Священная Российская Империя
Timeline: World War Z
God is with us!
Demonym Russian
Currency Russian ruble
Russia, or the Holy Russian Empire, is a massive transcontinental state located in Northern Eurasia. The Holy Russian Empire is an expansionist theocracy under the iron-fisted rule of Tsar George. Not Much is known about the nation outside of the empire itself, but most people know that it is a Tsarist autocracy with control so tight that the Russians have increased their population 50% from post-war lows in just 20 years through the Ryzhkov Program. It is estimated to surpass the United States within the next 40 years.

The Empire has expanded to include all the ex-Soviet Central Asian Republics, the Caucasus, Belarus and more recently, Ukraine. Border adjustments were made in the middle east with the Indian expansion into former Afghan, Pakistani and Iranian territory. Sakhalin, Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands have been controlled by Japan since the end of the war, and the United Nations has kept Russia out of Kaliningrad, forming a political deadlock between Russia and the Europeans and Japanese. Along with Canada, Alaska was partitioned with most of Alaska going to the Russians and the Juneau region going to the Canadians. The Holy Russian Army has been training since the end of the Zombie War, and after the Ukrainian War, they are itching for more.

Ryzhkov Program

The Ryzhkov Program was a breeding program created by Father Ryzhkov, one of the founders of the Holy Russian Empire. Young, fertile women became scarce in Russia, with most succumbing to disease, death or the infection itself. Each woman involved in the program was to birth many children to increase the population. Many women are set to bear as many as 16 children for the program. This brought up population and is projected to be in effect until the turn of the century.



The Holy Russian Empire is ruled by the Tsar under the system of Tsarist autocracy. The Tsar is "Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias" similar to the pre-1905 government of the old Russian Empire.


Russia had the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world before the war, as well as the second largest fleet of ballistic missile submarines and was the only country apart from the United States with a modern strategic bomber force. After the war, Russia continues to have the largest fighting force in the world, however, it's, as well as every other country (except maybe Canada and other self-sufficient fuel suppliers) Navy and Air Force is limited with the Oil Crisis. Nobody knows if Russia has kept its nuclear arsenal intact since the war, and they'd rather not find out the hard way.

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