Israel has announced that the US Permanent mission to Israel has been summoned to demand the explanation behind the "outrageous decision" and a request for the federal government to reassure Israel that they plan to revise their operations in the future. In addition, an inquiry is sent to the US President regarding his future options after the withdrawal from the war, and possible Israeli assistance if preferred. (US Response needed) While the government processes in their request, popular civilian media mocks the conflict by titling it the "Hollyood vs Bollywood" war, which they also criticize the Israeli government's divided Knessset failing to release a fast report upon the US's declaration of war, as Sami Gaya's speech was issued a few weeks in the aftermath of the US withdrawal. We comment on the allegations, reminding about Israel's century-old close "friendship" with the USA. "We've had major diplomatic issues in the past decades between both nations, and our government does not want to sabotage this trustful relationship. The Americans has offered a beneficial friendship, and we want to happily continue this as we've maintained the relationship for 115 years. In contrast, Israel as an ally and friend will offer a helpful hand to the Americans and allies as well (mentions of Israel's recent involvement in NATO & benefits), including correcting another's errors. We wish for the bi-national ties to remain positive and believe that the US has understood their error." Israel's policy on India will remain unchanged. There are minor protests consisting of 7,020 demonstrators in Tel Aviv and Rishon Le'tzion in front of the US consul (Clarifications: The Main US Embassy is situated in Jerusalem) demanding the US to publicly apologize and pay for the diplomatic and political damages caused during the alarming operation. An attempt to forcibly enter the Jerusalem Embassy has been suppressed, with 85 demonstrators detained for attacking a diplomatic mission. 4. (Foundation of the PIHA) We invite Ethiopia, Dijbouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi and the Province of Yemen to become core members of the "Partnership between Israel and the Horn of Africa", or PIHA when abbreviated, which will promote and mediate economic coorporation and joint security in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, funded by Israel and leading African nations. We also propose the creation of a Free Trade Route between the Port of Eilat (Israel), Tiran Sea Port (Israel), Port of Massawa (Eritrea), Piram Village (Yemen), Port of Djibouti (Djibouti), Port of Aden (Yemen), Port of Habidou (Israel), Port of Bayla (Somali Ethiopia), and the Port of Mogadishu (Somali Kenya), which will engage in heavy trade between the countries, and trade routes established in the Horn of Afria

    Flag of the Partnership Between Israel and the Horn of Africa economic and security alliance

    [Together with Israeli coorporation] to easily transfer goods between the borders. Because the Port of Mombasa in Kenya is close to a "conflict zone", this location cannot be selected due to security concerns. (Mod response needed - Membership of the PIHA) The potential foundation of PIHA will, in pursuement for a "sustainable life and wealth for the inhabitants", the developed member states of Israel, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Burundi will intensely contribute in assisting PIHA nations that are suffering from poverty, and generate work forces in the affected countries to reduce unemployment and increase income and the GDP of those countries. This includes infrastructure aid. The project's estimation is believed to be fully completed by 2081, where we expect the developing countries to reach the HDI level compared to Croatia, which would be an immense improvement. During the press conference in Jerusalem, the Chief Executive of the PIHA and the Ministry of Defense joins to state that if the trade routes or any member country's sovereign territory are deliberately captured by South Africa, Israel can be forced to militarily intervene in the continential conflict. 5. (South Africa) The government releases a statement about South Africa's "worrying actions", asking South Africa to consider respecting the sovereign rights of fellow nations in the continent, and pursue a political solution to battle regimes suspected of human rights violations and disliked by their population, as an effective alternative of revoking the independence of the nations without the democratic approval of the country's people or by the permission of the United Nations accordingly to Chapter VI of the UN Charter. We also warn that the repetitive violation of Article I and II of Chapter I might result in the Security Council seriously considering the termination of South Africa's membership in the United Nations, and risk being clasified as a threat to peace, despite its good-willed intentions. Although South Africa has indeed made unnecessarily invasive actions, the Prime Minister writes to South African leaders to allow Israeli humanitarian organization, education institutes, medical facilities, and other government aid to the nations controlled by South Africa as part of the effort to remove poverty in the region. We also ask to reinstall the Israeli embassies situated in these nations, and permission for Israeli investigators and government officials to assess the Jewish communities and *other facilities in the countries, especially in Angola and Botswana, as the previous regimes refused these requests. (TOP SECRET) We are interested in the South African nuclear facilities, with our researchers highly astounded by the high-level nuclear arsenal and its capabilities your project has succeeded on. In exchange for providing the State of Israel with numerous technical documents regarding the nuclear weapons and the instructions of producing them, as well as 12 nuclear bombs, we will provide the South African military a 4-year contract or the immediate delivering from the Fourth branch of the Israeli Military Industry to produce 283,000 Gen XIII Pen Tsiporets Tanks modified for foreign export, which despite its small size is renowned for its combination of the strong armor made using platinum and Biiplaezstool exclusive to Venus, but extremely rare in Earth, its multi-angle shape, high speed, and environmental adaptness including

    Gen XIII Pen Tsiporets Tanks in action while tested near the Jordan River

excellent inter-directional manuevors, which is guaranteed to work proficiently in South Africa's regional climate. We also offer 91,020 classical drones, which in total costs 92,000,000,000$  Israel's main military stockpile in the isolated governate of Dimona possesses the sufficient quantity needed to immediately transfer the arsenal, but we prefer slowly trading the weapons to reduce suspicion (The 4-year contract rather than immediately sending them). We say that the origin of the Israeli possession of extensive knowledge about South Africa's arsenal will remain hidden, but promise that the information was not gathered as a result of Israeli infiltration into South African hierarchies. (SECRET) The knowledge was discovered upon researching nuclear weapons and high-tech missiles captured in Yemen during Israel's Anti-APK campaign (SECRET) (TOP SECRET) (South Africa response needed) We announce that Israel will not recognize South African territorial control over the following nations, and address them as occupied countries until South Africa unconditionally withdraws from the territories and open a compulsory democratic referendum for the population to freely choose their government anonymously, administered by the United Nations. The Prime Minister repeats the Israeli statement of militarily intervening in the conflict if South Africa invades any members of the PIHA partnership, and intends to convince South Africa to withdraw the campaign of invading the following countries a priority, and choose to intensify humanitarian efforts and the restoration of the occupied people's respective governments. 5. (Technology) The doubling of the military budget and quadripling scientific research, with increasing government expensure on several ministries and offices as part of the so-called "Great budget" on 2061 has enabled the Israeli Military Industries and the Judean League for Military Research and Defense Technologies to increase production of weapons and arms, better the proficiency of the Israeli Defense Forces and services for compulsory conscripts, and accomplish the innovation of successive prototypes that adapts to the modernizing world. One such example is the invention of "Scrap walls", which the combination of gravity manipulation and atomic rewriting would allow the surrounding materials to connect and form "walls" in the structure's designated position. The purposes of Scrap walls are to immediately fortify a group, but will be unable to withstand anti-tank missiles and weapons with strength more powerful than that. As Scrap walls are a public product and inexpensive, we open requests for trade concerning this technology (Purchase requests welcome). The Scientific Institute of Haifa has discovered a method that would completely block space-atmosphere satellite and Mesospherical transmission into a specific coordinate, effectively for both accurate and large-scale disturbance. The "Coordinated Transmission Embargo" method is the first of its kind that can successfully block communications between the planet and the outer space, which is especially useful to disrupt satellite or atmospherical drone observations and photographic nor any form of digital data being sent in the assigned location, such as secret facilities or undisclosed activity that prefers to be unseen by third-parties. The Israeli Defense Forces is expected to see major changes in its operations and structure in order to adapt to Israel's new security situation. The Commission of public polls released a national referendum asking citizens whether Israel should legalize autonomous robots, and incorporate them into the military. Presently, the State of Israel is the only country in the world that bans the production, exportation, usage, and possession of humanoid / robotic troops, which are classified as "inhumane tools that is responsible for war internationally, and erases the risks and concern of wars.", but the widespread use of these has left Israel underdeveloped in this sector of militarization. The use of autonomous troops may open the possibility of abolishing compulsory conscription service in the IDF, despite the military being very popular in Israeli society. (Mod response needed - Referendum regarding the legalization of robot troops) 6. (Pakistan, Balochistan, East Khuzestan, and New Persia) In response of the West Asian invasion of the rogue regime in Afghanistan, and the independence of the Islamic Republics of Punjab and Sindh, the State of Israel shall publicly endorse the independence of the movements of Eastern Khuzestan (Whereas Western Kuzestan is within the boundaries of the Autonomous Region of Iran, W.A.R), New Persia (Led by the Iranian opposition party headquartered in Brussels and Persian rebel movements), and Balochistan's independence. We have deployed IDF military advisors to the region to train Baloch, Persian and Arab insurgents that were quietly suppressed by "former" powers controlling Pakistan, and armed them with a total of 620,000,000$ worth of weapons. Our statement made the initiative by admitting the Mossad has trained and helped lead the Baloch movement since the 1980s: "Previous regimes have initially funded and commissioned a Mossad branch dedicated to promote Baloch nationalism inside Iran as a way to divert Iran's strength in the southern border, and coorporate with Baloch resistance groups to attacking Iranian positions inside their territory. However, on 2028, the Mossad commission agreed that the Knesset bill declaring conditional support for minority rights and self-determination, including the Palestinians, should be permanently extended to the Baloch movement, hence why Israel's funding of the Baloch movement continues within the past 80 years." The Prime Minister declares, "To my allies united, and for my brave friends fighting in Balochistan, Persia and Khuzestan, I vow my regime will end yours struggle of suffering and determination, and see myself sitting together with future leaders to observe the victory of your nations, with the Jewish flag raised adjacent to the Baloch, Persian and Khuzek flags." The State of Israel sends its letter of recognition to the Republic of Balochistan, the New Republic of Persia, and the Arab Republic of East Khuzestan, asking for permission to establish a consul in their capitals, in addition of signing a defense pact and the start of normalizing trade. (Mod response needed) When questioned at a press conference about the Israeli support of the Persian liberation movement and why Israel decided to help a "nation" that severely damaged Israel when invaded at the Israeli-Iranian war on 2033, the PM responded: "Our enemy was not the Persians. It was the oppressive Islamic regime that ruined the Persian hope and partaken in foolishly dedicating to wipe out our nation. The Islamic regime was the enemy of the Persians, and too was the enemy of the Jews and the international community. Both the Jews and Persians were once powerful and generous, and when the nations of Maccabee Judah dissolved and then occupied by empires, the Persians protected our ancestors. The Jews will return the favour by liberating their nation and help their campaign for self-determination, stolen due to the previous Islamic regime's aggressive actions. This is a new generation." The Israeli military is additionally launching an assault to capture Qushm Island from de facto Pakistini control for security and peaceful purposes, and deploy peacekeeping forces in the Kerman region after reports from the Baloch and Persians of their territorial disputes, which will observe the region while both parties negotiate the appropriate border to end the dspute. We will not take part of the West Asian campaign to remove the rogue regime in Afghanistan, as we do not wish to unnecessarily intervene in a conflict that would result negatively. However, the Minister of Defense does not mind an agreement of delivering military equipmenet directly into Western Afghanistan, under W.A.R control. The Minister of International Affairs (A ministry separate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but set as an advisory office for the rest of the government) is approved to fly to Ankara to convince West Asian leaders in considering granting the minorities and separatists living in Western Afghanistan (North Iran) independence, such as the Persians and Turks. (West Asian Republic response needed) From the District of Musandam, the IDF sends 4 fleets near the shores of Sindh to observe naval activity, prevent hostilities, and protect trade between the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. We threaten the new Pakistini Islamic states that any attacks on Israeli positions or its regional allies will be received with "severe" consequences, politically blocking the possibility of safely initiating an offense to Western Pakistan, although Kashmir is still occupied by India. 7. (Arabian Conflict) Prime Minister Sami Gaya, President Abraham Sapari, and 11 other notable members of the Israeli leadership, including Shimon Peres' son, Chemi Peres (86), who is the second-in-chief of the Israeli-Palestinian diplomatic commission, arrives to the successive Arabian Republic to attend the ceremony of the Republic's foundation, estimated to have been viewed by 7,620,000 citizens. After a democratic election, the main opposition government of Yemen has won, and therefore the Republic of Yemen will be ceded accordingly from the Israeli Administration, and become an independent nation, along with additional territory taken from occupied Saudi territory. The Israeli PM will attend the inauguration of the new Prime Minister of Yemen, and recommend fellow leaders to join the ground-breaking occurrance. (Global responses needed) We congratulate Yemen's success in reinstating their government and sovereignty, to which we hope that the Yemeni Republic will never again experience a rogue invasion. The State of Israel and the Republic of Yemen officially establishes diplomatic ties, and embassies are instituted in Sana'a and Jerusalem, together with a defense pact and contracts that lets the IDF roam in Yemeni sovereignty until 2071 without disturbing Yemeni affairs. Due to large economic interests in Yemen, the Ministry of Economy asks the Yemeni government to allow the Israeli Mining Industry to operate in Eastern Yemen. Israel urges the international committee to assist the effort in recovering the damage caused inside Yemen during the previous APK invasion of the country. (Yemeni response needed) The IDF Offense in the Arabian Peninsula is ordered to halt all advancements and partition the captured territories into administrative districts, and organize the area to allow development and proper establishments to prosper in the occupied region of Southern Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Israel announces that it will exit the war effort against the APK, and coordinate with current forces fighting the APK in allowing military transportation throughout Israeli-controlled territories. (SECRET) The State of Israel issues an encrypted message via the sole communication line between Dubai and secret APK strongholds to deliver a "final ultimum", pressuring the rogue regime to surrender and face international punishment in The Hague. Otherwise, the APK government will see an "unfortunate fate" if they refuse to comply before the western coalition attacks their final holdings. [APK Response needed] (SECRET) (SECRET) The Prime Minister commands the military to activate an inter-planetary Ur Hazak II cruise missile, capable of shattering any entities in a 3-km radius within the atomic level, and target the, according to intelligence, location of the Royal family of the APK. For the first time in 56 years, the Ofeq 7 military spacecraft, disguised as a communication satellite, opens its gates in preparation for the launch of the Ur Hazak II. (SECRET) Intelligence services predicts that Israel's involvement in the APK may end on 2064 ~ 2066. 8. (Districts of Israel) The Knesset has approved major reforms regarding Israel's outdated administration, which heavily adjusts Israel's districts to fit the government's ability to administrate areas appropriately, and realize errors made upon Israel's territorial governance since 1948. Because the reform favours Israel's historical presence and Jewish symbolism, heavily supported by the Republic of Judah, Shah, and their nationalist-religious coalition. However, this was received with great opposition by the left-winged opposition and the state's minority groups, primarily the Muslim popularity, accusing the predominant parties for "ruining democracy and liberty and replacing the government with madness coming from Jewish textbooks".

Illustration of Israel's reformed districts (Includes Autonomous Region of Palestine)

The opposition leader, Mahmoud Braldalah'i, aggressively resigned from politics, criticising the government of "turning the country into a Jewish and democratic nation, not the other way around.", citing the "Judaization of Jerusalem" and the Jewish population overwhelming the Arab and Christian inhabitants.

The flag of the District of Judah, which was previously proposed to become the new flag of Israel

"Israel has distanced itself from recognizing the Arab community as part of its national identity, and are trying to move these cultures into the hypothetical State of Palestine. Compared to the 20th century, Israel has changed." A nationwide movement promoting a flag proposal that effectively represents Israel as the Jewish nation has reached a compromise after the government agrees to implement the flag as the official symbol of the new District of Judah. Presently, this flag, titled the "Ariye ve Hannukiyah" is frequently found next to the State of Israel's flag in the Distrct of Judah and many locations throughout the country.
  • Mod response: Due to the booming of tourism in Lebanon, they raise the price to 388 Billion shekels to buy the districts. The refendrum results are 60% for legalizing fighter robots. All the newly founded countries in Asia accept Israel's recognition and allow it to construct embassies. Yemen lets the ministery of economy. All the requested countries agree to form the Partnership between Israel and the Horn of Africa and the official inauguration ceremony is scheduled to be held next year in Addis Ababa. NATO accepts Israel's application and the Israel-NATO partnership will be realized starting from 2064. No response comes from the APK following the Israeli warning.
  • West Asian Republic: We reassure Israel of our intentions to withdraw from Afghanistan when the Islamist terrorist government is overthrown, and we will be willing to participate in the installation of new democratic governments. Minorities will be granted independence based on refendrums. We send our president, Mehmet Karim to attend the inauguration in Yemen.
  • South African Diplomacy: (SECRET) We are unable to share high-level, sensitive technology with a country that's diplomatically and militarily hostile to our own, and we state that a recognition of all of the South African territories and a withdrawal of aggressive forces from our borders are necessary conditions for our relations to be improved.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine: The Ministry of Homeland Security sends in 500 Ukrainian soldiers into the new Polish land that Ukraine has gained to combat the protesters, and will not use force unless needed. Population in Ukraine goes up 19,241,979 from the Polish people along with more than 60,348.205 square miles of land with an additional 3% water gain giving Ukraine port access from both the Black Sea and and Baltic Sea. The Ministry of Finance reports that the GDP of Ukraine is now at $1 trillion United States dollars, making Ukraine one of the most wealthiest countries in the world. "The first manned space mission is launched in front of a huge crowd with an amazing and successful takeoff and it is reported that the men and women will reach Mars' surface by 2045." reports the Ministry of Aerospace and Science. The launch is a huge step in Ukraine's history although it is one of the last powerful countries to launch man into space, the launch was broadcast across the republic with even televised in close allied nations; it is watched by about 60 million people across Ukraine and other countries broadcasting it. The successful launch is met by cheerful crowds across Ukraine (except Polish land) in front of the main Government Building. In southern Ukraine, a woman and child were shot dead in the street by a man claiming to be part of the APK; Police investigation reveals that he planned a mass shooting across Kiev which involved planting bombs at the rallies for the space launch, the man says that he only planned it to punish Ukraine for its military aid against the APK in the Middle East. The council announces to all allies (mostly Israel and the West Asian Republic) to have police and military on high alert in case of plots like this go through and might end up like the September 11th attacks back in 2001, or the France Terror Attacks back in late 2015 (allied responses needed). The Ministry of Defense sends about 12,000 more drones to attack more key APK locations in the Middle East even though they are beginning to weaken. Also the Ukrainian Military and Kiev police report that one of the council members was shot while visiting a local supermarket with her husband (also injured) and 18 year old son (uninjured), with gunshot wounds to the chest and neck area. When the failed assassin shot at the councilwomen it also hit 5 bystanders, killing 3 which also included a 7 year old girl who the councilwomen was shaking hands and talking with. The failed assassin was captured by the councilwomen's body guards and taken into custody, the councilwomen is currently in the hospital in severe condition along with her injured husband who is expected to survive his gunshot wound to the arm and leg. The 6 council members call an emergency meeting and decide to launch an official investigation called "Dlya neyi (which means: For Her)"to combat and stop terrorist threats. Candles and flowers are laid out in front of the front of the councilwomen's home in respect and in hopes that she will recover from her wounds. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ask that all countries televise news of the shooting to "raise awareness of terrorism" (global response needed). A day after the shooting raids across the entire country are started and in the first 2 days of the raids 20 people have been arrested in response to the attack. The council members announce that voting rights will not be allowed in the new Polish land until peace is achieved.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We reassure Ukraine that the threat of the APK is contained and any large terror attacks are not expected. We will closely work with Ukraine to prevent any occurances.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: Due to the strict border control and the enormous security operations that Israel has recently conducted against possible APK-funded terrorism, we reassure the Republic of Ukraine that such threats are prevented, and will continue to be prevented. Israel's security intelligence agrees on the importance of monitoring terrorist activities, and will enlarge security corporation with Ukraine and our regional allies.
  • Scandinavia: After many years of inactivity, the Scandinavian government urge surrounding countries to act safely in the current North Africa situation. This came after hundreds of suspected terrorists were found in an abandoned house in Tallinn. As Scandinavia's population continues to boom, thousands of new cities are built to house the thousands of immigrants coming from countries such as China and North Africa.  Our population finally reaches the 125 million mark, with only a 1.3% unemployment rate and 0.9% poverty rate. In Iceland, a recent volcanic eruption has caused huge disruption to transport to and from North America, Airliners are being urged to find another route, or face huge safety issues. 
  • Scandinavia Continued: The Scandinavian people vote Markus Korlurgen as new prime minister, who announces the construction of a half nuclear, half geothermal hybrid power plant which will bring thousands of new jobs to the Svalbard region of Scandinavia. Furthermore we declare war on the Iberian Peninsula, saying that they have created a region of Europe which is unwanted and unneeded and should be ridded at all costs. We also urge that other European countries help us get rid of this corrupt country and bring back Spain and Portugal.
  • Canada: We applaud the creation of the Arab republic and are happy to hear that a democratic regime has succeeded the APK. Currently Canada has occupied a portion of the west coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Currently the cities of Jeddah and Mecca are in unrest after the Canadian occupation. Extremists in these cities have grown resentful towards the Canadian government and are currently rioting. In response to this we annex the region until it has stabilized. As of now 794 Canadian soldiers have been killed and 324 have been injured. In total, including civilian casualties, 1086 people have been killed with over 3000 injured. We are sending soldiers

    Riots in Mecca

    to combat these extremists. We offer the UANZ troops to help stabilize Qatar and Bahrain.(UANZ response needed). We send soldiers to help the W.A.R liberate Kabul. We will also divert the drones over the APK to Kabul. On Mars or colony has grown significantly and now has a population of over 18,000. It now has roads, a government, a police station ,schools, a hospital and even a crude public transportation system. 73% of homes have electricity, television, and radio. The colony is now called New Edmonton. In response to the Columbus colony we have no problem with them mining Rhodium and the parliament of New Edmonton has even voted on giving mining equipment to the Columbus colony. We now are mining several other minerals on the Martian surface. We are also launching a space mission to send more colonists and resources to New Edmonton. We also urge Ukraine and Germany to give poland independence. In Canada our energy grid is now fully renewable energy. We have also given recommendations to home builders to use synthetic materials rather than natural materials as these deplete our forests. Following education reform in the early 2060's our education system is now among the greatest in the world. Currently in Canada protesters are taking the streets due to the American declaration of war and its withdrawal a short time later and Canada's occupation of a part of the western Arabian Peninsula. The Canadian government will allow these protesters to voice their opinions so long as they do not resort to rioting. In response to the Ukrainian terror attack and the extremists in the Canadian occupation zone we have risen our terror level and heightened security. Canadian residents are urged to exercise caution. In Canada our population has grown to around 56,000,000 people. Our GDP is now 3.12 trillion US dollars and our debt is about 750 billion US dollars. Our unemployment rate is 6.1%. Crime is above average due to sporadic terror attacks performed by APK related elements that have taken place across Canada. Terror attack deaths have risen from 30 to 74 in the past year. Residents are urged to exercise caution and an anti-terror unit has been developed in all police departments. Despite our anti-terrorism force we expect sporadic attacks to take place for the next year.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We are shocked, offended and enraged by Canada's illegal seizure and annexation of Makkah Al Mukarramah(Mecca), the holiest city in Islam. Canada has no right to turn this city into Canadian territory and could control it perfectly without annexing it. All around our nation, huge protests against Canada take place, with people chanting slogans like "Throw the Kuffars(infidels) into Mars, Quds and Mecca will be ours!". Since we are a moderate country, and we have a great, long-standing relationship with Canada, we will first ask nicely from Canada to do the following: unconditionally revoke the annexation and pass control over Mecca to Muslim hands until the next year, and issue an apology to Muslims who were offended by this action.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We give autonomy to Mecca. However if riots persist more forces will be deployed to the region. The remaining are within our occupation zone will remain annexed. Prime Minister Ryder issues an apology to Muslims around the globe.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The State of Israel shares the Canadian concern regarding the deteriorating security, and offers to provide Israeli security experts and officials from the Ministry of Internal Security to establish an interest consul and upgrade security corporation between Israel and Canada. In response to the Canadian annexation, then the autonomy for Mecca, anti-Canadian rallies are conducted in Nazareth and Ramallah in opposition of "Western appearance in the Islamic holy city". We proclaim satisfaction towards the Canadian action to ease the situation, and hope of a reduction of violence, till a Canadian withdrawal is made from the following area.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We accept Israel's offer of security experts and officials from the ministry of internal security. We also accept the offer to establish an interest consul and an upgrade if security cooperation. We hope these measures will ease violence and reduce the loss of life of both civilians and foreigners.
  • Yes

    Proposed Assault on Sri Lanka

    Larstedflag Larsted: Larsted has officially put a 3 year cancelation clause on the declaration of war on India, however, Larsted urges India to come to the negotiating table to find a way to perhaps stage free elections and remove the state from its ideological associations. Failure to do so may result in the cancelation clause non-renewal after expiry (Indian response needed). Additionally, Larsted has begun a 3 stage military operation to remove the self-proclaimed "இலங்கை பவர்" (Sri Lanka Power) from the island after deadly attacks on Larstedean military personnel. The operation has successfully recaptured the Larstedean mililatary complex in Martara and the surrounding area, Captured Point Pedro in the North, and blockaded Adams Bridge to prevent Indian military support. Future operations include taking the entire southern province and the city of Jaffna as well as Mannar Island. Larsted asks Israel if it is willing to support Larsted in this military operation by shipping in troops from Scotra (Israel Response needed). Larsted officially condemns Italy's actions in the Iberian Peninsula and Scandinavian intentions and private company Agroporx deploys 7000 robotic soldiers to support the New HRE. The Larstedean Space Federation along with Arter aeronautics industries plans a Mars mission and colonization in 2069.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: Because Israel's national interests are centralized on their military campaign in Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula, avoidance to militarily present a threat to the State of India, a strong ally, and strong relations between Israel and the legitimate government of Sri Lanka, we decide to never directly involve ourselves in Sri Lanka. Fortunately, we approve to allow the Larsted military operation to land troops into the Socotra archipelago in preparation for their operation. On a separate matter, Israel wishes to open an economic interest office in Larsted to bolster activity between the two nations. (Larsted response needed)
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: 1. Larsted: We would like to remind Larsted that our declaration of war is to provide a stable government in Spain. In our occupation zones, specifically in the Barcelona area, 97% of the people have jobs and are working to create a better lifestyle for them and their community. Also, we would like to announce our de-recognization of the puppet government Larsted because first they tell us not to invade a country, and then attack India unprovoked. Our government can not support someone who preaches against what it actually does. We offer our sorrows to the Indian government, and will support them militarily in case of further puppet government attacks. 2. Spain and the Iberian Peninsula: We would like to put down any rumors of military attacks by the "Holy Roman Empire" on the Iberian Peninsula. We have sent in a large military force knowing that the peninsula is needed for safe naval passage, and have tried to put down this group. (Mod response needed.) SECRET: We have launched TOBAD missiles at the group, hoping to show all who oppose us in the are that we will not respond with kind gestures to rebellion. SECRET Thank you.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We express our concerns regarding the Italian "peacekeeping" operation inside the Iberian Peninsula, citing the aggressive usage of force during their campaign. Therefore, we request to allow a commission of 820 Israeli investigators to observe Italian and local inhabitants within the Italian occupied zone before safely returning to Israel to provide their results. In hopes for "humanizing" the Italian campaign and legitimizing their purposes, we urge them to accept the request. (Italian response needed)
  • Larstedflag Larsted: In response to Italy Although the Larstedean government respects Italy's decesion on our legitamacy, we would like to provide some information about reasoning behind some of our diplomatic and milatatritic actions. 1. India and Sri Lanka we had initially declared war on India not only because our great allies, the United States and Germany had done so, but also there had been many deadly terror attacks on Larsted that were carried out by radical Indian communists. This was not the grounds for war, but, that despite the multiple terror attacks, Indian diplomats denied and ignored the problem, which along with a United States decleration of war, prompted our decleration of war. It was almost immidiatly removed after it was clear other members of the international community weren't as ready for war as they had previously announced. Regarding Sri Lanka, it was NOT controlled by India, but rather a federal government. Their government had authorized the use of an unused shipping port for a military complex for our impending war against India. This base however, was attacked by the self proclamed terrorist group, இலங்கை பவர், who killed 276 Larstedean military personnel. The self proclaimed இலங்கை பவர் took over the federal government few hours later prompting us to declare war and launch a full scale assult on Sri Lanka, which  is not Indian territory. 2. Iberian Peninsula: Our recent political affiliations with the new HRE have prompted a 20% decrease in unemployment, therefore, we would like to maintain a healthy relationship. Government produced military currently is not active in the Iberian peninsula, however, Agroporx has deployed 7000 border guard and peacekeeping robots which is below the coporate limit of 10000 set by our country (per allied country, with consent by both governments, etc.) therefore, we are in no position to dictate Agroporx's deployment of military bots, In the next year, we would like to set up an offical border and Italian embassies in the new HRE. 3. Puppet State: other countries have little to no influence on our government, which means there is no possible way for us to be a puupet state.
  • Kingdom of Nigeria: The last Nigerian president dies in office during this time a civil war brecks out between what left of the government and the Dunlop peoples army or DPA led by white lawyer form Yale name Aaron Dunlop. 10 after the frost battle the DPA takes the capital and Dunlop is crown King, Nigeria boost production on oil while increasing weapons makeing, Nigeria ask for aid from fellow nations and ask to join the assault on sri lanka to show what the Nigeria can do.Secret: Nigeria is planing to build sarin gas missile to launch on nearbye nations
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The Prime Minister recommends Nigerian Leaders to carefully choose their options in regards to the operation against Sri Lankan insurgents, stating that "the motive to selecting war for purposes to appeal their nation's power will be a decision with regret". Regardless of our concerns, we request for an economic agreement that will see Nigerian oil worth 1,980,000,000$ being imported into Israel throughout the next decade. (Nigerian response needed) This is one of the final steps for the Israeli preservation of its oil supply as a "back-up" energy to be complete, able to efficiently operate Israel's entire energy service for 176 consecutive years if the oil stockpile worth at least 65,000,000,000$ is collected for the Hura Energy Stockpile Fields to permanently hold. The Ministry of Energy comments that the "extreme" project is required for the "unexpected" situation of Israel's current energy services become impoverished.
  • SingaporeSingapore: President Nao is voted in to power by Singaporean nationals, and promises that the next 10 years will change Singapore forever. We close our ports for use from Indian ships and strengthen ties with China and Japan (Chinese and Japanese Responses needed). We seek to open an embassy in Larsted (Larstedean Response needed). We begin to raise our defense budget and begin building hundreds of aircraft carriers and drones. We take out our representatives in India. Furthermore, we request the Thai governments permission to build an airbase on an island in the Andaman Sea. We begin airstrikes on இலங்கை பவர் bases around Sri Lanka with the intention of ending a disgusting regime. The army of Singapore is now completely AI robots, including robot service. We continue to keep our no nuclear weapon policy, which strictly prohibits all nuclear weapons, although it is likely to change within the next 20 months. We reclaim 5.7 miles of land of the coast of Jurong, and create a huge industrial district which can create all the resources Singapore will need for the next 20 years, including food and electronics. Vertical farms are built in the Java Sea, stretching 1.4 kilometres under the water. Being a predominantly Muslim country, we have not faced any terrorist attacks from the APK.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublicWest Asian Republic: (Internal affairs): The president Mehmet Karim, having served almost 2 full terms, sadly passes away at the age of 83. We send our deep condolences to his family and invite all the leaders of the world to come to his funeral(Global response needed). Presidential elections are held, and Dr. Jamil Abu-Hussein from the "Progress for the Republic" party is elected. He is the first non-Turkish president to be elected. As we have annexed Rojava 9 years ago under with international acceptance, the question of Rojava's independence begins to rise up. In 2054, the UN human development index marked the W.A.R without Rojava as a "Very Developed Country", rated 0.901, while Rojava was classified as a "Developing Country", rated 0.52. Since then, we have invested at least 5% of our state budget directly into Rojava, encouraging West Asian and international clients to invest in there, we have vastly improved existing education and healthcare, reducing illiteracy from 8% to 0.8%, reducing poverty(international poverty line) from 20% to 2% and improving life expectancy from 72 years to 85 years, from 2054-2063. Additionally, in a step hailed by Kurds and Persians, we have made the Persian and Kurdish languages official in the Republic, with the same status as Arabic, Turkish and English. Seeing there is no reason for Rojava to quit the Republic, we have decided to make a "street poll" in Rojavan cities, rather than a refendrum. The results are very satisfactory: 4835 out of the 6589 questioned subjects wish to stay in the Republic. Therefore, we decide to keep Rojava, as we see no significant independence movements. However, we will definitely adress the issue of independence if the Rojavan people wishes that. We start working on a nation-wide maglev train road, covering all of the big cities, constructed using mainly AI, and for the first time, nano-fabricators. The maglev trains are expected to go at speeds of 2400 km/h, allowing to cross the entire nation in a couple of hours. (The Middle East) As the Arabian Republic is formed and the APK threat begins to wane, we begin establishing the Arabian Republic Defense Force, the military of the AR, mainly by supplying the ARDF with 100,000 old EHFUs with aging 2040s AI software that we no longer need, for free. We also supply them with 2,000 old "Shaher Mk. 2038" drones. The WAAF(West Asian Armed Forces) are expected to be present in the AR until things in the Arabian Peninsula have stabilized, estimated to be at around 2066-2067. We congratulate the newly established republics and emirates in the Peninsula for gaining independence and seek establishing diplomatic responses with them(Mod Response). We also issue an official statement, marking the year of 2069 as the ultimate date for the international powers that fought the APK and captured some of its territories(W.A.R, Ukraine, UANZ, Canada, Israel and the rest) To withdraw their forces and let the newly formed countries to have full independece.(Countries' responses needed). Due to the worrying incident of a British cruiser sunk in the Red Sea, we decide to have each West Asian Ship sailing through the Red Sea escorted by a drone from the WAAF that will eliminate any incoming threat.(Africa) Due to the worrying South African actions in Africa, we ask the AAFR to form a military pact, stating that both countries will defend each other in case of an attack , will share all information in case of an emergency, will have joint drills each year and will have each other's back on the international scene. Additionally, we ask the AAFR to station 50,000 EHFUs of the West Asian Armed Forces at the AAFR-South African border at the South-African-Occupied Congo(AAFR Response needed). Should the AAFR agree, the pact will be signed in Ankara and hence be called the "Ankara pact". We announce that the Ankara pact is an open one, and our vital allies may be invited to it in the future. We applaud the forming of the PIHA, and ask sending a West Asian delegation to its headquarters as a representation of the W.A.R and offer our help in any of the fields of interest of the newly founded organization. (South America) We condemn the actions of war initiated by the SFA, and demand it to recognize the sovereignty of Brazil. We send $500 million in aid to Brazil. We send our ambassador to Brasilia and request Brazil to sign a free trade deal with us and a visa-free travel deal(Mod response). We will not tolerate any continued actions of war by the SFA, and we will sever relations with it if it doesn't negotiate for peace. We invite both sides to meet in Istanbul to discuss about a ceasefire(Mod response). (Iberian Peninsula) We express our sadness over some countries' needless war against the Iberian Republic, which despite its bad human rights situation, can be addressed through diplomacy. We request all sides, especially Italy, to enforce a 6-month ceasefire for the sake of the civlians, and to start negotiating about a peace agreement.(Israeli-Palestinian Conflict) We issue our condemnations for the preparators of the violence and those who encourage it, and we congratulate Israel for its efforts to calm things down and solve the problems through peaceful dialogue. However, we are worried by Arab and Palestinian claims of "Judaization of Jerusalem" and request Israel to allow a West Asian delegation of experts to visit Jerusalem to test the claims. The delegation, of course, will abide to the Israeli instructions and won't inspect what is forbidden to inspect. Until proven otherwise, the claims won't affect our strong alliance and friendship with Israel. Additionally, we ask Israel to bring in a delegation of 500 West Asian experts and officers into the West Bank to analyze the current Palestinian state of mind and their opinions of what is happening in Jerusalem(Israeli Response Needed). (Afghanistan and Punjab & Sindh) Due to the massive reinforcements sent by the Islamic Republic of Punjab and Sindh(IRPS), the liberation of Kabul is expected to last longer than expected. However, we have allocated 80,000 warriors from friendly Afghani tribes to help us liberate Kabul in exchange for training, equipment, money and protection. Due to the extreme danger posed by the IRPS, we begin airstrikes on military positions and government buildings of the IRPS in Lahore hoping to topple the Islamist government. We also use psychological warfare, dropping fliers and flying our drones at extremely low altitudes, under the radar for voice messages in Punjabi, Urdu and Pashto to be played, warning against the atrocities this regime might and will commit, urging civilians to take action and topple the government to form a democratic regime.(SECRET): The deputy captain of the yacht convoy intercepted in the previous year cracks and reveals us that those who planned SBT were in fact an international team of hackers, funded by the APK in order for the world to be distracted for the APK to march into its conquests. Its known members are: Korean Lee Song-Woon, age 23, captured by West Asian intelligence and sentenced for life in prison, Cuban Rojas Madora, age 24, on the run with the APK's remains, South African Roger Whitefield, age 21, persumed to be somewhere in Europe, Chinese Chang Xian-Pong, age 25, captured by West Asian intelligence and sentenced for 24 years in prison, and another unknown number of hackers from the APK, East Asia, The American continent and elsewhere.(SECRET) (Mars and the Moon) Our permanent colony in the Moon expands, and we now have 6,400 colonists and scientists in the Moon, mainly mining and searching for deposits of water. Due to the colonization of Mars and the success of our previous Mars mission, we decide to form a large colony in Mars, that will be jokingly called the "New Sultanate". It will be completed by 2069 and will be composed of three smaller colonies: New Istanbul, inhabited by 5,000 colonists, New Baghdad, Inhabited by 4,000 and new Ankara, inhabited by 2,000 people. This colony will be very close to those formed by other countries and will cover some 16,000 square kilometers. We ask the UANZ, Ukraine and India to join the trade network in Mars and we voice our support of the extention of the human rights delaration to beyond space(UANZ, Indian and Ukrainian Responses Needed). (Sri Lanka) We don't take a side in the conflict between the locals and the foreign powers, but we will gladly broker a ceasefire deal and host talks between the sides in hope to reach a peace deal(Responses Welcome). Also, we warmly welcome Singapore to the international stage, and offer strengthening our ecnomic and military ties, including exchanges of AI software for both robots and drones, and joint drills annually(Singapore Response needed)
    • Israeli Diplomacy: Prime Minister Sami Gaya mourns the death of Mehmet Karim, commenting the deceased West Asian President as a "wonderful and peace-loving individual, and a leader that deserves to be looked up upon the unified people of the West Asian Republic". The Prime Minister and 2 Israeli government officials will attend his funeral alongside world leaders. We have planned, and promised that Israel shall see the independence of administrated territories before the alleged West Asian "deadline" occurs. Therefore, reassurances are made that such decision will be mandatory within our agenda, although suspending the plans in extreme circumstances will not be ruled out. West Asian investigators have received the "green card" to partake in investigations as part of the international observation of the "Israeli-Palestinian" issue in the District of Shomron and Judah, with the West Asian office established in Beit She'an. However, the Chief Rabbanite of Israel and his commission of the 32 Sage of Zion, along with the religious parties in the government, especially the Shah party, encompassing 12% of the Knesset's seats, condemned and demanded the "immediate explanation and expulsion of such a shocking attempt of a foreign infiltration", solely preferring UN observers in Jerusalem to maintain its status as the "only verified authority that can conduct activity for peaceful purposes", and condemns the West Asian decision to "implement authoritative commands over the sovereign nation of Israel". As a compromise, the Knesset approved the plans, but disallows the West Asian investigation inside Jerusalem's Old City and its surrounding area, since the religious bloc vowed to "boycott foreign presence in the holy city". However, we could replace the proposed West Asian presence there with an increasement of UN participation, which will reassure all sides that the possibilities of bias and an escelation are "void", alongside transparency and neutrality being visible. On behalf of the religious parties and Israel's value of positive ties with the West Asian Republic, we offer our apologies regarding the comments spoken by high-level "officials". (West Asian & Mod response needed) The State of Israel announces its public support for a de-escelation in Sri Lanka.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The council of 6 (with the other still in hospital from after almost being assassinated) holds a meeting in the Parliamentary Building giving their condolences to the West Asian people for the lost of their president with Councilman Kovchek saying, "President Mehmet Karim was a fantastic president for the W.A.R people who served his country with respect and honor, along with always being fair when handling diplomatic issues." Immigrants from the West Asian Republic lay flowers, candles, and cards in front of the West Asian Republic's embassy in the 2nd largest city in Ukraine, Kharkiv. Three members of the council along with the chancellor will attend the president's funeral along with their spouses. The Ministry of Science and Aerospace along with the Ministry of Foreign affairs agree to join the trade network on the planet Mars, but the Ukrainian spaceship is just going to reach Mars in the next two years (2065) where a permanent colony will be set up, but Ukraine completely agrees that human rights should be extended into space.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We mourn the death of Mehmet Karim and offer our deepest condolences to the W.A.R. Canada's prime minister along with 20 parliament members will attend his funeral. Thousands of W.A.R immigrants lay flowers, and candles to honor the great president. In response to the W.A.R's idea of withdrawing by 2069 we accept. However if unrest continues or grows we will not withdraw. We also deeply agree human rights should be extended to space. We would also like to set up a trade agreement with the New Sultanate(W.A.R response needed). The state of Canada also expresses its support for de-escalation in Sri Lanka.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: (To Israel) We thank Israel for its arrival to the funeral of one of the greatest West Asian presidents that have entered office, and we also voice our appreciation for Israel's intention to withdraw from the Arabian Peninsula and let the people there to have full independence. We understand the Israeli concerns of our experts being biased, so as Israel requested, we won't examine the Old city of Jerusalem, however we do ask Israel to allow a special international UN delegation, consisting of Muslims, Christians and Jews to come to the Old city and test the claims of Judiazation. We accept the apologies on the comments made by officials, it's now past us.(To Ukraine) We thank Ukraine for its participation in the funeral of our president Mehmet Karim. We also begin preparing trade routes and send in more mining equipment and transport vehicles into Mars in order to handle the upcoming trade there.(To Canada) We thank Canada for its big delegation that arrived to participate in the funeral of our deceased president. We accpet the trade agreement and the New Sultanate will be willing to trade any goods it finds in Mars, additionally we are willing to exchange space technology, such as propulsion methods and new materials to build shuttles from.
    • South African Diplomacy: Despite our tense relationship, we offer our condolences to the West Asian people for the passing of Mehmet Karim and offer sending a delegation of several MPs and our foreign minister to attend to the funeral.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We thank South Africa for its condolences and accept the delegation to attend the funeral. This shared moment of grief, however, won't affect our difference of opinions and our demands for withdrawal of the SANAF from the territories it has occupied.
    • Conservative Diplomacy of Singapore: We welcome all trade from the West Asian Republic.
    • Mod Response: All of the Republics and Emirates in the peninsula accepts the West Asian Republic's response for diplomatic relations and start setting up embassy in their capitals and start sending their ambassadors to the W.A.R. The Acting Prime Minister of Brazil (now a monarchy), Ricardo Hassan accepts the West Asian Republic's free trade deal; along with the visa-free travel deal. Lastly, Brazil does accept to come to the peace meeting but the President of the SFA denies coming to the peace meeting.
  • Flag of Korea Korean Republic: Korea builds up its military. Meanwhile, more railways are planned to be built, especially in former North Korea, so to better link up with the rest of the country. Bullet trains also begin to be introduced more. Likewise, more highways begin construction. Some solar and wind farms begin construction. The Korea International Circuit sees improvements made to the layout of the course.

2064 Edit

Just as the Iberian defensive lines begin to weaken, Cuba declares war on Italy and Scandinavia and joins the war, deploying 300,000 troops to Madrid. SFA troops make gains in Southern Brasil and begin closing in on Sao Paulo, but Brasil retaliates and begins a massive offensive in Northern South America, capturing some parts of Venezuela, Colombia and Peru. The death toll is estimated to be at 250,000. The last 100,000 remaining APK troops, alongside with the royal Saudi family, abandon their remaining lands in the peninsula and evacuate to the APK-friendly Afghanistan. However, on the way, they're intercepted by West Asian and Israeli drones and only 45,000 of the originally sent troops make it to Kabul. The royal family survives. King Ahmed announces:"We Shall Return" .With no more APK presence in the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabian Civil War is officially over, after having lasted 14 years. The death toll is estimated to be at around 9,400,000-15,300,000 people. Abdul Mahlouf, the president of the Arabian Republic, states: "We have all suffered greatly, but the revolution has begun. Today is a bright dawn". Riyadh is transferred to the Arabian Republic and is declared the capital. Abdul Mahlouf states that Canada will need to transfer Mecca by 2065 so that "Muslim hands could safeguard the holiness of the city". With reinforcements of 250,000 troops from the IRPS(Islamic Republic of Punjab and Sindh), the Afghani terrorist government prepares an offensive to regain Western Afghanistan, but is repelled by the W.A.R. However, the 50,000 EHFUs sent by the W.A.R are too sparsely positioned to defend Western Afghanistan for long, so nearly 100,000 tribal warriors trained and funded by the W.A.R attack the terrorist government and begin advancing towards Kabul. Meanwhile in Pakistan, the IRPS delares its land "Indian-free" and begins preparing to invade the other parts of Pakistan to form an Islamic Sharia state in the whole of Pakistan. Larstedean forces capture 20% of Sri Lanka and reach as far as Ratnapure, however the militia named "Sri Lanka Power", alongside with the Sri Lanka Armed Forces launches a counter offensive which kills 1,849 Larstedean troops, at the cost of 1,729 Sri Lankan Warriors and 809 civilians. Larsted has not yet reached Colombo. In Greece's local elections, the Independence Party wins a majority and Greece unilaterally declares independece, which leads to a threat of war by URMA, if Greece doesn't surrender. Nationalist parties also become powerful in Serbia and Bulgaria, sweeping through the nations and taking millions of votes. The inauguration of PIHA takes place in Addis Ababa. The investigation regarding the burnt bodies found in Sierra Leone concludes they were intentionally burned by skilled forces with high technological capabilities, pointing the finger to any possible intervening foreign force during the SBT outbreak. Tibet declares independence and requests to join the UN, a request denied. In a meeting of the Arab League, the West Asian President Dr. Jamil Abu-Hussein gives a speech:"We are in a new era in the Middle East. An era where people are free to voice their opinions and to choose their own way of life. An era where women are permitted to wear whatever they like. An era where tyrants are defeated and democracy prevails. The time has come for the Middle East to become the most prosperous, vibrant and contributing region in the world. And it will all be possible, thanks to one important thing: co-existance. I call on all Muslim countries: Recognize Israel. It is only for the better for the Middle East and for the Islam that Jews, Christians and Muslims will co-exist peacefully. Despite the current difficulties and complexities in the Palestinian issue, one thing is clear: Israel is on the map to stay. Now, when the Middle East is truly democratic, it is our duty to fulfill its true potential." Jordan, now a Palestinian-controlled republic, proposes annexing the West Bank(except the Israeli settlement blocks), renaming itself "Palestine" and thus ending the conflict. It also proposes giving citizenship to all refugees. West Jerusalem will be recognized as part of Israel, while East Jerusalem's fate will be ruled in a UN decision. At the same time, 300,000 Arabs come to Jerusalem to protest against what they call a "religious cleansing". 34 protestors and 2 policemen are killed in clashes. A protestor says live on TV: "Israel is forcing us to go back to the days of the Intifadas. They must understand that if they undermine Al-Quds' status, they will lose. Al-Quds is Muslim, not Jewish!". Several terrorists from Madagascar conduct a mass shooting in a rally in Johannesburg, killing 83 people. In Mexico, the Kotoros cartel controls 20% of Mexico, in the South. Guatemala declares war on the cartel to help liberate Mexico. Due to popular support, the cartel is able to sustain itself and hold its territory. The space pilots which entered Israeli sovereignty reveal that they entered there by accident with no intentions towards Israel, but they refused to specify their goals. The UN secretary-general announces that "there'll be serious reforms in the UNSC next year".

  • Flag of Korea Korean Republic: Korea builds up its military. Meanwhile, more railways are planned to be built, especially in former North Korea, so to better link up with the rest of the country. Bullet trains also continues to be introduced more. Likewise, more highways continues construction. Some solar and wind farms continues construction. A decent amount of funding is put into the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, and construction begins on a large spaceship. The Hyundai Motorsport division announces that they plan to enter the Formula One with their own F-1 car that will be released in a few years; along with a new car for the World Rally Car series, the Hyundai i80 WRC.
  • Capture-AARAfrican Arab Federal Republic: 1. Development of the Republic: We decided to start a project that would connect the states to Cairo. We will build railroad tracks along the coastline. It will have 10 stops in the capitals of each state and in another big cities. After the completion of the project, we will start to upgrade each capital. The first stop will be in Cairo, where one can take a train to the north (Ismailia), to the south (Khartoum- capital of Sudan) or to the west (Tripoli- capital of Libya). If you will take a train to Tripoli, you can next take a train to Tunis- capital of Tunisia. After Tunis you can take a train to Algiers- capital of Algeria. After Algiers you can take a train to Tangier- big city in Morocco. From Tangier you can take a train to Rabat- capital of Morocco. After Rabat you can continue to Laayoune- capital of Western Sahara. The last stop is Nouakchott - capital of Mauritania. There will be two trains that will function in perfect coordination so every time there will be one train for each side (from Cairo to the west and from Nouakchott to the north east). Now we are developing the trains. They will be the fastest trains in the world. They will be function in the speed of 683 km/h. The trains won’t move by fuel or electricity, but with only magnetic powers. The only power that will be needed is for lighting the train, air conditioning and other things that require electricity. The trains will be divided to coach, business class and first class. Of course that each services will matched to the class’ level. The trains’ develop and building will be completed until the road tracks will be built. Alongside the road tracks, a roadway will be built for car drivers. The process of the road tracks building and the roadway building will take about 8 years and it will cost 300,000,000,000$. After the building of the road tracks and the roadway will end, we will start to upgrade the cities that the road tracks will pass through them (Khartoum, Tripoli, Tunis, Algiers, Tangier, Rabat, Laayoune and Nouakchott). We will upgrade and rebuild the cities in the same time so the total time of building will take also about 5 years. It will cost us totally 240,000,000,000$. The upgrading of the cities will include 2 universities for each city and 9 public schools (3 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools and 3 high schools) it will cost us 150 billion USD. Each city will also include 2 hospital that will have the finest technology and will have huge capacity, it will cost us 210 billion USD. We will also build court of justice and a jail in each capital. It will cost us 90 billion USD. 2. Military business: (SECRET) - we thank W.A.R for the EHFUs and Drones they sell for us and we ask from them to sell us 500,000 more EHFUs and 20,000 more Drones. We want to buy the license of building “Awad” battleships for 10 years in the cost of three billion USD (W.A.R response required). 3. Military alliance: (SECRET) - we want to create an alliance between Israel, W.A.R and us, in case that South Africa will try to conquer our Republic. We want to know if they will help us in case of war and if Israel would like to send soldiers to our border with South Africa (Israel and W.A.R responses required). 4. Developing our military technology: (SECRET) - We will build 3 military research institutes that will develop new weapons and new military technologies that will help the Republic to defend itself from other countries. The first institute will be established next year, it is going to be built in the Western Sahara because of its important secrecy. This institute will research for new missiles that will be able to protect our republic from other missiles and even to attack if it will be needed. The second institute will research for new types of armored fighting vehicles that will protect and help our soldiers in the battlefield. It will be established next year and it is going to be built in Sudan. The third institute will research for new protection systems that will protect our biggest cities from enemies and new ways to secure our border. It will be established next year and it is going to be built near Cairo. 5. Message for Nigeria: We want to help our brothers in Nigeria, but if the things there will get worse and our citizens will be in danger, we won’t have choice but to make order there to protect our people. We want you to know that we will never go to war unless we won’t have other options. We are peaceful country, but we are more than capable to protect ourselves.
    • West Asiabillion. Regarding the military pact, view the proposal in the 2063 West Asian Turn.
    • African Arab Federal Republic Diplomacy: We thank W.A.R for selling us their "Awad" battleships licence and we agree to their price exchange the EHFUs and the drones.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic West Asian Republic: 1. (South American conflict) We are upset and stunned by the SFA's insistent, pointless war on Brazil and their refusal to negotiate. West Asian president, Jamil Abu-Hussein, speaks: "The SFA had several opportunities to stop the violence and regain its honour. However, their unbright leaders have decided to make a bet they will lose. I hope they wouldn't be surprised when they find themselves utterly isolated on the international stage." And so, we announce our support for Brazil and send it $1 Billion in aid. Of course, we don't want to be directly involved in the war, as we have got enough of those on our minds. 2. (Mexican civil war) We announce our unequivocal support for the legitimate Mexican government, and send it $5 Billion in aid. We ask Mexico if we may perform drone strikes on cartel positions in co-ordination with Mexican infantry to help push the enemy forces away from cities(Mod response). 3. (Iberian Conflict) We urge all sides to cease fire and come to the negotiations table. We propose a 3-month ceasefire, where the current positions and lands held by all sides will be declared the status-quo, and will be the basis for peace negotiations. Due to Cuba's sudden entry to the war, things might escalate very quickly, so time is not to be wasted(Mod response and responses from all sides)4. (Afghanistan) With the help of some 100,000 tribal warriors equipped with our weapons and trained by us, and with heavy drone strikes, we have managed to encircle Kabul and to kill 100,000 of the Afghani and IRPS troops and take 150,000 captive. (SECRET) A message is received from Lahore, which states that if we invade Kabul, it will be bombed with nuclear weapons. Therefore, we immediately commision 10,000 more drones to tighten the air blockade over Kabul.(SECRET) We now have 15,000 drones operating solely in Afghanistan.s. 5. (Africa) We begin deploying 50,000 EHFUs to the AAFR to be stationed on the border of South African-occupied Congo, strictly for defensive purposes. However, these EHFUs, accompanied by 1,000 drones are put on high alert indefinitely in order to counter any possible invasion. Additionally, the EHFUs are assigned for civil roles, like helping the local population in terms of material, teaching children basic reading and protecting property. The EHFUs, equipped with an Incomprehensibly powerful AI software, are able to communicate in a 100% humanlike way, and with their huge databases, they are fluent in more than 500 languages.6. (Middle East) With peace restored in the Arabian Peninsula, we begin withdrawing our troops from the Arabian Republic. We now have 320,000 EHFUs in the AR, compared to 600,000 in 2063. By 2065, it will be reduced to 140,000 EHFUs, and by 2066, when the AR is fully functional and has taken all of the West Asian positions, we will withdraw all of our forces, marking the end of West Asian military presence in the peninsula. Our delegation to the West Bank areas, to find to signs of Judaization returns with the results: despite there are no visible signs of the so-called Judaization, we are extremely concerned that the Palestinian territories have greatly diminished to only several hundred square miles. We insist that a future peace deal must include most of the areas of the West Bank(except settlement blocs) to be assigned to a demilitarized Palestinian state. We also reassure Israel that we will make sure it keeps the settlement blocs, and recognize the sovereignty of the settlement blocs. Additionally, ending a century old dispute, we recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. President Abu-Hussein's reaction: "It's time to face it. Israel should keep the Golan Heights because they've made it what it is today. They made it a vibrant, rich area that could only stay such if peace was restored. And Israel restored the peace. Before 1967 the Golan was filled with Syrian air bases and SAM rockets near villages, but Israel invested in the civilian infrastructure in the Golan after the war, fulfilling the true potential of the place. I think it is agreeable that Israel deserves the Golan Heights." Despite the recognition, we offer the descendents of the Syrian residents of the Golan West Asian citizenship, in case they want to move to Syria and re-unite with their families, now when this issue is settled. 7.(Military affairs) We now have 6,400 operational units of the Armoured vehicle Sabah 1.0. The vehicle, introduced in 2062, is a powerful addition to the WAAF, and will most definitely be used as the tip of the spear in future offensives. We are considering deploying 800 of them to Kabul.8. (Economy and science) Port Izdihar, located in Zonguldak, on the beaches of the Black Sea, is a major success, transporting many billions of tons of goods each year, highly boosting our tourism and turning Zonguldak to a metropolis of 3.5 million people. We have completed our first maglev train route, passing through Istanbul-Ankara-Yozgat-Malatya-Mardin-Mosul-Tikrit-Baghdad-Ramadi-Hasakah-Raqqah-Aleppo-Hamah-Homs-Damascus. Moving at 2400 km/h, it will take just several hours to cross the entire route. Additional routes will be built in the upcoming years, with the system estimated to be fully operational by 2070. We begin establishing our Mars colony, the New Sultanate which is composed of three smaller colonies. New Istanbul is under construction, handled by AI and plans are drawn to construct New Ankara and New Baghdad. 1,000 colonists have arrived, alongside with 8,000 robots, androids and other machines to build the colonies.
    • Mod Response: The Mexican Government agrees to the West Asian Republic's request to preform drone strikes against the drug cartels with full support of the entire Mexican parliament. Meanwhile in the Iberian Peninsula, Cuba and the Iberian Republic disagree to come to the negotiation table with the war and a possible cease-fire between the countries.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine: Celebration is huge through the streets of Ukraine as the war on the APK is finally over with an overwhelming Coalition victory. The entire 2 weeks after the official ending of the Arabian Civil War are announced will be "free days" where all people across the country will not have to go into work or school (even government officals) in celebration. Councilman Hiren announces in front of
    Poland Riots

    Polish riots in Warsaw, Republic of Ukraine.

    a huge crowd of celebrators, "Today is a new day, we have won and evil has once again been put to rest. Peace has prevailed and will hopefully always do so." The council members invite President Abu-Hussein and Israeli President Ninveh Cohen and his Prime Minister Joseph Yerushalem to a formal "victory" dinner at the Parliamentary Building in central Kiev (West Asian Republic and Israel Response). (Secret) Although the war is officially over, the council has unanimously voted to send drones to spy over "APK Friendly Afghanistan" to see to if there is any threat. The Ministry of Defense will begin sending 200,000 Vultures to spy over Afghanistan Government Buildings (Secret). The Ministry of Defense announces that troops will begin returning back to Ukraine, and hopefully will have all troops out of the Middle East by 2070. Meanwhile in Ukrainian occupied Poland, riots are becoming more violent with the biggest incident begin protesters opening fire on police (killing 7), with police response resulting in the deaths of 37 protesters; the council decides to deploy the nation guard to the occupied Poland to try to coral the riots. The most violent riots are in the Polish formal capital of Warsaw, where police and protesters battle almost every day. If violence doesn't stop in Polish Ukraine, the council has announced that they will hold a referendum weather to keep or release Poland. As the councilwomen that was shot while shopping is still in hospital holding on by a string the council decides that an acting councilperson will be in place until further notice. A bomb threat was reported at a school in Southern Ukraine causing a mass evacuation of the school, no bomb was found but the district had closed the school for a week just to make sure.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We accept the request of a formal dinner at Ukraine and president Abu-Hussein agrees to come.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: The Prime Minister accepts the Ukranian request to attend the meeting.
  • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: Presidential elections are held, and Mrs. Georgia Kagana from the United African Front is elected president by a 58% majority. We announce our intentions of holding refendrums in all our newly seized countries by 2070, for the people to examine our deeds and influence and determine whether to stay with us and prosper, or leave and descend back to chaos. If a majority rules out that the country should leave, we will respect that decision and withdraw. However, if a majority rules out that the country should stay, there would be no excuse for the international community not to recognize the territories as Sovereign South African ones. We express our strongest possible condemnations to the massacre that took place recently in Johannesburg, and demand to bring those responsible to justice. We deliver a message to the government of Madagascar, demanding that the SANAF will be allowed to enter the country to "cleanse" it from potential territorists. We reassure Madagascar that the operation will be only 3 to 4 weeks long, and won't be part of an aggressive effort. However, we warn them that failing to accept our request will lead to the SANAF entering the Madagascar by force and performing the operation with the local acceptance or without. We implore Madasgascar to accept the request to avoid unnecessary bloodshed(Mod response). We take the side of the free Iberian states on the Iberian conflict, and pledge support to the IR and the NHRE, both in words and in deeds, as we transfer $10 million in aid and weapons to each country. We request Cuba to form a military pact, enhancing our military partnership and requring each country to defend its counterpart in case of emergency. Due to our longstanding and warm relationship with the former SPFA(now SFA), we wish to join forces with it and for it to be part of the military alliance. We don't recognise Brazil as a legitimate state, as it has interrupted the existance of a sovereign country and thus must be dissolved. We congratulate the Arabian Republic for its independence and request it to form relations(Mod response). President Kagana states that:"The people of South Africa are very glad to hear about the end of the war in the Middle East, and congratulate all the people there that have achieved freedom and rights. We are all part of the struggle for democracy and progress, and South Africa wishes nothing but the best for the world in general, and the Middle east in particular." (TOP SECRET) We have bribed 10 border guards from Malawi to stage a border incident where they shoot blanks at South African guards, which in turn act as if they were shot dead, and all of that is shot live on South African National Television. Due to fears the guards will reveal the conspiracy, we have detained every single one of the guards indefinitely in luxury apartments in Cape Town(In honour of their service), with no option of leaving(TOP SECRET). We are shocked and feel deeply betrayed by the horrific massacre that took place on the Malawi border, where a whopping 18 South African border guards were viciously murdered by Malawian savages. We immediately deploy 140,000 fighter robots on the Western border of the country, and another 100,000 on the eastern one. We issue an ultimatum to the Malawian government to surrender their weapons willingly, or else they will have to do it unwillingly(Mod response). We continue improving the economy inside and outside our original territories by building new factories and farms, especially vertical ones, which comprise 43% of the farming land built in the past year. We are forced to mostly nationalize the economies of many newly integrated countries, as they were a mess before we came. The increased involvement of AI in internal affairs is currently limited to our original territories(That will be the name of our pre 2060s territories when referred to by South African officals), however we will divert much of the original territories' product to equalize the development and standard of living in all of our territories in order to create a just society with equal opportunities for all. By 2070, those changes will be most certainly felt. We start working on several nuclear fission plants to provide energy for 24% of the civilians in our territories. As we don't yet have the technological level needed to build a fusion plant, we start research and invest a whopping $8 Billion in research to build a fusion plant by 2076. Additionally, we begin forming a team of 28 colonists to settle on the moon and create a colony named TOTS(Twilight of the Sun). They will research in co-ordination with Western teams exploring in the Moon, with the goal of finding resources such as fuels and water.
    • Mod response: Madagascar firmly rejects the South African requests with its people chanting:"Freedom or death". Soldiers from the military of Madagascar begin setting up defenses and fortifications in Antananarivo. The Arabian Republic agrees forming consulate-level diplomatic relations, and states that only after the withdrawal of South Africa from its occupied territories could it upgrade the relations to embassy-level. Malawi denies the South African accusation, claiming it was a setup by South Africa and that the guards aren't dead but rather in custody. Malawi refuses to surrender and also begins setting up defenses.
  • Israel: 1. (INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT) The Solar Energy Israeli Department, working with Israeli clean energy institutes and 4 ministries have finalized the construction of the world's largest and efficient solar power farm, stationed in Northern Sinai (The size calculated to contain 43.2km x 28.6km of land in the Sinai Desert). A branch of the Energy Ministry and new towns are established for the purpose of maintaining the solar farm, which is valued 9,420,000,000$. The field will be able to power 62% of Israel's energy resources, the secondary being nuclear power plant fields in Dimona (Made at 2022) and Kfar Mordehai (2035) powering 25% of energy, although received with significant local opposition by anti-nuclear activism. Hydroelectric plants in Haifa, Sdot Yam and Nahariya contribute up to 11.5% of energy consumption. An adequately sized nuclear power plant near Goren (2036) within the Phoenica district powers 14% of Israel's Northern population, and encompasses 1.5% of Israel's total consumption. Gas & Coal plants are extinct since 2051, which formerly dedicated 10% of Israel's energy. Vertical farms occupies 0.008% of Inner Israel [Central, Jerusalem, Judah, Tel Aviv, Haifa], 0.02% of Northern Israel [Galilee, Phoenica, Shomron & Naphtali] 1.9% of the Sinai Peninsula, 0.09% of the Negev. & 2.3% of Midian. The Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of the Development of the Sinai Peninsula also announces plans to build an underwater vertical farm near Abrahami (Formerly known as Sharm El-Sheikh), inspired by the Singaporean prospect. It's 5 km in width, and 300 m high. Statistics find that the density of Gush Dan reached an alarming 13,638 people per square kilometer. The Petah Tiqwa "second-floor plan" was successful in creating a two-floored utopian civilization, housing 5.5 million citizens there, but Tel Aviv Yafo and Western Gush Dan are beginning to suffer from overwhelming density and a claustrophobic environment. The government approves emergency plan to adopt similar to West Asian building codes in the Central District, allowing the construction of skyscraper complexes for residency purposes, which are 350mx500mx400m each, and usually are connected together to form "cubic complexes". 1st-5th floor offers local services, such as a local clinic, a public communications service, supplementary district train passage that are connected with the other city skyscraper residencies and routes to the 4th floor of the main train route, a restaurant served by robots, and more examples. The project will be compulsory for 8 cities throughout the Central District, and may expand in the future if successful. Tel Aviv district will not be included.   2. (TRANSPORT & TOURISM) From 2064, Israel is witnessed evolving into a leader of both the aircraft and transport industry. Israeli car companies "OtoEden" and "Gunni Vehicles Inc." joins world car industry as one of the world's renowned, as 2.74% cars are produced under the license of Israeli car companies. According to an international questionnaire answered by 4,930,000 "users", El Al is rated as the 3rd popular airline worldwide due to its incredible technological advancement, inexpensive and worthy rides, its international airports & policies that attracted millions of travelers to use its services. Jerusalem Air serves as the secondary airline, especially for domestic and regional travel. Israel's Train and subway services expands into the Northern Sinai Peninsula, with a nationwide Hazaki line between Arabah and Tyrre under construction. Israel approves the construction of the Herziliya / Tel Aviv International Airport far from the Coast of Herziliya, which will be four times larger than Ben Gurion Airport and its complex even developed underground. Hotel quarters are built around the airport island, which can fill 36,000 people. Three underground roads and a 1.2km bridge are also built to accompany artificial roads that routes between Tel Aviv, Herziliya and Netanya. Temarim Airport will be constructed in N. Sinai, and Tiran airport will be constructed in Midian, east of the island. Ben Gurion airport itself will remain an international destination, although it is expected to receive less traffic. Because of hostilities ending in the Arabian Peninsula, the Ministry of Tourism reports a positive rise of visits in Israel, with 32,700,000 arrivals for 2064. Jerusalem, Gush Dan [Especially Petah Tiqwa and Tel Aviv], Tiberias, including Hot spots and beaches around the Sea of Galilee, the Haifa strip, the Negev, and the Eilat metropolian area has majorly contributed for tourism, and are received with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Critics are exceptionally positive that the amount of visitors may rise to 41,000,000 yearly because of the opening of Herziliya International Airport & El Al's and Israel's reputation.  3. (MILITARY) The 42nd, 43rd and 44th branch of the Israeli Military Industry becomes official military institutes, dedicated for Autonomous Robot Innovation and Production. However, their operation are under strict guidelines because of the Defense Minister's negative opinion of Autonomous Robot Fighters & its recent introduction. The 37th military industry develops the "Allocated Defense Mechanism for Physical Operation (ADMPO)", a soldier armor AI that protects the wearer from gun or anti-tank penetration, vulnerability from biochemical items, and can withstand nuclear fallout. ADMPO v.0.8 is now a standard device for the nation's border patrols, special forces and "exclusive divisions" in the military.  4. (SINAI & MIDIAN) A huge expansion in industrial activity is reported in the Red Sea, Haifa, S Sinai and N Sinai. Worth around 410 billion in total of 25 years, it supported the modernization of Sinai and Midian. International investors were invited, land purchases got generated, and industrial activity are increased by 8200%, and the HDI improved from low development to very high human development since 2047. The population of Sinai Peninsula is 3,4071,868. Sinai blessed as "the gate between two rivers, two seas, two countries and two continents". The Southern Negev and Eilat / Aqaba becomes a culturally core part of Israel, while Midian, Naphtali and the Sinai Peninsula is considered as "outer Israel" because of its non-central location and recent annexation into Israeli sovereignty. Ras Gasabah has turned into a seaport and merges with Tiran Island in agreement for the main route between Eilat and the Red Sea; Arabia to Eilat, and the PIHA route. Tiran Island is modernized, and will be terraformed to support ships and proper transport. The artificial terraformed land expands Tiran island +2km in size and 3km to south to house for industrial / transport purposes and ease transportation. The Port of Tiran's project will be completed on 2066. The State of Israel invites the AAFR to build a cross-border highway complex, combining Ismailia and Bitka Temarim as the main destinations. (AAFR response needed) 5. (REHOVOT SUBWAY STRIKE) An American manufactured Tactical-Sarin, a 21st century Nerve Agent, was "exploded" inside a subway train at the Beta Illit Central Station, a transit stop between the Tel Aviv-Hebron line. Security utilities detected the gas, but because the package was designed to "explode" alternatively from the conventional "release" the agent, it was only able to contain the box itself, and allowed the remaining gas affect the 101 passengers in the car. Pandemic personnel could not succeed in rescuing the 66 causalities, but saved the other 45 victims. Thankfully, the incident did not affect any people outside the train room. The investigation revealed that one of the dead was confirmed to be the perpetrator, who is identified as "Adrien Dimitruto", a foreign exchange student from Paris, France, studying in Ben Gurion University, which the investigators concluded that the student was "unfortunately affected by psychological damage and unattended depression", discovering that he was taking medications against depression and engaged with "criminal activity encouraged by suspects". 2 individuals were arrested, including a 20-year old refugee from Abu Dahbi and Adrien's brother, Adam Dimitruto for inciting "psychological damage and providing material assistance for murder". They are both found guilty and sentenced for 16 years. Adam Dimitruto, however, is also given a life sentence, increasing his sentence, for "multiple charges of murder". (SECRET) When questioned, Adam Dimitruto allegedly revealed that a Lebanese group claimed to work for an Georgian organization contacted the brothers and provided them with advanced items to arm the perpetrator, which he infiltrated the train and attacked. The meeting occurred in Tartus, Syria, W.A.R. (SECRET) There were no signs of terrorist motives, although we suspect "reasons of psychological instability or radical motives" behind the attacks. We are extremely upset upon hearing of the event, and shall henceforth declare a day of mourning, with the nation flag's positioned in half-mast in mourning for the victims. A funeral was quickly made in Jerusalem 16 hours after the incident, attended by the Prime Minister and 544 others, which international coverage is immense, especially from Western media. Foreign leaders or representatives are welcome to join PM Gaya's speech regarding the incident. (World response welcome) Israel requests Lebanon, Georgia, US, France and the W.A.R to collaborate with the investigation regarding the involvement of a "Lebanese group" partaking in the illegal trade of "dangerous materials". (Lebanon, Georgia, US, France, W.A.R response needed) (SECRET) Information about "Georgian involvement" will be hidden from foreign diplomats and confidential to Israeli officials and the Israeli investigation team only, although the Georgian Police Department may be received a notice regarding possible Georgian suspects. A Mossad team has been dispatched to kidnap 8 individuals identified from the suspect's descriptions. Another Mossad branch is commissioned to investigate the reason of Mossad agents that didn't return from their mission in infiltrating a Georgian organization a decade ago, which Israeli intelligence suspects the group committed a form of retaliation, if the "referred group" is indeed involved in the attack. (Mod response - Mossad results) (SECRET)  6. (ARABIAN PENINSULA) The State of Israel officially declares "complete victory" against the APK, with the Arabian Peninsula being rid of APK control. "The stars of the Arabian Peninsula glimmers on the day the calamity ended. The coalition has won, and war has disappeared." A government statistic found that the deaths in Israeli invasion of Southern Arabia amounts to 6,822 & 28,031 injuries, while deaths in Israeli front of the Saudi opposition and the Eastern Druze Republic is 1,955 deaths, with 766 injuries, including severe "symptoms" from nuclear fallout. Grouped with former governments and local militants, we happily complete negotiation for local provisional governments in Arabian Administration territories to be formed. The State of Sharjah and State of Ajman gains independence without an emir, but instead works as parliamentary democracies with both Islamic and pro-humanitarian laws implemented in their constitution in recognition of the former Emirate's Islamic heritage. Meanwhile in Oman, the New Republic of Dhofa, and the State of Wusta is founded. The provinces of Muscat and Dubai remain under Israel trusteeship until 2068, otherwise on a later date. Diplomatic ties and strong economic pacts are made with the newly independent countries, as well as a contract permitting Israeli military bases to remain in the countries. Defense treaties are possibly planned by the government. Israel, while aware of Musandam's status as a provisional territory, attempts to implement more autonomy and local freedom there, and on the other hand, generates immense Israeli presence in the area. We  allow the "Musandam unity committee" to be made for the local people / leaders to partake in Israeli politics, mostly for talks about their future independence, which the majority of Israel's population believes Musandam should receive independence "when possible". No civil unrest are recorded, since Israeli services and friendship between both are becoming well satisfied. Former Israeli PM Joseph Yerushalem expresses disappointment that the 2046 Anti-Saudi proposal on Jerusalem summit failed to be placed into swift effect, blaming the unwillingness of international collaboration and disorganization that led to the chaotic deaths of millions, foundation of the APK, and 2 decades of "hesitation" of the conflict's end. He concludes his criticism by demanding the UN to comment on the worldwide failure of the Jerusalem summit, and pressures "world governments" to work more in collaborating against threats to peace. (Mod response needed) The State of Israel organizes a national event in Jerusalem, inviting world leaders to "rejoice and welcome a new era of the Middle East". (World response welcome)
    • ​Mod Response: All 8 individuals are captured with ease, but they have not revealed anything to this point. The United Nations do agree that the "Jerusalem Summit" was a complete failure and talks about another possible summit are beginning to appear. Georgia agrees to partake in the investigation.
    • Ukrainian Diplomatic Response: 2 of the council members accept to travel to Prime Minister Gaya's speech, also the same two council members will attend the Jerusalem event.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We send our condolences to the families of the victims of the Rehovot railway strike, and gladly agree to partake in the investigation of the attack. President Dr. Abu-Hussein visits Israel to attend PM Gaya's speech and the summit in Jerusalem.

2065 Edit

South Africa captures Malawi and Madagascar. In response, Ethiopia cuts relations with South Africa, signs a mutual defense treaty with Kenya and deploys 100,000 troops on the Kenyan-S. African-occupied border. After having been unanswered by Greece, URMA declares war on Greece and invades it. Serbia also declares independence and signs a defense pact with Greece. The war in the Iberian Peninsula is a stalemate with neither side achieving gains. Cuba demands Italy and Scandinavia to withdraw or to face weapons "Scarcely used on the battlefield before". The SFA reaches Sao Paulo and a huge battle takes place there, where neither side assumes control. Brazil captures Venezula, Colombia and gives them internal independence as sovereign countries subordinate to the Brazilian Armed Forces, thus cutting off the SFA's passage to Central America. The cartel government in Mexico declares a communist revolution and pledges allegiance to Cuba, which in turn sends troop to the new communist country to defend it. It is called the "People's Republic of Mexico", located in the Southern part of Mexico, with its northern border situated 120km from Mexico City. Mexico initiates a campaign to liberate the occupied territory, and Cuba in turn declares war on it and places its nuclear warheads on high alert. It also warns the U.S not to get involved or else "all hell will rain upon the capitalist scum". Larstedean forces have captured 40% of Sri Lanka and "Sri Lanka Power" lost nearly a third of its fighters, however Colombo has not been captured yet. The Chinese government, facing unprecedented pressure to withdraw from Tibet is overthrown by a new government which gives Tibet full independence and decides to split the Chinese mainland in several parts due to the enourmous difficulties previous governments have faced governing over a billion people. The newly formed countries are: the Inner Mongol Republic, covering the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia; the People's Republic of Central Asia, covering the regions of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia; The Democratic Republic of South China, covering the regions of Sichuan, Yunnan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Guangxi and Hainan; And the Republic of China, covering Taiwan all of the Eastern regions not included in other countries. All of the countries sign non-aggression treaties and recognize each other. In terms of power, the new Republic of China, after having inherited most of the important cities and a big part of the population is considered to be a regional power, however due to the upheavals it has recent been through, it is not considred to be a global power. The government of Papua New Guinea collapses as it was unable to combat climate change and extremism and Indonesia invades and captures it. The West Asian Armed Forces, aided by tribal fighters liberate Kabul and advance forward to liberate the rest of Afghanistan. However, the Islamic Republic of Punjab and Sindh, which is allied with the Terrorist government of Afghanistan, has managed to retrieve 5 of the nuclear warheads Pakistan once owned, and it launches 2 of the at the newly occupied territories. One at a concentration of West Asian Forces, destroying 7,000 EHFUs, 100 drones and killing 39 West Asian officers, and one at a massive training base of the Afghani pro-democratic tribal fighters, killing all 13,000 who are in the base. The UN secretary general announces the UNSC is abolishing the presidency and the temporary membership, giving permanent membership to the most contributing, moral countries and the countries whose voice needs to be heard(Newly formed countries, countries fighting for just cause, etc.)

  • Flag of Korea Korean Republic: Korea builds up its military. Meanwhile, more railways are planned to be built, especially in former North Korea, so to better link up with the rest of the country; and some begin construction. Bullet trains also continues to be introduced more. Likewise, more highways continues construction. Some solar and wind farms continues construction. A decent amount of funding is put into the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, and construction continues on a large spaceship. Samsung begins research into the next generation of mobile phones.
  • Communist indiaIndia: India further develops it Martian bases as it ship more Indianauts and their families to the red planets, A second biosphere has been built to accommodate the increase in human population and more space transports are built on Earth, in the light of the global chaos on earth Indian scientists are seriously contemplating in supplanting of indias population to mars, plans for the building of the first Mars cities that could house millions of Indian citizens and is now in the planning stages India is expanding its first colonial space marines corp that will be designated for space defense and a new class space destroyers are in the works that will handle orbital defense of future Indian space colonies
  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine:The Ministry of Aerospace and Technology reports on live television that," the Ukrainian manned mission was a complete success and that reports are coming in from the astronauts that they have landed safely and that they are still setting up their base and should be completed by early of next year". The Ministry also reports that they will continue construction of space rockets capable of carrying man and supplies at the same time for future missions to the planet; it is estimated that there will be a full colony on Mars by either 2068 to about 2070. The Ministry of Defense completely condemns the attack on the West Asian Base and demands that "The Islamic State of Afghanistan apologize for its action or they will face war. Our country is not afraid of your Nuclear Warheads, so if you feel so wimpy that you have to launch a nuclear missile at us, go ahead , we will only shoot it down." (Mod/Afghanistan Response Needed) The councilwomen that was shot by an assassin unfortunately dies from an infection she gained from the gunshot wounds; there will be no gigantic funeral at her request and elections for her replacement will take place next year. Even though the councilwomen didn't want anything big if she died, a gigantic peace march takes place in downtown Kiev with about 15,700 people in attendance. The crowd does not get out of control and at the rest of the Council's request, the police will let the march go on. The march catches the attention of international television, reported by countries like United States, Great Britain, Communist India, Korean Republic, Israel, and the West Asian Republic. The march raises the question about domestic terrorism. The council launches a plan called, "Operation Peace" where the police and a NRA type organization to find suspected terrorists, by taping into suspects cell phones and computers; the council assures the Ukrainian people that the NRA type organization will not tap into non-suspected people's phones and or computers. More and more troops are being sent into Ukrainian occupied Poland to contain the riots; in response the council unanimously to hold a referendum next year to decide the fate of Ukrainian Occupied Poland. The Ministry of Internal Affairs announces that about 150 protesters have been killed in the Polish Riots, and about 50 riot police and 1 solider. The council announces that taxes will be lowered for middle class citizens by 4%, as it is the time for Ukraine to have the plan to follow in the world's footsteps and help every singe one of its people in the best way they could. Taxes are also raised 4% for the upper class so the money can be used for helping the middle class and the lower class, along with cutting away at the national debt. The council also decides that it is time for another emissions cut in Ukraine, and in result emissions from factories all across the country are lowered 17% which significantly helps the environment and is recommended for all other countries to follow. White is the raging color for consumer products, making most homes and businesses having the color of white to make it feel more futuristic. Products are coming out like crazy in Ukraine, for example the self-driving care is reintroduced to the public, smart phones are now able to be carried on wrist like band where when you press the main button on the wrist part the phone will appear and is able to be taken off and expanded in front of its user if needed. The Ministry of Trading is deciding weather to start trading these products on the international field. The council also welcomes the new Republic of China with one of the councilmen saying, "We are glad that you are no longer a Communist Dictatorship and now you may live and prosper so that all your people can live in peace". The council also condemns the "new" Mexican government; also condemning the Cuban Government and demands that they back down (Cuban/Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod response: Afghanistan ignores Ukraine's warning and continues its war effort. Cuban president Juan Lopez Castro warns Ukraine to back off or "it will be brought on its knees"
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We send our condolences over the murder of the councilwoman and we would like to send our minister of foreign affairs, Yasmin Ergen to attend to the funeral of the late councilwoman.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We are saddened to understand that the councilwoman has deceased from her injuries, and send our condolences towards the Ukranian people. PM Nertevah, as he was an acquaintance of the late councilwoman while serving as Minister of Intelligence, decides to attend her funeral.
  • FlagOfTheWestAsianRepublic West Asian Republic: 1.(Afghanistan) We cannot say we were surprised to see nuclear weapons introduced to the Afghani civil war. However, we are very worried that they've fallen to the wrong hands. We deploy 4 batteries of the "Ibrahim" anti-missile system that can intercept any existing missile in space using several options: A. Hacking into the enemy missile's system and causing it to explode in space. B. Destroying it with an AI-Guided laser beam, or C. Destroying it with a convential missile. If the methods above fail, the system will deploy flares to direct the missile into an insignificant territory. The system can deal with up to 20 threats simultaneously. With Kabul liberated, we establish a new Afghani state named "The Republic of Afghanistan", and immediately send it $4 Billion in aid. This new country will have a pro-western, democratic regime and it will be our bulwark ally in the campaign against the remaining radical Islamic regimes, including the IRPS, the remains of the Afghani terrorist government and the remains of the APK. We have found APK equipment at the hands of captured or dead Afghani terrorists and we estimate about 35,000 APK fighters have fled to the IRPS(Islamic Republic of Punjab and Sindh). Due to the threat of nuclear missiles of the IRPS reaching civilian locations in Afghanistan, we will not invade IRPS territory for the time being, we'll only free the rest of Afghanistan and we will try to eliminate the government of the IRPS and spark a popular revolution there. We start by targeting the houses of the IRPS PM, foreign minister and defense minister(Mod response-result of the strikes). We also use phsycological warfare, dropping flyers, holographic films and recorded messages to the big cities, including documentation and depiction of the IRPS' atrocities and its housing of criminals against humanity, and the possibility of a better future for the people in the IRPS.2.(Middle East) We continue withdrawing our forces from the AR, and we only have 140,000 EHFUs there, compared to last year's 320,000. The AR Defense Forces are fully established, and have been supplied and trained by the WAAF. They are taking our places and are closely co-operating with us to track down and tackle any remaining threats in the AR. Wherever our EHFUs and officers go, they are very popular in the AR, with people wanting to take pictures with them, eat and talk to them and some even offer them to stay over in the night. In many places worldwide, we have achieved the status of liberators, including the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan, and to a certain extent, even the SFPA-controlled Brazil decades ago.3.(Iberian Conflict) We continue our demands for a ceasefire that would last several months so that all sides could sit down and negotiate. As the war has entered a stage of eventless bloodshed, we ask the sides to cease fire and come to Istanbul and negotiate. We propose the current border arrangement will be the status-quo and the base of negotiations.(Responses from all sides). As climate change hasn't spared the Iberian Peninsula, famine is prevalent in many regions due to the death of crops by the scorching summer temperatures, and an estimated 15,000 die from malnutrition in the Iberian Republic alone each year, yet the presidential courtyard of the IR receives luxury foods from all over the world, proving this country is corrupt and unwilling to serve its citizens. We begin dropping basic food and food materials to the famine-stricken areas to at least minimize the casualties. We hope the authorities in those regions won't intervene in our efforts. We also call on the UN to initiate an international mission to bring all sides to the negotiating table and to help the people in the peninsula(Mod response). 4.(East Asia) We warmly welcome the newly established countries of Tibet, the Inner Mongol Republic, the People's Republic of Central Asia, the Democratic Republic of South China and the Republic of China to the field of nations, and express our hopes for those new governments to stabilize, live on and prosper. We request all the new countries to establish embassies in their captials and to establish trade and diplomatic relations.(Mod response). 5. (South American Conflict) We are enraged by the SFA's disrecognition of a sovereign Brazil and its continued efforts of war. We state that such efforts will not bring any gains to the SFA but rather unnecessary bloodshed and the destruction of Brazil fertile environment, including the unmatched Amazon rainforest. We send a team of diplomatic experts to both rivalling countries to convince the leaders there that peace is the better option and persuade them to negotiate(Mod response- results of the mission). 6.(Africa) Although the massacre in Johannesburg was a horrific act of terrorism, it is definitely not an excuse to invade another country, and we can clearly see the territorial claims of South Africa in Madagascar. The same goes with Malawi, we cannot understand why a border incident would spark a full scale invasion. That is the same tactic Nazi Germany used in 1939 when it invaded Poland. A fake border incident was staged to make an excuse for an invasion. Due to this blatant aggression, we introduce a complete and total arms embargo to South Africa and issue an ultimatum to weapon manufacturers in the West Asian Republic to cut exports to South Africa in 2 months or to have their shops and factories shut down. Additionally, we introduce sanctions on raw materials from South Africa, such as metals and fossil fuels, as the money from the sale of these items goes to the defense budget of South Africa. Our 50,000 EHFUs stationed in the AAFR are on high alert, ready to be deployed in combat zones any time. Due to the danger of other countries being invaded, we ask Ethiopia, Gabon, Cameroon and Chad to establish a joint communications line to closely co-operate in case of further South African aggression, and we also consider deploying more EHFUs to bordering countries to halt any further South African advancement. President Jamil Abu-Hussein states:"From now on, African soil and blood won't be as cheap anymore. South Africa has effectively isolated itself from the rest of the world. President Kagana should now that if a South African boot marches even one centimeter too far, South Africa will enter a time period darker than the Apartheid."7.(Europe) We congratulate Greece and Serbia for their independence and pressure URMA to recognize them. We urge the sides to excercise restraint and to cease fire in order to negotiate(Mod response). We are saddenned by the chaos in Ukrainian-occupied Poland, and cite the occupation as a possible cause of the riots. President Jamil Abu-Hussein states:"With all due respect to our close and productive alliance with Ukraine, we cannot ignore the fact that the recent violence in the occupied Poland is because the Poles justfully want independence and they deserve a state. A people that was repressed and occupied so many times throughout history deserves independence and must be granted it." We also pass our congratulations to Ukraine for the planned refendrum and we state that "next year, justice will be achieved in the refendrum".8. (Mexican Civil War) We send an additional $5 Billion in aid and weapons to the Mexican government and we also send a delegation of 20 high-ranking West Asian officers to help plan the defense of Mexico City. We strongly condemn Cuba for assisting this criminal government in South Mexico and cut off the little trade we had up until now. Unlike many other conflicts on the globe, this one has only one side who is morally dominant and that is the legitimate Mexican government. Therefore, we don't ask for negotiations, as we know the right solution to the war is restored control in all of Mexico by Mexico.9.(Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea) We call on Larsted and Sri Lanka Power to halt the violence and negotiate terms for peace, as the invasion of Sri Lanka will not produce positive results but rather just another war to be forgotten by history. We drop 20 thousand tonnes of humanitarian aid including food, medicine, clean clothes and second-hand AI devices to be used by the Sri Lankan population. We hope that when Indonesia finishes its invasion to PNG and stabilizes things up, it will give back independence to PNG and establish a democratic regime there. 10. (Space) The New Sultanate is being established much faster than planned, which gives us room to expand our colonies even further. In our current pace, our 3 closely connected colonites will house some 160,000 West Asian colonists, with New Ankara and New Baghdad housing 50,000 each and New Istanbul(The capital colony, which is ironic since it is the only colony named after a city which isn't a capital) housing 60,000 colonists. Power will be supplied through fusion plants transferred through carriers secretly built 5 years ago, and a gravitational field will be deployed to shield the colonies from incoming astroids. 40,000 EHFUs, 320 Mars-optimized drones and 200 Sabah 1.0 armoured vehicles will be sent over next year to be the defensive force of the colonies. Our lunar colonies are also booming with 1,600 colonists, mostly miners stationed in our lunar colony. They are delivering many tonnes of moonrocks and many kilograms of Helium-3 each year, each market worth Billions of dollars. Space tourism is also booming, with tens of thousands of ordinary people arriving at the moon each year. The costs of space travel have greatly diminished in recent years to the point where a middle class family can afford it once in several years. Fusion energy and cheap new building materials, alongside with automation and AI have made space travel something that is almost obvious to many people. What was considered to be a distant dream a little more than a century ago, is now part of the everyday life.11.(Economy and Internal affairs) Our first maglev train, travelling at 2,400 km/h and passing through Istanbul-Ankara-Yozgat-Malatya-Mardin-Mosul-Tikrit-Baghdad-Ramadi-Hasakah-Raqqah-Aleppo-Hamah-Homs-Damascus is a great success, with more than 32 million people using it last year. It brings huge economic boost to the cities connected, with tourism and business skyrocketing, raising our economic activity by several percent. Further train routes will be soon built, connecting every big city in the country to a complex, hi-tech train network, managed exclusively by AI. Our trade of moonrocks and Helium-3 is also increased, especially to countries in Europe and Asia, where some people use it in rituals or for jewelry. We are also declared the 4th largest arms exporter in the world, mainly exporting automated fighting systems and AI software to countries in Europe, East Asia, Oceania, the Americas and the Middle East. Our remaining oil reserves, 8 billion barrels, are now being privatized and traded all across the country to be used for purposes other than fuel such as plastics, decorative asphalt and much more. Additionally, we have bought nearly 4,000,000 fish from the new Republic of China and released them in government-owned parks, ponds and rivers across the country to be bred, bought or fished. Programming competitions are also a growing trend in our society, with the annual "Mehmet Karim Programming competition"(Named after our deceased president and his love for programming) gaining international attention. The brightest minds come from all over the world to a selected West Asian city each year, to test their skills in programming an AI software to act as humanlike as possible to perform a certain task exactly like human. The software selected by our judges as the most highly convincing is declared winning, and its designer(s) receive a trophy and a reward of $500,000. We also introduce some governmental regulations on markets on virtual worlds, which are now growing to be an important part of West Asian everyday life. As those markets were untouched by the government, prices of certain items there became unaffordable by some people and that violates the West Asian constition which states that:"Virtual environments will be free and accessible by all non-criminal West Asian citizens all the time". And so we introduce mild government regulations in markets such as virtual space, which is measured in bytes, and internet speed. From now on, internet providers will have to provide for whoever paid first and not whoever paid the highest so that people will fairly enjoy internet connections.
    • Mod Response: The drone strike is a partial victory with the drones hitting 2 out of the 3 targets, killing about 4 people including the Foreign and Defense Minister and a few other citizens who were in the buildings during the attack. The last strike was about to commence when the IRPS' Air Force intercepted the drone and shot it down before it could strike the Prime Minister's home; the crash resulted in 13 deaths on the ground. The Holy Roman Empire agrees to come to the negotiation table, but Cuba and the Iberian Republic do not accept to come to the negotiations table. Only the one side agree to come to the negotiations table to possibly help the Iberian Republic's people survive; many people in the international community are beginning to compare the Iberian Republic with the former "Hermit Kingdom", North Korea since they acted in the same way as the Iberian Republic is now. All new Chinese countries agree for the establishment of official relations and the setting up of embassy in both nations; all nations also agree for trading deals with the West Asian Republic. Brazil agrees to come to the peace talks but the SFA disagrees to come to the peace talks.
  • Flag of ItalyItaly: After missing a year of events, Italy is back on the global scene. 1: Iberian Peninsula: As most of the international community knows, we are fighting both an unstable government-run Cuba, and die hard rebels who do NOT want us achieving our goal of bringing peace to Spain. With have started launching missiles at the ground groups in an attempt to weed out their numbers. (Mod response needed: Deaths/Affect.) We are very confident that we will win the battle, and that peace will be restored to Spain. 2: Sri Lanka/Larsted: As most of the countries in the world know, 2 years ago we officially announced that we do not recognize Larsted. That ruling stands. In response to their needless aggression, Italian troops have been deployed to Sri Lanka, to hold the vital city of Colombo. We have conducted landings on Point Pedro and Jaffna and have started to attack the Larsted troops there. (Mod response). We will continue this war until Larsted gets out of Sri Lanka.
    • Mod response: The Iberian Republic and Cuba, armed with "Flecha 4" anti-missile systems, have successfully destroyed most incoming missiles however 47 missiles did breach the anti-missile system, killing 435 Iberian and Cuban troops and 362 Iberian civilians. The Iberian people, enraged by the carnage, staunchly support their governments in the struggle against Italy. Italian troops successfully land in Point Pedro and Jaffna and take the cities from Larsted. Casualties: 1745 Italian troops and 1624 Larstedean troops. 639 Sri Lankan civilians were killed in the fighting.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: Regardless of Larsted's threat to the Italian Kingdom, we believe that the Sri Lankan dispute may peacefully be solved through a decision by the United Nations Security Council. Because Israel recognizes Sri Lankan power as a terrorist organization, we will abstain if Italy submits a resolution demanding Larsted to withdraw.
  • Flag of South AfricaSouth Africa: (Internal affairs) As we continue to improve the economy of our new territories, we create new jobs, introduce the new territories to new, emerging western markets and we build many new industrial and agricultural areas, as well as infrastructure such as roads, airports, ports, railways and pipelines for gas. We also begin building massive solar power plants in the Namib desert and the Kalahari desert, which would produce nearly 50% of our power. The original territories, which are fully developed, have experienced automatization, abolishment of fossil fuels and the introducement of AI 20-25 years ago and are familiar with the modern Western model, however it will take at least 10 years and hundreds of billions of dollars for the new territories to reach the same level. Local capitals of our territories, such as Harare, Luanda, Kinshasa and many more are now being rapidly industrialized under minimal carbon emissions standards and business centers are being privatized from state-ownership. Now, when order is restored in all those territories, and wars and organized crime have greatly diminished, those territories are seeing an explosion of investments from countries all over the world, especially Europe and Asia. We invest $14 Billion in improving healthcare standards in our new territories, which were very poor before we came. Some 250 new high-standard hospitals are opened in our new territories, providing quality government-subsidized healthcare for those in need. 75 new universities and thousands of primary and secondary schools are also opened. We are also beginning to build our first civilian fusion reactor that would account for 30% of our energy. (International scene) We welcome the new countries that emerged from the ashes of the crumbling Chinese Mainland and ask all of them to begin relations and trade(Mod response). We send further funds and weapons to the SFA so it could win its just fight against the Brazilian rebellion. We also send $3 Billion in aid to our long-time ally, Cuba as a contribution to its conflicts in Mexico and the Iberian Peninsula. We will adress the conflict in the Balkans when it's solved, as we don't want to take sides now. We call for an immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces from Sri Lanka and the granting of independence to its oppressed people. We are upset by the West Asian Republic's intervensionist policy, alongside with its Israeli ally, and we demand them to clear the path for us to bring prosperity to the rest of Africa. We state that by blocking our path to the rest of Africa based on the ridiculous claim they are trying to defend countries (Which have long since turned into wastelands of anarchy) from us, the Middle Eastern powers are indirectly but deliberately causing more bloodshed, poverty and misery in Africa. President Kagana states:"There could have been peace in our region for a long time if the Middle Eastern powers didn't stick their noses to every little detail they consider wrong in another country, and invade it to fix that detail. Unlike our march of prosperity into Africa, whose interest is solely improving the lives of the African people and giving them fair opportunities in our rapidly changing world, the Middle Eastern powers' greedy conquests are done with only self-interest at heart, wanting territories and resources. We are stunned by the international legitimacy the Middle Eastern powers get while we are continuously bashed over and over again. We demand an immediate stop to this blatant hypocrisy." (Military) Our military trade is booming, with South African arms being exported to places all over the world, notable costumers being Cuba, Indonesia, SFA, the Iberian Republic and the New Republic of China. We begin research on an original AI designed as a counter-measure to our adversaries' systems, which will be complete in 2 years. We have bought blueprints captured in the Brazil, depicting fighter robots made by the SPFA, and we decide those robots meet the demands of the SANAF when paired with our new AI system, codenamed "Bright Star". We begin mass-producing those fighter robots and an estimated 240,000 of them will be in service next year, replacing our old, Cuban-Manufactured robots. We also begin mass-producing "Lightning", a drone based on a 20-year old Chinese design, with notable South African improvements such as a body made from carbon nano-fibers and light-reflecting particles used to turn the drone invisible to humans and to radars for up to 20 seconds at a time, which is useful in dog fights to deceive the enemy. 12 new submarines are inaugurated in the port of Cape Town and are meant to patrol South African waters for defensive purposes, but also serve as a second strike in case of an annihilation war.
    • Mod Response: All new Chinese nations except Republic of China accept the relations and trade deal. The reason why the Republic of China has declined because of South Africa's involvement and close relations with so called "evil" nations.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: It's easy to see the hypocracy in that statement, as our campaigns are meant for freeing oppressed peoples and giving them independence under democratic regimes, while your campaigns are territorial.
  • Canada: (Italy and Larsted) In response to Italy deploying troops to Columbo we urge both parties to cease hostilities between one another and pursue a diplomatic solution. (Internal Affairs) Canada begins a large scale effort to improve healthcare for the poor and elderly. We reduce weight times and begin to increase quality of healthcare. We hope to give all citizens access to world class healthcare by the year 2075. We also begin to create more hospitals. We also begin an effort to cure Alzheimer's disease. The disease is among our leading causes of death. Canada hopes to begin trials within the next twenty years. We also start constructing a large geothermal energy plant. We hope for this to supply energy to 20 percent of Canada's population. We also begin building nuclear power plants to provide power to 15 percent of Canada's population. Construction for more of both will begin in the next five years. Crime has decreased significantly after most terror cells in the country were destroyed in 2063 to 2064. We also began an effort to increase farming across to lower transport costs which in turn lowers the cost of food. We also begin farming with AI to lower costs of paying human wages. These measures will hopefully allow more of the poor to have access to food. (Mecca) Riots have lowered dramatically with only 387 riot deaths in 2064. In light of these new circumstances we give Mecca more autonomy. Now everything except police and military matters are in muslim hands. However in Jeddah and other small towns conditions have worsened dramatically. Nearly 30,000 people were killed in 2064 in these areas. In light of these new circumstances we will not withdraw from these areas until 2070. (Mars) New Edmonton has now grown to become a thriving city with 45,000 inhabitants. Also several new settlements have been founded such as New ottawa, New Saskatchewan, and New Toronto. The cities have grown very rich from mineral trade. Also the first university was founded in New Edmonton. In New Toronto, the second largest colony, the population is 25,000. Electricity is now available to 87% of colonists. A government has been established in all colonies. They are united under the New Canada government which has a prime minister and a parliament. Farming has begun using biospheres. The colony is now self sustaining in all aspects. However transport from Canada to New Canada will still require vessels to travel from Canada.(International Affairs) We welcome the creation of the new countries in China and hope for diplomatic relations with them.( Mod Response Needed) In response to South Africa's continued conquest of new land across Africa we stand with our W.A.R allies and urge an end to the invasion for sovereign African countries. The parliament will debate sending troops to the AAFR to protect it from South African aggression. We urge for peace, however, and hope for a swift diplomatic solution. (Military Affairs)We begin producing HAAI or Humanoid Assault Artificial Intelligence to assist troops in war. We also begin producing satellites capable of shooting missiles or possible lasers capable of causing a 2 mile radius of destruction.
    • Mod Response: All Chinese countries accept Canada's request for relations and trade deal.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We suggest Canada that its troops and civilians would stop being killed if Canada stoppped its occupation in the areas justfully claimed by the Arabian Republic. Further Canadian occupation there would only lead to more death and bloodshed, sparking an endless cycle of suffering. We ask Canada to gradually pass control to Arabian forces over the cities and withdraw the troops. After Canada withdraws, there will be no more terror acts against Canada. We promise there would most certainly not be hard feelings against you. The occupation is the only reason of your troops being killed. Bring all of Arabia into Arab hands, and no Canadian troops will be further unsafe.
  • UkrainianRepublicFlagRepublic of Ukraine (continued): The council asks for relations and trade deals with all of the new Chinese nations (Mod response needed).
    • Mod response: The new nations formed in the Chinese mainland accept Ukraine's offer of relations and trade.
  • Mod event: The UN releases its first comprehensive Human Development & State of the World Report, based on early 2065 data.
  • QinqChina: The new Chinese President announces the return of the great nation of China to greatness. He announces that the new government will immediately take steps to enact a free universal healthcare system and reform the corrupt bureaucracy of the Senate and Parliament. He also begins moves to strengthen China's military. (SECRET: Our top genetic scientists begin work on a Clone army, whose loyalty is unquestionable and skill unmatched. 1 Million Clone Troopers should be ready by 2067). On the international stage, we will take steps to improve China's standing globally. We accept Ukraine's offer of trade. We also vow to send foreign aid and peacekeepers worldwide to aid lesser fortunate countries. We ask the other Chinese nations if they would wish to reunite with the Republic Of China to form the "CHINESE FEDERATION." The rights of minorities will still be protected but the government in Beijing will regain political authority over the entire Chinese mainland once again. We will restore the Chinese Monarchy as figureheads to serve as a unifiying figure for the new Chinese nation. [MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED]. In China, we begin several new scientific initiatives. While most of our genetic scientists are busy on "secret national security project", some have time to begin work on recovering prehistoric DNA. It is hoped that it may soon be possible to bring back ancient species, such as the dinosaurs. We also begin in earnest on work on a "Warp Drive", which if we are successful in creating, could propel Human Civilization into the Stars. Christianity is on the rise in China and is starting to rival the traditional religions of China. While the government has no qualms with this, indeed many Christians serve in our cabinet, many hardliners and nationalists feel that their sovereignty is being infringed upon. Many of the Taoist or Confucianist establishment have formed into a new group,the Holy Guardians Of China. A nominally peaceful group, some believe that they may actually be a terrorist group threatening to plunge China into sectarian warfare.
    • Mod response: The countries reject the federation, preferring to remain sovereign since they were only created this year.
    • QinqChina: We deeply regret the decision of these states to secede from the Chinese nation and undermine our national unity. However, as a democratic nation it is our utmost responsibility to respect the will of the people. Instead we propose an economic union with a single currency, in the style of the European Union [MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED]
    • Mod response: All the nations agree to form the "Economic Union of China", which will be initiated in 2067.
      • QinqChina: We are most pleased with the creation of this economic union. We herald this as a step towards preserving the Chinese nation.
    • Israeli Diplomacy: We welcome China's back to the field of powers, and renew the Embassy in Beijing in recognition of the legitimate successor of the old Republic of China. We wish to strengthen ties in every aspect, including scientific corporation, trade, and diplomatic friendship. Regarding the "Warp Drive" project, we have taken interest in its capabilities and offer to commission Israeli scientists to assist the development of such a potential item.
    • West Asian Diplomacy: We welcome China back into the field of powers, and view it as the legitimate successor of the old Republic of China. We wish to strengthen ties with China, especially scientific. We are interested in co-operating in research of genetics, nanotechnology and space, as we see great potential in that field of our relations. Additionally, we invite Chinese merchant ships to buy millions of barrels of oil from our Mediterranean ports for symbolic prices to help the Chinese economy recover after the split. We also propose holding joint meetings anuallly regarding co-operation in many fields.
      • QinqChina: We accept all of West Asia's offers gratefully. We celebrate this as the beginning of a great friendship between our two nations. May this friendship bear great fruit for not only ourselves, but the entire world.
      • Canadian Diplomacy: Canada also would like to welcome China back to the field of powers. We also wish to strengthen ties with China, particularly scientific and diplomatic ties. We would also like to set up a trade between China and Canada.
      • QinqChina:We gladly accept! May the friendship of our two nations continue long to the next century and beyond!