The Human-Dirge War

"We are all united in defense of our planet. We are facing a threat of extinction from a brutal and vicious species.".

-President Barack Obama, in a speech from the US provisional capital in Anchorage, Alaska.

Date2020 - 2035
Location Earth, Moon

Pyrrhic Victory for the United Nations

  • Jiralhanae withdraw from Earth
  • Death of 20% of All life on Earth.
  • Formation of the Unified Earth Government, and Unite Nations Space Command
  • Moon base destroyed
Human Forces:
* Flag of the United Nations United Nations
  • Flag of the United States United States of America
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of Russia Russian Federation
  • Flag of India India
  • Flag of Europe European Union
  • China People's Republic of China
Jiralhanae Forces:
  • Jiralhanae

Flag of the United States Hilary Clinton Flag of United Kingdom David Cameron Flag of Russia Vladmir Putin China Hu Jintao


Hundred of millions of soldiers on both sides

Casualties and losses
Military casualties:
~1.5 Billion dead
~934,187,012 injured
Killed in action:
~Unknown injured

The Human-Jiralhanae War, or simply the War for Survival, was a 15 year long global military conflict which involved a every single of the world's superpowers and nations, and the forces of the sentianl alien civilization known as the Jiralhanae. The war involved the mobilizations of all nations armed forces in the defense of Earth and the Moon base.

The war began when a Jiralhanae warship stumbled upon earth in 2019. Human contact was made and meeting point was established in Vancouver, Canada.

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