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Homo Nova Edit

Homo Novus, or "New Man," is a genetically engineered strain of humanity that first appeared in its most basic form when Theo Bell's mind was reengineered to have a 70% area of brain activity. In 2016, the first true Homo Novus began to appear through Bell's development of a new series of gene-mod drugs. By 2020 there will be roughly 31,000 Homo Novus on Earth, most of them in the US and Canada, with a few about Europe and the far East. By 2075 95% of all humans had become Homo Novi. Homo Novi were the axiom of human evolution until the creation of the Avatars.

History Edit

In 2010 Theo Bell became the first human to receive a GM Drug. This treatment increased his mental capacity to 73%; however he was not the first Homo Novus. His further research into Genetic Modification led to the creation of the first true Homo Novus in the mid 2010s. Gene-Mods remained illegal in 38 US states during these early periods, and 10 states outlawed the presence of people who had recieved GM treatments

Intelligence Edit

Homo Novi have an area of brain activity of 87%. They are capable of reading books as fast as they can turn and look at the pages, and can commit data to memory far more efficiently than their Homo Sapient cousins. Most Homo Novi have an adult IQ between 300-325, and by 2020, almost all of them had risen to the highest wage earning or policy making positions in the world.

Strength Edit

Homo Sapiens have a grand total of 629 muscles, Homo Novi have 3,200. While they physically do not look much different than the average human, these muscles are layered and are much more tightly strung creating a far stronger muscular structure. An average adult Homo Novus can lift upwards of 800 lbs while standing, and can bench press over 1000 lbs. Homo Novi can run at an average speed of 58 mph , and the fastest person ever recorded was able to achieve a speed of 74 mph, making Homo Novus the fastest land animal on Earth. The Unique musculature also has led many to discover that Homo Novus can withstand small arms fire at close range, receiving only flesh wounds, or at worse damaged muscles.

Skeleton Edit

Homo Novi have a skeleton of roughly the same number of bones as humans, save for the lack of wisdom teeth. However, the Homo Novus skeleton is ten times as strong as a standard Human skeleton. Homo Novus skeletal structures have been tested to withstand the force of an SUV at 60mph without being damaged. Comprised of larger amounts of Carbon and Titanium, along with a more efficient Calcium drive, Homo Novus have sometimes been rumored to be indestructible.

Eye Sight Edit

Homo Novus eyes appear almost identical to those of traditional humans, however many will notice how they are usually much darker shades of the colors of average humans. This is the result of Homo Novus's ability to see deeper into the Ultraviolet and Infared Spectrums. Homo Novus is capable of seeing at night with as much clarity as during the day, without risking damage to their eyes. Homo Novus eyes are also far more complex in that they are able to see clearly up to a 1000 ft away (this ability was extracted and modified from most birds of prey.)

Sexuality Edit

Homo Novi are no more different sexually than average humans. There are male and female Homo Novi, they breed the same, they are aroused the same. However most who become Homo Novi opt for certain enhancements to their sex organs. Mainly for size.

Skin Edit

Homo Novi flesh is extremely resiliant to UV rays, radiation, heat and cold. Designed to appear as normal human flesh, Homo Novi skin is much more tightly knit and damage resistant.

Metabolism Edit

The Homo Novi metabolic system is somewhat higher than that of an average human. While they do not produce excess heat at a higher rate, they do require a somewhat larger level of food consumption, similar to a thin human teenager.

Growth Edit

Physically, Homo Novi don't grow any faster than average humans. They reach sexual maturity between 7 and 10, and conclude puberty at between 30-35. Homo Novi however mentally develop much faster than normal humans. By age 3 they are on par with most humans in high school. They learn to walk and talk almost immediately, and can be potty trained much faster

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