Current Cabinet and Cabinet-rank officials

The individuals listed below were nominated by President Hillary Clintonto form her Cabinet and were confirmed by the United States Senate on the date noted. An elected Vice President does not require Senate confirmation, nor does the White House Chief of Staff, which is an appointed staff position of theExecutive Office of the President.


The current Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments, listed here according to their order of succession to the Presidency.[2] Note that the Speaker of the House and the President pro tempore of the Senate follow the Vice President and precede the Secretary of State in the order of succession, but both are in the legislative branch and are not part of the Cabinet.

Office Incumbent Term began
Vice President Julian Castro January 20, 2017
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury Deborah Lee James January 28, 2017
Secretary of Defense
Attorney General Evan Bayh January 20, 2017
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Labor Phyllis Borzi April 6, 2018
Secretary of Health and Human Services Martin O'Malley January 20, 2017
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Veteran Affairs
Secretary of Homeland Security

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