a new race of humans created by Irizarry industries. the first generation of these beings are homo-sapiens who were hungry for a permanent boost. Steven was one of them and found a silent market for it. the homo superior was born from reading books quantum computing and using nanotechnology to reprogram genes. the first iteration was designed to hack a persons body on a chemical level but is upgraded with genetic modification technologies. this leads to them having great intellect : nearly perfect recall of images and language; super-fast thinking and calculation; powerful geometric visualization, even in higher dimensions; the ability to execute multiple analyses or trains of thought in parallel at the same time have superhuman strength speed and immune system. later they developed better powers via nanotechnology improvements like the Nexus project(a direct homage to the nexus novels by Ramez Naam), which facilitated telepathy and other enhancements later down the line. The first one was its inventor Steven Irizarry, who also made modifications to it. The first wonder pill would be sold with limited uses outside of intelligence but due to its intellectual impact it allowed for the companies R&D to upgrade it to include many other benefits before finally being released to the general public a year after the project started. This new branch of humanity will shape the world in more ways then even Steven imagined

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