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ISIS continues their push across Iraq, launching a major assault on Baghdad. Saudi Arabia reluctantly ends airstrikes in Yemen. In Iran, Mahmoud Ahjmadinejad declares his candidacy for President and continues to rise in the polls.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: Russia secretly sends 100 troops into Donbass carrying no identification and disguised as separatists; sends a shipment of three million dollars-worth of weapons to the separatists, and legalizes all 12 million undocumented immigrants in Russia excluding felons. Felons who committed minor felonies are however, allowed to return following a five year waiting period.
  • Flag of the United States.svg United States: We continue air strikes on Isis positions. President Obama says "we our saddened at the Israeli claim of anti-semitism, as that does not reflect who we our." We pass legislation to improve education.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: We continue supporting the United States and the coalition forces with their fight against ISIS. We also deploy an extra 300 commandos to the ground in Iraq to fight the IS militants. Security levels are increased across the nation to counter the deployment. We ask NZ if we can build an RAF base on Chatham Island (Mod Response Please). We also grow our economy by increasing building more factories.
    • Mod response: New Zealand grants the U.K permission to build a base on Chatham Island.
    • UK Diplomacy: We immediately start construction on the base. The Pacific Battalion is set up and consists of two Combat squadrons, three Airlift squadrons, one naval intelligence squadron and two helicopter squadrons.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: As tensions continue to rise in between Russia and Ukraine, President Poroshenko orders the mobilization of the nation's military in both ground troops and air support in case of Russian invasion. 1,700 troops are put on the border with Russia, with most of them stationed in the Donbass. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk asks for NATO help in case of war.
    • UK Diplomacy: In the event of war, the United Kingdom will support the Ukrainian Forces.
    • United States Diplomacy: We will also support Ukraine in the event of war.
  • Flag of Iran Iran: At home the economy continues to suffer thanks to western sanctions. Hoping to salvage some support for his presidency, Rouhani calls for renewed negotiations with the U.S and western powers over it's nuclear program. Abroad we send a small amount of funds to our allies Yemen and Syria. We offer Iraq arms and advisers to help their army fight ISIS ( Mod Response)
    • Mod response: Iraq accepts Iran's offer.
  • Flag of ChinaChina: The government continues disputing the South China Sea.


Baghdad is a war-zone, ISIS controls 25% of the city, while the U.S-led coalition holds the rest. In Donbass, Separatist forces have captured half of the region. Tensions continue to escalate in the South China Sea, with the Philippines condemning China's continued disruptions. The people of Iran prepare to vote in a crucial election.

  • Mod event: Sderot, Israel is hit by a Hamas rocket attack. Five civilians, including two children, are killed and twelve are injured.
  • 300px-Flag of the United States.svg United States: Hilary Clinton and running mate Julian Castro are elected president. We condemn the attack in Israel and call for the two sides to have peace talks. We send 20 Armored tanks to Ukraine for them to fight separatist. We continue air strikes on ISIS positions and we send 100 Advisors to Iraq to advise and train the Iraqi military. We increase research on alternate energy sources. We ask Canada if we can send a railroad through Canada to connect Seattle, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska. (mod response)
    • Mod response: Canada agrees to the U.S' railroad proposition.
    • United States Diplomacy: We immediately start work on the new railroad.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: As Pro-Russian Separatists continue their push into western Ukraine, President Poroshenko orders 10,700 troops in the Donbass region in hopes of pushing back the Separatists; also supplying the military with an extra 7.5 billion dollars to use on military weapons against them. He also doubles the amount of military presence in Ukraine's capital of Kiev and even triples the amount of military presence in the regions surrounding Donbass. Checkpoints are set up around the border of the Donbass region, only nobody to enter and or leave except military. President Poroshenko contacts NATO Secretary General, Jens Stolenberg in hopes of issuing an immediate meeting with NATO members on the mater of the Pro-Russian Separatists and Russia itself.
    • Mod response: NATO calls for a meeting with Poroshenko.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Russia sends 50 BTR-MD Rakushkas, along with 500 PTRS-41 anti-tank guns to the Separatists; pledges to not invade Ukraine unprovoked; asks Iraq for permission to perform airstrikes on ISIS (response needed), and condemns the attack on Israel.
    • 'Puppet' mod response: Even though Iraq needs all the help they can get, they refuse any help from Russia. In an interview with Fuad Masum quotes; "I sadly decline the offer but due to the 'shaky' relations between the United States and Russia, a alliance would be to awkward to work together in a coalition". - ScottyD
    • Russian diplomacy: In a statement, Putin says, "We are disappointed by Iraq's decision to decline aid, but nevertheless, respect their wishes."
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: We deploy the mobilization of 1,673 troops to protect Baghdad and back up the US forces. We also double the amount of airstrikes being pulled off in Iraq. The United Kingdom condemns the attack in Israel and wishes to announce support for Israel in the event of war with Hamas. We improve military and economy.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: After meeting with NATO and Russia pledging not to invade Ukraine unprovoked. Poroshenko asks for military support from NATO.
  • Flag of Iran Iran: Across the nation people await the results of the Presidential election. Hoping to jump start a troubled economy Rouhani invests more money into it's civilian nuclear industry. We continue to arm and train the army of Iraq.
  • Flag of Israel Israel: Naftali Bennett (The Jewish Home) is elected Prime Minister.


  • Important note!: From now on, the game will use an Algorithm to determine the outcome of wars. I must apologize for not creating one before the beginning of the game, as I did not understand how they worked at the time. Please read the Algorithm as it is vital! Link:Humanity's Course: War Algorithm.

Believing the World to be distracted by ISIS, North Korea invades South Korea. North Korea asks China and Russia for support. Opposed by many different nations, ISIS is defeated and collapses into a guerrilla organization. In Donbass, the Separatists are also defeated and the war ends.

  • Mod event: Ebola returns and kills 17,000 in West Africa.
  • Flag of Israel Israel: Military is improved.
  • Flag of UKUnited Kingdom: With the war on ISIS over we withdraw 1,000 troops from deployment. But 1,546 are still left behind in peace keeping roles and to help the Iraqi Government reform. We offer ground forces and air support to South Korea in response to the invasion by North Korea (Mod Response Please). We send the recently commissioned HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Duncan and HMS Defender to the Yellow Sea to get ready to take action on request on the South Korean government. We improve Mil / Eco.
    • Mod response: South Korea accepts the U.K's offer.
    • UK Diplomacy: The United Kingdom immediately deploys 11,680 troops for combat duties in Korea. Air raids start on Pyongyang from the ships of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth. A general mobilization of the Pacific Battalion occurs on Chatham Island. Corresponding with the deployments, the national security threat level is raised to critical. The Vanguard submarines are put on high alert and all persons holding DPRK citizenship in the United Kingdom are givin an option; Seek asylum in the United Kingdom and have their DPRK citizenship canceled or be deported for conspiracy to acts of terrorism. We also stop all air traffic from South Korea coming into or out of the United Kingdom.
  • Flag of USAUnited States: We withdraw our advisers from Iraq. We send 100 doctors to Africa and start research on Ebola treatments. We offer South Korea ground forces and air support (Mod Response). We ask any country that can to help South Korea. We finish the Seattle to Anchorage railroad. We improve military and economy. We send send a warship to the Sea of Japan 30 miles off the North Korean coast with planes ready to bomb North Korean infrastructure but we won't take action until we get permission from South Korea.
    • Mod response: South Korea accepts the U.S' offer.
    • United States Diplomacy: We bomb North Korean military infrastructure with bombers stationed on our warship in the Sea of Japan. We send 30,000 ground forces to bases in South Korea. We ban all imports from North Korea.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With NATO's military support the Russian Separatists are defeated in a matter of months after President Poroshenko met with NATO. The official Ukrainian military death toll is 10,706 and the civilian casualties number in 3,865. After the war, President Poroshenko reinstates the voting rights of the Donbass region. Most of the Ukrainian people still believe that there are still great tensions with Russia. The Red Cross is commissioned in Ukraine to help with injured and displaced people that number in the millions. NATO still stands by with Ukraine in case Russia invades at a later date.
    • Since the war is over, Ukraine asks NATO if there is any way that they can help with the war effort.
    • Mod response: NATO informs Ukraine that they can send troops to South Korea, if they wish.
    • Ukrainian response: Ukraine immediately sends 5,872 troops for the war effort in Korea. Ukrainian President Poroshenko comissons the building of 3,700 War Planes which costs about 57 billion dollars. After all the war planes are built they immediately deployed to North Korea and air raids begin almost immediately on the coastal city of Hamhung, South Hamgyŏng Province, North Korea.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: builds up their economy and technology; has raised their military strength to 772,500; withdraws all weapons, vehicles and undercover soldiers from Donbass; fully legalizes Cannabis; begins work on a small quadcopter drone for combat purposes, and condemns the North Korean invasion of South Korea. Vladimir Putin is re-elected President of Russia.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: We receive reports of a Mers outbreak in a Stockholm hospital. We also request a space center to be built in Sweden for the ESA. This would bring tourism to Sweden but would also lead to better knowledge about space. Furthermore, we begin to build a weapons base south of Rensjon, and *in secret* build a government tunnel system beneath Stockholm. We condemn the North Korean invasion of South Korea, saying that it will lead to global devastation.


Despite facing heavy casualties, North Korea continues to advance through South Korea, reaching Uijeongbu. Saudi Arabia invades Yemen, claiming to believe the Houthi Government to be a threat. While the U.S doctors help to somewhat contain the Ebola epidemic, the death toll reaches 20,000. Following the outcome of the controversial Presidential election, civil unrest in Venezuela ignites into revolution. Faced with the defeat of their sister-group, Boko Haram collapses.

  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States: We keep our doctors in west Africa to stop the Ebola epidemic. We move our 30,000 troops in South Korea to the South Korea-North Korea border and start a counter attack on North Korea. We offer a free trade agreement to the European Union. We also offer a free trade agreement to New Zealand.
    • Mod response: The EU accepts the U.S' free trade offer.
    • Mod response: New Zealand accepts the U.S' free rade offer.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With President Petro Poroshenko term over, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is elected in May of 2019. New President Tymoshenko immediately has the Donbass region begin reconstruction due to the damage from the Russian Separatists. She also has the military demobilizes it's troops and begins to rebuild the economy. A technical revaluation starts in Ukraine as growth in technology begins to take place due to the economy's growth and better education for people around the country. The draft is reinstated just in case of emergency. President Tymoshenko continues former President Poroshenko's construction of military jets for the war in Korea; by the begging of 2019 there are 1,700 troops in Korea. President Tymoshenko asks if Ukraine can join NATO.
    • Mod response: NATO accepts Tymoshenko's request and Ukraine joins NATO.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: builds up their economy and technology, and embargos North Korea.



Venezuelan rebels burn a government building in Caracas.

North Korea is fought back from Uijeongbu and loses ground. KPA casualties are at 500,000, while the Coalition has lost 300,000. Saudi Arabia annexes Yemen. In Venezuela, the Revolution is blazing. 2,700 rebels have been killed, while the Venezuelan government has lost 2,000 soldiers. Ebola has killed 23,000 in West Africa, while three cases have been reported in the U.S and one case is reported in Russia and the U.K.

  • Mod event: The leader of the Venezuelan rebels asks the U.S for support.
  • Mod event: Nicholás Maduro requests support from Russia, China and Iran.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Putin asks the leaders of the other members of the Eurasian Union if they would support the federalization of the Union into a single nation (response needed). Russia builds up their economy and technology; declares neutrality in the Venezuelan Revolution; bans travel to Africa, and quarantines the infected citizen in a medical facility in Siberia.
    • "Puppet" Mod response: On July the 15th, a conference was held regarding the fedralization of the Euroasian Union. The response to the conference was well met and the outcome was dicided as that member countries of the Euroasian Union would merge to become the United Republic of Euroasia.
    • Russian diplomacy: On July 18th, Russia merges into the United Republic of Eurasia along with Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan as part of the Minsk Declaration.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: As the technical revaluation accelerates, Ukraine now uses self driving cars on almost every street using AI. Crime rate is as low as about 3.5% in the whole entire country, making a new record for the country. President Tyroshenko makes constant speeches across the country, insuring that, "Ukraine has entered a new age of technological revaluation, economic boom allowing us to pay expenses that we could once not pay for, and final peace between Ukraine and Russia! Long live the peace and many it last till the end of time!". But according to nation polls, 47% of Ukrainian people still think of Russia as a major threat to the Ukrainian people and not to trust them at all costs. But protests begins when President Tyroshenko asks Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet to talk about insured peace between the two least till the end of her term as president.
    • Russian diplomacy: Putin says he will meet to discuss peace, on the condition that Ukraine recognizes Crimea as part of Russia.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: This enrages the Ukrainian people, but President Tyroshenko agrees that Crimea is now a part of Russia; much of the dismay of the Ukrainian Government and people. Almost immediately, riots begin in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in response to Tyroshenko accepting Putin's request. Tyroshenko puts the military on guard to calm the riots which result in 27 deaths, 679 arrests, and 17 torched buildings. Tyroshenko's popularity drops immensely, going down to about 15% approval. While on her way to the peace meeting with Putin, Tyroshenko is assassinated when somebody planted a grenade under the Presidential Vehicle. Once again riots begin across Kiev, and Tyroshenko's Prime Minister, Oleksandr Turchynov is immediately sworn in only hours after the assassination. Now-President Turchynov denies any talks with Russian President Putin, declaring that, "Crimea has been and always will be a part of Ukraine! You can not take this from us, and in the worst case scenario we will go to war for it!".
    • Russian diplomacy: Putin holds a press conference in which he strongly condemns the assassination of President Tyroshenko and offers prayers and condolences to her family. Putin also expresses his disappointment in President Turchynov's unwillingness to discuss a permanent solution to the crisis, "just when progress was being made towards a brighter future for Russo-Ukrainian relations".
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States: President Clinton condemns the assassination of President Tyroshenko and she also blames Putin for destabilizing the region. We start an all out ground and air attack on North Korean capital Pyongyang. We send 100 more doctors to west Africa. We start a new campaign on crime in urban areas and take steps to end poverty by starting major scholarship funds for minorities. Hilary Clinton wins a second term which will start January 2021. We increase NASA's annual budget to 20 billion dollars. We support the rebels and ask for a democratic Venezuela but we will not get directly involved in the conflict as we our already fighting a war in Korea.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: After President Tymroshenko was assassinated and her Prime
    Ukraine riots

    The Presidential Residence burns after protesters set it ablaze.

    Minister, Oleksandr Turchynov was sworn in, the economy started failing. People started losing jobs, business started shutting down from bankruptcy. People demanded that President Turchynov fix the failing economy in which he responded by raising the texas almost 13% in every class. His popularity droops down to about 20% and people demanding that the Government remove him from office, unless progress was made. He only responded by saying, "The failing economy is not a result of the Ukrainian Government and is why I am raising taxes once more to stabilize the economy." The Ukrainian People did not take this well, the night after his speech a group of 3,079 protesters set fire to his residence; Turchynov escaped but his family did not. After the fire, Turchynov held a press conference with his cabinet. By the end, it was announced that Turchynov would be resigning from office and an election would be taking place in the following months. Three days later, barricades were placed on the main road into Crimea; it is unknown if this was put up from the people or the government without a president.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: The United Kingdom offers to help the Ukrainian government by sending in military forces to supress the protesters. The United Kingdom though does not support President Turchynov, qouting that his actions were 'stupid' and 'not caring for the people'.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ukrainian Government agrees to the United Kingdom's support for the protesters. Since the government so so pre-occupied by the protesters they are forced to pull their troops from Korea. The acting president is quoted by saying, "We are saddened to say that we are forced to recall our forces in Korea to help with the protesters."
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: Putin condemns the murder of Turchynov's family and calls for peace in Ukraine.
  • United Kingdom: We condemn the assasanation of President Tymroshenko and the resulting civil war. We deploy an extra 14,509 troops to Korea to back up the US-led coalition. We isolate the ebola-infected civilan in a secure facility. We send 200 of our best taxonomy doctors to west Africa to help find and cure the disease. We put travel restrictions around traveling to Ukraine to the crisis arising over there. Secret; The United Kingdom calls for a NATO occupation of Crimea to hold until the disputes are settled between Russia and Ukraine. The United Kingdom also calls for Ukraine to be suspened from NATO (Mod Response Please).
    • Mod response: NATO declines the U.K's request for troops in Crimea, not wishing to anger Russia. However, Ukraine is suspended from NATO.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Former Ukrainian President Turchynov is arrested and tried for treason; he is sentenced for life in prison. After three months after the resignation of Turchynov, an election is finally held and Sergiy Morgynov is elected president. Two days after the election is held, riots finally scene in Kiev, resulting in the death's of 2,839 people; 19,279 arrests; and 687 building's torched (including the Presidential Residence). New President Morgunov apologizes to the United Nations (including NATO and EU) for Ukraine's dastardly behavior, he thanks the United Kingdom for the military support for containing the riots. He calls for another peace meeting with Eurasian President Vladimir Putin; this time promising, "Peace and prosperity for our two countries."
    • Eurasian diplomacy: Putin agrees to discuss peace, again on the condition that Ukraine recognizes Crimea as part of the U.R.E.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: President Morgynov agrees that Crimea is now a part of the U.R.E, with no argument or protest from the Ukrainian people. He announced that, "We are excited to finally make peace with our soon to be 'formal' rival."
    • Eurasian diplomacy: The U.R.E sets up a border between the Crimean Peninsula and Ukraine. Putin gives a speech thanking President Morgunov and the Ukrainian Government, also saying, "today, is the dawn of a bright new future, one that Eurasia and Ukraine will enter as allies."
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: The United Kingdom accepts the Ukrainian apology and asks Ukraine if they need British troops for the rebuild. The United Kingdom also asks NATO if the suspension of Ukraine can be lifted. We thank the Euroasian Union as well in be diplomatic and peaceful about all of this.
    • Mod response: NATO agrees and Ukraine's suspension is lifted.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: Ukraine accepts the United Kingdom's offer to help rebuild the nation, President Morgynov personally thanks the UK by saying, "We are so grateful that our ally, the United Kingdom has vouch for us and we are now able to join NATO once more." Government sources say that since the rebellion had ended and now that Ukraine and Urasia are now allies the economy is starting to stabilize.


North Korea ends their invasion of South Korea and retreats. South Korea invades and requests continued support from the U.S and U.K. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel, a drug cartel, has captured one third of Mexico, following a brutal offensive. Ebola is slowing in West Africa and deaths have lowered to 1,000 this year. The Venezuelan rebels face major setbacks and lose 4,000 troops.

  • Flag of SwedenSweden: We receive reports of a Mers outbreak in a Stockholm hospital. We also request a space center to be built in Sweden for the ESA. This would bring tourism to Sweden but would also lead to better knowledge about space. Furthermore, we begin to build a weapons base south of Rensjon, and *in secret* build a government tunnel system beneath Stockholm. We condemn the North Korean invasion of South Korea, saying that it will lead to global devastation.
    • Mod response: The ESA accepts Sweden's request for a space center, with construction set to begin the following year.
  • Flag of the United States United States: We ask Mexico for permission to put troops in Mexico to fight the cartel. (Mod Response) We send an extra 50,000 soldiers to the offensive in North Korea. We officially recognize the Eurasian Union and there annexation of Crimea. Our doctors leave west Africa, but before they leave they train 400 African doctors. We send 600 Million dollars aid to rebuild Ukraine.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: President Sergiy Morgynov thanks United States President Hillary Clinton and the American people for giving the Ukrainian people funds to help rebuild the city and the country.
    • Mod response: Mexico grants the U.S permission to sends troops
    • Eurasian diplomacy: The Eurasian Union thanks the U.S for the recognition of their federalization and the annexation of Crimea. Putin calls on other nations to do the same.
  • Flag of Israel Israel: Prime Minister Naftali Bennett proposes the The Israel Stability Initiative, suggesting a tripartition of the Palestinian territories, with Israel unilaterally annexing Area C (in red), authority over the Gaza Strip transferred to Egypt, while Area A and Area B would remain with the Palestinian National Authority, but under the security umbrella of the IDF and Shin Bet to "ensure quiet, suppress Palestinian terrorism and prevent Hamas from taking over the territory."
    • Mod response: Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, firmly rejects Bennett's propsal, claiming that it, "effectively ignores and butchers Palestinian sovereignty in the West Bank". Abbas declares that Bennett's map is outdated and that the plan would annex 100,000 Palestinian citizens; not 40,000, as Bennett claims. Abbas declares that Gaza and 95% of the West Bank must be granted full autonomy by Israel before Palestine will agree to a two-state solution.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: After the election of president Sergiy Morgynov, new alliance with Eurasia, and money support from the United Kingdom, Ukraine finally once again began to rebuild itself. The economy started to stabilize and people once again began getting their jobs back; plus with companies beginning to open again. With support from the United Kingdom, the Ukrainian government began to rebuild the Presidential Residence and rebuild almost all of Kiev. Once again self-driving cars began to appear along the highways and streets of Kiev and most of Ukraine. The technical revaluation had resumed.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: In their first full year as a nation, the Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology, and begins construction on a new supercarrier. The new Eurasian Armed Forces are at 921,864 active personnel. 


A rebel is arrested by Venezuelan Government forces in Caracas

A rebel is arrested by Venezuelan Government forces in Caracas.

North Korea collapses and is annexed by South Korea. The Venezuelan revolt is crushed; the rebel leader is assassinated and every member of the resistance is either killed or captured and/or executed. Nicholás Maduro gives a speech sarcastically thanking the U.S for their non-involvement. Maduro also scolds the Eurasian Union, China and Iran for their lack of support, saying that Venezuela "will reevaluate" their close relations with the countries. Hamas detonates a bomb in Ashkelon, killing seven and wounding twenty-four. The Jalisco Cartel continues their push across Mexico, now controlling an astounding 42% of the nation.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Ukraine President Sergiy Morgynov gives a sum of 12,700,604,520.00 Venezuelan Bolívars (equals to two billion dollars) for repairs to the Venezuelan country. He was quoted by saying, "Even though I do not agree of your accusing to the EU Members, the Ukrainian people and me would like to give you funds to rebuild your country."
  • Flag of Georgia Georgia: The Republic of Georgia improves its economy and infrastructure, while the armed forces stand at around 100,000 men. The President is currently Nino Burjanadze.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: Construction begins on a new ESA space center in Malmo. We leave the European Union due to tension between the EU and other countries. We send kr100,000 to Venezuela.
  • Mod event: There are fifteen reported cases of Mers in Stockholm.
  • United States: We recognize the South Korean annexation of North Korea. We send 20 billion dollars of aid for them to rebuild. We send 50,000 ground troops to Mexico to fight the Jalisco Cartel. We ask the Eurasian Union to strengthen ties with us as world powers and we also ask that they weaken ties we Iran. We condemn the murder of Venezuelan resistance leaders. We place many sanctions on Venezuela and encourage our allies to do the same.
    • Eurasian diplomacy: The U.R.E agrees to increase trade with the U.S, but makes no comment about Iran.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; asks Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan if they would like to join the Union (response needed); recognizes the annexation of North Korea; finishes work on the quadcopter drone, and begins to implement self-driving cars.
    • Puppet Mod Response: Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan both hold referendums. Both countries overwhelming vote yes and both countries join the increasingly powerful Eurasian Union-TheNerdOfNewYork
    • Eurasian diplomacy: The Eurasian Union thanks Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for joining the Union and welcomes them wholeheartedly.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: İsmet Yılmaz from the AKP party is elected prime minister. We invest money in hi-tech industries and nanotechnology as well as new farming methods and water management to combat the effects of climate change. We also begin research on ebola cure to assist the US and send a medical delegation which consists of 40 doctors to West Africa. Pro-Kurdish party has 20% of parliament seats and tensions between the Kurds and the government still exist. We oppose Israeli PM Bennett's plan about the West Bank and Gaza, claiming it completely overlooks the fundamental national rights of the Palestinians. In addition we condemn the rocket attack on Ashkelon and call on both sides to make peace. We also offer weapons and humanitarian aid to the Mexican government (Mod Response) and start building an unmanned probe to be flown to the Moon by 2025 for research about Helium-3 Mining.
    • Mod response: Mexico accepts Turkey's offer.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With the technical revaluation in full swing, almost every Ukrainian citizen has a hand held computer, phone, text messaging system, and internet all combined into glasses (reference to apple glasses). The active military number is now 90,780 troops and the Ukrainian Government is now proposing the building of unmanned drones for military use. Ukraine also asks if the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) to join Ukraine (mod response). The economy is now fully stabilized. Ukraine also recognizes the annexation of North Korea and congratulates the troops that fought in the war to, "Finally free the Korean people from their evil dictators of North Korea."
    • Mod response: All of the Baltic States reject Ukraine's offer, preferring to remain sovereign.



Saudi troops invade Samawah

Saudi Arabia invades Iraq and begins a purge of Shiite Muslims, including the minority in Saudi Arabia. The invasion takes the still recovering Iraqi Military off-guard, and Saudi Arabia claims 43% of the nation. King Muhammad declares that the Shiites, "must be destroyed in order to achieve true and lasting peace for the Sunnis." The Jalisco Cartel now controls 55% of Mexico. Mers has become an epidemic in Sweden, with 27 reported cases and two deaths. In the United States, the American people are beginning to turn on the Clinton Administration; Clinton's approval ratings are around 46%. Most critics attack the President for involving the U.S in three major wars during the course of her first term, while war-hawks criticize Clinton's lack of military action in Venezuela. The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been contained.

  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; condemns the Saudi invasion and purge of Iraq, and embargoes Saudi Arabia; sends 1,000,000,00 RUB in foreign aid to the Republic of Korea; proposes a 2025 joint-manned-mission to the Moon to India (response needed), and begins work on a small quadrupedal tank.
    • Puppet Mod Response: India accepts the proposal-TheNerdOfNewYork
    • Eurasian diplomacy: The EKA (Eurasian Federal Space Agency) immediately begins preperatons and coordinations with the ISRO for the mission.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We strongly condemn the Saudi invasion and say that the Saudi government is the successor of ISIS (Which dosen't exist anymore). We cut off all ties with Saudi Arabia, urge the UN and the Arab League to kick Saudi Arabia and open up the border with Iraq to expect a flow of Shia Muslims to the country. However we don't even consider acting militarily because we know that Iran, as a Shia state will almost certainly stand up for the Shia Muslims that are persecuted. We celebrate our 100th anniversary as an independent republic with massive celebrations in all big cities, an international science exposition, three days off work and reduced taxes. We are achieving energy independence, with massive new reserves of oil discovered in the black sea, numbering in the billions of barrels. We also begin extracting a reserve of over a trllion cubic meters of natural gas, also from the black sea. The Turkish economy has greatly improved and is now a competitive, modern market economy, backed by a free, vibrant democracy for all citizens. The country still has a strong Muslim identity but it will begin to weaken in the following decades as the world progresses. Alongside all of that, we achieve progress in the building of our unmanned probe to the moon which is called the "Atatürkraft", named after the founding father of the republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We ask the EU to join them (Mod Response) and claim we meet all the demands to join as we're a Western Democracy with market economy and that both sides will benefit from that. Because of the recent boost in economy caused by the discovery of oil and natural gas, we invest heavily in defence, we research on new military technologies and we increase dramatically the number of servicemen, with the military having 750,000 soldiers.
    • Mod response: The EU permits Turkey to join.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Government accepts the Baltic States rejection and also strongly condemns the Saudi Arabia invasion of Iraq and the purge on the Shiite Muslims. President Morgynov holds a press conference on the Saudi invasion and was quoted saying, "The Ukrainian people are very disappointed in the actions of the country of Saudi Arabia and the purge on the innocent Shiite Muslims of Iraq. In case of war, we will be more than happy to help." Ukraine also embargoes anything from Saudi Arabia. With the Turkish acceptance into the European Union, President Morgynov asks if Ukraine can join to European Union
    • Mod response: The EU permits Ukraine to join.
  • 300px-Flag of the United States.svgUnited States: We condemn the genocide of Shiite Muslims. We send 100,000 troops to defend Iraq, and we send 100,000 troops to attack Saudi Arabia. We start air strikes on Saudi Arabia using the USS Ronald Reagan which is stationed in the Red Sea as a base. President Clinton says "we as a world power will not stand for genocide." We ask other powers to help us. We especially encourage the increasingly powerful Eurasian Union to support us. We increase spending on the military as we our in Two wars and just got out of another. We condemn the increased violence in the world and warn that the world is on the cusp of a world war. We plan on sending a manned mission to the moon by 2027.
    • Eurasian diplomacy: We send a shipment of 1,000,000,000 RUB worth of weapons to the U.S-led coalition.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: After nine years of being prime minister, Stefan Lofven dies at the age of 66. The country is left in peril as the Mers outbreak begins to spread faster due to low health funding, the possibility of nuclear war and low money. Stocks plummeted from 1.5 trillion to 200 billion within 16 months. Large banks begin to close due to lack of money and rubbish is no longer collected. Swedish riots begin in Malmo, Stockholm and Gothenburg.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: We offer peace-keeping troops to suppress the riots in Sweden and enforce British law in the nation. 
  • Flag of Georgia Georgia: We decide to remain neutral and an unaligned state. The Georgian economy improves.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Ukraine thanks the European Union for accepting them. President Morgynov calls for peace in Sweden, and offers troops to control the constant riots. President Morgynov sends King Carl XVI Gustaf 18 million Ukrainian Hryvnia (7,388,733.38 Swedish krona). The Ukrainian Government offers to sends 13,000 to help the United States defend Iraq, with an additional 16,000 troops also to attack Saudi Arabia (mod response). The Ukrainian economy is absolute boom, with stocks at 17.8 trillion.
    • Mod response: Iraq gives Ukraine permission to send troops.
  • Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom: We condemn the genocide of Shiite muslims by Saudi Arabian forces. With the invasion of Iraq, we send in 23,230 troops to defend the country and a further 43,700 for the US-led attack. We immediately send the ships; HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Duncan, HMS Defender, HMS Ocean and the HMS Daring to the Red Sea to fire upon and attack Saudi forces. The economy is booming with more jobs being created every day.



SPA militants guard a checkpoint

Saudi Arabia is slightly marred by Coalition forces, but continue their advance. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel now controls Mexico City along with 75% of Mexico. The Mexican Government flees in exile to the U.S, along with millions of Mexican citizens. Sweden erupts into Civil War, between the Government and a new ultra-nationalist militia, known as the Swede People's Army, who blame the Mers outbreak on immigrants. The SPA manage to take over several small towns. There are now 3,000 reported cases of Mers in Sweden, along with 230 deaths. As the 2024 U.S Presidential election approaches, the American economy is dismal (due partly to heavy defense spending), and Clinton's approval ratings are around 37%. Vice President, Julian Castro, is seeking the Presidency, but is currently facing strong opposition in the Democratic primary.

  • Turksoldiers

    Turkish Soldiers Training

    Flag of Turkey Turkey: We receive more than 250,000 Iraqi refugees which we are able to support because of the booming economy. We give them temporary residency status and an amnesty and we offer most the adults new jobs and free Turkish learning courses for all the refugees. We continue to build the "Atatürkraft" unmanned probe to the moon and to extract oil and natural gas from the black sea. We cancel all flights to and from Sweden indefinitely and we continue our medicine research, which now has a whole department fully dedicated to cure the Mers disease. We still allow some refugees to enter, but the border with Iraq is essentially closed and is being fortified. Military and defence spending are highly increased. We introduce new training techniques to improve professionalism and effectiveness of the soldiers and we order a 5.3 billion dollar shipment of airplanes, tanks, drones, missiles, air defence systems and other classified equipment from the U.S. We warn Saudi Arabia to not advance any further or to "expect serious consequences". We invite the Anti-Saudi Coalition to place their troops on our land and to create bases on the Turkish-Iraqi border (Response needed) but we also urge the coalition not to invite us to the war.
    • United States Diplomacy: We decide to use bases in Turkey to perform air strikes on Saudi Arabia.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We invite more coalition nations to set up army bases in our land.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: We set up three bases on the the Iraq - Turkish border. We thank Turkey for allowing us to do this.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We set up five bases on the Turkish-Iraqi border, with about 4,000 troops per base. We also thank the Turkish Government for allowing us to do this to.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Government sends an extra 13,000 troops to Iraq, they also send 10,000 troops to Sweden to contain the riots. President Morgynov suggests to the Ukrainian Government to start sending doctors to Sweden to help contain the Mers outbreak. Meanwhile, the active military personnel is now numbering 210,000 and now pushing for the first construction of Aircraft Carriers and Submarines with a military budget of 3,811,493,686,260.71 Ukrainian Hryvnia (180 million American dollars). In one single month the Ukrainian Government announced that they had created a little over a million jobs for the people of Ukraine. The economy was still in full bloom. With the war in the Middle East and the riots in Sweden, President Morgynov announces that if needed in the upcoming months they will be using the draft for extra troops in Iraq even though they still have a large number of troops. Just in case of no Mers outbreaks in Ukraine, all flights from Sweden are completely monitored and contained for a number of days in isolation and signs of symptoms.
    • Swedish Diplomacy: We accept the troops and doctors.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: Gothenburg and Stockholm airports are closed, so all flights to other countries are from Malmo and Skavsta. Riots continue to happen despite efforts to end them. The population of Sweden dips to five-million. Borders with Finland have been closed due to concerns in health as more and more Mers outbreaks continue. Seven doctors who came from Ukraine have been reported to have contracted the disease. The SPA reports they've taken over 20% of Northern Sweden, as well as Aland. Twelve Swedish government members have been captured, as well as 122 African, Asian and Arabian people. People begin to flee the country, mostly to Denmark, Norway and Germany.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Government announces that, "5 Swedish citizens that have traveled to Ukraine has been diagnosed with the Mers Disease and are now in isolation. Since those infected were already in isolation, we do not believe there are any other infected." President Sergiy Morgynov announces that until the outbreak is over, all flights to and from Sweden are now canceled; just in case all shipments from Sweden are halted. The 2024 election is held and Borys Melnyk is elected in a landslide. His first announcement is, "We are proud to help the Swedish people, but if more of our doctors and or troops are infected we will be forced to take them out of the country for health concerns." President Melnyk announces that if the SPA keeps pushing into Sweden, the Ukrainian military will use air support to either contain and or kill members of the SPA.
  • Flag of USAUnited States: We let Mexican refuges without criminal records in on temporary visas. We ban travel to Sweden and we send the Swedish government one billion dollars aid. We continue performing air strikes on Saudi Arabia. Former NY mayor Bill de Blasio and running mate Brain Schatz a former senator from Hawaii win the election. They will be inaugurated January 2025. We also condemn the ultra-nationalist party in Sweden. We put another 30,000 ground soldiers to Saudi Arabia.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: We ask the United States if they want us to deploy troops to fight the Jalisco cartel in Mexico.
  • Flag of UKUnited Kingdom: We send in troops to non-mers areas to protect the areas from the mers infected and the SPA in Sweden. The mission is called Operation Mers and is made up of a taskforce of 5,000 troops. We also deploy an additional 40,590 troops to Iraq to push back against the Saudi forces. We place travel restrictions around Sweden, these restrictions are similar to the ones used during the sierra Leone ebola outbreak of 2014.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svgEurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; places a travel ban to and from Sweden, and isolates two Mers infected Swedish nationals in the same Siberia medical facility. Dmitry Medvedev is elected President, while Putin returns to being Prime Minister.


The Jalisco Cartel takes total control of Mexico. The SPA now controls 15% of Sweden. The militants retaliate against foreign presence in Sweden by detonating a bomb at a U.K military checkpoint, killing three Britsh soldiers and wounding five. Saudi Arabia ends their invasion of Iraq, but refuses to surrender their captured territory. There are now 7,000 cases of Mers in Sweden along with 420 deaths. Scotland votes to leave the U.K in a referendum.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Government sends an extra 27 doctors to Sweden to help with the Mers Outbreak in Sweden. They also send an extra 20,000 troops to northern Sweden where most of the SPA is located; the President announces that if no progress is made with pushing back the SPA they will be using air support. They also send and extra thousand troops to Iraq. Ukraine asks Poland if they want to join Ukraine.
    • Mod response: Poland declines Ukraine's offer, preferring to remain sovereign.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We continue encouraging other countries to free Iraq from Saudi Arabia. Many people in the nation criticize prime minister İsmet Yılmaz for opening up the country to anyone who wants and abandoning the Muslim identity of Turkey, and protests are held in Istanbul and Ankara. A compromise is reached between the government and the opposition, that the PM can freely act and that elections will be held in early 2026. Turkish scientists achieve success in sequencing the DNA of the Mers disease and develop a prototype cure which is tested on 50 subjects and achieves a 64% success rate. Kilos of that materials are sent to Sweden. The building of the "Atatürkraft" unmanned probe is complete, and it's scheduled to be launched to the Moon by early 2026 to conduct a research about Helium-3 Mining. [(TOP SECRET: The Turkish PM requests to meet the the U.S President urgently (Response needed, and please keep the response TOP SECRET)]. The Turkish Armed Forces begin arming themselves with the newly bought, hi-tech American airplanes, tanks, drones, missiles, air defence systems and other classified equipment. We continue extracting oil and natural gas from the Black sea. We also offer our deepest condolences to the fleeing Mexican government and we call on the UK to respect the refendrum and to give Scotland independence, as the UK is a law-abiding nation.
    • United States Diplomacy(Top secret): We accept the Turkish PM's request .
    • Turkish Diplomacy(Top secret): The Turkish PM tells the U.S President that Turkish military experts suspect that the Jalisco Cartel have done so well in Mexico because it might've used advanced foreign weapons, possibly Chinese, Iranian, Cuban or maybe even Eurasian. The PM also tells the President that some experts fear that the Cartel includes undercover enemy agents operating to expand the influence of enemy countries in North America. The PM recommends to investigate in that subject and warns that the longer the Jalisco Cartel occupies Mexico, the more America's enemies will benefit. The PM dosen't rule out the possibility that a communist regime will arrise in occupied Mexico. The PM requests the meeting to stay TOP SECRET.
    • United States diplomacy(Top Secret) We assure the Turkish PM we our doing everything we can to stop the Jalisco Cartel.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: We ask Turkey if we can use their experimental Mers cure to create a Mers vaccine for the use of protecting the British soldiers in Sweden.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We also ask the Turkish Prime Minister if the Ukrainian Government can use the experimental cure for doctors and troops in Sweden.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We send several hundred grams of the cure to each government, but we warn both governments not to mess with the cure, even if it's to create a better one, as it is unstable and could easily develop into a deadly disease. We assure the UK and Ukraine that we're doing our best to improve the cure and that we are making many kilograms of the cure.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy We thank the Turkish Prime Minister for allowing us to use the prototype cure, and assures them that if any thing happens that they will report back to the Turkish scientists.
  • Flag of USAUnited States:We send 100,000 troops to our border and halt immigration from Mexico. We pull all our troops from Mexico. We continue our assault on Saudi Arabia. We congratulate Scotland on independence and commend the peaceful transition. We increase military strength to two million. President De Blasio warns that the US is under direct threat from the Jalisco Cartel. We send 400,000 troops into Mexico and start an all out assault to take Mexico back and put the old government in place. We Thank the United Kingdom for there offer and invite them to join the coalition against the Jalisco Cartel.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: We immediately send 35,000 troops to back-up the US forces in their fight against the Jalisco Cartel.
  • Flag of Georgia Georgia: We continue to improve infrastructure and economy.
  • Flag of UKUnited Kingdom: We fully respect the vote of independence from Scotland. As of this we ask Scotland if they want the following agreements; a free-trade deal, a diplomatic alliance and a non-aggression pact (Mod Response Please). The United Kingdom deploy an extra 48,907 troops to Sweden for an all-out attack on the SPA. The United Kingdom pledges that the militants that carried out the bombing on the British checkpoint will be caught and pay for what they have done. We also start carrying out air strikes on SPA targets and ask Norway and Finland if we can operate out of air bases in their countries (Mod Response Please).
    • Mod response: Scotland agrees to all three of the U.K's offers.
    • Mod response: Norway and Finland grant the U.K permission to operate out of their airbases.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Government immediately distribute the prototype cure to the doctors and troops in Sweden; and also distribute to the five diagnosed patients in isolation. Ukrainian scientist are now trying to find another possible way of curing the Mers Disease (different from the Turkish scientists). President Borys Melnyk announces that they will be now using air strikes against the SPA in northern Sweden to protect the innocent (and not sick) citizens from that area. He immediately sends two Ukrainian Air Force planes to start air strikes on SPA bases in Northern Sweden. He also offers the Swedish Royal Family to seek shelter in Ukraine (Swedish response needed). The Ukrainian Government starts to pull troops from Iraq and Syria and predicts that all troops will be home by the year 2027; all troops from Korea are now all pulled out of the area and are now home.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their technology and economy; recognizes Scottish independence and congratulates the Scots, and begin work on navy railguns. The Eura-Indo Moon mission is a resounding success. The Eurasian Union becomes the second nation to land a man on the Moon, while India becomes the third. The spacecraft fortunately returns to Earth safely.


U.S and U.K forces take control of Mexico in months. Saudi Arabia falls back to An Najaf. With the knowledge of their homeland at their advantage, the SPA now hold 30% of Sweden. The San Andreas Fault is hit by a 8.2 magnitude earthquake, killing 14,000 people; injuring 50,000; and causing billions of dollars in property damage. A large wave of childbirths cause a global water crisis; government collapses in Somalia due to a lack of water, resulting in the deaths of hundreds. Somalia is subsequently annexed by, and divided between, Kenya and Ethiopia. South Sudan is on the brink of collapse.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Borys Melnyk offers to send clean water to the most desperate countries (mod response). The Ukrainian Government send 13 billion dollars to the United States to help repair the damages due to the major earthquake and the president offers his condolences to the families of people lost in the quake. Borys Melnyk once again offers to let the Swedish Royal Family to seek shelter in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Government sends an extra 27 Air Force Planes to Sweden to hopefully push back the SPA. The Turkish Medicine works on five out of the seven doctors in Sweden; the other two doctors died before the medicine could be administered.
    • Mod response: The countries most desperate for water, South Sudan, Pakistan, Niger and Egypt accept Ukraine's offer of fresh water.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: The "Atatürkraft" unmanned probe is launched to the Moon and it successfully carries out its mission of researching about Helium-3 which would provide a source of energy more powerful than nuclear energy; The probe successfully returns. Turkish scientists improve the cure for Mers, and it now achieves an 80% success rate, based on a sample taken on 750 patients. Due to the global water crisis the government invests ten billion dollars in desalination of water from the Black Sea to ensure a steady supply of water to the nation. We recommend all nations to use that method. We also invest several hundred million dollars in robotics and hi-tech start-ups as the government discovers interest in developing a strong AI. The project "Brains of the Future" is announced and its goal is to create an artificial intelligence as strong as an average human's by 2030. Meanwhile, we send one billion dollars of aid to the U.S government to help recover the damages done by the earthquake. We also offer Sweden some extremely accurate artillery missiles we purchased from Israel so the Swedish government can fight the SPA without the fear of many civilian casualties. Elections are held and the AKP ruling party emerges barely victorious, as the party no longer holds a majority in the parliament like previous time and is forced to make a coalition so the government will remain stable. AKP forms a coalition with its traditional rival, CHP, and several AKP ministers quit their jobs so that CHP parliament members will take their place. The ruling party's influence has greatly weakened; The Pro-Kurdish Party HDP now has growing influence even though its parliament seats remained mainly unchanged. We offer Sweden the new, improved cure with 80% success rate. (Response Needed)
    • ​Swedish Dip: We accept.
  • Flag of USAUnited States: We pull all our troops from Mexico and put the old Mexican government back in place. We thank Turkey and Ukraine for the aid. We send another ten billion dollars to California and Start to rebuild infrastructure. We send an extra 5,000 doctors to California. We send five billion dollars aid to South Sudan. We send five billion dollars to Mexico to help them rebuild after the war. We start research on a permanent moon settlement and we prepare for our manned mission that is scheduled for next year. We send another 50,000 soldiers to take back Iraq from Saudi Arabia. We ask Oman if we can build an air base in north west Oman to perform air strikes on Saudi Arabia.(Mod Response)
    • Mod response: Oman accepts the U.S' request.
  • Flag of SwedenSweden: We send the Swedish Royal Family to Iceland, and reject Ukraine's offer to have them stay there. Kim Hesall, the spokesperson of the anti-SPA alliance calls upon all of the world's nations to help beat an alliance which should not exist. We begin air strikes on the SPA, but use Norway's bases instead of our own (Mod Response). We begin use of the Turkish cure for Mers, finding that only 57% of patients, instead of 80%. According to local news, two a planes with up to 20 people with the disease Mers had landed at London Heathrow airport and at Changi Airport in Singapore. Three terrorist attacks on Stockholm had been foiled, while 56 happen in this year alone. We warn other Scandinavian countries that they may be subject to these as well. We request these countries to check for any Mers outbreaks in airports. Our stocks drop to 40 billion, and our population to only 2,405,000. 
  • Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom: We pull all troops from Mexico and back-up the US government in implenting the former pre-Jalico government. We send a further 36,700 troops to Sweden to continue fighting the SPA and protecting anti-SPA villages. We send 200 trauma specialists to California with 3.5 billion dollars and 2,891 USAR specialists. The United Kingdom starts contemplating the idea of occupying South Sudan until the drought is over.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; offers prayers condolences to the families of those lost in the California earthquake, as well as prayers of healing for the injured, and finishes the super carrier, dubbed, the UAK Stanislav Petrov. Named after, "The Man Who Saved the World".


Saudi Arabia pulls out of Iraq. Mers has now spread to Singapore, with 23 cases being reported. 2,200 people have died of Mers. As the disease ravages Sweden, the SPA increases their support and makes minor gains using guerrilla tactics. The U.S enters a second great recession; protests ignite across the country. 300 people have died due to the global water crisis. South Sudan collapses and is annexed by Sudan.

The Eurasian quadrupedal tank

  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; places a ban on all travel to and from Singapore; asks Turkmenistan if they would like to join the Union (response needed); holds a referendum vote on gay marriage (response needed); and finishes work on the quadrupedal tank. The tank is armed with a powerful rotary cannon, grenade launchers and a mounted flamethrower.
    • Mod responce: Turkmenistan agrees and joins the Eurasian Union.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union wholeheartedly welcomes Turkmenistan into the Union.
    • Mod responce: The Eurasian Union holds the referendum, and decides that Gay Marriage is now legal.
    • Eurasian diplomacy: President Medvedev releases a statement saying, "The people of Eurasia have spoken, and the government will completely respect their decision. Today, the Eurasian Union marches into a new era; one of absolute equality."
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Ukraine's economy continues to grow by the second and stocks are up by 20 trillion dollars, making Ukraine one of the most wealthiest countries in the world. President Borys Melnyk offers doctors to Singapore to help with the Mers Outbreak. According to the Ukrainian Government that 20 passengers from a Singapore Flight have Mers, and are now in isolation; people that the diagnosed have been in contact with are now being searched all across the country so they also can be monitored in case they to have the Mers. All flights from Singapore are now cancelled. The Government doubles the military presence in Sweden to attempt to push back the SPA even more. Ukrainian scientists report that they also have came up with a prototype cure for the Mers disease and are now being distributed to patients in Ukraine and are now offering the cure to other Sweden and Singapore (response needed).
    • Mod response: Singapore agrees the makeshift cure.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: The Kurds in Turkey protest against the government for not recognizing their rights of self-determination and several people are wounded in the demonstrations. Leaders of both sides meet in Ankara and a deal is reached: the Kurds will not complain to the Turkish government for the next 20 years and in return, the provinces of Van and Hakkâri in south-east Turkey will receive Kurdish autonomy, similar to Iraqi Kurdistan. The effort to cure Mers disease now gets high priority. The Turkish scientists achieve a fully accurate genome sequencing of the Mers disease and develop a final cure. A huge sample of 20,000 people is taken from February to July. The newly created vaccine is a success, and has an astonishing 93% success rate. We send the new vaccine to Sweden, Ukraine and Singapore for free and offer to sell it to anyone who needs or wants it, just in case (Response Needed). The Turkish PM gives a speech at the UN, saying he is happy for the freed Iraqi people, but urged the coalition to continue to push the Saudi forces further away, until they reach Riyadh, the Saudi capital. The PM says that the evil extremist forces of the Saudi Arabia must be swept away and promised to continue to provide support for the coalition forces to allow the coalition forces to set up bases in Turkey. We send 1.3 billion dollars to the U.S in humanitarian aid and encourage both sides (protesters and government) not to be driven into escalation and war. We invite all the nations of the world to meet in a conference in Istanbul to view Turkey's success in the water industry due to mass adoption of the desalination method (Response Needed from active nations and Mod response from not active nations), a method first successfully embraced by Israel in the 2000s and 2010s. The project "Brains of the Future" whose target is to create an artificial intelligence as strong as an average human's achieves progress in memory, processing power, software algorithms, voice recognition and overall machine intelligence and the difference between human intelligence and AI begins to dim, however the finest computers haven't yet achieved a level of intelligence that surpasses a human one. All flights from and to Singapore are cancelled indefinitely.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: Ukrainian President Borys Melnyk agrees to the meeting and decides to bring his Prime Minister.
    • Mod response: Canada, Mexico, Denmank, Norway, Egypt, Iraq, and China (since he is no longer active since it has been more than ten turns) all agree to the meeting. Singapore also agrees to the cure.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin agree to the meeting.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We thank the nations/unions that decided to attend to the conference in Istanbul next year, and encourage more nations to come, may it be any nation, from the U.S to the Vatican City.
    • United States diplomacy: president De Blasio agrees to come to the conference.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: Prime Minister Balding agrees to go to the conference.
  • Flag of USA United States: We halt travel from Sweden and Singapore. We pull all our troops out of Saudi Arabia. We finish the base in Oman to watch Saudi Arabia. We put our moon mission on hold due to the recession.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: The United Kingdom requests that the United States join the fight against the SPA in anyway possible.
  • Flag of China China: Presidential Elections were held to determine would lead China. The winner was Tai Hsiao.
  • Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom: The United Kingdom increases their presence in Sweden by sending a further 65,900 troops (all troops are thoroughly checked for symptoms of Mers after returning from service) . We stop all air traffic from Singapore due to the Mers Outbreak. Prime minister Erwin Balding wins the general election. We also step up air strikes in Sweden from Finnish and Norwegian air bases. We start to prepare our economy for a global economic crisis due to the US recession. We also step up on military spending due to the recent violence in the world.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Ukrainian President Borys Melnyk starts to send tanks to Sweden to help push back the SPA, also sending an additional 77,680 troops, 38 military planes, and 16 tanks. The Ukrainian Government offers doctors to the Singaporean Government to help with the MERS Outbreak (response needed). The Ukrainian Government takes the United Kingdom's lead and prepares our economy for the global economic crisis due to the United States recession. President Borys Melnyk gives the military an extra 13 billion dollars for spending for weapons and supplies for troops. The Ukrainian Government asks the Finnish and Norwegian Government to allow the construction of bases in the Northern Areas to combat the SPA (response needed).
    • Mod response: Finland and Norway grant Ukraine permission to build bases in their countries.


Coalition forces liberate a town from SPA control. SPA casualties are at 12,000 while the Coalition has lost 15,000. The Mers epidemic finally ends, having claimed 2,423 lives. In St. Louis, Missouri, a police officer shoots and kills a protester, sparking riots and looting. Iraqi Kurdistan votes for independence in a referendum, but Iraq refuses to recognize them.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Government congratulates all troops (all countries) in Sweden in their success with the push back of the SPA and gives condolences to the families of the troops lost in the battle. The President Borys Melnyk also gives personal condolences to the families of the relatives lost during the Mers epidemic. The pulling out of Ukrainian troops from Korea is finished but immediately shipped to Sweden to help with the war effort in Sweden. President Borys Melnyk says at a conference of the cabinet, "We believe that it will only be a short time before the SPA is finally terminated since the only upper hand they had was the horrible Mers epidemic."
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We celebrate the end of the MERS epidemic by giving a week off for the scientists who developed the cure. We do not take a stance at the Kurdish-Iraqi standoff. A conference regarding the water crisis is held in Istanbul and it's attended by the leaders of many nations in the world. We share all our recent innovations and discoveries regarding the water industry such as desalination techniques, water management and sewer disposal. We recommend all nations to adopt desalination to counter the effects of the water crisis. Regarding the project "Brains of the Future", further progress is made and a breakthrough in the field of AI is closer than ever. We continue extracting oil and natural gas from the Black Sea, which are now plentiful to us. We allow to return to Iraq for those of the 300,000 Iraqi war refugees who want to reutrn. The Turkish PM delivers a speech in the UN saying the war against the SPA must be stopped to give the Swedish people a relief and that all sides must immediately cease with the acts of violence. The Turkish government orders its foreign minister to propose a peace plan. Meanwhile at home, the cheap & plentiful energy and the absence of the water crisis have led Turkey into an age of economic boom and the GDP now stands at over eight trillion dollars, making Turkey the unrivled regional superpower of the Middle East, surpassing even Israel and the UAE's economies. We further improve our military by recruiting 75,000 soldiers this year and ordering a four billion dollars in military equipment from the US, UK and France.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States: President De Blasio condemns the killing of an innocent protester but also demands the riots end. We send 20,000 troops to Sweden to fight the SPA. We Support Iraqi Kurdistan's right to independence. We reschedule our manned moon mission for next year. We offer the Eurasian Union a lucrative ten-year trade deal. President De Blasio says "as two of the worlds biggest superpowers we must be allies, we must but aside our histories and become leaders in world peace." We offer Turkey a free trade agreement. We start work on a second Korean War memorial in Washington DC. Next to that we start work on a memorial for the Cartel war. Republican Ben Sasse and running mate Tim Cotton win the election and will be inaugurated January 2029. President De Blasio's approval rating is a measly 43 percent due to the recession.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We accept the free trade deal but we urge the U.S not to send troops to Sweden to fight the SPA but rather to preserve the status quo and to initiate a peace process. Sweden has seen enough spilled blood.
    • United States Diplomacy: We see Turkey as one of our biggest allies and we respect what they are saying but we believe the only way to bring peace to Sweden is to defeat the SPA.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union accepts the trade deal.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; announces their support of an independent Iraqi Kurdistan, and passes a drastic welfare reform bill that exempts all excluding the disabled, single parents and the elderly from coverage. The bill also allows said single parents to remain on government benefits only for two years, after which, the individual must become employed.


The SPA loses some ground; however, the militants launch a propaganda campaign using the U.S' intervention in Sweden. This proves successful and the SPA gains many new members. Iraq still refuses to recognize Iraqi Kurdistan.

Mod event: A UN investigation concludes that during the Suadi occupation of Iraq, over 500,000 Shia Muslim civilians were murdered by the Saudi forces as part of their purge. Meanwhile, Argentina launches a surprise attack on the Falkland Islands, quickly making gains and defeating the few forces which inhabit the islands. Greenland votes for full independence from Denmark.

  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; asks Uzbekistan if they would like to join (Mod response needed), and begins work on laser rifles. Self-driving cars are now the norm.
    • Mod response: Uzbekistan holds a referendum and five percent of the people vote in favor of joining the union. Uzbekistan joins the Eurasian Union.
    • Eurasian diplomacy: The Eurasian Union welcomes Uzbekistan wholeheartedly.

Mod event: As the SPA gain new members and launch propaganda against the United States, it was reported that they are now launching campaigns against all other countries that have intervened in Sweden.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: As the threat lingers of attacks by SPA on all countries that have intervened in Sweden, President Borys Melnyk requests a meeting with NATO members (Mod response needed). Meanwhile, the troops are now numbering at 570,980. The Ukrainian Government continues to send troops to Sweden (including Air Support and tanks), and are now to begin construction of 6th Generation of Stealth Fighter Jets. The Ukrainian Government asks the Polish Government to join Ukraine, "In hopefulness we would like to offer Poland to join Ukraine with open arms." (Mod response needed)
    • Mod response: All NATO members agree to meet in Brussels in 2030.
    • Mod response: Poland rejects the offer, preferring to remain sovereign, however there's a significant minority growing in Poland that wishes to unite with Ukraine.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We continue extracting oil and gas from the Black Sea. Because of the recent agreements with the Kurds and the lack of any anti-government action, the country is very stable. The Turkish PM İsmet Yılmaz says in a speech that: "Turkey is saddened that, in the case of the Swedish crisis, the absolute majority of the western democracies chose war over peace and sent troops instead of proposing a peace deal." Meanwhile, the Turkish government proposes a armistice plan for Sweden in which the SPA will completely cease the terror acts and stop attacking citizens and foreign governments as well as terrorizing the citizens in its occupied territories. In return, the SPA would get a de facto recognition from the international community and will get access to healthcare and welfare systems provided by the UN. After the armistice is initiated, the two sides will start working on a peace deal. The government urges all sides to express restraint and consideration of the citizens affected by the atrocities of the war.(Approval or denial of the proposal from active nations/Mod approval or denial of the proposal as inactive nations required). The project "Brains of the Future" has not achieved its main goal of creating human-like AI however the recent computers are amazing the scientists as they are able to respond to almost any request, however strange and unusual as their intelligence improves further on. We invest three billion dollarsin nano-tech, especially medical add-ons and clothing. We condemn the invasion of the Falkland Islands and threaten to lead a global boycott on Argentina if it doesn't retreat, yet we urge the international community to express restraint and say that every modern crisis can be solved diplomatically.
    • Mod response: The SPA requests that they are given northern Sweden, before they will agree to peace. (Swedish response needed)
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: We thank Turkey for their efforts in finding the cure of Mers. We also accept the terms of Turkey's offer to Sweden but requests that the SPA does not get northern Sweden.
  • Flag of USAUnited States: Ben Sasse is inaugurated. We condemn the Falkland island invasion. We place sanctions on Argentina. The manned moon mission is a success. We start a nationwide campaign of updating infrastructure in major cities. We start a huge advertising campaign for the military and their refusal to recognize Iraqi kurdistan. We ask the Eurasian Union if they wanna participate in a joint military exercise.
    • Eurasian diplomacy: The Eurasian Union agrees to the joint-military exercise.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: The United Kingdom gives the Argentinian forces an ultimatim; three days to retreat or total war (Mod Response Please). With the Mers epidemic under-control, the United Kingdom starts to allow flights from Sweden and Singapore. We deploy 34,986 more troops to Sweden to fight the SPA. We also highten security measures in the country such as creating a new level in the security system called certain. This relates that all security measures are at hightend risk and that security is put on high alert. The United Kingdom also rolls-out Glock 36s across the metropotian police force and Smith & Wesson Bodyguard guns across the rural police force. A mass drive for police officers is set-up to parrallel the SPA threat.
    • Mod Response: Argentina dosen't retreat from the Islands but rather asks for help from its neighbouring countries in case of a British attack in return for international South American dominance over the Islands. Those which agree to assist Argentina are: Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil (only by supplies), Paraguay and Peru, while Venezuela pledges vocal support. After having formed an alliance which is called the South American Alliance, Argentina feels confident, strengthens its military as well as its dominance over the islands and expels all the British citizens from its territory and takes control of the South Georgia and the South Sandwich islands which are Protectorates of the British throne. Argentinian forces expel all British citizens from all the islands it has conquered and Argentina declares all the islands will be inhabited by Argentinians by 2033.


The SPA lose control of 3% of Sweden, but increase attacks on Coalition targets and reiterate their demands. The South American Alliance send 300,000 troops to the Falklands to support their presence. Facing international pressure, Iraq recognizes Iraqi Kurdistan.

  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We cut all relations with Argentina and ban all flights from and to it. In contrast, we allow flights to be made from and to Singapore and Sweden. Meanwhile, the scientists of the project "Brains of the Future" are writing history: finally, a level of artificial intelligence that reaches human-like levels was achieved. The intelligence was tested by putting a human judge to speak with a human and a computer and the judge had to determine which was the real human. Recently, a judge could not determine which was the actual human as both subjects were just too similar to differentiate. This magnificent level of intelligence will have nearly countless uses: from assistant and companion robots that can naturally speak with humans, to ultra fast computers and other utility systems which generally make life much easier and faster. The project isn't over yet though; Turkish scientists will continue evolving artificial intelligence until it surpasses even the smartest of humans, and then the AI will begin a self-improving mechanism that will exponentially evolve, resulting in a Technological Singularity, creating such colossal levels of intelligence, that people will need to have their brains upgraded in order to even comprehend that intelligence. In addition, self-repairing, incredibly endurant and flexible nano-clothing which very rarely requires washing is now widespread as millions of middle class and richer Turks buy some clothes for themselves. After having achieved some of the greatest goals ever put in place, some of the best Turkish scientists begin researching all the diseases that were infamous in the 20th century and early 21st century such as Malaria, Ebola, Cancer and many more in order to develop a lasting and efficient cure for those. We increase our extraction sites of oil and natural gas in the Black Sea. Elections will take place 2031. Meanwhile, we continue our aid to the unrecognized Turkish Northern Cyprus and urge all the nations to recognize it, claiming that "decades have passed, and now is time for all the world to make peace with Turkish cyprus and begin an age of peace of co-operation." We begin buying clean, self-driving cars from the Eurasian union. We slightly change our peace plan for Sweden so it will consider northern Sweden as a divided area, with 40% under SPA control, 40% under Swedish government control and 20% under international peacekeeping forces control. (Approval or denial of the proposal from active nations/Mod approval or denial of the proposal as inactive nations required).
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ukrainian Government denies the idea for Northern Sweden to be a divided area and should remain a part of Sweden.
    • Mod response: The SPA agree to the proposition.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: The United Kingdom does not immediately invade the Falkland Islands yet they do call for all members of NATO to rally war against the South American alliance. With the invasion a massive force of civilians sign-up for the military and the military population reaches 1,500,000. The United Kingdom calls for the Eurasian Union and members of the commonwealth to also help with the war against the South American alliance. Secret: Task-force Falkland is set-up containing the British invasion force for the Falkland islands. The pacific battalion is deployed to South Argentina to start air strikes and air raids. We expel all Argentinian citizens from the United Kingdom and all other allied nations to do so as well.
  • United States Flag United States: We condemn the South American invasion of the Falkland Islands. We tell Turkey we refuse to negotiate with terrorist and the only way to defeat the SPA is military action. We send 50,000 troops to Sweden. We place sanctions on every member on the South American alliance and warn that we will place sanctions on any other countries that support them. President Sasse says "the South American alliance is trying to start World War 3 over a small group of islands." We pledge support to the United Kingdom. We congratulate Iraqi Kurdistan on independence and ask them if they want to establish diplomacy and trade with us. (Mod Response)
    • Mod Response: The Iraqi Kurdistan agree for trade and diplomacy with the United States. Construction begins of a United States Embassy.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Government celebrates that Iraq now recognizes the Iraqi Kurdistan. As last act in office before the election, President Borys Melnyk announces that flights will be restored to Southern Sweden and Singapore since the Mers Outbreak is now over. The Ukrainian Government condems the invasion of the Falkland Islands and agrees with the United States, not to allow negotiations with the terrorists. Sanctions are also put on all South American countries until the problem is solved. Active military personnel is now at 1,980,690 with most of them being in Northern Sweden fighting the SPA. The elections are held and Borys Melnyk is re-elected as president for another five years. The Ukrainian Government asks the Iraqi Kurdistan will also allow trade and diplomacy with Ukraine (Mod Response). President Melnky announces to the Polish President that the offer is still open for them to join Ukraine, and that there is full support to the group in Poland that want to join Ukraine. Even though the Mers Outbreak is now over, Ukrainian scientists continue with research for a final cure or vaccination for the disease. Melnky asks if the united Korea would like to have an alliance and to establish trade and diplomacy with Ukraine (Mod Response). AI is sweeping the country with most of it controlling the factories and cars. A small group in the Ukrainian Parliament wants Ukraine to own a Nuclear Warhead; this is rejected by the president and almost the rest of the Ukrainian Parliament but the President allows it to be discussed in the next three years. The Ukrainian Government begins to debate the United Kingdom's request to expel all Argentinians from Ukraine and decide to hold a referendum on the matter (Mod Response)
    • Mod response: Iraqi Kurdistan, now simply called "Kurdistan", agrees to start relations with Ukraine.
    • Mod response: Republic of Korea agrees to start relations with Ukraine.
    • Mod response: In a refendrum, the majority of Ukrainians reject the U.K's request of expelling all Argentinians from Ukraine's territory, many of whom say it is the U.K's business alone and it is unfair to the Argentinians in Ukraine to be expelled just because of politics.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: The United Kingdom is saddened by this response and request that Ukraine at least pledge that in the event of war that you help the British side.
  • Mod Event: A NATO meeting is called to discuss on ways to push back the SPA in Sweden, even if they are starting to lose their "footing." (United States, Eurasian Union, United Kingdom, and Sweden [even though Sweden might be inactive] responses needed).
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: We feel that the use of surface to air missiles would only be needed if a major political attack occurs in a country and a downside of using surface to air missiles would be that they would harm innocent civilians. We do however think that the idea of sending in more tanks is a good idea. We also propose that air strikes are increased and there is a higher NATO presence in Sweden.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ukrainian Government agrees that using surface to air missiles will only be used in emergency situation and that the best way to push back the SPA forces is to send more tanks. About 27 more military planes will be sent to Sweden to continue with air strikes in Northern Sweden.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union declares support for Sweden, but refuses to become militarily involved.


SPA popularity is boosted when a Coalition drone unintentionally bombs a civilian village, killing 53 people and injuring many others. The SPA subsequently make a power-grab and capture 7% of Northern Sweden. The South American Alliance votes in a referendum to federalize and becomes the South American Confederation. Argentina firmly warns the U.K against attacking civilian cities; dismissing such action as "unprovoked".

  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We urge the anti-SPA coalition to accept the peace plan we proposed a year before that the SPA accepted, claiming: "with the emerging crises we have to face such as climate change and fossil fuel scarcity, the last thing we need is more wars and blood. The world must make help itself by making peace even with terrorists, especially if the case is SPA, an organization which agreed to only control a certain region which is less than what it has now. They made their move, now you should make yours." (Responses Needed). If the anti-SPA coalition doesn't accept the peace plan the SPA did, we shall cease being involved in the Swedish Civil War and leave Sweden to its destiny. Elections take place the elected Prime minister is Gürsel Tekin from the left-leaning "Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi"(Republican people's party). We reinforce our borders and recruit more men and women to the army and we buy a ten million dollar weapons shipment from the US and the UK. We hold a referendum on whether there should be civil unions (Mod Response Needed). We invite the U.S and the U.K to fly a manned mission to Mars by 2037 (Responses Needed). We continue extracting oil and natural gas from the Black Sea and we begin planning a huge project of modernization of our cities to meet standards of the 21st century as clean, self-sufficient, hi-tech cities. We also begin planning several artificial islands to made on the territorial waters of Turkey in the Black Sea. Our GDP now stands ten trillion dollars and our armed forces now consist of 1.6 million active personnel and 800,000 reserve personnel. We mass produce robots with software and hardware which are able to support human like AI and we offer those robots for sale to be used as many different roles and tasks, with the cheapest robots costing some $2500 and the most expensive costing about two million dollars. (Responses needed). 
    • United States Diplomacy: We agree to the joint mission to Mars.
    • Mod response: A referendum is held and it is decided that there will now be Civil Unions.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ukrainian Government and President Melnyk strongly disagree with Turkey wanting peace with the SPA, claiming all on what they have done to Sweden.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: We agree to the joint mission to Mars and give 1.5 billion dollars to the project.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Melnyk expresses his condolences for the people lost in the unintentional bombing of the civilian village but expresses that, "We are all human, and humans make mistakes. Just because of an accident doesn't mean that some people would take something like revenge, and join the SPA." His speech would be one of the most famous in Ukraine history (like the "I Have A Dream Speech" by Martin Luther King Jr.). More tanks and military planes are sent to Sweden, the Ukrainian Government expresses that if no progress is made in the next two years, that they will start sending "Surface to Air Missiles". The Ukraine population is now at about 43 million people, the population is almost at it's original number before Crimea was given to The Eurasian Union. The discussion about Ukraine gaining a Nuclear Warhead is growing in the Ukrainian Parliament, and a referendum is going to be held in 2035. Since Ukraine is now one of the most wealthiest countries in the world, the Ukrainian Government decides to start the construction of new military ships for the war in Sweden. Soon after the President's speech it was reported that the local police had captured five suspects planning to assassinate the president and blow up the Presidential Residence; President Melnyk expresses his disappointment on what some of the Ukrainian people have become and that the military and police presences in major cities (including the capitol) will be quadrupled.

  • Mod event: The first South Americans arrive in the Falkland Islands, now named "Islas Malvinas" in Spanish. Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela join the federation while some Central American countries express support to it. A Swedish plane with 125 passengers and ten crew members on board disappears over the Mediterranean.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ukrainian Government and President offers help and aid to the search for the missing plane (Mod Response). Claiming that even though that Ukraine does not border the Mediterranean, they do have experience with sea discovery and exploration.
    • Mod Response: Ukraine, alongside with Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Libya is given permission to begin investigations.
  • United States FlagUnited States: We offer to help any way we can with the missing plane investigation. We place Sanctions on the South American Federation. We send our condolences to those who died in the Swedish village. We Warn Central American countries not to join the South American Federation. We send another 30,000 troops to fight the SPA. We raise military strength to three million.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: We activate task-force Falkland and invade the islands with 45,198 troops, naval bombardments from HMS Duncan, HMS Defender and HMS Daring and an air force of 48 F-35Bs, 115 Eurofighter Typhoons, 98 Tornados and ten MQ-9 Reapers. The United Kingdom also calls for help and troops from the United States, Eurasian Union, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand (Mod/Player responses will be needed please). The invasion will evolve like this: 15.11.2031/23:45 468 marines will land at Port Stanley Airport and capture the facility. 16.11.2031/00:35 35,600 troops will invade Stanley (with aerial and naval bombardments) through Surf Bay and cut off the land route to the airport. 16.11.2031/01:04 6,350 troops will land at Elephant Bay and capture Pebble Island meanwhile 2,780 troops will land at Cumberland East Bay, South Georgia Island and capture the Island and then follow on to South Sandwich. All assets will remain in place and will not advance until told by the British government to do so.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We send 200 million dollars in weapons and a limited task force of 2500 marines which might be increased later.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ukrainian Government agrees to the United Kingdom's request and sends two billion dollars and 9780 troops are sent to the UK to be deployed to the Falkland Islands.
    • Mod Response: Australia and New Zealand accept the UK's request and sends 8,000 troops to also be deployed.
    • United States Diplomacy: We send 15,000 troops to be deployed.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy: The British Givernment thanks the allies of our nation and immediately sends the allied troops to Stanley for a planned break out of the peninsula.
  • Flag of MacedoniaMacedonia: Macedonia's president Gjorge Ivanov calls for talks with greece about the Macedonian naming dispute, in hopes to join the E.U./ NATO.
    • Mod response: The Greek PM agrees to meet with Ivanov.


The new wave of American troops and Ukrainian armament helps to slow the SPA's offensive to a certain degree. Brazilian ships arrive in the waters surrounding the Falklands. In the U.S, many become outraged when the President sends troops to the Falklands, as heavy defense spending is a major driving point behind the ongoing recession. Protests become heated and the Governor of New York threatens to pursue secession.

  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; asks Mongolia if they would like to join the Union (Mod response needed); declare neautrality in the Falklands conflict, but call for peace, and begin construction on a new skyscraper named, the Moscow Tower. When completed, the Tower will stand 2,500 meters tall and will surpass the Dubai City Tower as the World's tallest building. The Tower will also be modeled after an onion dome.
    • Mod response: 52% of Mongolians agree to join the Eurasian union and Mongolia joins the union. However, 500,000 Mongolians who dislike the upcoming situation leave the country, seriously weakening the economy of the nation.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union welcomes Mongolia wholeheartedly and orders the construction of many new factories in Mongolia to help improve their economy.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: Since we received no approval from the coalition about our peace plan, we abandon it and leave Sweden to its destiny. Meanwhile, the nation is amidst an unprecedented urban sprawl as the urban population reaches 95% and the number of cities which have more than five million people is 8. As the cities get denser and denser, we build upwards rather than outwards and skyscrapers hundreds of meters high are a common sight in most of the big cities. We start constructing a skyscraper called "Tower of the Republic" in Istanbul that will be 1.2 kilometers high and will be will be used for various purposes. The cities are getting cleaner and more self-sufficient, with eco-friendly buildings, clean cars governmental rules regarding waste disposal, energy conservation and much more. Meanwhile, Turkish scientists continue their research on cure for the most notorious diseases of the 20th and early 21st centuries and have achieved nearly perfect cures for the following diseases: Thyroid cancer, Hodgkin's lymphone, Breast Cancer and Malaria; They are perfecting the cure for Kidney cancer which isn't 100% successful yet and start working on a cure for Leukaemia. Progress in the understanding of Alzheimer's disease is also being made. We begin the development of an experimental hypersonic airliner. That plane would be eco-friendly and lighter than our older planes. It could reach speeds of over 4000 km/h, being able to fly from Istanbul to New York City in under two hours. Meanwhile, we launch project "New Home", a joint mission with the U.K and the U.S to fly a manned mission to Mars by 2037. We invest an initial 50 billion dollar budget for the program which might be increased later. The building of the spacecraft begins; The journey from Earth to Mars is expected to take at least six months. We stop recruiting humans to the military and begin a mega-project to have a standing army of one million highly intelligent, completely autonomous robots by 2038. Human soldiers will begin being phased out starting from 2040 and we should expect to have military whose field corps are completely made of robots and androids by 2050. Those robots will be armed with devastating weapons, could operate for weeks if needed, and human enemies will be far inferior to them. We also begin working on fully autonomus, highly intelligent, multi-role drones, designed to overcome almost every challenge in the modern aerial warfare. The once-state-of-the-art F-35 Lightning II of the Turkish air force is expected to begin being phased out starting from 2043 and to be completely retired by 2049. Right now, the Turkish defense budget, which stands at 140 billion dollars, has 55% of it invested in drones, automated systems, missile and missile defense systems and future fighter robots; By 2050 that figure is expected to be 80%.
  • Flag of MacedoniaMacedonia: We offer to change our name to "The Republic of Northern Macedonia" in exchange for full support for integration into NATO and the EU(Mod response needed)
    • Mod response: Greece accepts Macedonia's offer and announces support for their integration into NATO and the EU
  • United States FlagUnited States: We cut military spending by ten billion dollars. President Sasse meets with the NY governor and tells him "New York will not survive without out the rest of the United States and the rest of the United States will not survive without New York." We Start work on a cure for AIDS. We put ten billion dollars into the AIDS project. We give tax breaks to businesses that use alternate energy. We start programs in every major city to get illegal guns off the street. We start work on the state of the art Milwaukee International airport in Milwaukee which now has a population of 850,000 and is growing fast.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The economy is continuing to bomb, with stocks now as 18.5 billion dollars, the Ukrainian Government commissions the construction of a skyscraper in the capitol of Kiev, nicknamed "Kiev 1"; the construction will cost about six billion dollars and stand up to 2,010 feet making it taller than One World Trade Center in New York City, United States. The discussion on whether Ukraine should start its own Nuclear Program continues with the referendum scheduled in the next four years. Another case of attempted assassination of President Melnyk is reported by the Ukrainian Police, and the person attempting to assassinate him was reported to have ties to SPA. A car bomb explosion occurred one block away from the Presidential Residence killing 10, another bombing was reported in front of the Ukrainian Parliament Building but was quickly defused; the bombings were also related to the SPA. For a week the capitol of Kiev is now on lock-down and the president has been moved to an unknown location in Eastern Ukraine. Even though the president is currently hiding, he still commissions that 50,000 more troops be sent to Sweden with 500 tanks. War is officially declared on the Falkland Islands by the Prime Minister of Ukraine. President Melnyk asks the British Prime Minister, to a meeting by live video feed (he fears the lives of himself and the British Prime Minister, and does not want to risk both lives) to discuss the use of anti aircraft weapons against the SPA because at the latest NATO meeting, the British Prime Minister said "air missiles would only be needed if a major political attack occurs in a country" (British Response Needed).
  • United States FlagUnited States: The Democratic party candidate Cory Booker is elected president with running mate Luke Ravenstahl. They will be inaugurated in January 2033.


SPA forces continue to lose ground in Sweden. The missing plane is discovered to have landed in Tripoli. The hijackers are members of the SPA, who demand the withdrawal of foreign forces from Sweden, threatening the execution of the hostages. Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana vote to join the SAF in a referendum. The American economy begins to improve following the defense cuts. The Brazilian ships threaten to fire on the Coalition if they invade the Falklands.

  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: The country now has the DNA sample of every citizen, which can be used for many uses, from identification and healthcare to crime investigation. Many mega projects that will provide tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of jobs are now initiated, including: the building of the "Tower of The Republic", the mission "New Home" to Mars, and the military's modernization program. Life expectancy is now 84 for males and 87 for females while literacy rates are 99% for males and 97% for females. 65% of the population speaks english in any level of expertise and 30% of the population is fluent at it. The average PC in Turkey now exceeds the human intelligence, can communicate with people, thinks independently and performs tasks considered impossible in previous decades. Meanwhile, 100 Turkish elite divers sabotage in Brazilian ships without being spotted, destroying eight ships and severely damaging another 13. An estimated 1400 sailors are killed. 12 of those Turkish elite soldiers are killed when a motor of a rubber boat explodes from a Brazilian sniper shot. However, there is no way of telling whether the soldiers were Turkish or not.. The population recently reached 100 million and the GDP reached 12 trillion dollars. Following the hijacking of the plane we are interested to reintroduce the peace plan made in the early 2030's to the coalition. We slightly change the peace plan: since the SPA is now weaker, the peace plan states that the SPA will cease all the terror and violence and that northern Sweden will be divided like that: 60% to the government, 30% international and 10% independent SPA control in a remote location in return of the release of the hostages. (Responses and Mod responses from all relavent factions and parties needed)
    • United States Diplomacy: We reject the proposition saying we will not negotiate with terrorists and that the SPA will only destabilize Northern Europe.
  • United States: Cory Booker and running mate Luke Revenstahl our inaugurated President and Vice President respectively. We send an elite team of navy SEALs to save the hostages in Tripoli. (Mod Response) We start work on the International Space Station Two, we put 15 billion dollars into the project and invite The United Kingdom, The Eurasian Union, Turkey, and Canada to join the project. (Player and Mod Responses Needed) We start work on revitalizing decaying urban areas such as Detroit, Newark, and Camden in hopes of Improving the economies of those areas. Our scientists continue working on a cure for AIDS. They have made significant progress, so we increase there funding by two billion dollars. After the hijacking of Swedish plane we put one billion dollars into increasing security at American airports.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We agree to start working on the international space station two and we put two billion dollars into the project.
    • Plane Hijacking Scenario: Using stealth technology, the SEALS manage to infiltrate the perimiter unspotted and to rescue the hostages. However, three hostages and one SEAL are killed in the fight.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union commits five billion dollars into the ISS2.
  • Flag of MacedoniaMacedonia: Macedonia's Economy goes into hyperdrive because its joining with the EU and Its GDP Per Capita goes from 10,000$ to 30,000$ While its population booms from two million to ten million since 2000, because of Huge immigration from greece and other countries, and the native populations 5% Birth rate


In Sweden, the SPA collapses and the Civil War ends. The U.K and allies fail to recapture the Falklands and are forced to withdraw. The SAF declare victory and call on the world to recognize "Islas Mavinas". The U.S recession ends, as the economy steadily continues to improve.

  • Flag of Macedonia Macedonia: Macedonia offers to buy Greek Macedonia for 30 Billion Euros from Greece.
    • Mod response: Greece declines Macedonia's offer.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian people celebrate the ending of the Swedish Civil War, and President Melnyk holds a press conference at Budynok Uryadu (literally Government Building) in Kiev and says that, "We celebrate the ending of the Swedish Civil War, and I along with all of the Ukrainian people are glad that the Swedish people are now safe and can return to their normal lives. I give personal condolences to the families and friends that have lost someone in the war. We will begin pulling troops out of the area immediately." The Ukrainian Government announces a day later that they will not recognize that Islas Mavinas is now a country and hopes that the rest of the world will agree also; and that troops will be pulled out as soon as possible. The economy continues to grow and almost everybody in the country is now using Solar Power electricity. The Ukrainian Government announces that they will now form their first Space Program and construction on the first rocket will begin in the following year; they also ask if Ukrainian astronauts can be launched into orbit with the International Space Station (responses needed).
    • United States Diplomacy NASA announces Ukraine can join ISS 2.
  • Flag of MacedoniaMacedonia:  Macedonia boosts up its military ten 250,000 active and 100,000 men/ women is reserves. It also like to declare that is now recognizes Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as A sovereign state, and begins to send aid.
  • United States FlagUnited States: We pull all our troops out of Sweden and thank everyone who helped Sweden win the war. We continue revitalizing decaying urban areas. We continue work on ISS 2 and announce that our target launch date is June 2038. Our scientist start human trails for the AIDS cure, There is a 50 percent success rate after 1000 test. Our scientist continue to work on the cure. Our population reaches 360 million. We give companies that outsourced jobs tax incentives to move factories back to the United States. We start a national wildlife conservation campaign. We increase penalties for illegal hunters. We pull all our troops from the Falkland Islands. President Booker says "we refuse to take part in a world war over a small group of islands."
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: (SECRET) We begin operating our latest innovation we have worked on for the past ten years: satellite-based and satellite-launched super missiles. These missiles are made of Tungsten and use a powerful engine to launch themselves and gain momentum, after which they only rely on gravity and pure force to land on their target, which results in an explosion dozens of times more powerful than the Hiroshima bombing, but without the fallout. We immediately aim one of those missiles (TOP SECRET) to Riyadh, the Saudi capital in case of any Saudi aggression. (TOP SECRET: We offer ten missiles to the U.K For six billion dollars so the UK can aim them at large South American cities to scare the SFA out of the Falklands(British Response Needed)). Meanwhile, we continue building the Mars mission spacecraft and start recruiting astronauts for the mission. Progress is made in the building of the "Tower of the Republic" skyscraper and soon the skeleton will be completed. Turkish scientists increase their understanding of Alzheimer's disease and soon a cure will be released. We invest an additional eight billion dollars in education to improve the existing schools and to open new, innovative hi-tech schools using the latest education systems, such as go-at-your-own-pace schools, which allow students to study at their own pace and not in an organized frame. That would allow the better students to advance further and the more struggling students not to be left behind.
    • United Kingdom Diplomacy:We decline the offer from Turkey for the missiles but the United Kingdom has their own and stand for it to happily remain that way.
  • Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom: With the failed landings we retreat back to 15km off the Falklands coast. We do not show grief for the failed landings where's 1,259 troops were killed. Now what will happen is that we will start aerial strikes on SAF targets in the Falkland Islands. We also pledge that we will not engage in any mainland attacks on the SAF. We do offer to the SAF though that they let the Falklanders decide in a poll who they want to be a part of(Mod Response Please). The military starts investing in robotic technology. The Ministry of Education places coding, information technology and technical hardware on the national schools curriculum.


Hamas detonates a chemical weapon in Nativat, Israel, killing 60 people. Israel launches a ground invasion of Gaza. Iran expresses outrage and demand Israel withdraw, or face war. Global oil reserves begin to run out.

  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We condemn the attack on Israel and denounce Hamas, but we also urge Israel to express restraint and avoid any civilian casualties. We warn Iran that an attack on Israel will result in a devastating Western response. We continue building our satellite-based missiles and by now we have already 25 of those operational and ready to be launched at rogue cities. The Hypersonic airliner first developed in 2032 enters service in the Turkish Airlines. We test our cure for Alzheimer's: It relies on new drugs which can simply cancel the faulty genes in the disease which cause certain loss of neurons and synapses in the cerebral cortex and subcortical regions; The cure is tested on 14,000 people from different age groups and it's a dazzling success with a 99.6% success rate. Meanwhile, we launch a project to open 2,000 new stem cell pharmacies which allow things like walk-in diagnosis, stem-cell collection and banking services for use in future medical crises. Affordable treatments for regrowing various body parts and organs will soon be commonplace in almost every city. We invest further invest in hi-tech industries to start a new project which involves developing Full Immersion Virtual Reality. We start building upwards in all cities, with hundreds of skyscrapers expected to be completed by the end of this decade. The "Tower of the Republic" done and will be inagurated next year. It will be used for experimental housing, business, tourism and vertical farming. The robotization of the military is in full swing and 150,000 fearsome fighter robots have entered service alongside with 12,000 drones. Meanwhile, our GDP stands at 13.5 trillion dollars and our population at 105,000,000.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The 2035 elections are held and President Melnyk's Minister of Affairs, Gustav Chovus is elected new president of Ukraine. As first act in office, Chovus condemns the chemical attack on Nativat and gives condolences to the families of lost victims. Construction begins of the first rocket to be used in Ukraine's first Space Program and astronauts will begin training to be sent to ISS 2 in the following three years. Chovus announces that Ukraine will now recognize the Islas Mavinas as part of the SAF. Chovus announces that the referendum is going to be held in the next year, and fully supports Ukraine staring it's own Nuclear Program and getting a nuclear weapon itself. Chovus asks Poland once more if they would like to join Ukraine, since there has been a growing minority about the two nations joining (Mod response needed).
    • Mod Response: Poland still has an absolute 82% majority against a Polish-Ukrainian union compared to a 18% pro-union minority
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: Chovus accepts Poland dening Ukraine's request and will ask once again in ten years.
  • Flag of USA United States: We condemn the Hamas attack on Israel and warn Iran that if they attack Israel it will lead to a large scale invasion of Iran. We continue using alternate energy, now almost all government buildings use solar and wind power. The American public is very happy with President Booker because he led the US out or recession. The AIDS cure success rate is now 80 percent. Our scientist project that the cure will be ready by next year. Our active military personnel is now 3.1 million. We continue work on ISS 2. The crew for the ISS 2 will be six people at one time. We start work on a 2,200 foot tower in Midtown Manhattan. The tower will include offices, a luxury hotel, and a glass viewing deck on the top floor. The tower will be know as Empire State Building 2035.
  • Flag of Macedonia Macedonia - Macedonia Condemns the attack on Israel. Macedonia also makes more improvements to its infrastructure and economy. Macedonia's population now reached 15 million. Macedonia would also like to make a deal with Greece. 50 Billion Euro's for Greek Macedonia. And will give another ten million for Greek's Thrace region. Would also like to sign a Alliance to the newly recognized (By Macedonia) state of Turkish Northern Cyprus. And Continues to send aid and support to the country.
    • Mod response: Greece accepts Macedonia's offer for Thrace, but not Greek Macedonia.
    • Mod response: Turkish Northern Cyprus agrees to an alliance.
    • Macedonia Diplomacy: Macedonia would like to trade Macedonia's Thrace to some of Bulgarian Macedonia.


The SAF invades Panama. Hamas collapses. Israel declares that they will occupy Gaza for a decade to ensure stability. Iran continues to threaten Israel.

  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We send ten ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, and we ask Israel to allow the ships to enter Gaza(Mod response needed). We assemble a team of hackers with the purpose of hacking critical defense databases and systems of Saudi Arabia as well as Iran in order to get an technological edge over those countries. The building of the Mars spacecraft is complete and we ask the U.S and U.K to send their astronauts, one from each nation(U.S and U.K responses needed). The 1.2km high "Tower of the Republic" is officially inaugurated in Istanbul. The cure for Alzheimer's is widespread in Turkey and there are almost no ill people of this disease left; We offer the cure for symbolic prices to other nations(Responses Wanted). We start investing in alternative energy, although our gas and oil reserves will provide us for an additional 30 years. We start building several nuclear power stations. We continue our robotization of the military project and by now, 250,000 fighter robots are active alongside with 15,000 drones. We completely stop recruiting troops to the field corps(Infantry, Armor, Artillery etc.). We start working on bionic eyes that will provide fantastically life-like performance of natural, biological eyes. The AI of computers continues to grow exponentially and it is now so powerful, that many advisors of leaders, ministers and generals in Turkey today are, in fact, supercomputers which far surpass the human intelligence and can think and suggest ideas like no human on earth. Meanwhile, the Full Immersion Virtual Reality project makes progress and scientists start developing nano-bots responsible for suppressing all of the inputs coming from the real senses and replacing them with signals corresponding to the virtual environment. We condemn the invasion of Panama and (In Secret) offer the U.S ten of our tungsten-made, satellite-launched supermissiles that are more powerful than a nuclear bomb for six billion dollars so the U.S can threaten the SAF with the missiles.(U.S response needed). We thank Macedonia for its recognition of Turkish North Cyprus and encourage more nations to recognize it(Responses needed). The economic growth is slightly slowing but not fully stopping as the GDP stands at 14 trillion dollars. The population, however is steadily growing and now stands at 110 million.
    • Mod response: Israel allows the Turkish humanitarian aid ships to enter the unstable area.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: President Chovus asks the Turkish Prime Minister if they can have the cure for the Alzheimer's Disease, and recommend that they also start research on Dementia as it is similar and almost as deadly as Alzheimer's. The Ukrainian Government also now recognizes Turkish North Cyprus as a nation. President Covus also asks that a Ukrainian astronaut be sent up along with the United States and United Kingdom astronauts.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We send Ukraine 100 kilos of the cure for 50,000 dollars. We reply that if the U.S or the U.K fail to send their astronauts, Ukraine might be permitted to send theirs. We also reply that we have our priorities in our cure research and that almost every disease known to mankind has been investigated by the best of our scientists and by our massive AI.
    • United States Diplomacy: We send an Astronaut to Turkey. (Secret) We thank Turkey for the their offer but we don't purchase the missiles.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Chovus announces that the referendum will be held on the matter if Ukraine should start it's own Nuclear Program, and in result gain Nuclear Weapons for war (as a matter of last resort) (Mod response needed). Chovus and the Government condemns the attack of Panama and warn them that if they continue, Ukraine will become involved. The building of Ukraine's first spacecraft is still underway and is estimated to be completed by 2040; the astronauts are still being trained to travel to the ISS 2. Streets are now being designed to levitate the self driving cars about two feet above it, and are being tested on the streets of Kiev and should be on every street by the year 2038. AI is now being used to replace military troops for war, but Human generals and engineers would still be on the field to control the machines. The GDP is now at 20 trillion dollars making Ukraine of the most wealthiest countries in the world. The population is now at 48 million people. Scientists are almost finished the final cure for the Mers Disease and the makeshift cure has a 50% successes rate, and ask other countries to put in their input now for when the cure completely finished.
    • Mod response: The people of Ukraine vote and the result is a draw, 50% pro-nuclear weapons, and 50% anti-nuclear weapons. This leaves the Ukrainian government to decide what to do.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We offer Ukraine our already successful Mers cure with 93% success rate so it can use it to develop a 100% successful cure. We urge Ukraine not to obtain nuclear weapons as those weapons of mass destruction have marked a dark era of the humanity, where the entire human race could be annihilated by a click. We claim that Ukraine, as a nation in peace, does not need such horrific weapons. We offer Ukraine to buy our Tungsten-made, Satellite-launched super missiles, which are more powerful than nuclear bombs but don't have fallout instead of the nukes.
    • Ukrainian Diplomatic Responce: President Covus accepts Turkey's offer for their cure for the Mers Disease. Chovus also agrees that obtaining a nuclear missile should not occur in Ukraine, sighting from Turkey that, "Ukraine is a nation of peace and does not need such horrific weapons." Also that Ukraine will purchase the satellite-launched super missiles for any price under 100 million dollars. President Covus announces that, "Even though to my decision that we do not obtain a Nuclear Weapon, I cannot say for my successor."
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We agree to sell Ukraine two of our finest missiles that are dozens of times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb for 100 million dollars. That money will be used for welfare and cure projects.
  • Flag of USA United States: The AIDS cure is now 99 percent successful. We offer it to the public for free. We also send it to African nations affected by the AIDS epidemic. We condemn the SFA invasion of Panama and warn that if they continue to advance into Central America we will use military force. The state of the art Milwaukee International Airport is finished. We Start work on the USS Hilary Clinton, It will be a 1500 foot aircraft carrier. President Booker is reelected.
  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; condemns the Hamas attack and voices support for Israel.


Iran declares war on Israel and forms an axis with Syria and Hezbollah. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia promise support to Israel. The axis begins strikes on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. After annexing Panama, the South American Federation changes their name to the Latin American Federation (LAF), and invades Costa Rica. The SFA also agrees to the U.K proposal of holding a referendum in the Islas Malvinas. Due to the majority population now being Latino, the Islands vote to remain with The SFA.


The Kuznetsov-37

  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; asks Azerbaijan if they would like to join the Union (Mod response needed); and pledges support to Israel. The Eurasian Army develops a laser rifle named the Kuznetsov-37 and deploys it into the military. Putin respectfully reminds Ukraine of the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances , which states that Ukraine is a non-nuclear state.
    • Mod response: Only 48% of the people are pro-joining the union so Azerbaijan decides to remain sovereign for the time being. Polls find, however, that there's a general shift of the public opinion in favour of the Eurasian union.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We hold a refendrum on whether to go to war against the SFA(Spanish Federation of America)(Mod response needed). We raise our pension age from 45(!) to 56, a trend that will gradually continue until the pension age is 70 in 2045. As the U.K failed to send her astronaut, we pick a British astronaut ourselves. We launch the spacecraft which is expected to reach Mars next year. Having been tested for hundreds of times in virtual reality, the odds of any kind of disaster happening are practically non-existent. We condemn the War on Israel, pledge support for her, cut all ties with Iran and Syria, and ask NATO's permission to invade Syria(Mod response needed). We begin massive airstrike using our gigantic drone fleet, now numbering at 18,000 and start preparing our robots and remaining human soldiers for a potential ground invasion. The drone Airstrikes(Only at military targets) include: 3,000 drones at Tehran, 1,000 drones at Isfahan, 2,000 drones at Damascus, 1,000 drones at Karaj, 1,000 at Mashhad, 1,500 at Tabriz, 1,500 at Aleppo, 3,000 at various Hezbollah Targets in Lebanon and elsewhere and the remaining 4,000 to defend Turkey's airspace. Those drones are extremely intelligent, far superior in intelligence over regular human pilots, are fully autonomous from take-off to landing and equipped with the latest stealth technology and weapons, so we expect an extremely low casualty ratio(Mod response for the results needed: Losses for Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in damage, soldiers, planes and tanks and losses for Turkey in drones). Meanwhile, we start developing vaccines for Melanoma, Polio and the Flu, which appears to be surprisingly easy, and fully reliable vaccines are released this year. We discover Billions of new Barrels of oil in the Black Sea. A new stock exchange is being built in Istanbul, and due to the raised retirement age, the government is able to cut public spending, invest much more money in fuels, industry and hi-tech and the result is that our GDP exploded, and it is now at 20 trillion dollars. Progress is made in the project involving full immersion virtual reality and it's expected to be tested in 2039. Five nuclear reactors are now operational providing us with a cheap, clean and plentiful source of energy. There are now 500,000 Robots in the Military alongside with 18,000 drones. We co-operate with Jordan and Egypt against the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Axis but not with the genocidal, murderous regime of Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the re-elected PM Gürsel Tekin plans to visit several locations, including Moscow, Washington D.C, London, Kiev, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Cairo and Amman. We start research on nano-fabricators. Life expectancy is now 89 for females and 87 for males, Literacy rates are 99.5% for males and 99% for females.
    • Mod Response: All NATO members agree and allow Turkey to invade Syria, on the condition that other countries that go to war with Iran, Syria, and or Hezbollah troops can move through Turkey.
    • Mod Response: The first drones reach the Iranian capital of Tehran in a matter of hours after launch. They are able to sneak past radar and start bombing the military targets in the city. In the end of the attack, 500 military targets are destroyed in the city; 1,000 military and government officials are killed with only one civilian casualty. The drones at Isfahan destroy 80 military targets in the city, killing 476 military personnel. By this time, Iran is on full alert and have launched their own drone and 17 military jets. While the drones that are headed to the city of Karaj, the Iranian military intercepts the drones and are able to shoot down 17 drones in total, killing 20 on the ground. In result the drones start to bomb the area where they are getting attacked, destroying 30 tanks and killing 57 military personnel. The rest of the drones continue to the city of Karaj, destroying all of the military targets in the entire city, killing 200 military and 27 government personnel, no civilian casualties were reported but 27 injuries of civilians have been. The drones for Tabriz also destroyed all of the military targets killing 700 military personnel, along with 20 government officials were killed also. The drones then head to the nation of Syria to destroy military targets in three different cities. The first target was Aleppo, where 200 military targets were located, the drones only were able to destroy 192 targets that killed about 850 military personnel. The drones were not able to destroy the eight targets because there would be hundreds of civilian casualties, which the drones are programmed not to do. The drones then head to the city of Damascus in South Western Syria, where 345 targets were located, and the drones were able to destroy 344 targets, killing 975 people. The only target that was not hit by the drones were for the same reason for the town in Aleppo, there were to many civilians in the area and it was against the drones' system to target civilians. The final target was Hezbollah sites in Lebanon. The drones were able to destroy all of the targets in the entire country, killing over 1,000 military and Hezbollah leaders.
    • Mod Response: In the referendum against weather Turkey should go to war with the SFA, 51% vote against it since Turkey is already in another war, and most of the Turkish Government doesn't want to have to many wars on their hands.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: After years of inactivity, the Swedish government returns to Sweden and authority is returned. Sweden is pronounced the poorest country in Europe and the 16th poorest in the world. We begin to sell our off-shore oil supplies as the demand for oil continues to increase. We eliminate all propaganda from northern towns and cleanse remaining hospitals. We call on neighbors in Europe to help rebuild Malmo airport and cleanse towns and homes.
    • Turkish diplomacy: We send the Swedish government two billion dollars to repair the damages.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ukrainian Government sends the Swedish Government 13 billion dollars.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Chovus thanks Eurasian Union Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin for helping the government realize their mistake. Chovus also announces full support for Sweden and has the Ukrainian Government send the Swedish Government three billion dollars for repairs to the airport and other towns and cities. Scientists finish their research on the Mers Disease and now have a full vaccine and cure; the vaccines will be distributed across Ukraine and is now a requirement in every school and college in the country, the Ukrainian Government also offers other countries the vaccine rather than just the cure (country responses needed). President Chovus announces at a press conference that, "Me along with the Ukrainian Government and people are disappointed in the actions of Iran. You people are risking the beauty of Israel, along with the religious and historical history that is there; that is why almost everybody calls Jerusalem the, 'Holy Land'. So now we will give them one more warning to immediately leave Israel or Ukraine will get involved," (Israel/Mod response needed). Scientists begin research for vaccines and cures for Cancer and Lyme Disease. The Ukrainian Ministry of Finance reports that the construction of 17 major international and 27 major national airports will begin construction all over Ukraine to boost tourism in the country, which will also result in more money for the economy. With the best of medicine and vaccines for every Ukraine citizen, life expectancy for males are 92 and females are 95.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We buy from Ukraine a lifetime supply of the vaccine to Mers.
    • Mod response: Israel thanks Ukraine for its support. Iran ignores Ukraine's warnings and continues with the offensive as it has pledged many times to destroy the Jewish State.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: President Chovus holds a conference with his cabinet, and after conferring for five hours President Chovus officially signs the Declaration of War against Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah; along with sanctions against all of the countries. Troops will be sent out in the following year.
  • Flag of USAUnited States: We station the USS George Washington, USS Ronald Reagan, and USS George H.W. Bush in the Persian Gulf. We start performing air strikes on Iran using these aircraft carries in the Persian Gulf. We send 300,000 troops to invade Syria using Turkey to move our troops into Syria. We announce that we are letting Israeli refuges come to the United States on temporary visas. We also announce that we will allow Costa Rican refuges into the United States on the same temporary visa we are letting Israeli refuges in on. All the refuges can apply for citizenship after ten years of living in the US. We ask Nicaragua if we could set up temporary bases on there border with Costa Rica so we can attack the LAF.(Mod Response) We ask that other countries help us combat the militaristic SFA. We send one billion dollars to help repair Sweden. We start production of 50,000 drone operated aircraft that can perform air strikes on enemy positions.
    • Mod response: Nicaragua, fearing invasion, lets the U.S to set up bases in its territory.
    • United States Diplomacy: We set up 25 temporary bases along the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border. We use these bases to perform air strikes on LAF positions. We also send 800,000 ground troops to push the SFA out of Costa Rica. We offer the Costa Rican government refuge in Washington D.C.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: We back out of the Falklands and recognize the Isla Malvinas as owned by the LAF. But as of this we do send the assets in Taskforce Falkland to the Caribbean Sea (off the coast of Panama). Air strikes are started and 130,000 troops are sent to the region. We send a further 245,000 troops to Turkey for the invasion of Syria. We send four billion to Sweden to help with the rebuild. Military and economy is improved.
  • Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden: We accept all money given by countries, with special thanks sent to the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Turkey for constant support throughout the epidemic and the attack on the SPA. We use the money to reboot pine farms in the north of the country and continue selling oil. We experience a rapid rise in Chinese people entering the country, helping the country further. 60% of hospitals have already been cleansed. Sweden's stock exchange rises by 8.6%, the largest increase in 20 years.
    • Ukrainian diplomacy: To help the Swedish economy even more than just giving them money, the Ukrainian Government starts to buy almost all of the oil Sweden can sell and pay in full. President Chovus says, "We will be more than glad to help the Swedish Government and people in general in any way we can."
    • United States Diplomacy: We congratulate Sweden on their turn around after the war and we also offer to purchase Swedish oil.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: Although we have large reserves of oil ourselves, we buy some oil from Sweden to help them out financially.


Israel fends off the Axis and invades Iran. Israel also thanks the nations that gave them support, and asks for continued support in the invasion. China and Pakistan voice support for Iran and send troops to defend them; China sends 500,000 while Pakistan sends 300,000. Turkey captures Syria. Rojava declares independence. The SFA captures Costa Rica and invades Nicaragua.

  • Flag of the Eurasian Union.svg Eurasian Union: The Eurasian Union builds up their economy and technology; begins work on establishing a Mars colony; spends one billion dollars on alternate forms of energy; congratulates Israel on defending themselves, and congratulates Sweden on their recovery.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We congratulate Israel for defending herself; As the war escalates and threatens to become a global conflict, we seek to start peace talks before the Chinese, Pakistani and Coalition forces come in direct contact. We propose a one-week ceasefire of all sides and start talks about peace(Responses needed) but we also say that we will stand by Israel if the talks fail. Meanwhile at home, the GDP continues to explode in size due to the many reforms and is now 22 trillion dollars, while the pension age is raised to 58. The Mars project is a dazzling success, as the astronauts landed safely, took as many samples as possible, put three flags: The U.S, the U.K, and the Turkish ones, and landed safely on earth. Another project of establishing a manned colony on Mars will be launched in the mid 2040s. There are now 700,000 robots in the military alongside with 22,000 drones. We send another two billion dollars in aid to Sweden. Breakthroughs occur in the Full Immersion Virtual Reality project and the final product will be tested next year. The AI continues to grow exponentially and pace of change is becoming too fast for human comprehension, which requires the human intelligence to be merged with machine intelligence; That is made possible due to several factors: A. reverse-engineering of the brain earlier this decade, allowing simulations is near-perfect detail, down to the atoms. B. Shrinkage of computers by many orders of magnitude over the recent decades. What was a smartphone in 2010 is now the size of blood cells by now, which allows billions of those computers to be implanted in the brain in a minimally invasive procedure and those computers can work simultaneously, combining the best sides of human and machine intelligence. Meanwhile, a vaccine for leukaemia is successful, with 98% success rate. Meanwhile, Quantum computers are now available in Turkey and worldwide. Most government agencies, universities and research institutes now have access to this revolutionary technology, which offers spectacular computing speed and power on a completely different scale to anything used before. These computers are Trillions of times faster than earlier computers and they are nearly impossible to hack or break into because encyrption techniques performing huge numbers of tasks simultaneosly. On the geopolitical scene, we fortify our newly captured Syria, send the ruling regime to the International Criminal Court in The Hague and welcome all forces to Syria. We do not advance into Iran, however, as we want to initiate peace talks between the sides. Using our new drones, we launch further airstrikes on Iran in order to bring her into the negotiations table, we send 15,000 of our drones to Iran's biggest military concentrations and the rest to defend our airspace. Once again, the drones are expected to bring a devastating blow on the Iranian military but also to inflict minimal civilian casualties, due to their programming against the use of force on civilians(Mod response for the results). We urge China and Pakistan not to stand by Iran, as the Iranian regime is a rogue one and must be either reformed or defeated. We offer China and Pakistan our oil instead of the Iranian one so they will have no interest in defending Iran(Mod response needed). Meanwhile, Turkey is declared the most developed country in the Middle East, on par with Israel.
    • Mod response: Only half of the Coalition agree to the peace talks, the other disagree saying that "They are a danger that needes to be stoped." The Chinese Government agrees to peace talks but the Pakistani Government gives no comment on how they want to handle the crisis.
    • Mod response: With the use of the 15,000 drones against Iran, it results in the downing of 13 drones from the Iranian Military. The crash of the 13 drones kills ten miltary personnel and 20 civilans. Other than that the rest of the drones sweep Iran, striking military targets across the country killing 45,000 military personnel along the way, with only five civilian deaths in total. But still the Iranian Government disagree to negotiations.
    • Mod response: The Chinease Government agrees to the purchase of Turkey's oil instead of war. But still the Pakistani Government still ignores all offers.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: Since the Coalition has a clear advantage, we propose a peace plan: in return of the coalition forces to stop advancing, Iran and Pakistan must recognize Israel, China must return its forces, Iran's army must be reduced to a force of 100,000 peacekeeping troops without heavy weapons and Israel will withdraw from Syria within 15 years, allowing the formation of a democratic regime.(Responses and Mod responses needed)
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: President Chovus agrees with Turkey's Peace Plan, and hopes that other countries in the coalition will agree with it also.
    • Mod response: Only some of the coalition agree with Turkey's Peace Plan, but most of the other countries prefer to go to war.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: We begin sending oil to our allies and begin construction on a new improved harour in Malmo. Our stocks continue to rise, as money continues to flow in. The Swedish Royal Family are flown back from Iceland and declare a tour of Europe, including going to the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Turkey and more. We consult Finland and the Eurasian Union to unveil the world's canal that would connect the Baltic Sea and the White Sea, and improve relations with the two countries as well.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Chovus welcomes the Swedish Royal family for their tour of Ukraine with open arms and offers them a personal tour of Kiev (Swedish response). The GDP of the country rises to 30 trillion dollars due to the selling of the vaccine for the Mers Disease. Ukrainian scientists have came up with a makeshift cure for Breast Cancer, Eye Cancer, and Bone Cancer, but with only a 17% success rate; and scientists predict that the cure

    The Vulture

    will be fully successful by 2042. Meanwhile the scientists are having trouble researching Lyme Disease since there has only been very little cases of that disease in Ukraine, so they ask the United States if they can send samples of deer ticks with the disease (American response). Now on every street in the country (even the back roads), the roads can now basically levitate the self driving cars two feet above the ground, this new technology have made road accidents a thing of the past with only one reported death while construction was under way. The Ukrainian Government reports that every house will now have green energy to reduce air and ground pollution, along with the "Green Project" as it is labeled, President Chovus announces a plan of action to completely move Ukraine into the new age of technology. The first part of the new plan of action starts with the construction of new buildings all over Kiev, styled to look like to most modern it can be; including gardens all over the side and roof tops. The Ukrainian War Department reports that the construction will begin of stealth aircraft that can be used for surveillance, and very intelligent communication technology on missions; the "Vulture" will start being used in 2040. The War Department also reports that Ukraine has only 100,000 human troops out of 900,000 robotic troops that now do not need to be controlled from the battlefield, rather from a base far away so it won't risk to many human lives. (secret) Under President Chovus, super missiles will begin construction that is 20x destructive than the Tsar Bomba (most powerful nuclear weapon recorded), and 10x more powerful than Turkey's super missiles. The first rocket will be used by the year 2041 (secret). Due to private reasons, the Ukrainian Government declares that they have to back out of the war against Iran and use the money that would be used during the war for that private reason.
    • Swedish Diplomacy: We accept the tour.
      • United States Diplomacy: We send Ukrainian scientist the ticks with Lyme disease.
  • Flag of USAUnited States: We send one million troops to invade Iran and encourage other countries to continue to support Israel. We Also leave our ships in the Persian Gulf and continue airstrikes in Iran. We pull all our troops out Central America and ask the SFA to hold talks. (Mod Response) We ask Turkey, Ukraine, The United Kingdom, The Eurasian Union, and Canada to send their astronauts so we can launch the ISS 2. (Player and Mod Responses) Empire State Building 2035 is completed.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ukrainan Government sends two astronauts to the United States so they can be launched with the other astronauts to the ISS 2.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We send our astronaut.
    • Eurasian Diplomacy: The Eurasian Union sends two astronauts.
    • Mod Response: Fueled by its momentum, the SFA doesn't respond to the U.S offer but rather invades Honduras.
  • Flag of Albania Albania: The Country of Albania's GDP reaches $20,000 per capita and its population grows to ten million since 2015. The country of Albania is asking The Republic of Macedonia if they would like to merge into a singe country and call themselves the "The United Republic of Macedonia and Albania" They do this so both countries can become more active in the world and become one of Europe's powers.(Macedonia's response)
  • Macedonia Diplomacy : Macedonia Accepts and They form "The United Republic of Macedonia and Albania"


Israel's invasion of Iran fails. The SFA captures Honduras, with troops in Nicaragua. Rojava asks Turkey for independence from Syria.

  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: Yet again, we demand all sides in the middle east conflict to go on peace talks and to consider the peace plan we offered in 2038(responses needed). We warn the coalition that Turkey will not be as sympathetic to the Israeli side as it is now, if the coalition refuses to go to the peace talks. We also warn the Iranians and Pakistanis, that if they don't agree to peace, Turkey will use such devastating weapons, that Iran and Pakistan will have no other choice than peace. Meanwhile, we fortify our border our captured Syrian Borders and in a historic decision, decide to annex Syria(Map update needed). Proponents of annexation claim that annexing Syria will bring not only order to the war-torn nation, but prosperity. The government of Turkey recognizes the national rights of the Syrians and decides that the land area of Syria will be a province with a special status of increased autonomy. Syria is renamed:"The Autonomous Arab Province of Syria". Elections are held there and they're deemed free by our government. The autonomous government of Syria will be responsible for things like culture, education, tourism etc. and the Turkish government will be responsible for defense, infrastructure, foreign relations etc. We give the Syrian Kurds an independent state in a small region near the Turkish-Syrian-Iraqi Border. The robotization project of the military is almost complete and the military now has 850,000 robots alongside with 25,000 drones. The rapid progress is because of great growth in efficiency of factories and other manufacturing sites due to the huge numbers of robots now being employed instead of humans, vastly outdoing the latter. Istanbul Province is the first province in which there are literally no people above the age of 12 that cannot read or write. That trend will continue exponentially as education improves. Meanwhile, the project of full immersion virtual reality is a success: extremely powerful computers have succeeded in stimulating the senses of a human volunteer to experience a simulated reality of astonishing detail and accuracy. Although expensive today, and available only in the most important cities, this technology enables one to simulate almost every place on earth and experience it in ways that are almost indistinguishable from the real world. Although it has some flaws as it is still at its infancy and it still requires perfection, the sheer level of detail and accuracy was simply impossible earlier. This incredible technology will have a huge impact on travel industries as virtual reality can simulate practically all of the famous places to go with almost unimaginable detail, therefore reducing the need to travel, while the oil are getting increasingly higher due to its scarcity, so the flights are also getting more expensive. Full immersion virtual reality, combined with the internet and the computers of today, can create entire societies online, and soon, many people are likely to spend many of their time simply "plugging in" to have an amazing journey online. As the economic boom slows down, we divert some of our public spending to handle our increasing national debt. The retirement age is now 62. This trend of raising the pension age will only grow as people are now living longer and longer due to the unprecedented economic and social boom. Despite all this, there is economic instability in the country, and many citizens are worried that the government isn't doing enough to halt the climate change. A new party called the "Green Party" is formed to raise awareness to the climate change, attracting millions of supporters. One day an important advisor to the PM Tekin says that there is no climate change and it's an invention of the Far-Left to gain voters. Following that statement thousands head to the streets to demonstrate in front of government offices; One protestor says "that Turkey will be devastated by climate change and the government won't do anything about it". Hundreds of people are arrested and injured. Although the PM apologized, fired the advisor and decided to impose a carbon tax which decreased the pollution and effects of climate change, the country remained politically unstable. Some political commentators said that at this point, the government is so fragile, it probably won't last until the following year. However, the government is still operating and there's no sign of upcoming elections. The population is 115,000,000 and the GDP is 25 trillion dollars.
  • Mod event(s): Brazil fully joins the SFA, now called SPFA, which stands for "Spanish-Portuguese Federation of America"(Map update needed). With its combined powers, the SPFA is now a global power, challenging the USA's dominance in the area and threatening to overthrow her as the one who has the power. Meanwhile, floodings in Bangkok and other Asian cities kill and displace millions. A new lung disease is spreading in China, having killed 600,000 already. Egypt, Libya and Algeria unite to the "African Arab republic"(Map update please). Guatemala votes to join the SPFA without resistance.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Chovus warns the Spanish-Portuguese Federation of America, that if they continue to devestate South American and threaten the United States and other countries around the world, Ukraine would be forced to use their secret weapon against them. The economic boom continues, with the GDP at 30.5 trillion dollars, still making Ukraine one of the most wealthiest countries in the world. With the lung disease spreading in China, and fears of another Mers Outbreak type of pandemic, flights to and from China are eliminated until further notice; trading is also halted in fears of the disease being spread through the shipments. Gardens are starting to pop up all over the buildings of Kiev and the construction of new more economically and eco-friendly buildings, and now buildings built before 2037 are being refurnished to be more eco-friendly to the environment. Commercial flights across Ukraine are now pilot-less, similar how drones can fly without a pilot, and Ukraine asks other countries if this method of flying can be used to fly to their countries (responses needed). Military personnel is now at 1.9 million active troops and 700,000 reserve troops; only 1,000 of them are humans and will be replaced in the next year. Ukraine's first space program is nearing completion and it is released that the first flight will be launched to the moon and will also be manned for the first time. A shooting occurred in front of the Government Building, where one man used a varity of different weapons, shooting and killing 27 and 40 injured. President Chovus gives full support that Global Warming is real and needs to be stooped for the safety of the people of the world. The research with the three Cancers are making process with a 50% success rate, with the Lyme Disease vaccine, it is 37% complete with thanks to the infected ticks that the United States sent to the Ukrainian scientists. Crime rate in the entire country is down at 5%, with the only crimes being small pick-pocketing in smaller towns in Southern Ukraine. The average age of death for males in 97 and 102 for females, but the retirement age still stands at 65. Many people are begging to be interested in the virtual reality progress that Turkey is making and the Ukrainian Government asks the Prime Minister if Ukraine can start purchases, with most of it civilian use, the other half is for military training. A border dispute between Ukraine and Moldova leaves 18 civilians/27 troops killed with 100 injured; the Ukrainian Government blames the Moldovan Government for lack of responsibility for their weapons and demand an apology for the incident (response needed). Almost every student is schools graduate high school and college, making only 10% of students not graduating high school in the entire country. President Chovus claims that they will not be sending any aid to China until the disease is a little under control so it will be safe to send doctors to the area. All power is now eco-friendly for every home and building in the entire country, mostly using solar power, and solar power wind mills all over the hillsides of Eastern Ukraine. Another terrorist attack in front of one of the main research center in Southern Ukraine, that leaves 300 dead and 500 inured with the radiation from the special research spreading over 20 mile radius, killing an extra 200 people. A new terrorist group claims responsibility for the attack on the research building, and claim that there new name is the, "Ukrainian Nationalists" and want research for weapons and trade to be halted and want Ukraine to become another North Korea; the Ukrainian Government claims that they will stop them at any cost it takes. Documents are released that reveals that former President Tyrpsenko was a Russian Nationalist and wanted Russia to take more than Ukraine; now that she is dead there is now nothing anybody can do, but her gravitate has been dismantled by angry citizens about the Government knew about this while she was president and did nothing about it. President Chovus has no response in the revealed documents.
    • Mod response: The Molodovan government agrees to apologize as long as Ukraine makes a joint apology with it and both countries assume respobsibility for the incident.
  • Flag of USA United States We launch the ISS 2. We pull all our troops out of Iran. We warn the SPFA that an invasion of Mexico will lead to swift military action.


The lung disease spreads wildly in China, causing the deaths of 800,000 people and causing panic and riots all over the country. The ISS 2 Space Mission is a complete successes. Iran collapses under it's own weight, mostly due to their financial failure and failure to invade Israel successfully, the country is absorbed by Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Rebels appear all over the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, declaring that they are the new North Korea and start killing civilians all over the area.

  • Flag of Macedonia-Albania The United Republic of Macedonia and Albania: We send half a billion dollars to send aid to China, as well as sending 2,000 soldiers to Korea to help them with the rebels. The URMA (United Republic of Macedonia, Albania) Improves it's infrastructure, the countries GPD Per Capita reaches 50,000 , while the population reaches 30,000,000. URMA also asks Kosovo if they would like to join URMA.
    • Mod response: Kosovo agrees to join the URMA.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: As more and more countries begin to form continental countries, we ask Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark if we could form the Republic of Scandinavia. We request that all countries in Europe will be permitted to join, if the Republic of Scandinavia becomes a reality.
    • Mod response: Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark all agree to join as one to form the "Republic of Scandinavia". New Flag: Scandinavian Flag
  • Flag of USA United States: Empire State Building 2035 is finished and opened in a massive ribbon cutting ceremony. We start research on the Chinese lung disease. After a Supreme Court case the death penalty is deemed cruel and unusual punishment and is abolished nation wide. We recognize the Republic of Scandinavia and ask to establish diplomatic relations with them. We ask Korea if they want us to send troops to help them deal with the rebels. (Mod Response) We offer the SPFA a non-aggression pact with the condition they don't invade Mexico. (Mod Response) Democrat Chris Murphy is elected.
    • Mod response: The United Republic of Korea acepts the United State's request and allows American troops to help with the rebels.
    • Mod response: The SPFA agrees to the non-aggression pact as long as every other country agrees also.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Government now recognizes the Republic of Scandinavia and also ask to establish diplomatic relations with them (Scandinavian response needed).The 2040 Ukrainian Presidential elections are held and President Chovus is re-elected as president for another five years. The Ukrainian capital of Kiev is almost completely under construction to make buildings more eco-friendly, mostly by planting gardens on the buildings to reduce air pollution and now clean up crews will be active 24/7 to clean up to any litter on the streets to reduce ground-pollution. Construction will also begin of the world's third tallest skyscraper, standing at 5000 feet (1524 meters) in the capitol of Kiev and is estimated to be completed by 2043. Ukraine is now adapting their own style of virtual reality, mostly for civilian use, but is also used for robotic training for the military for the battlefield. (secret) The super bomb, now named "Povnyy Bomba" is now compete and is ready for use (secret). The Ukrainian Government sends the Chinese Government 13.5 billion dollars for aid with the disease spreading and resulting riots. President Chovus holds a press conference and says that, "We had always thought that North Korea was gone forever, but I guess we were wrong. We will begin sending troops to the area to fight back the rebel forces and by next year we will be sending tanks and might start air-raids on North Korean rebel controlled areas." Immediately after his speech; 12,000 robotic troops are sent to the northern area of Korea and will send more if needed in the future. Ukraine's first Space Program is completed and the first manned mission to the Moon will take place in the following year, as the astronauts chosen for the flight are still in training. The cancer cure and vaccine is now complete with a 100% success rate and offer to sell some of it to the United States (United States response). The Lyme Disease vaccine is at 52% complete with a 47% success rate and is estimated to be complete by the year 2043. Terrorist threats continue to threaten the Ukrainian Government and President Chovus announces that police will now be searching temporary phone and computer records to detect possible terror plots.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: With our new lands, Turkey is now on the verge of becoming a global power. The robotization project of the military is finally complete and there are now 1.1 mollion robots in the military instead of the expected one million, and 30,000 drones are now also in service; 150,000 human soldiers are still in service will not be phased out. Those human soldiers will be used mainly for maintenance, control, programming etc. rather than actual combat. We recognize the Scandinavian Republic and offer to start diplomatic relations(Response needed). As with the Chinese crisis, Turkish scientists discover that the disease is not infectious at all, and it is only spreading because of the bad Chinese habits that cause this lung disease such as: Pollution(More than half of the 30 most polluted cities of the world are Chinese), Smoking(Over half of the adult population are smokers) and the extensive use of burning coal in the house for heating and cooking(Also over half of the households). We recommend the Chinese to control these habits to stop the disease from gaining momentum or else, as much as 80 million people may die from the disease in the next five years. Although virtual reality isn't widespread yet, we still receive billions of dollars from selling the technologies that generate virtual reality, such as nanobots, headsets etc. The political instability is reaching crisis point, and PM Tekin dissolves the government and announces new elections. Female PM Irfan Nur from the CHP party is elected PM and inaugurated later this year. The Turkish Military adopts a new doctrine of self-defence and non-aggression towards its neighbours, due to the vast lands we have now. Nearly half of the Oil and gas that has been discovered in the Black sea almost two decades ago has been used, but it has no impact on the Turkish economy since the country is now almost fully using clean energy, including nuclear, wind, solar and algae. The retirement age is raised to 65 and this allows the government to cut public spending in order to reduce national debt which makes the economy rise again. The GDP is now at 26 trillion dollars and the population is at 116,000,000. The exponential growth of AI is now extremely rapid as the AI is starting to surpass any given human organic mind in Turkey. In the following decades, the AI is expected to match all of the human minds on earth. This rapid growth means that many high-level tasks and decisions will be handed directly to these minds, rather than humans. Turkish Airlines now operates only hypersonic planes, piloted by advanced AI that run on clean energy. Life expectancy is now 98 for females and 93 for males. This growth is caused by the revolutions in medicine and many new technologies allowing to slow aging. More provinces now have 100% literacy. These provinces are predominantly the richer West of Turkey, but soon the poorer East will follow, as the gaps are closing.
  • Mod event(s): Floodings in Asia continue to kill and displace millions. Entire shantytowns are formed by refugees that are trying to escape, conditions in these shantytowns are some of the worst in the world. The lung disease in China has now killed over a million people. Meanwhile, to the grief of the U.S.A, Mexico votes to join the SPFA, which is now undoubtedly a global superpower.
  • Scandinavian Flag Scandinavia: We invite Greenland and the Baltic States to join the Republic of Scandinavia, with the success enticing Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland to join earlier in that year. We boast better security from the Eurasian Union in the case of an attack and more connectivity with the rest of the European continent. We begin the construction of a MagLev train from Helsinki to Copenhagen. We declare Stockholm as the administrative capital and Copenhagen as the commercial capital.
    • Mod response: The Baltic States agree to join the Republic of Scandinavia, but Greenland declines on the terms that they preffer to remain soverign and that they are not a part of Scandinavian Culture anymore and that they are part of North America.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: After narrowly avoiding the flooding in Asia, our population begins rising after years of decline. We begin to market our robots abroad to other countries, specifically our war defence and house cleaning robots. Furthermore, we finish work on the Tokyo Arcology, which will provide homes to five million people. We propose a super train, which will connect London with Tokyo, within 3hours, and we will pay for 80% of the project, including a new tunnel underneath the Channel and the Sea of Japan.

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