High school in 2025 is going to be slightly different than it was now. With the rise of the internert and traditional moral values of the 2020s, many students will choose to go online for high school. Many students will log in each day to get their education at the comfort at their home, then they will go off to their jobs, hobbies, and other activities. High School will become a place for the jocks and the ones will school spirit, while the rest will prefer to take online classes. That will create a clique system and it won't be a cool thing to be in a traditional high school.

Many teachers in high school will be in there to coach and high school will be jock based. Education in conventional classrooms will be poorer, dress codes will be strict, and school lunch won't be as good as the home cooking that eat at home after taking online classes.

All students will be required to go to school in a conventional classroom up until the 8th grade, then the option will be chosen to go to a conventional high school, trade school, or online. Many students after 18 will join the military.

Education will be more real world based and focus more on real life skils such as managing money. Shop and home economics will be common electivites. Many girls will take home ecomomonics to learn how to cook and sew, and many boys will take shop classes. Many students will take classes to get job certifications for nurses aide, for example, to enter the workforce right after high school will college tuition prices rise to record levels.

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