the Universal Democratic Fundaty of Hodia




"Iustitia, Quantum, Adversum atque Misertus"

"Justice, respect, courage and compassion"

Anthem: "Long live the justice"

 Capital Governa, Ad
Largest city Tradha, Mg
 Official language


 Demonym Hodian
 Government Universal Democratic Fundaty 
 Parliament Concilium of Hodia
 Several important dates
 - Aiun Accord July 21, 2047
 -  Nation Established  June 19, 2060
 -  First inhabitant  October 4, 2060
 - Land (86,2%) 45 107 km2 (133rd)
  17 416 sq mi
 - 2080 Estimate 18 480 000 (61st)
 -  Density  409,7/km2 (30th)
1061,1/sq mi
 Currency the Pecu
 Drives on the Right
 Internet TLD .hd / .com.hd

Hodia, officially the Universal Democratic Fundaty of Hodia, is a sovereign and unitary foundry whose territory comprises the coastal mid-portion of Western Sahara.

Hodia has a total area of (45 107 square kilometres (17 416 sq mi) and a population of 18 480 000 (2080*). Hodia is bordered by with Morocco to the north, Sahrawia to the south, and Mauritania to the east. Hodia has a long coastline, facing the Mid Atlantic Ocean. Right outside the Hodian coastline lays the Canary Islands.Hodia was established in 2060, 13 years after the agreements in Aiun, the Aiun Accord.

Hodia is the first user of Fundaty. This means that Hodia have to fundats (means owner) after the two norwegian billionaires which founded Hodia. They have no big political impact on Hodia, but are as modern kings and queens, just nationalistic symbols and a representatives for Hodia. The prime minister is the highest political leader. The state power is divided between the Parliament, the Prime Minister and his ministry, the Fundats and his Council, and the Supreme Court.

Hodia has both administrative and political subdivisions on two levels, known as counties (Locus) and municipalities (Urbis). Hodia maintains close ties with the European Union and most of its member countries, as well as a strong relationship with the United States. Hodia is a member of the United Nations, NATO, the Council of Europe, the Militaristic and Economic Trans-Atlantic Alliance (METAA) and the Peace Council of West-Sahara (PCWS).

The country maintains a combination of market economy and a welfare model with universal health care and a comprehensive social security system. Hodia has extensive reserves of petroleum, natural gas, seafood and sun power. The petroleum industry accounts for a eight of the country's gross domestic product. The country has the tenth-highest per capita income in the world on the World Bank and IMFlists. Hodia is often referred to as the most peaceful, harmonic, modern, democratic and humanistic nation in the world.

Etymology Edit

The name Hodia is a combination of the words "hodia" which means today in latin, and the desert flower "hoodia" which grows in the deserts of Africa. They mean that the nation Hodia is like a hoodia-flower; a green and beautiful plant growing in the middle of the desert.

History Edit

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Geography Edit

Climate Edit

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Biodiversity Edit

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Environment Edit

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Demographics Edit

Population Edit

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Language Edit

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Religion Edit

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Politics and government Edit

Main article: Politics in Hodia

Administrative divisionsEdit

Hodia, a unitary state, is divided into seven first-level administrative counties (locuses). The counties are administrated through directly elected county assemblies who elect the County Governor, called Funde. As such, the Government is directly represented at a local level through the County Governors' offices. The counties are then sub-divided into 30 second-level administrative counties (Urbises).

The LocusesEdit


 Nr.  Locus Capital Biggest city
1 Akvilon Marsa Marsa
2 Adminia Governa Governa
3 Magnia Bojadora Tradha
4 Sentralia Tesla Tesla
5 Occidensa Campia Atleti
6 Austro Raifia Indua
7 Praeter Governa Immi

The UrbisesEdit

 Nr.  Locus Urbis Capital Biggest city
1A Akvilon Marsa Marsa Marsa
1B Akvilon Torroa Torona Almarsia
1C Akvilon Borgia Borgia Borgia
1D Akvilon Qug Qugna Qugna
1E Akvilon Nilvius Gira Latinn
2A Adminia Governa Governa Governa
2B Adminia Ghazi Agtia Agtia
2C Adminia Inutilis Auria Auria
2D Adminia Setrum Lakia Lakia
2E Adminia Spartia Sparta Sparta
3A Adminia Boujdour Vetusa Vetusa
3B Adminia Maris Bojadora Bojadora
3C Adminia Lorem Tradha Tradha
3D Adminia Northan Stonnes Urke
3E Adminia Dalmata Stomorska Maslina
4A Sentralia Atomia Einston Einston
4B Sentralia Elektra Tesla Tesla
4C Sentralia Arta Da Vinca Da Vinca
4D Sentralia Stima Alwatt Alwatt
5A Occidensa Aubama Reusa Reusa
5B Occidensa Campia Campia Campia
5C Occidensa Thoma Ediso Ediso
5D Occidensa Atleti Atleti Atleti
5E Occidensa Archi Medes Pytha
6A Austro Induan Indua Indua
6B Austro Gali Leo Lei
6C Austro Deser Raifia Raifia
6D Austro Copern Nicus Nicus
7A Praeter Governa Guelta Guelta
7B Praeter Governa Immi Immi

(The purple line shows where the Hodian Wall goes.)

Judicial system and law enforcement Edit

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Foreign relations Edit

Hodia maintains embassies in 134 countries, mainly countries where people have immigrated from. 110 countries maintain an embassy in Hodia, all of them in the capital, Governa.

Hodia is an important member of the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Council of Europe and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). While Hodia not geographical lays in Europe, it has several relationships with Europe like EFTA and UEFA. The most important foreign relation is USA. USA has several agreements within military, research, economy and trade. USA were especially important right after the Aiun Accord were agreed and during the construction of Hodia, due to the defence and peacekeeping of Western Sahara. USA is also the main reason why Hodia is a member in the NATO. In addition, very many ethnic americans lives in Hodia.

In addition to be a military superpower, Hodia is also a major peacekeeping dealer in worldwide conflicts. for instance, they stopped several conflicts in the Saharas.

Military Edit

Main article: Hodian Armed Forces

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Economy Edit

Resources Edit

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Finances Edit

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Infrastructure Edit

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Culture Edit

Music Edit

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Literature Edit

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Research Edit

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Architecture Edit

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Art Edit

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Cuisine Edit

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Sports Edit

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Football Edit

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Handball Edit

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