Human cloning has been an aspiration since the beginning of the 21st century. In the year 2038, Samuel Sullivan founded Sullivan Industries, a health care industry focusing on Cloning human DNA to hopefully make Organ transplants and Organ donors obselete.

They started by cloning simple Organs, such as Kidneys, by the year 2043 they were able to clone more advanced organs such as the Heart, and eventually, 3 years later, the Human Brain. Sullivan's next step was to clone a full human being. In the year 2048, Samuel Sullivan was diagnosed with Emphysema, he died a year later, leaving his son, Donovon Sullivan, in charge of the project. He told his son to make him proud before he died. Donovon Sullivan intended to clone pigs first, to see how it would turn out, it was a success. He then tried cloning them together... but... an accident happened.

Infant hybrid

An infant hybrid

Older hybrid

Older Hybrid

The Cloning Machine malfunctioned, and instead of well cloned humans, out came... monsters. After that day, on May 3rd, 2049, a new breed of creature was born. Hiding inside of abandoned buildings and sewers, these Pig/Human hybrids have rapidly reproduced, and in less than 4 months they have multiplied out of control. Donovon disappeared, some say he committed suicide, not being able to handle the fact he failed his dad, but the truth is, he is very much alive, and wading through the waters of insanity.

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