The Guardiola Foundation was a radical anti-colonial faction of the aristocratic Mediterranean Union, that conducted a series of terrorist attacks against several Lagrangian and Lunar colonies between 2097 and 2102. Officially denounced by the Mediterranean Union, though supported quietly during its early operations, the Guardiolas posed a major geopolitical challenge to the United States and Mexico. At the time of their operation the Mediterranean Union was a stable ally of Mexico, and the attacks on the colonies were technically attacks on US Soil. This would have dragged both countries into a war if either country responded directly. Thus the colonies were left to defend themselves, as the Guardiolas typically strike economic the colonies directly rather than Terran military bases. They were eventually disavowed by the MU entirely in 2098 after a particularly daring attempt on the life on Takashi Akiyama, who was serving as Chairman of the Interplanetary Trade Commission at the time. The loss of support from the MU drove the Guardiolas to, what was officially designated "a Major Terrorist Attack," by the governments on Earth. To the colonies, it was all out war. The Guardiola incident lasted barely a year, and the colonies directly engaged them in low orbit, but never directly operated on Earth proper. After the end of the conflict the Guardiolas slowly crumbled, eventually dissolving with the MU in 2102.