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Household robots (domestic robots) have long occupied the public imagination. Robotic servants were "promised" to people by futurists in 1950s, but although the average home may now have tens of automatic devices, there are few, if any, bona fide robots.

This changed in early 2000s with the introduction of robotic vacuum cleaners (most notably Roomba from iRobot, but also Trilobite from Electrolux) that costed 200+ dollars. In 2006 iRobot added a floor washing robot - Scooba - to its product line.

In 2006 Sharp said it has developed a humanoid robot that clears dishes from the table and puts them into a dishwasher. The robot (measuring 95x50x45cm) opens the door of the dishwasher, takes hold of teacups, rice bowls and plates, places them in the unit and closes the door. [1]

Main issues to be resolved are machine vision, sensing (incl., tactile sensors), reconstructing the 3D world model, predicting the expected results of physical actions and dealing with unexpected results.

A report, issued by the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe and the International Federation of Robotics at the end of 2003, said that out of total domestic robot sales 570,000 were robot lawnmowers and Sales of vacuum cleaning robots reached 37,000.

Fully automatic lawn mowers are designed to mow your lawn all by themselves.

Robot Lawn mowers are environmentally Friendly- With global warming now being a major concern you can have peace of mind with these mowers. All Auto Lawn Mow models run on rechargeable Lithium ion batteries; and do not use petrol or burn oil like conventional lawn mowers.

Robot lawn mowers work very quietly, so you can program them to work in night while you sleep.

Rain Sensors in these robot lawn mowers alerts the robot to return to its docking station or stay in it's docking station while it's raining but on the other hand if you are using a simple electric lawn mower without a rain sensor, either you have to run yourself in rain to get your mower in shed or it will be useless.

Bump sensors in our robotic lawnmower protects the lawn mower from running over items that may be lying in the yard, hence increasing its life and efficiency.

Robot lawn mowers are a boon for People with allergy problems. Robot lawn mowers cut your grass while you sitting faraway, reading your favorite novel, and providing you with allergy relief.

Automatic lawn mowers save you time and effort. To buy an automatic lawn mower for green and healthy lawns that too without any hassles, visit

This is a factual article as opposed to fiction or scenario. It describes the current state of the field and explains expected future developments without speculation or fantasy.

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