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The Hermit-Crack Network is a Minecraft network of many various minecrafters. It was created when Jason, also known as Guude apologized to Rob, also known as OldManWilakers in 2017 and together they decided that LordsofMinecraft still stay a seperate server but becomes part of the Mindcrack community again. Later, under legal terms Hermitcraft seeing it as for the better wants to merge with Mindcrack, and Mindcrack accepts creating the Hermit-Crack Network in 2019. Wanting to join in as a roleplay server, Mianite  asks if they could join the Network. They were accepted in 2022, and the Hermit-Crack Network was completed. 

As of 2025, over 75% of them try to keep it kid-friendly. This caused a whole ot of members who left Mindcrack to return. They are not very commercial as they were when Etho left the original Mindcrack.


  • Etho
  • BDoubleO100
  • GenerikB
  • Docm77
  • Guude
  • OldManWillakers
  • PauseUnPause
  • Nebris
  • DeadBones5
  • Roamin
  • Nisovin
  • VintageBeef
  • MCGamer
  • Aurelyian
  • Vechs_
  • PaulsoaresJr
  • MumboJumbo
  • Xisuomavoid
  •  Zisteau
  • Pakratt0013
  • TheJims
  • W92Baj
  • CaptainSparklez
  • SethBling
  • Millbee
  • AvidyaZEN
  • Pyro_0
  • Sevadus
  • Coestar
  • Biffa2001
  • OMGChad
  • Adlingtont
  • Arkas
  • Pungence
  • AnderZEL
  • WesWilson
  • (More will be added)

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