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CapitalStockholm (also largest)
Other cities Oslo, Reykjavik, Helsinki, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Malmo, Gothenburg
Demonym Scandinavian
Currency Scandinavian Krone
Calling code +354
 The Republic of Scandinavia, otherwise known as the Scandinavian Republic, or simply as Scandinavia, is a federal nation in Northern Europe. Formed in 2040, Scandinavia consists of the former states Norway (872-2040), Sweden (1397-2040), Finland, Iceland (1901-2040), Denmark (1814-2040) and the Baltic States; Lithuania (1990-2040), Estonia (1991-2040) and Latvia (1991-2040). 

Founded by ambitious prime minister Agneta Ai-Mao, the former-Prime Minister of Sweden had the dream of a unified Scandinavia for many years, and in order to help her country and the other Scandinavian countries she asked for one Scandinavia. The GDP of Scandinavia grew to 13 trillion by 2044.

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