Holli Tyler
Holli 1

3rd President of Britain

In Office:

May 5th, 2141 - August 18th 2206

Vice President: None
Preceded by: Beth Tyler
Succeeded by: Herself (2nd Generation)
Born: May 5th 2126, London, UK
Nationality: British
Political party: Republican
Spouse: Chris Windsor
Children: Holli
Alma mater: Oxford University
Occupation: Singer, Model, Politician



Holli Tyler was the 3rd President of the Republic of Britain from 2141 - . The daughter of Britains second President, Beth Tyler , she had a spoilt and happy childhood and soon became very well known. Upon her mothers resignation in 2107 she took over the reigns of power and maintained her mothers policys and initiatives. She was Britains first clone President and the first person in Britain to be reborn.

Holli Tyler was "born" on May 5, 2126 in the 5th London birth Laborotary. She had a good childhood and was often seen in public with her mother. She inherited the presidency at the age of 15, Britains youngest President.

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