Havlo Highway 35

A car on Havlo Highway 35.

Havlo is the largest state in Antarctica, in terms of population. It also has the warmest climate. The state capital of Havlo is Fossil Bluff. The area is filled with British colonists. Havlo's demographics includes mostly Argentinian, British, and Canadian. A very low percentage of Russians. Havlo is filled with tourist sites, from amusement parks to museums. It also has a lot of shopping. Some of the most famous people in the world were born in Havlo's largest city, Esperanza. The Bert's Burgers headquarters is also located in Esperanza near the Downtown Esperanza Shopping Complex, with many stores, a movie theater, an amusement park, two sports arenas, and many restaurants. Havlo truly is an impressive state to live.
Antarctic shore

Warm day at Northern Havlo Shores.

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