Aftermath of Militia Bomb Attack in Bruce Industries Mine

The Guinea National Earth Militias, often simply called the Militia, was a relatively organized collection of radical environmentalist groups in Guinea that served as the central enemy of the United States during the Guinea War. Established by the nation's former president, Lansana Toure, to oppose a possible foreign invasion, the militias were very well trained, used excellent guerrilla tactics, and were popular among the local population, with many young men volunteering to fight for the insurgent organization. After the end of the Guinea War, the militias have risen to power and re-established the Guinean Earth Party.

Role in the Guinea WarEdit

After the Invasion of Guinea in 2062, the US military initiated Operation Fearsome Lion, in which members of the group were searched for and detained, while antimatter missiles and airstrikes were utilized to destroy militia targets. After the February Offensive of 2063, in which militias attacked US military bases and mining infrastructure across the country, the American army launched a number of offensives against the group. Militia members were rooted out during the Battle of Kankan, various campaigns in the cities of Coyah, Gueckedou, and Port Kamsar, as well as a variety of ground and air campaigns in the Capital of Conakry (including Operation Lonesome Eagle and Operation Mountain Thunder). In response, militias launched offensives against mines, occupying military bases, government buildings, and towns.

After Albert Norman withdrew all troops from the country in 2069, the Militas occupied the nation, and brought the Guinean Earth Party back to power.

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