After winning major victories in Europe, Putin decided to make his first attack on U.S. soil in spite of the formation of the Alliance. He planned to capture New Orleans and use the Mississippi River as a way of dividing the United States. If he succeeded, the United States would fall fairly quickly. However, he was not successful and engaged in a 2 week long naval battle with the U.S. which he lost, because he did not plan on being intercepted. This defeat marked a bit of a turning point in the war because the Alliance began to make progress in the war after this battle. The death toll was about 8,000 Russians and 1,200 Americans.


March 2020

  • Mar. 1: Russian naval forces assemble near the Gulf of Mexico. The United States notices and prepares defenses.
  • Mar. 3: Russian ships enter the Gulf of Mexico and head toward New Orleans.
  • Mar. 4: American gunships attack the Russian fleet, crippling its offensive strength. Putin abandons plans to attack New Orleans and focuses on the destruction of the American fleet.
  • Mar. 6: Russian ships sink 7 American ships. The American fleet begins to retreat.
  • Mar. 9: American submarines sink half of the Russian fleet, again embarrassing and angering Putin.
  • Mar. 11: The Russian fleet begins retreating after sinking a few more American ships.
  • Mar. 15: The only Russian aircraft carrier in the Gulf launches another of Russia's new aircraft, which sinks a large amount of American ships.
  • Mar. 16: An American admiral is killed when his ship sinks.
  • Mar. 17: Russia fully retreats after a second American submarine strike. Although Putin failed to capture New Orleans, he accomplished the goal of weakening the American navy in the Gulf of Mexico. This left the Gulf open to attack later on. This is one of the shortest and least brutal battles of the war.