Hellenic-Turkic War (NAI)
Date 2029—2030
Location Southern Europe
Result Greek victory
Western half of European Turkey under Greek control
Eastern half of European Turkey (including Istanbul) under Bulgarian control
Black Sea Region annexed by Romania
Turk Republic flagSultanate of Turkey GreekempireflagIndependent State of Greece

Flag of BulgariaKingdom of Bulgaria
Flag of RomaniaKingdom of Romania

Turk Republic flagHaydar Izzet

Turk Republic flagMentap Nazli

GreekempireflagArgyris Chrysanthos

Flag of BulgariaAlexei Kamarov
Flag of RomaniaCorvine Zgonea

478,000 Greekempireflag357,900

Flag of Bulgaria34,000
Flag of Romania25,000

Casualties and losses
268,000+ 195,000+

The Hellenic-Turkic War, also called the Battle for Europe, was a conflict that erupted when the Turkish Sultanate attempted to expand from its European territory into the Independent State of Greece, which was soon joined by the kingdoms of Bulgaria and Romania. At the same time, the Turks were fighting in the Middle East, giving them less troops to fight in Europe.

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